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Written by: Don Watson | Updated: April 11th, 2023

By the time a man is 20 years old, there's about a 99% chance the thing he's been most intimate with his hand than just about anything else.

As times rattles on though, most men have figured out there's more to life than playing some one man couch hockey in the dark using only what he was given at birth.

This realization has spawned a multi-billion dollar industry where companies are all vying for the (in)famous position of having the best darn male pleasure machine on the market. 

Currently, the goliath of male masturbation technology is the well known Fleshlight corporation.

Initially intended to be stealthy & low-key, Fleshlight has now become a household name for better or for worse and more men than not know exactly what a Fleshlight is and how its used.

But there must be more out there than just Fleshlights, right?

The only other thing most people I've talked to can come up with besides a Fleshlight are those joke blow-up sex dolls that should stay in the realm of bachelor parties and less than humorous male comedy movies.

There is actually a plethora of male sex toys of every shape, size, and variety.

From things you stick yourself into to things you stick into yourself, here's everything this guide is going to cover:

  • One of the top 5 most intense Fleshlight Toys
  • Designed to be as pleasurable and stimulating as possible
  • Full sized Fleshlight with 9.75" long and 8.5" of insertable space
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  • Soft, high fidelity experience that's closer to genuine physical contact
  • The KEON unit stimulate the feeling of someone doing the work for you
  • Inner Sleeve is made from TPE material
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  • Designed to be functional and comfortable
  • Made of carbon steel and foam layer on top
  • Doesn't take up a lot of space
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The Top Sex Toy For Men Overall

When it comes to what men what from their toys the Kiiroo KEON delivers in spades.

Most men when they first start looking want a clear upgrade from their hand and that can provide a soft, high fidelity experience that's closer to genuine physical contact than it is to masturbation. The inner sleeve is made from a similar TPE material that Fleshlight toys are made out of.

The toy comes in two parts, the Kiiroo Feel stroker, which is essentially a Fleshlight looking male masturbator (with a highly stimulating texture) that has notches allowing it to be screwed into the KEON unit. 

The KEON unit moves the stroker up and down to stimulate the feeling of someone doing the work for you. There are convenient buttons which are positioned on either side which allow you to fine tune the stroke length and intensity. You can even sync the KEON to certain porn videos and it will mimic what is being performed on screen...

Ultimately, there's so much varied experience here that I still can't say that I've done it all after a year of having one.

It also has Bluetooth connectivity so you can do all of the customization through your phone if you don't want to use the toy itself, plus, like I said you can sync it up to porn for a whole new level of realism.

I think it's the best overall since it ticks all of the boxes most newcomers are looking for and is devilishly intense.

The Top Sex Toy For Men Overalldctblv2-table__imageKiiroo KEON
  • Soft, high fidelity experience that's closer to genuine physical contact
  • The KEON unit stimulate the feeling of someone doing the work for you
  • Inner Sleeve is made from TPE material
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dctblv2-table__imageThe Fleshlight STU
  • One of the top 5 most intense Fleshlight Toys
  • Designed to be as pleasurable and stimulating as possible
  • Full sized Fleshlight with 9.75" long and 8.5" of insertable space
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dctblv2-table__imageThe Riley Reid Utopia Fleshlight
  • The Utopia sleeve is part of Fleshlight Girls line
  • Has 3 unique chambers with differing structures
  • Can be used for both pleasure and to increase sexual performance
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dctblv2-table__imageThe Fleshlight Quickshot
  • Smallest Fleshlight available at 3.5" long
  • Can be used by your partner when receiving a blowjob
  • Great for first-timers
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dctblv2-table__imageTenga Eggs
  • Easy to Use
  • Disposable
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dctblv2-table__imageTenga Flip Hole
  • Durable
  • Flip the clamshell design to open
  • Easiest toy to clean and dry
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dctblv2-table__imageFuck Me Silly Mega Masturbator By Pipedream Extreme
  • Contains over 20 pounds
  • Made of similar materials as Fleshlight's Superskin but a bit different and called FantaFlesh
  • Design to pleasure both anal and vaginal hole
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dctblv2-table__imageAutoblow AI
  • Extremely quiet
  • Can be controlled by your smartphone and sync up to porn videos
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dctblv2-table__imageFleshlight Launch
  • Can be used with toys like the Pilot
  • Can deliver up to three strokes per second at the highest setting
  • You can choose the stroke length, switch into manual mode and can sync porn videos
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dctblv2-table__imageLovense Max 2
  • Featuring Air Pumps where it adjust the tightness in a very natural way
  • Easy to deflate
  • You can customized the vibration patterns in the app
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dctblv2-table__image Lelo Tor 2
  • 100% body-safe silicone
  • No batteries needed
  • Comes with a rechargeable USB that lasts up to two hours
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dctblv2-table__image We-Vibe Verge
  • Can be worn in 4 different positions
  • Designed to have vibrating stimulation during sex
  • USB rechargeable
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dctblv2-table__image We-Vibe Pivot
  • Waterproof silicone band
  • With different vibe settings using a button or We-Connect App
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dctblv2-table__image Lovense Edge
  • Good for beginners
  • You can easily access the prostate
  • Can be controlled via smartphone since it has Bluetooth connectivity
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dctblv2-table__image Aneros Helix Trident Syn
  • Affordable and effective
  • Small Design
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dctblv2-table__image Lelo Loki
  • 3.9" of insertable space with prostate resting of 2-3" inside the anus
  • USB Rechargeable
  • 6 different vibration modes
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dctblv2-table__image Hot Octopuss Pulse III
  • Delivers strong, powerful vibrations
  • Can be used as stroker as well
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dctblv2-table__image Hot Octopuss JETT
  • With high frequency treble and frequency bass vibrations
  • With wired remote and a few AA batteries placed inside
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Guide To Choosing A Male Sex Toy


Fleshlight stands out as pretty much the most popular stroker type toys for men by far. They're soft, easy to clean, and the outer shell means you aren't dealing with some flaccid disembodied vagina just because you want to get off in style. The case design is two fold, besides the end cap used to protect the toy from the elements the cap at the bottom is used to adjust the suction level felt. So that's partly why Fleshlights are just so dang popular, one single stroker can be customized for anyone's tastes and even changed as those tastes change based on mood. 

They're the Kleenex of male sex toys. Honestly, without Fleshlight I'd say that a lot of taking sex toys out of grimy adult shops wouldn't have happened in the past decade or two. At least not as quickly as they did thanks to Fleshlight's above-board, quality workmanship.

Here's the three top Fleshlight products based on my opinion and what I've noticed readers gravitate towards. 

#1 - The Fleshlight STU

The Stamina Training Unit from Fleshlight stands out as one of the top 5 most intense Fleshlight toys available. It was designed to be as pleasurable and stimulating as possible with the aim of being a way for men to increase how long it takes them to reach orgasm. This is accomplished by the extreme pleasure, once you get used to lasting long in the STU there isn't much concern when it comes to the bedroom either.

I appreciate what the tight & consistent inner sleeve can accomplish. It's dotted with tons of tiny bumps that go along the entire length of the sleeve. After using it for a few weeks I can emphatically state that I do last longer in bed. Out of all of the Fleshlights I have, it's on a very short list of toys I've actually had to buy a new one of after wearing one out over the course of a few moths.

Being a full sized Fleshlight, it's 9.75'' long with 8.5'' of insertable space. Just about anyone can make use of this toy as a consequence of the large size. If it didn't have a protective case to allow it to be stuffed at the bottom of a drawer it wouldn't be the easiest toy to keep concealed, but thankfully it isn't much of an issue.

#2 - The Riley Reid Utopia Fleshlight

One other reason why this brand has became so noteworthy is that they've made a full line of toys with the orifices molded from the real vaginas, mouths, and anuses of famous sexual performers. Past their pretty exteriors molded with the help of former Disney artists, each sleeve also has a unique interior texture.

The Utopia sleeve has three unique chambers with differing structures, each separated by a pretty tight barrier you'll need to push through. Riley's sleeve is part of the Fleshlight Girls line which are sleeves molded out of the vaginas of pornstars.

The entire sleeve slowly tapers down to become more tight the further along you go as well. So the consistent 360 degree bumps going along the chambers create a wildly pleasurable experience that the scientists back in the FL labs should be proud to take credit for.

#3 - The Fleshlight Quickshot

Now things got switched up a lot with this toy. After padding out their catalog full of the full-sized options and even a few mid-sized ones, Fleshlight noticed a big gap as far as their tiny toys go.

It's the smallest Fleshlight available at a pinch over 3.5'' long. What's also different is that it's open at both ends. So with the Quickshot you're meant to move the toy along the entirety of your shaft with the ability to have your head poking through. 

This makes it useful for two different reasons: firstly, you don't need to finish inside the toy anymore. That's good for keeping it clean more easily. Secondly, it can be used by your partner when receiving a blowjob to kick up the intensity a little bit.

Pocket Pussies/Strokers

Any of the toys in this section fill the same purpose as a Fleshlight, they're just generalized toys within the same category. So that means to use them you'll have to insert your penis and then get to stroking. They come under a staggering list of different names, they can go by everything listed in the title and don't necessarily have to look like any one form of genitalia. Some are just holes you can have sex with while mouths, anuses, and vaginas are also represented.

#1 - Tenga Eggs

Disposable, easy to use, and very much worth the wait while it ships. Those are all atributes of the mighty Tenga Eggs, a stroker that's no bigger than the average egg while in the package but stretches to accommodate any penis.

Unlike most dedicated male masturbators, once you've used them you're supposed to toss them in the trash. That isn't really ideal if you're looking for a permanent solution. I do find them useful for people who don't know if they want to make the plunge into full time sex toy ownership. Since they're inexpensive, small, and can be thrown away, it's the best way to get your feet wet and seeing if you're a male masturbator kind of guy.

I recommend trying out the variety pack so you can try a few different textures as well as try the toys themselves enough time to see if it's something you want to commit to.

#2 - Tenga Flip Hole

Don't want a sex toy that you'll have to throw out after using it once time? Can't say I blame you. The step up from the Tenga Egg is the dedicated Flip Hole male masturbator. It's made of the same material as the Tenga Egg but there's just a lot more of it and it's more durable overall. I find they last pretty much the same amount of time as a Fleshlight so long as you aren't too rough during cleaning.

The claim to fame of the Flip Hole besides the great texture and three buttons you can press to apply more pressure is how it opens up. Instead of having to take out the sleeve you just flip open the clamshell design and rinse the entire thing out with water. I find it one of the easiest toys to clean and dry since I can wash all portions of the sleeve easily and the case allows you to sit it up come dry time.

If the idea of having to remove your Fleshlight sleeve to wash it out is unappealing but you'd still like to tyr out a male masturbator, give the Flip Hole a go.

Male Masturbators

#1 - Fuck Me Silly Mega Masturbator By Pipedream Extreme

Here's a toy that holds a very special place in my heart. Mainly because it's one of the first toys I ever used & reviewed on this site, but also because there's just so much that's memorable about it. The box even says right on it that it contains over 20 pounds of pussy & ass. That's just good comedy right there.

Yet it's actually a pretty solid toy. It's made of similar materials as Fleshlight's Superskin, but their blend is a bit different and called FantaFlesh. Both an anal hole and vaginal hole are present, each with their own differences in texture and tightness.

I love to slap it around while I'm going at it, it's a definitely something for those among us who actually want something to grab onto and have sex with as opposed to something we stroke like a pocket pussy.

Blowjob Machines & Automatic Male Masturbators

After the male masturbator scene got developed & quite frankly saturated, manufacturers started to look and see how they could kick things up a notch. So now there are male masturbators that have automated robotic parts inside of them designed to keep things fresh and exciting for those interested in the best masturbatory experience money can buy. The Onyx 2 fits in this category and quite frankly might just be the best, but since I already went over it earlier in the article I'll stick explicitly to toys I haven't touched on yet.

#1 - Autoblow AI

Nobody is out here wondering what the true purpose of the Autoblow AI is. It's a toy meant to suck you off, period.

It's extremely quiet for all of the things it can get done. It can sync up to porn videos, be controlled by your smartphone, but it also learns from you. That's where the AI part of the name comes into play. As you use the toy more and more it tracks what kind of sensations you seek so it can better deliver those sensations time and time again.

Even if you'd rather stay in control, there's a silly amount of manual settings. You can get it to focus on a certain part of the penis and even get some head work done if you so choose.

Besides the fact that it lacks the intimacy of a flesh and blood human, it's actually pretty close to the real thing.

#2 - Fleshlight Launch

Here's one of the first examples that came onto the market for automatic masturbators.

The Fleshlight Launch works with any full sized Fleshlight toy by moving it up and down all on it's own. Toys like the Pilot can be used with a special adapter however.

It can deliver up to three strokes per second at the highest setting, with each other setting pretty much going down about one stroke per second. You can also choose the stroke length if you'd rather a quick full penis rubdown or just some love given to your head and upper shaft.

Besides the manual modes it also does allow itself to be synced up to pornographic videos, the ability it has to match up to what's on screen is pretty good. There isn't much delay and it really does move around the same amount as the performers do on screen.

#3 - Lovense Max 2

Instead of just trying to build a competiting toy to behemoths Kiiroo and Fleshlight, Lovense really did take the penis milking machine to new eights with some pretty good features.

What's special about the Max 2 is that besides the vibrations used to stimulate the penis, there are also air pumps. These pumps inflate to adjust the tightness in a very natural way not unlike the contractions of a female vagina. YYou can also use a button on the toy to quickly deflate it in case it goes a bit further than you'd like it to.

On the app it also lets you choose from pre-made patterns that adjust the vibration and air pumps made by other people. As of writing there's hundreds of custom made patterns all ranging from thirty seconds to over half an hour in length. Manual customization, digital customization, whatever. The Max 2 has more settings than you can shake a stick at.

Cock Rings

Next up in our penile safari is the mighty cock ring. They're meant to be worn on the base of your shaft during either masturbation or sex. The tension added around the base of the shaft changes the individual sensations as well as typically results in being able to last a bit longer before reaching orgasm. Lots of cock rings will also include a vibrator either above or below the ring itself meant to add more stimulation. On the cock rings where these vibrators are larger, it's meant to better transmit the vibrations from the male penis/perineum towards the female clitoris/perineum.

#1 - Lelo Tor 2

Lelo brands itself as a luxury sex toy manufacturer. While this does jack up the price a little bit, they also do take a real commitment to quality in all of the aspects of their toys. In this case, they've taken the design of a cock ring most people think of and perfected it.

It's made from 100% body-safe silicone that gives the perfect amount of tightness without worrying that you penis is going to turn blue. The strap itself is wide enough that you won't feel constricted, after a few uses it should stretch a little bit to the exact level you want.

There's also a whackload of different settings to choose from, from a delicate touch to an incredibly strong purr. No bateries necessary, it comes with a rechargeable USB battery that lasts about two hours for every single one hour charge.

#2 - We-Vibe Verge

If a bit more creativity is what you want from your cock ring, the Verge allows for a lot more opportunity than the average ring allows for.

Technically it can be worn in four different positions. Either with the protruding part above or below your penis, and also those positions just with the toy turned around. The Verge is a much better choice for anyone who wants to add vibrating stimulation during sex instead of just using cock rings as a way to change how they interface with their penis.

It comes with a bunch of settings that are easy to change while using the toy thanks to the buttons on the side and it also charges via a USB. If you're dying for some perineum stimulation during sex, this cock ring fits snugly between the cheeks time and time again.

#3 - We-Vibe Pivot

While it might look at lot like the Tor 2, the Pivot is different enough from Lelo's take on the average cock ring to be worth bringing up.

When it comes to the strap itself, it's designed in a way where there's targeted tightness around the penis so the ring doesn't move while in use, but it has enough give to be pushed down by the penis itself. So as far as staying in place and comfort are concerned, the silicone band is designed with comfort in mind.

It also extends nicely forwards compared to the Tor 2, although that might be difficult to see by the picture. This makes transferring the vibrations directly to the clitoris a lot easier. It somehow doesn't feel unbalanced either, it could be the fact that the weight rests on my penis but it does not feel like it's trying to fall forward when I'm using it.

Prostate Massagers

Inside of every man is a very special gland called the prostate. Usually it is just responsible for excreting prostatic fluid meant to keep sperm alive and healthy. It also holds the opportunity for amazing sexual pleasure if you learn how to tickle it just right. A proper prostate massage is so intensely worthwhile that some people have even came to calling it the p-spot, as a structure analogous to the female g-spot. The best way to access your prostate is with a dedicated massager that has the oomph necessary to get your motor running.

#1 - Lovense Edge

So just because it's the first prostate massager I ever really used it doesn't mean it's only good for beginners. It's actually a pinch bigger than the smallest available options, that might seem intimidating to newbies but the smaller ones I'm only to get proper prostate play out of since I got so much training with the slightly larger Edge.

It's nice because the business end that goes up the bum can be adjusted slightly for a better fit. It won't move while in use thankfully, every man is different when it comes to how easy it is to access the prostate so I find it the best toy to actually track it down.

There's also the option for it to be controlled via smartphone app since it has Bluetooth connectivity. That means no craning my arm behind my back to change the settings while in use. Thanks Lovense!

#2 - Aneros Helix Trident Syn

For those who actually do want to start small because of their tender tushies, the Helix Trident Syn is both affordable and effective. Aneros is/used to be a medical supply company, their toys are made with the human body in mind.

Since there's no vibrations to speak of it's a lot less expensive since you're just paying for the silicone toy itself. I like the small design since you can move it around inside of you without much discomfort to actually find the edges of your prostate. I use it to give myself a bit more of a finer touch when I want a proper slow climb to prostate orgasm.

I also never really get that feeling like I need to eject the toy that I sometimes get after long use of a bigger toy. For whatever reason, my posterior is very welcoming to the Helix Trident Syn.

#3 - Lelo Loki

Not all prostate massagers are designed with being able to sit down in mind. Some people can't use those toys to a memorable effect at all, so I'm glad Lelo has the Loki available for people who want a prostate orgasm but just can't seem to get one the usual way.

It can go pretty deep, there's 3.9'' of insertable space with the prostate resting somewhere usually within 2-3'' inside the anus. There's no missing your prostate with this bugger, that's for certain. After charging it up for about an hour and a half you should expect a similar amount of usage time depending on what settings you tend towards.

As far as those settings go, there's a whopping six different ones that can all have their respective intensities played with. Few others of any kind have customization on this scale without a smartphone app, for reference's sake.

Use the handle to change the settings or slightly move the toy for added pleasure, it's all possible with the Loki!

Male Vibrators (Guybrators)

Not everything needs to be a vagina to get a man over the edge. There's enough research being done in novel ways to deliver sensation, and thus the guybrator was born. They're meant to deliver targeted vibrations to different parts of the male penis in a memorable way. Some require stroking while others do everything all on their own.

#1 - Hot Octopuss Pulse III

Hot Octopuss is the only brand that's delved into male vibrators with much note. Their Pulse III works great to this effect.

The opening works with you putting your penis inside and getting the machine turned on. It delivers strong, powerful vibrations deep into the penile tissue unlike other toys that deliver surface level vibrations more as an afterthought.

Checking out the toy, you'll notice a raised platform. That's where your frenulum should rest. Essentially, the frenulum is just an extremely sensitive string of skin that may or may not be present on circumsized men while all uncircumsized men have access to their frenulum.

With enough lube you acan absolutely use it as a stroker as well, but it's designed with strong vibrations alone being able to get you off in mind.

#2 - Hot Octopuss JETT

The JETT really threw me for a whirl. The two vibrators don't both do the same thing, one focuses more on high frequency treble vibrations while the other  deals mainly with low frequency bass vibrations.

It's controlled with a wired remote with a few AA batteries palced inside. If you don't want to wait on recharges that's a big win. Each vibrator can be custom tailored with separate buttons for whatever kind of intensity you'd like.

No moving of the toy is recommended, it should sit directly behind the glans and do all of the work itself. It can seem weird at first, but once you get into the groove you'll start noticing your level of arousal start to climb until your eventual orgasm.

Thankfully it's pretty light, I was worried that it might feel like my penis was going to break from the weight but it's relatively unnoticable overall.

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