The Best Sex Toys For Men:

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Written by: Don Watson | Updated: September 7th, 2019

By the time a man is 20 years old, there's about a 99% chance the thing he's been most intimate with his hand than just about anything else.

As times rattles on though, most men have figured out there's more to life than playing some one man couch hockey in the dark using only what he was given at birth.

This realization has spawned a multi-billion dollar industry where companies are all vying for the (in)famous position of having the best darn male pleasure machine on the market. 

Currently, the goliath of male masturbation technology is the well known Fleshlight corporation.

Initially intended to be stealthy & low-key, Fleshlight has now become a household name for better or for worse and more men than not know exactly what a Fleshlight is and how its used.

But there must be more out there than just Fleshlights, right? The only other thing most people I've talked to can come up with besides a Fleshlight are those joke blow-up sex dolls that should stay in the realm of bachelor parties and less than humorous male comedy movies. There is actually a plethora of male sex toys of every shape, size, and variety.

From things you stick yourself into to things you stick into yourself, these are all of the toys I've tried that I find are worth their salt.

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