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Tenga Spinner Review:

Tenga Spinner Review:

Do I Think The Spinner Is Worth It?

Do I Think The Spinner Is Worth It?

Written by: Don Watson | Updated: April 15th, 2023

Written by: Don Watson | Updated: April 15th, 2023

Few male sex toy manufacturers have been around for as long and had a similar amount of good press as Fleshlight has, but Tenga has been in the business since 2005 (a full 6 years after the original Fleshlight was patented) and commands significant attention both here and in Asian markets.

Tenga's market is predominantly Japanese, with Tenga Eggs being their most world renowned toy.  Any sex toy manufacturer that has enjoyed as much success as Tenga has isn't going to go quietly into the night while their competitors keep cranking out new toys to keep things fun and fresh in bedrooms and at computer desks worldwide.

The "basic" male masturbator has been done to death by this point, a pocket pussy with simple grooves and up and down action just won't cut it anymore if you're trying to turn heads. So what does the Tenga Spinner bring to the table that we've never seen before? 

In this case, the answer is right in the name. Alongside the normal up-and-down motion any sex toy freak is well acquainted with, the toy itself also twists around while on the penis for added pleasure. Let's take a deeper look at what this toy is and isn't.

Design & Specs

For the people reading this that are unfamiliar with the Spinner, here's a promotional video that will bring you up to speed:

The spinner itself comes in a resealable container that's meant to be used as toy storage whenever the toy isn't in use, that's because the toy itself doesn't have a hard protective shell like some other toys do.

The toy itself is made from TPE, short for thermoplastic elastomer. All this means functionally is that it is made from a very special blend of softened plastics and other ingredients. Compared to Fleshlight Superskin, Tenga's blend of TPE is about as pleasurable but feels slightly more synthetic in nature.

Before I get too ahead of myself with all of the attributes, I should mention that the Tenga Spinner is 1/3rd of the price of the average Fleshlight and double the price of a 6-pack of Tenga Eggs, making it an economical choice compared to more hardy units as well as disposables.

The toy itself when not in use is 1.77'' x 1.77'' x 5.1'', but while in use it can stretch up to 6.73'' long and the opening can be stretched to up to 2.15'' wide. When not in use, it is perfectly cylindrical. 

Whether Asian toys are simply more realistic with regards to average penis size compared to Western toys that don't want to "insult" their users by suggesting they have an average size penis is a conversation best left for another article, or maybe even another website entirely, it isn't really relevant for this toy since something like 90% of men can fit in this toy.

When in use, the toy is reminiscent of the Tenga Cup but it operates in a much different fashion. The colored strips on the toy aren't just for show, they cause the toy to twist as the toy is brought up and down along the shaft of the penis.

Surely you've seen a porn video where the girl is giving a handjob and twisting her hand as she moves along the shaft, the same concept is at play here.

So not only do you get pleasure from the up-and-down, there's also pleasure to be had from the side-to-side. To date, I've never seen a toy that makes use of this kind of twisting motion, so it is safe to say I'm pleasantly interested by what this toy has to offer. 

Out of the Tenga Spinner line, there are three different options that vary only in the color of the colored strips and the inner texture:

Blue has four-sided shapes making up the texture, orange has hexagonal shapes, while yellow has turtleshell shapes. I personally went with the blue option, known as the 01 TETRA, the others are named 02 HEXA and 03 SHELL, respectively. Tenga also provides an interesting graphic showing the balance of firmness, stimulation, as well as diameter for each texture so be sure to check them all before deciding which one appeals to you most. Firmer textures tend to last longer, for what it's worth.

Unlike other Tenga products, the Spinner is also completely reusable. How long of a lifespan the toy has is directly correlated with how you use it. If you frequently use it without enough lubricant, the wrong type of lubricant (use water-based only!), or if you wash it with extremely harsh cleaning chemicals, the inner structure will break down faster which means you'll have to get a replacement sooner. At worst, the Spinner will last a mere month. With proper use & cleaning etiquette, a full six months of use isn't out of the question whatsoever.

Do I Enjoy Using It?

It really warms my heart whenever I buy a toy and it some extra lubricant comes included. There's no way around it, if you aren't using lubricant with male masturbators it's highly likely you're going to have an underwhelming if not downright disappointing time.

The Tenga Spinner comes with enough lube to get you through your first use which is hopefully long enough to last you until you can get to a store for a proper bottle full.

Since the toy doesn't have a shell to it, it's also completely possible to change how tight the toy is by tactically placing your fingers in the right places. To get started, I grab the toy from the top with my fist covering a large portion of the toy.

Then, it's all about getting inserted into the entry hole. Being at full-mast and having the toy already lubed up is recommended, and there's nothing wrong with putting a bit of lube on the end of your manhood either to help the process along. Once I've inserted myself, it's pretty easy to move the toy up and down, to fantastic effect.

The spinning sensation is absolutely fabulous, the coil springs that accomplish this task are significant enough that I'm not worried about having to maintain a certain technique or speed while not being obtrusive, I feel the inner texture swirling around and not the coil springs whatsoever.

Mark my words, more toys will begin making their own version of this technology in no time, the tantalizing effects of the material twisting around while in use is absolutely to die for. Most TPE toys can't stand up to the kind of abuse that twisting the structures will bring on, I'm happy to report that the Tenga Spinner's innards are more or less in the same shape they were when I first got it.

It's a simple addition to standard male masturbator fare, but it changes the experience entirely. What I love is that the toy does all of the twisting your with the same force you'd need to use a Tenga toy regularly, in essence the twisting is completely automatic so long as you provide the up and down force.

Clean-up is simple and sweet with warm water and the gentlest soap I have on hand, and the addition of the drying rack in the storage case simplifies where I'll be leaving the toy out while it dries. Once it is, I just put the cap back on and Bob's my uncle. After a full three month of consistent use, I'm certain my Spinner is far from being on its last legs, it'll last me just fine. Most Fleshlight sleeves have a similar lifespan if I'm being completely honest, so the Spinner is as reusable as any other sex toy on the market that bills itself as being a reusable toy.

The Tenga Spinner is inexpensive, sinful, and an absolute steal overall.

Where's The Best Place To Buy It?

I picked my Tenga Spinner up from Shevibe, normally I'd go right from Tenga but I like knowing  my order will come in a speedy fashion, I've noticed buying directly from Tenga there are sometimes a few hiccups in the shipping process.

They offer the same price as Tenga when there isn't a promotion currently running, but as of time of writing the time at Shevibe is actually $4.50 less expensive than from Tenga's US website. 

Whenever buying sex toys of any variety, make sure that you're buying from a world-renowned and trustworthy source.

New sex toy shops pop up all of the time and some of them even have an attractive enough design to trick people into thinking they conduct legitimate business.

Without a solid track record behind them, it isn't safe to assume a certain shop has your best interests in mind.


Personally, I'm starting to like the competitive atmosphere that's surrounding male masturbators. When it first started off, finding a male masturbator that could be perfect for a vanilla wank-off session was hard enough. Then, it blossomed into toys with specific purposes & uses that better suited different styles of masturbation and what ends the user would like to achieve.

This constant need to refine and improve sex toys has ushered in what I affectionately refer to as The Golden Age Of Sex Toys. And I can say emphatically that  the Tenga Spinner is a perfect example of toys currently being released in this Golden Age. Honestly, what other sex toy promises to effortlessly twist your shaft for added pleasure for less than thirty bucks?

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