How To Buy a Fleshlight:
The Ultimate Fleshlight Buyers Guide

Written by: Don Watson | Updated: June 7th, 2023

Purchasing a Fleshlight should be very straightforward, but a lot of people are somewhat apprehensive about the idea.

In fact, most people are nervous about purchasing & owning a personal sex toy because of the stigma attached to sex toy owners.

Having a healthy sex drive and using sex toys to help satiate yourself is completely natural and there's no reason to feel ashamed that you invested some money into something you probably already invest significant amounts of time in. 

Think of it like this: you spend a lot of time asleep, so you buy a good bed. If you spend a lot of time masturbating, why wouldn't you buy a good masturbator?

Gone are the days of having to sulk into an XXX SEX TOY EMPORIUM with a trench coat on, this has given way much less sleazy and overall more trustworthy manufacturers emerging, creating a realistic and safe environment in which to purchase sex toys without having to feel ashamed of who might be seeing you going into a sex toy shop.

Fleshlights have been around since the late 90's and have evolved into a diverse line of products that can meet the masturbatory needs of the most vanilla of people to the kinkiest of deviants.

Should you find yourself interested in seeing what the fuss is about, you'll be happy to know that the industry is now less cloaked in shadows and much more up front and unashamed about what they do. Package deals and free shipping are commonplace and customer service is like any other product and not like calling a sex hotline.

In fact, there are times where I can forget that these are toys meant to slip your Johnson into due to how normal the purchasing process has become. If it weren't for the pseudo vaginas and half-naked women, you could forget this was a sex thing entirely.

Where To Buy a Fleshlight?

If you'd like to know where to buy Fleshlight products, the answer is directly from the Fleshlight website.

Amazon sellers are notorious for selling knockoff or entirely fake Fleshlight products, so Amazon is to be avoided.

Some unscrupulous vendors take genuine Fleshlight cases and put in new sleeves from dubious manufacturers, the risk is just not worth it and you might not even know you've been duped.

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This is why you should only purchase directly from Fleshlight themselves, not only will you be certain you've received a genuine product, you are 100% certain that your warranty information is valid, usable, and you can take advantage of the fact that shipping is free on orders above $60 if you're buying from the USA. If you're a pinch short of the $60 threshold buying a bottle of lube is a great way to get an extra goodie while saving the shipping costs. Going directly to ensures you're buying directly from the company themselves and aren't paying a reseller's bills by buying from a third party at a marked up price.

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Which Fleshlights Are My Favorites?

I've covered what I find to be the best Fleshlights already on my website, but one Fleshlight I absolutely cannot stop singing the praises of is the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit, or STU for short.

Simply put, I've been completely enamored with the STU because it is the most similar to a real vagina out of all of the Fleshlights I've used and fits me the best personally.

I'm still partial to some of the crazier sleeve designs of other Fleshlights, but the consistent bumps of the STU feel amazing when the right suction setting is applied.

It's also designed to help users last longer and train themselves to prolong ejaculation.

Next up is the Fleshlight Pilot Flight because it is much more travel sized while still being nearly as accomodating as the full sized Fleshlight.

I like the soft curves and edges and dimpled case because it makes it easier to hold on to for long periods of time while looking like a boutique bottle of shampoo.

Another great one that I've come to love is the Fleshlight Turbo. While it might not be the best or most realistic looking Fleshlight, it provides an amazing feeling which is unlike any other model of Fleshlight I've used.

Different strokes for different folks, though.

What you'd like from a Fleshlight most likely won't precisely line up with what I like from a masturbation experience, it's worth checking out the entire catalog of male masturbators on offer before settling on what you should pick up. The Destroya sleeve texture consistently receives praise across the board, while those who want a more open design are well serviced by the Quickshot.

How To Get A Good Deal

Use a Coupon Code

Coupon codes are a fantastic way to shave 10%-25% off your final purchase once everything is all said and done. We're in the process of getting our own dedicated discount code for our readers, but in the mean time I suggest Googling around for other coupon codes that are still valid, it may take some searching but if you work as hard for your money as most people do, it's worth it to get the extra money shaved off.

Wait For Promotions

Fleshlight is a major manufacturer of sex toys, probably one of the biggest and most profitable sex toy companies around at the time of writing. Because of this, they enjoy the ability to discount their materials for promotions on an extremely frequent basis. Every major holiday from Father's Day to Christmas to even Thanksgiving is likely to have a massive sale on their website. So if you're able to wait a bit to make your purchase, I doubt any holiday savings are more than a month away. At this point, I wouldn't be surprised to see an Arbor Day sale. They even did a St. Patrick's Day sale with a special "shamrock" toy (ie a regular Quickshot dyed green) back in 2017.

Want To Make Your Own Fleshlight?

Maybe you're not ready to take the plunge and dedicate half of a C-note to a male masturbator, and that's just fine, it might not be in the cards for you for financial reasons or you're still working up to actually buying one. In this case, a homemade Fleshlight can work wonders in a pinch as well as be entirely disposable so you need not stare your sex toy in the face after using it.

If you're up to a little DIY action, you can find our guide where we've outlined how to make four different makeshift Fleshlights out of household materials by clicking here.

Fleshlight Maintenance

As sturdy and well-made as Fleshlights are, no product has an infinite lifespan. Proper care of your device is paramount to it having a long and prosperous lifetime.

A poorly cleaned Fleshlight will sooner be useful as a high school science fair project on the growth of mold and mildew, maybe even some mushrooms if you really get lazy, than it will be useful as a masturbator. Semen is extremely high in nutrients designed to keep sperm alive long enough to fertilize an egg, and these nutrients are just as appealing to bacterial colonies as they are to sperm cells.

If you want to keep your Fleshlight supple and clean for months to come, we've prepared an in-depth cleaning guide for your viewing pleasure.

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