Fleshlight Ice Review:

My Thoughts On The Fleshlight Ice Lady

Written by: Don Watson | Updated: September 4th, 2019

There's practically no masturbation niche Fleshlight hasn't managed to hit by this point.

They've gone hands free with the Launch and the Shower mount, come in nearly every different size to fit every kind of man, and there's something over a dozen or so different textures that all caress and squeeze the male genitalia in ways thought too daring to even consider.

I may be overstating it a bit, but their products are clearly the result of at least a focus group or two. After adding most of their catalog to my extensive masturbatory collection, I finally got to the Fleshlight Ice.

The clear intended buyer of this toy is someone who wants to be able to see their manhood push through all of the ridges and bumps of the internals and of course eventually gush inside.

It is the only completely transparent Fleshlight. It probably came around because a few people liked the opaque nature of the Turbo but wanted just a bit of a better view.

Is it worth stopping to take a look, though?

Well, the same Superskin material is used in the sleeve design and it is a full sized Fleshlight, so if you just wanted a little more voyeurism in your masturbation routine, it's definitely worth taking a peek.

What Is The Fleshlight Ice?

When it comes to male masturbators, Fleshlight absolutely dominates the market. The Ice is much like their other full sized Fleshlight products. The orifice has 9.5 inches of insertable room and is about ten and a half inches tall by three inches in diameter at its widest point.

The clear plastic nature had me worried that they had to tweak the Superskin formula to contain some harmful chemicals. Thankfully, the Ice is 100% phlatate free. Phlatates are common in many see-through or jelly-like toys and are known to be toxic to the human body. While it is a bigger concern for females than it is for males, its still good to know they managed to turn Superskin clear without having to compromise on safety.

It really doesn't differ from other Fleshlights in any meaningful way besides the fact that its clear. There's still a sleeve that goes into a case that has two ends: the end cap that goes over the orifice and the other cap that lets you modify the amount of airflow to create the desired amount of tightness. It also doesn't differ from other Fleshlights in that the orifice you choose can be customized: as of this review they were offering the Lady (vagina), Pure (mouth), and Butt (you get it) orifices.

For the purpose of this review, I purchased the Lady orifice (aka the Ice Lady).

My Experience Using It

When I first opened my Ice to check it out, I actually liked how the clear plastic made the orifice look. I really have a thing when it comes to pseudo-vaginas, a desire for a "realistic" masturbation companion can result in some pretty nasty looking artificial lady parts staring you in the face. The vagina orifice on the Ice Lady looked, well, refined isn't the right word of course when you consider what we're dealing with here but it definitely wasn't sleazy.

Opening it up you'll notice two free packets of their Flesh Lube water based lubricant. Only use water based lubricants with any Fleshlight you may own or else you risk damaging the product over the long term. Flesh Lube isn't my favorite out of all the available options, but it's nice getting two free packets, it's the same feeling you get when you get free soap at a hotel kind of deal. Besides that, there's their typical guide to use and maintenance that comes along in a special booklet. While their instructions are helpful, a tutorial isn't really needed, you can figure it out as you go.

So now it comes down to actually using the thing. My biggest worry would be that their sleeve would feel different due to it being clear now, and I'll be truthful with you: there does appear to be some kind of difference. Not a bad difference, but it isn't quite the same as their other models, I'd say its a bit less realistic but still highly pleasurable overall. 

What really sold this device was being able to look down at my junk while I was using this thing. I'm hardly into voyeurism or anything too risqué, but when you're in the moment there's something really nice about being able to see yourself being serviced. Not to mention the ability to go as vigorously as you'd like and watch yourself blow indiscriminately into the toy. It's really nice, in a weird kind of way.

The inner texture of the sleeve on the Ice is extremely tight, I tend to adjust the end cap to let a lot of airflow in so I can push myself all the way through the ridges and valleys as effortlessly as possible. If any of their toys should have lube included, it's definitely this one. The style of sleeve is mostly tiny passageways in between very smartly textured bulbs. In fact, this is the only toy where you don't need a picture from their website to get a good idea of what you're in for sleeve wise. The cramped nature of these ridges are great for when you're in the moment, but be sure to be diligent in cleaning up afterwards: there's a lot of places where some of your leavings might be a little tricky to get out from if you do a lazy job.

All in all, I am very satisfied with the experience from the Ice and it is permanently part of the rotation. Gotta keep things fresh, right?

Where To Buy It?

The only place we buy our Fleshlight products including the Ice, is the official Fleshlight website.

The main reason is because they offer the lowest price available online, and provide free shipping.

Use coupon code "DrClimax10" for 10% off at checkout. Click here to redeem!

Besides that, when you buy directly from the manufacturer you can ensure you're receiving a legitimate product and not a fake/knock-off which have become popular with some online retailers.

So, if you find a price online that is too good to be true, it probably is.

Parting Words

 If you want to use a Fleshlight to increase your sensitivity and stamina or reduce death grip but still want the ability to have a front row seat to the action; the Ice by Fleshlight is your next stop. I like it compared to the Turbo because while the Turbo does allow some more viewing potential, the Ice is fully enclosed so you can finish right inside without worrying about any mess.

The sleeve is an absolutely lovely addition to their current fleet and I'd love to sit in on a design meeting on them, its probably really entertaining to watch a bunch of suits meticulously plan out how they're going to make the next Fleshlight sleeve with all of the data from their finest dong scientists. In short, I'm rather happy I decided to see what the Ice had to offer.

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