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My Favorite Pussy, Ass, Mouth & Breast Masturbators

Written by: Don Watson | Updated: May 13th, 2023

  • Perfect replicate of a female body
  • Both have an anal and a vaginal hole
  • Made from TPE material called FantaFlesh
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  • Designed to increase endurance during sex
  • Best vagina stroker by a longshot
  • Made from TPE material
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  • Allows you to tie up your slave by both wrists and ankles
  • Includes ankle and wrist cuffs
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A lot of what goes into our level of arousal is visual. My wife and I have said it hundreds of times, the brain is the biggest erogenous zone.

What you see has a huge effect on how horny you are, pornography should be indication enough of this phenomenon and how powerful it truly is.

Not only that, there's certain parts of the human body that we find inherently sexual in nature. Simply put, we like things like bums, vaginas, penises, and who could forget boobs? Sex toy creators have tried to take advantage of this for some time now, with varying levels of success. Some of these toys were disembodied torsos or some really ugly to look at mouth strokers.

Luckily, that's not all there is on the market anymore. Manufacturers are much better at toeing the line between gross looking and actually functional. Now there's more than enough realistic male masturbators on the market for all of us to get our jollies without a care in the world.

Let's take a look at some of the most worthwhile ones, shall we?

The Best Male Stroker/Pocket Pussydctblv2-table__imageThe STU by Fleshlight
  • Designed to increase endurance during sex
  • Best vagina stroker by a longshot
  • Made from TPE material
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The Best Ass Masturbatordctblv2-table__imagePipedream Extreme's Fuck Me Silly Mega Masturbator
  • Perfect replicate of a female body
  • Both have an anal and a vaginal hole
  • Made from TPE material called FantaFlesh
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The Best Mouth/Automatic Masturbatordctblv2-table__imageFleshlight Universal Launch
  • Designed to give you a hands-free experience
  • Capable up to 250 strokes per minute
  • Lightweight design, better & less noisy motors, and better bluetooth capabilities
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dctblv2-table__imageThe Autoblow AI
  • Powerful & unique inner design unlike any toy of its type
  • Extremely quiet
  • Plug-in means it never needs to be charged
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dctblv2-table__imageThe Kiiroo Keon
  • Easiest to handle, inserted and removed
  • Up to 230 strokes per minute
  • Lightweight with only 2.6 pounds
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The Best Breast Masturbatordctblv2-table__imageSexybaby Big Double D Breast Masturbator
  • Realistic lifelike size
  • Made with high quality TPE silicone
  • Big breasts will bring you great visual impact
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dctblv2-table__imagePipedream Extreme's Fuck Me Silly 2
  • Made with high quality material "Fanta-flesh"
  • 36DD size of the boobs
  • Most realistic replica
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The Best Male Stroker/Pocket Pussy

The STU by Fleshlight (The Stamina Training Unit)

The Stamina Training Unit from Fleshlight takes it home for the best vagina stroker by a longshot. The exterior has the characteristic labia & clitoris expected without being so detailed that it borders on the uncanny valley.

As for the actual feeling of the toy, I'd say it does as good a job at standing in for the real thing as a TPE toy possibly can. The exterior sleeve is consistent throughout, as good as some of the more inventive sleeves are on my junk it's safe to say a real vagina doesn't really have 20 different textures inside.

On top of that texture that in of and itself is realistic, it's actually an amazingly pleasurable toy on top of it all. Fleshlight designed it as a toy that was meant to increase endurance during sex, as such it's pretty analogous to sex in sensation and is intense as can be.

All Fleshlight toys have a twist-cap on the opposite end that can be used to adjust the tightness of the toy, adding further levels of customization to the experience.

If you lubed up, attached this thing to the wall with the Fleshlight Shower Mount (review and info found here)   and pumped merrily away, all it would take is closing your eyes and getting a little imaginative to have a next-level masturbatory experience.

The Best Ass Masturbator

Pipedream Extreme's Fuck Me Silly Mega Masturbator

Here's a toy that found the perfect amount of female body to replicate. Some people get offended by these types of toys because they think it reduces women to their sexual parts, but personally I'd say a bigger driver of why these toys are in existence is because they're a lot less expensive than a full silicone sex doll and the creators can focus on perfecting a smaller area of the body.

Billed as having over twenty pounds of pussy & ass, this toy has the rare distinction of being one of the few ass toys that you can really grab onto and have your way with.

The Fuck Me Silly Mega Masturbator does have both an anal and a vagina hole, inside they're both connected to make washing a bit easier. It's made from a TPE blend called FantaFlesh that's proprietary to Pipedream toys and I find they did a great job inside and out. 

Size wise it's pretty true to life, plus the characteristic jiggle of the excessive rump meat is addictive in and of itself. I can't tell you how many times I've slapped it for fun just to watch it bounce around for a few seconds. I think my record is something like four or five seconds of post-slap jiggle.

While I think the Fleshlight STU is a better vaginal toy, the FMSMM can't be beat when it comes to junk in the trunk.

The Best Mouth/Automatic Masturbators

Its a tall order to try and replicate what that mouth do, but enough brands have gone pretty far in their quest to faithfully reproduce a proper blowjob.

An automatic male masturbator is one of the few types of stroker that allows you to sit back and have all of the work done for you, what's not to love about that?

After much testing, these are the ones I'd recommend the most:

Fleshlight Universal Launch

Fleshlight Universal Launch, July 2021

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With the release of the Universal Launch, the days of being stuck with one brand or another in your automatic male pleasure are dead and gone. Instead of forcing you to stick with Fleshlight or similarly designed toys, the Universal Launch lets you use a manual latching system to use any toy to the fullest.

So I often grab a blowjob oriented toy like the Fleshlight Turbo, strap it in, and really get into the whole experience. It's new as of 2021 with upgrades to more or less every single system of the original Launch that came out four years ago.

That means passthrough enabled use & charging, lightweight design, better & less noisy motors, better Bluetooth/VR capabilities, the works. I'm always more and more floored by how cutting edge these toys are getting. The boxes I get them in seem a lot more professional and high-end than the old school sex shop packaging of the past.

This toy was created by inventor Brian Sloan with one purpose in mind, to simulate a real blowjob.

The toy uses artificial intelligence to mimic real techniques performed in POV blowjob videos.

They literally made some poor bastard analyze thousands of hours of blowjob videos, to create an artificial intelligence that could mimic the blowjob techniques that pornstars. 

The Autoblow AI ticks all of the boxes in terms of realism, minus the visual aspect.

There's something extremely satisfying about a toy doing all of the work for you. Using this toy, really doesn't feel like masturbating. It feels a lot more like you're receiving a handjob than anything (a very satisfying one at that).

I really can't overstate how satisfying this toy feels, it's hands down my most recommended sex toy for men.

Check out the official Autoblow AI website to learn more about this unique masturbator!

The Kiiroo Keon

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Out of all the various automated toys and sex machines for men, the Keon is the smallest and easiest to handle out of the bunch.

Thought was also put into making sure the toy can be easily inserted and removed (even with very lubed up hands) while still being secure when properly locked in. It's essentially Keon's answer to the original Fleshlight Launch from 2017. All in all it's very robust, simple to use, and some people will definitely appreciate just how smoothly the overall action is.

All of the features you'd expect from a toy of this caliber are present as well, with Bluetooth and VR capabilities built right in. I'm still surprised that the relatively lightweight 2.6 pound toy can reliably rev itself up to 230 strokes per minute for about an hour or two before it needs a recharge.

The Best Breast Masturbators

Sexybaby Big Double D Breast Masturbator

Most men have a thing for plump, perky boobs. I can't say I'm not the kind of guy who went online looking for a titfuck simulator, and I found that best in the Big Double D pair of knockers.

Almost lifelike in overall size and appearance, I really enjoy the addtion of the collarbone and a bit of the lower abdomen. It makes for a flawless base when the toy is rested on a flat surface that allows for some wonderful pumping action. As far as the feel, to get the required perkiness the breasts are a much closer to feeling like fake breasts than real ones, but the experience this makes for makes it worth it.

There's not much space between the two individual breasts wich makes for a perfect enveloping of my manhood whenever I give it a proper session. Since the breasts try to return to their original position best they can, it only adds to the experience from there.

They're not perfect, but this is the best option I've found on the market. Others were either at a different scale in a way that made the breasts just kind of weird, or they didn't have substantial enough of a base for a proper tittyfuck.

So, if it's big heaving tits you're after, this is it.

Pipedream Extreme's Fuck Me Silly 2

For those interested in a much more comprehensive experience, the Fuck Me Silly 2 has one of everything on this list minus a mouth. It's a pinch smaller than a real woman's torso, but still big enough to get my motor running. 

The small size also contributes to a feeling of tightness inside of the orifices in my opinion, making for a really good time. The breasts are plump and full but a little on the firmer side, but they do have enough jiggle to be more than entertaining.

With hips and a waistline you can really get a handful of, it's one of the more comfortable and interesting sex dolls I've ever used. I like experimenting with what positions work best and I'll often switch between the vagina and the anal hole extremely frequently.

Surprisingly the toy is also completely waterproof, the benefits of a warm bath are not to be underestimated with the Fuck Me Silly 2.

Thankfully some lube and toy cleaner is included in the kit, I hate having to make a trip to the gas station because I'm out of go-go juice.


That's pretty much every part of a woman represented, which was the aim of this article. If you're a woman looking for a good option for a realistic dildo, I'd suggest checking out the Vixskin Mustang, my wife was really surprised by what it had to offer.

Primarily these toys exist to satisfy some pretty simple desires of ours. We're attracted to certain parts of the body and fantasize about sex acts involving them. These toys allow you to live out these fantasies to some degree without it being contingent on having a willing partner. Something like the breast masturbator might be a good choice for a man who is satisfied his current female partner but still thinks about what it would be like if she were more well-endowed.

No matter your reasons, I hope one of these toys serves you well.

If you have any questions at all just leave a comment down below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!

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