The Best Bullet Vibrators:

My Top 4 Favorite Bullet Vibrators

Written by: Angela Watson | Updated: September 7th, 2019

The Quick Truth: My Favorite Bullet Vibrator

Without any dilly-dallying I'm delighted to inform you that the We-Vibe Tango has got to be the top bullet vibrator currently available.

The ABS plastic exterior is great at channeling the amazingly strong vibrations where ever a woman may please. The powerful motor betrays the toy's small size, I often get a little surprised when I revisit the toy after forgetting about it for a while, it really is much stronger than one could prepare for.

The stellar battery life and variety of vibration patterns further cements the Tango as the best bullet vibrator money can buy.

I've always had a soft spot for bullet vibrators myself. The right one can easily betray its small size by delivering feelings you'd only expect from a toy much bigger. Deep penetration isn't the goal with bullet vibrators, it's about strong, pinpoint sensations.

Since it has limited depth, they're best used to give some special attention to the clitoris, labia, and the entrance of the vagina.

Most women need at least some degree of clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm, myself included. It involves a lot more teasing and gentle movements for me as oppose to the more broad action of a bigger vibrator. For that, I'm grateful.

They're the easiest to bring around, but honestly my biggest draw is how useful they can be in the bedroom. Since they're so small, they can also be pretty quiet and from experience they work great on the ears and nipples of both people involved.

So without further ado, it's time for some professional bullet vibrator action:

The Best Bullet Vibrators I Own

dctbl-table__imageBest In ClassBest In ClassThe We Vibe Tango
  • Perfectly shaped tip for varied pleasure
  • Firm ABS plastic exterior radiates vibrations perfectly
  • 2 hour battery life
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dctbl-table__imageRunner UpRunner UpThe Lovense Ambi
  • 3 Different ends all give different sensations
  • Powerful but easy to hold
  • Bluetooth compatible
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dctbl-table__imageRemote ControlledRemote ControlledThe Lelo Lyla 2
  • Remote control included for ease of use
  • Rounded 3.2'' long design
  • Can be used as a couples or a wearable vibrator
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dctbl-table__imageGreat Clitoral StimulationGreat Clitoral StimulationThe We Vibe Touch
  • Finger-shaped for clitoral use
  • Wide choice in vibration settings
  • Fully waterproof
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Lets go over 
each toy!

#1 - The Tango by We-Vibe (My Favorite)

This petite devil is what convinced me for good that bullet vibrators are a must have in every well-rounded sex toy collection. In fact, I'd say the Tango wouldn't even be a bad choice if you could only have one sex toy, period.

Sometimes I still have trouble accepting just how much power is packed in to this 3.5 inch tube of ABS plastic. A lot of why I like it so much can be tied to the design of the tip of the toy. It's shaped like a tube of lipstick, with a distinct point at the end that's works wonders at channeling the vibrations into a pinpoint area.

The sheer amount of vibrations transferred and how deep they penetrate is rivaled only by sonic toys. Should I desire a little more area to be covered, the flat plateau coming down from the tip is easily maneuverable to my clitoris for some fuller coverage.

You'd think that such a small toy would mean that the rechargeable battery wouldn't last extremely long, but at 2 hours use for 90 minutes of charge I'm delighted to report the amount of orgasms possible from a single charge is way above average with this toy.

Did I mention there's eight different power settings, each as interesting as the last? I've coaxed climax out slowly as well as had the pulses bring me to orgasm before I was even able to fully register the fact that I changed up the settings.

#2 - The Lovense Ambi (My Second Favorite)

A close second on this list is none other than the Ambi, which is made by one of my favorite sex toy companies, Lovense.

The Ambi breaks the mold for bullet vibrators. Instead of being entirely, well, bullet shaped, the Ambi instead elects to add a sturdy handle that makes handling such a small toy much easier on the hands.

An added benefit of this design choice is while most bullet vibrators have only 1 or 2 useful ends there are now a total of three on this body-safe silicone wonder. The toy is 3.39'' tall in total while the long body portion is 2.40'' long and 1.03'' wide. The nice grip makes it have a lot more utility for being insertable as it makes teasing at the labia and first few inches of the vagina a lot simpler.

Thanks to the fact that it's Bluetooth enabled and can be connected to the Lovense app there's technically an unlimited amount of possible vibration patterns, I'd say the upper limit on the intensity of this toy is just a pinch below the Tango made by We-Vibe but a part of that might be because the ends & silicone construction might not transfer vibrations as easily as the ABS plastic of the Tango does.

Frequently I find myself holding the toy the other way around so I can use the pointed end of the handle to handle my clitoral satisfaction. If you end up giving this toy a shot, make sure to see what edges suit your level of pleasure best and don't stop experimenting with those vibration patterns, there are some gems out there just waiting to be made & saved.

#3 - The Lyla 2 by Lelo

The Lyla 2 doubles as a wearable vibrator and I've used it to great effect during lovemaking. Giving the remote to my husband and letting him change up the settings as we use it works great for building up tension to later be released much to the dismay of any of our neighbors who might end up hearing us.

A large majority of the toy is constructed from 100% medical grade silicone while the shiny bit at the bottom is made from ABS plastic. It comes in at 3.2 inches long and 1.3 inches wide at the widest point and is probably one of the better choices for people who want a bullet vibrator that can be worthwhile enough as an insertable toy. There's a distinct lack of tapered points for pinpoint stimulation but that doesn't stop the Lyla 2 from being able to rub the clitoris the right way when necessary.

It's about as loud as a normal conversation at 50 db and the remote can change the settings on the toy from up to 39 feet away, not too shabby if I say so myself.

I enjoyed the versatility of the different settings on this toy. The lower settings were more shaky in nature while the higher settings went right into rumbly territory, my clit thanks Lelo for this design choice. The added string that enables the toy to be safely wearable has made for some interesting date nights with my husband and I, that's for certain.

#4 - The Touch by We-Vibe

We-Vibe went all in with the clitoris when dreaming up the Touch as I don't recommend inserting it under any circumstances. It has been very clearly designed with external use in mind and I recommend against trying to use it internally.

The motor produces vibrations that are best described as strong and rumbly. As something of a connoisseur of all things sex toy, the design intrigued me. It's like a finger that's bent slightly inwards which sets the scene for the broad-stimulation aspect of the toy while the gently curved tip is ideal for pinpoint stimulation. It's extremely ergonomic in that it's easy to hold and curved in a way that makes it very simple to use whether I'm laying on the bed or contorting myself into all manner of strange sexual positions.

As a fully waterproof toy it has made shower and bath time all the more worthwhile to me. Don made me start using it mainly in the bath since I was raising the water bill a tad too much with my extended Touch sessions.

Controls for the toy are built in to the bottom so it's an ideal choice for people who don't want to use either a remote control or their smartphone to get their clitoral jollies. The curvature of the toy allows for some very fine stimulation around my clitoris that isn't always easily obtainable, another big plus in my book.


I'd like to remind my readers that bullet vibrators are best suited for external use as far as teasing the clitoris and labia are concerned but that's not to say they're completely useless for internal stimulation. Either as a fun tease to warm yourself up for something bigger (artificial or otherwise) or just a good way to blow off some steam without having to handle a 8+ inch toy after a long day.

Typically I suggest these toys to either women who are a bit too green to go straight to larger sized toys or women who want to explore how they can bring themselves to orgasm using only clitoral stimulation. They're great toys, I use my Tango weekly.

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