Lelo Tor 2 Review:

My Experience Testing Out Lelo's Cock Ring

Written by: Don Watson | Updated: June 17th, 2023

Today we're branching into new territory for the site, but I'll have you know I've been a fan of cock rings for some time now. My first experience with one was completely by chance, it happened to come bundled in with the pack of condoms I had purchased several years ago.

Who knows what it was made  out of, but it was a simple device that stretched to fit me after maybe two or three uses and just had a simple battery operated motor on top of it to get things going. It broke within a year, but that's to be expected from cereal box prize type products. What it also did though was show me just how far a little bit of pressure and vibration can go for extending and enhancing a sexual experience.

Time has passed and I've decided I want to give cock rings another try, this time with something built to last and with enough research put behind it to be the apex predator of its field. My research lead me to find a lot of cock rings that were absolutely massive and of dubious purpose, lots of them look like Aztec dong jewelry and extend way too far for my liking. I wanted to get back into the swing of things with a minimalist yet functional piece.

Cock rings can increase sexual pleasure felt by both partners, they aren't just a selfish add-on to help out the man. Their benefits on the male aspect are constricting skin and blood vessels at the base of the penis, leading to a different kind of sensation felt, the ability to last longer, and a more throbbing erection. The vibrations offered increase sexual satisfaction and when pressed against the clitoris of a female partner she gets a little treat as well.

This is what made me settle on the TOR 2 by Lelo. I'm never entirely sure of the naming conventions that go behind your standard Lelo product, but at least it rolls off the tongue. Its supposedly a more powerful and long lasting upgrade to the original TOR couples ring that consistently topped lists of best cock rings. I felt it was a safe bet for my re-emerging desires, to say the least.

What Is The Lelo Tor 2?

This very compact cock ring is made entirely from medical grade silicone and is completely waterproof, but I'm still leery about putting it on in the bath as opposed to the shower.

The silicone that makes up the actual ring where you insert your penis is wide and large enough to not cause damage after wearing it for long periods of time, but it is definitely a little on the tight side. I believe that this is a feature and not a bug. I'd say anyone with a girth of between 3 inches to 6 inches total would be able to make use of this toy. Men on the further end of the girth scale might feel constricted, so if you know you are at the end of the girth scale I'd recommend stretching it out beforehand with a carrot or something of that nature.

The Tor 2 is of course a vibrating cock ring, with a motor found at the top of the device that can be operated using just two buttons. There's a total of six intensity levels as far as the vibration levels go and they range from a delicate purr to a hearty roar that would make it jump off a nightstand if you were to lay it down while it was on.

The battery life on the toy is about an hour and a half long with charge time being just a little under that. It is a small toy after all and there isn't much room for a huge, powerful battery.

My Experience Using It

I personally picked up the green model of the Lelo Tor 2 since I liked it the most, but black and purple are also available. Lelo always puts a lot of effort into the presentation of their products in the box, while I chastise them because it might be driving up price it really does feel like I'm opening up something that has had a lot of effort put into it from start to beginning as opposed to the dainty cock ring I got in plastic packaging in a box in condoms all those years ago.

So it finally came the time for me to unbox this little guy and see what was going to happen.

I didn't feel the need for lube, it is very stretchy to get on and snaps back to conform to my manhood very accommodatingly. When wearing it it was definitely tighter than what I got from the first one I ever bought, but I didn't feel like it was affecting my blood flow to dangerous levels, plus the ring portion itself is fairly wide so the tightness is spread over enough area. I wouldn't recommend wearing one for hours on hours at a time, but I've gone for 2 distinct rounds before with the TOR 2 without any chafing or weird marks being left behind that suggest I shouldn't have used it.

I love cock rings because they are like a cheat code to sex for me. Instead of having to focus on holding myself back so I don't climax too early, I can go harder and longer with a little bit of help from the TOR. My wife would tell you this is because it the contraction of blood vessels makes for reduced sensitivity throughout the whole penis, and that's definitely true. It didn't numb me though, if I had to describe it I'd say that the sensations take on a different dimension physically but I get all of the same mental benefits.

The first vibration level is just enough to remind you its there, I personally refer to it as Tease Mode. The middle levels are all just small steps up to the sixth and final power level that is absolutely staggering in intensity, the vibrations radiate all the way down my member as well as a little bit inside of me which is a really great feeling. 

At the lowest mode, the sound is hardly noticeable, while at the highest level its more like a slightly under-powered cellphone vibration.

What did my wife think of the added stimulation? She really liked how well the toy was able to fit into the area above the vagina itself, it is curved properly and doesn't block itself out although I might have just gotten lucky with how my wife is shaped. I'm able to make her reach climax much easier and many more times in a typical session before I bust myself. For that reason usually at least one session at week is aided by the inclusion of a cock ring.

Do I Recommend It?

If cock rings are new to you and are something you're considering giving a go, I'd highly recommend you take the plunge. The Lelo Tor 2 is the perfect cock ring to get you started. It's simple to use, should accommodate most men comfortably, and most importantly feels incredible.

Even if you already own cock rings, I'd be willing to bet the Tor 2 would make a good addition to your collection. I'd recommend it to any man looking to enhance his own and perhaps also his partners orgasm.

Price & Where To Buy It

I bought my Tor 2 directly from the Lelo website.

The price was around $135 with shipping included (since they provided free shipping on orders over a certain amount). Lelo always seems to provide the lowest prices available on their products, which makes quite a bit of sense seeing as they manufacture the toys themselves.

Get an extra 15% off by using coupon code "DRCLIMAX" at checkout. Click here to redeem.

As I've said before and I'll say again, there are countless fake Lelo products available online, so please make sure you only buy from reputable sellers.

You can click the link below (if you're on mobile) or to the right (if you're on a computer) and you'll be taken to their official product page for the Lelo Tor 2.

Final Thoughts

I'm glad I went with the TOR 2 to get back into the cock ring game, it is exactly what I was looking for. It's quickly became one of the best cock rings in my collection and one I find myself reaching for quite often.

There's enough variance in the vibration settings to cover all of mine and my wife's bases, enough battery time with an easy recharging process to not make it a hassle overall, and it isn't cumbersome and strange looking. Honestly, I've seen some cock rings that looked more like torture devices than sex play, but whatever floats your boat.

In the end, the Tor 2 makes me cum every time without fail. And that's what really matters to me.

If you have any questions regarding the Lelo Tor 2 be sure to leave them down below and I'll get back to you as soon as possible!

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Henrik S. - March 1, 2019 Reply

love me some cock rings, some girls ive been with get a little turned off by them but the ones that know what we’re in for make it all the more worthwhile 😉

Jeff Hardy - August 28, 2019 Reply

Just circling back around, I actually bought the Tor 2 back in July based on your recommendation and I’m very happy with it. It was a first for both me and my gf since neither of us had tried a cock ring before. It’s a neat product to incorporate into sex.

    Don Watson - August 29, 2019 Reply

    We’re beyond happy to hear that, my wife and I just uncorked a bottle of wine in celebration. This kind of feedback is what we live for. Enjoy, and may your orgasms be as explosive as a beaver dam that’s about to burst.

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