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Nina Hartley Fleshlight

Written by: Don Watson | Updated: May 24th, 2021

Disclaimer: The Nina Hartley Fleshlight is no longer offered. All of the links on this page redirect to the Fleshlight Girls store page instead. I recommend the Riley Reid Fleshlight. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Every straight male has imagined the dream of smashing a ton of different women in his lifetime.

There’s nothing like the dream of hooking up with a different lucky lady every day who is around your age, a total freak in the sheets and is not into emotional commitment.

There’s no doubt about it that every man wants to be a stud--but there’s a special place in history for men who want to be legends. What makes you a legend, you might ask? Nailing a smokin’ hot MILF does, that’s what!

If you’re not clicking on those porn popup ads saying that there are hot MILFs in your area, you’re probably having jerk sessions while watching your favorite silver screen imaginary stepmoms.

There are a lot of MILF legends on the roster, like Lisa Ann, Chanel Preston, Angela White or Nicole Aniston, but when I talk about absolute MILF rockstars, I am talking about any porn star who has entered the history books of our nastiest imaginations. 

One such legend is Nina Hartley, who takes me way back to my teenage days, hairy palms and all!

As the MILF of our naughtiest fantasies Nina Hartley is best known for her smut from the mid-80s and early 90s.

She popularized the image of the confident, authoritative, unsuspecting and intelligent horny dame, instead of the just a naked older woman doing her scene, collecting her pay, and going home.

You can see how her role in porn changed how the industry viewed mature actresses--and now, with a Fleshlight dedicated to her, you can thank her in your own horny way! 

With Nina Hartley being the model for this Fleshlight, she’s entered the porn equivalent of the Hall of Fame or the Hollywood stars you see on the ground. 

Once this Nina Hartley Fleshlight is yours to own, you are both the pornstar and director: you get to decide what Professor Hartley’s special assignment is; what secretly horny neighbor, Mrs. Hartley’s, special request is; or what your buddy’s smoking hot mom, Madame Hartley, has prepared for you while you’re waiting for your buddy to come home. 

I’ll review the Nina Hartley Fleshlight in terms of its material and its special cougar sleeve, how it differs from other fleshlights, what it’s like using it, cleaning it up and maintenance, and then a pros vs cons section.

With Nina Hartley as sexual muse, you can achieve your lifelong dream of nailing a sexy MILF and separate yourself as the men among the boys who only nail similar aged women. Confident, naughty, intelligent, mature and definitely out of our league, Nina Hartley’s fleshlight is always a smashingly good time.

Nina Hartley Fleshlight - Texture and Measurements

The Nina Hartley fleshlight contains the cougar sleeve, meaning that its feeling is based on a ribbed, unpredictable and bumpy pattern.

In terms of realism, the Nina Hartley fleshlight comes surprisingly close to the real vagina because different positions can result in slightly different feelings of pleasure, tightness, wetness and overall excitement.

The best explanation for the Nina Hartley fleshlight comes from an online review of it, where it’s  described as “sexually unpredictable and unusual.”

I couldn’t have said it better--inside the tight fleshlight there is immediately a smooth entrance for about a half inch or so, feeling like your standard run of the mill toy. However, as you keep going deeper, you’ll enter the main body of the sleeve, and this is where the magic starts.

In the main body, there’s a ribbed texture, so there’s a sort of alternating pattern of tightness and looseness, really living up to the exciting unpredictability of the toy. The more you thrust the toy, in and out, fast or slow, you can really feel the cougar sleeve. 

For the measurements themselves, the cougar is pretty wide, with its diameter measuring 0.75” along the entire interior.

The “ribbed” sensation comes from bumps inside the Fleshlight, which have alternative patterns, with each rib being around 0.2” tall, so not a huge obstacle for your member to navigate through.

For length, the whole Fleshlight is pretty standard, so there’s more than enough room for well endowed men to use. I found the lips themselves being moderately tight.

As is standard with porn star flashlights, Nina Hartley’s signature is right on the outside, beside the lips, which is a nice personal touch to help your naughty imagination.

Nina Hartley Fleshlight vs Competition

The cougar sensation is the true defining factor of the Nina Hartley fleshlight. I’m a big fan of unpredictability and unexpectedness, so the alternating tiny bumps throughout the sleeve makes each movement feel different.

For tightness and re-insertion if you pull out, I found it to be pretty realistic. I love how the bumps feel on the head of my dick in particular because it’s the first part of your cock that really feels the changing texture inside the fleshlight.

As one of the most iconic MILFs in porn history, her exact pussy is the mold of the fleshlight--hence the namesake.

With her pussy lips and clit being identically replicated, you have everything you need to let your imagination go wild. Her signature on the fleshlight is a great touch for added imagination too.

Using the Nina Hartley Fleshlight

I loved the smoothness of the entrance, right at your immediate penetration, followed by the unpredictability of the rest of the sleeve. There was a ton of sexual emphasis on the head of my dick just because it’s the first real recipient of the unpredictable bumps and grooves of the rib-like interior.

Admittedly, it can get a little repetitive just going in and out, but I found that turning the Fleshlight 360 degrees while you are inside is a nice touch. 

You can also turn the Fleshlight 90 or 180 degrees and thrust the Fleshlight that way to change the pressure points of it. Pulling out and re-entry was not problematic at all due to there not being much suction or excessive tightness like you would find in a barracuda Fleshlight.


The Nina Hartley Fleshlight is so easy to clean, plain and simple. If I’m really looking for something to say, some of the lube or your cum may get caught deep inside, but all you have to do is be thorough at every wash.

Use lots of warm water from both ends of the Fleshlight. Definitely wash it multiple times if necessary. After washing, it’s good practice to dry it completely before your next use.

Nina Hartley Fleshlight: Pros and Cons

If you have a really sensitive dick head, the Nina Hartley fleshlight is perfect for you, given its texture changes throughout. The smooth entrance is a nice way to psych yourself out before a world of unpredictable pleasure.

If you are a fan of really intense sucking or milking sensations, you might be better off with another fleshlight because this fleshlight will suck you in only according to how deep you thrust or how much you move the toy.


Nina Hartley isn't everyone's cup of tea, but she certainly has made a legendary name for herself throughout the years in the porn world so it's no surprise that Fleshlight, the leaders in male masturbators, would get her likeness for a toy.

In conclusion, if you’re a MILF fan, the Nina Hartley fleshlight is a gift. Open your favorite porn site, get a bunch of tissues and lube, and have a field day. You’re going to finish as a happy man.

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