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Is This Vibrating Stroker Worth It?

Written by: Don Watson | Updated: April 18th, 2020

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Product: Fantasy Factory Manta

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Date Purchased: March 18th, 2020

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  • What I Like:
  • Great feeling silicone
  • Easy to insert yourself & stay in place
  • Tons of possibilities in partnered play
  • Over 6 different patterns and speeds
  • What I DON'T Like:
  • Sometimes difficult to hold and move
  • Buttons require some force to press

What you need to know:

This male stroker takes everything I'm used to with strokers and turns it on it's head.

Where other strokers become instantly forgettable, the Manta finds new ways to keep me coming back for more. I was really impressed by the level of power available and how you can use it to your advantage when jerking off.

It's also a fantastic choice for adding in to partnered play as there are dozens of ways I've used it during both foreplay and penetrative sex to great results.

Thanks to the silicone construction it also dries in a flash and is supremely soft and great feeling. Needless to say, I'm impressed by what Fun Factory has put out with the Manta.

Battery Life

Charge Time


Noise Level


2 hours

1.5 hours



MSRP: $139.99

Now: $125.99

There's a whole whack load of different things out there that call themselves a male stroker, yet I can't say that all of them really put thought into how they'd feel when, you know, stroking.

So I wanted to find a sex toy that would put the STROKE in stroker.

In my searches I eventually came to the Fun Factory Manta, a special mechanical vibrating stroker that looked like it could really change the game compared to my other "strokers".

Not only that, it isn't just for solo play in that it's a great vibrating toy for use during sex with a partner as well. Don't think you have to use it like a regular stroker, either. There's a lot of opportunity for creativity here!

After extensive testing and rigorous use, this is what my penis and I managed to figure out about the Manta vibrating stroker:

What Is The Fun Factory Manta?

I'm no stranger to Fun Factory toys, their Cobra Libre was one of the first toys we ever reviewed on this site and my wife has quite a few of their vibrators kicking around. What I notice mainly from their toys is an actual effort put into both adding useful mechanical bits to sex toys as well as making sure they're actually fun to use.

This toy is no different, it's a penis stroker that has a vibrator built in intended to be run along the length of the penis while in use. Those two wings on the Manta vibrating stroker nicely caress the penis and then it's completely up to you to decide where to go from there.

It's 7.5 inches long and made from hypoallergenic body-safe silicone, a welcome choice in my opinion since so few penis toys make use of this material to begin with. I personally love silicone because of how quickly it dries. My Fleshlight requires some effort put into it to dry but any silicone toy I've ever owned practically dries itself, by the time I even grab a towel it's too late.

Besides the obvious place to stick your Johnson, the vibrator itself has six different speeds and six different patterns for a slightly different experience every single time. The different vibration settings range from undulating pulses to great waves to even some intermittent buzzing just to exploit the tension that can come with sex.

A lot of the Manta's reason for existing has to do with making couples have an easier time using sex toys together. Sure, it's more than serviceable for solo play, but asking your partner to please try using out the Manta instead of settling for a garden variety hand job is absolutely fantastic. It's not intimidating to look plus gives the other person a lot of room to work with, it may just be the easiest sex toy to get even the most skittish person to put their hands on.

Some other relevant information is that the Manta is completely waterproof so you can even take it into the shower with you if you so please. There's also a travel lock feature present if you'd like to bring this toy around without having to worry about it going off in your bag.

Each charge will translate into about 2 hours of use time and mine is usually fully recharged by the 80 minute mark.

My Experience Using The Manta

First off, I bought my toy at Lovehoney and paid about $125 (just over 10% off) and got free shipping since I took advantage of our Lovehoney discount link.

This toy took a bit to ship what with all of the pandemic stuff going around in the news right now, so I was absolutely overjoyed when it finally came up and I saw that familiar Fun Factory packaging within the box.

Before getting too ahead of myself with the coupled play I decided to do as much as I possibly could solo style to see if this toy can stand on its own for people who don't have a willing partner easily available. I figure if a vibrating stroker can't make a man happy all on its own then it's hardly a worthwhile sex toy at all.

So after the initial charge cycle it was time to get down to business. Since it's made from silicone that rules silicone lube out completely, water based is the way to go with the Manta since it's extremely easy to wash off once everything is all said and done.

At first I thought that the fact that there isn't much surface area touching the penis at any point in time that it would end up being quite boring. I was proven wrong right on the first go. After putting my penis between the wings and turning it on I was quickly educated as to what this thing can do.

The silicone does a surprisingly good job at radiating the vibrations throughout the entire penis, I really like it whenever I'm about midway through the stroke and can feel the vibrations being carried to both ends of my manhood. Throw in a sudden pattern change and my genitals just don't know what to think of it.

It's really easy to push the wings apart and get your penis inside no matter what angle of attack you choose, something else I really appreciated about the Fun Factory Manta. The handle is the perfect size to be gripped tightly without causing any hand strain which can be an issue with bigger, more circular options.

At the end of the day I had too much fun just moving it up and down along myself until I finally reached orgasm. It's actually rare that a vibrating stroker can get me all the way to the finish line without a bit of help from my hand, the Manta fits in this category of rare options.

For those curious, it is quite quiet even at the highest settings. Around medium settings you still get some great sensation without having to worry about someone else listening in while at the maximum setting it would only take a TV on at a regular volume to be more or less completely silent.

Now was time to try it out during sex with my wife. She's always pretty chipper about trying new things in the bedroom so we were both really excited to see what the Manta vibrating stroker offered couples.

What I can say is that we haven't found a couple's sex toy that can be used with as much versatility as the Manta can. It can be used just as your partner using it as a vibrator, it can be used as a makeshift cock ring, and it can even be used directly on any female participant to great effect.

Either during a blowjob or a handjob it was really easy for Angela to integrate the toy into whatever she was up to but the really impressive bits of the Fun Factory Manta were apparent during penetrative sex. I loved being able to press it against her clitoris during sex for it to give us both amazing amounts of stimulation. With just a little bit of special positioning it gives more than enough to both participants stroke after stroke.

The vibrating end piece is also good enough at staying strong even at the very end of the toy for it to be used for some special clitoral action all on it's own. Most couple's vibrators tend to focus either on one partner too much or do both poorly. I can say emphatically that the Fun Factory Manta managed to figure out how to keep everybody happy during both foreplay as well as sex.

So if it wasn't obvious enough, I love the Manta quite a bit. It wouldn't even be a stretch for me to say that I LOVE the Manta.

Where To Buy One

The absolute best place to grab a Fun Factory Manta is at Lovehoney. If you use this discount link, you'll save 10% off site wide at checkout. 

It's pricy enough to qualify for free shipping right off the bat so if you're low on lube I'd suggest adding a bottle to your order to take advantage of that.

Besides Lovehoney having a great price and excellent support, buying from them means you won't receive a counterfeit item which can sometimes happen when buying toys through Amazon.

Overall, I buy all of my Fun Factory items directly from Lovehoney and haven't had any problems.

Parting Words

Whether you're a man living on his own or someone who likes to use a toy with a partner, there's a little something for everybody in the Manta vibrating stroker. It may just displace a lot of other similar options just with some of the simplest things ever.

The actual business end of the toy has grooves in it that help the toy vibrate nicely and touch the actual penis as much as possible, something most products miss out on. It may just be one of the strongest aspects of how the Manta vibrating stroker ends up having so much to like. It can be really boring if you just feel the vibrations on a smooth surface, since there's some jiggle to it it ends up being a lot more stimulating overall.

I'm impressed, to say the least. It isn't this often I find a toy I like this much but that doesn't seem like it'll end up getting such good marks. If you have any questions at all about the Manta, don't hesitate to leave a comment below!

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