Fleshlight Launch Review:

Using The Launch To Masturbate Without My Hands (Kinda)

Written by: Don Watson | Updated: May 12th, 2023

The original Fleshlight Launch in this article has since been discontinued. The original Launch debuted in 2017, while now the spotlight is on the Fleshlight Universal Launch

It's a straight upgrade in every single way, check out either my full review on the Universal Launch or see it on Fleshlight's site for yourself.

Over the past few years, my affinity for Fleshlight products has grown immensely. Realistic textures, different sleeve designs, adjustable suction, and quality craftsmanship are just a few things that come to my mind when thinking Fleshlight, besides thinking about how I’m going to clean up afterward.

But, I still grow tired at times of the limitations of manual stimulation of my Johnson. Finally, a toy that takes all the manual labor out of masturbation has come to the forefront.

Introducing the Fleshlight Launch. The ultimate hands-free masturbator.

The Fleshlight Launch was invented to jack things up a notch by removing the need to move the toy yourself, it’s a black masturbation robot that moves a Fleshlight up and down to the speed and intensity of your choice or it can be synced to pornographic visual aids of your choice in interactive mode, putting you right in the action.

Suffice to say, I was interested in seeing what kind of experience could be delivered from the toy itself as well as what interactive content from providers such as FeelMe were going to be like.

It is VR compatible, so the Fleshlight Launch in interactive mode with VR is the top-of-the-line virtual reality sex experience currently on the market. The future is now, gentlemen.

Let's get into the review...

What Is The Fleshlight Launch?

Unlike most Fleshlight products we review, the Launch is an accessory to the Fleshlight line of products and not a new pocket pussy. The Launch is produced by Kiiroo for use with Fleshlight products. The Launch is a device in which any Fleshlight can be placed in and the machine will move it up and down at the speed set by the user.

A brand-new Launch retails for about $249.99 but we found a deal for $199.99, just click here and use coupon code "DRCLIMAX" at checkout! 

This thing looks like a black futuristic Keurig machine except it serves out single-serve wank sessions instead of single-serve coffee. The exterior is made from durable plastic and it's really easy to pop a Fleshlight in with a simple twist of the wrist.

Fully automated masturbation is the name of the game, and I would not be surprised if the stock price of tissue paper brands took a huge hike after this puppy hit the market. I know my household tissue bill certainly went up by a pretty considerable margin since purchasing it (this might be an expense worth considering if you plan on picking one up for yourself).

A quick rundown of what this thing is capable of includes a capability of 180 strokes per minute, ability to be synced up to interactive content, and the ability to adjust the speed and distance of the strokes. That means with this device it is possible to experience up to three strokes per second, that's hardly something worth scoffing at.

Simply click in your favorite Fleshlight, insert, turn it on and go to town.

You can use the Launch in automatic mode and use one of the pre-set settings, or you can use it in interactive mode which allows you to easily control the speed and intensity of the action (more on this later).

How To Use The Fleshlight Launch

There are two modes available, manual and interactive. Manual mode is pretty intuitive allows the user to select the length of stroke, stroke speed, and stroke starting position. Different parts of the penis can get different amounts of love depending on how you set it up. The touch-sensitive buttons on the front make it really easy to change settings while balls deep inside a Fleshlight. Sometimes I’d rather not sensually caress the machine though, so the fact that you can also control these settings via the Kiiroo app is very convenient.

Interactive mode means that the user can pair the Launch with a video and replicate what the actors are doing on screen, very fun, very intense. To access interactive content you'll need a phone or similar device with the app installed separate from the device you actually wish to watch videos on. I wouldn’t recommend going straight to interactive mode because it is a lot to handle, especially when the Stamina Training Unit is involved, this is one powerful robot so be cognizant of what Fleshlight sleeve you decide to use.

I mainly use manual mode and I couldn’t be more impressed. Up to 180 strokes per minute (3 strokes a second) means I can have the entire range of sexual tension at my disposal. It’s like a middle ground between actual sex and jerking off, although there is a bit of a learning curve involved. Using the touch controls sometimes isn’t easy when the Kiiroo is taking you on a one-way trip to Ejacville. With time, I was able to better understand which inputs were required to get the desired output. It is an extremely involved sensation and I use the Launch probably once a week for an extra special session.

I will say it’s somewhat surreal at first using a football-shaped robot to simulate sex with a Fleshlight, but after using it a few times I found myself dreaming of when I’d get to use it again. The experience is highly pleasurable and an improvement on using a Fleshlight completely manually.

Here's a visual walkthrough of the product:

My Experience Using The Launch

I’ll go easy on rocket themed jokes as I’m not a huge fan of low-hanging fruit; however, I guarantee you my moans were heard from Cape Canaveral. I made sure to fully charge the Launch before use; this takes about 6-9 hours and gets you a full two hours of usable time.

First thing’s first, I select my preferred Fleshlight sleeve, hold the power button down for about five seconds, and lube up the Launch. Quick warning, only full-sized models are compatible with the Launch out of the box, the other models of Fleshlights need a specialized adapter to work in the device. The Launch is about the size of a football and I set in the Fleshlight itself by inserting it into the front of the Launch and twisting until a satisfying click is heard. The bottom of the Launch is extremely comfortable and contours around the body nicely.

So I won't be able to comment on how it works with VR porn since my budget is tied up buying other sex toys and the like, but here's how I felt about the Launch itself in use:

Sitting on my crotch at around 13 inches, it's comfortable to hold on to and doesn't weight too much, probably somewhere around five pounds with a Fleshlight inside of it.

After turning it on, I try out the controls. Its controlled exclusively by swirling your fingers over either the left or right control strips. The left strip controls how quickly the strokes are while the right focuses on how long the strokes are.

At its slowest, the Launch is an absolute tease with about one stroke a second and at its fastest its about three strokes per second. The progression in between is nice but I find there's really more or less just a few different settings as opposed to a truly dynamic speed setting. Still pleasurable, don't get me wrong. It's just a matter of finding which of these speed settings gives the sensation you like the most.

I need to mention that you shouldn't even consider using this thing without lube, or any Fleshlight for that matter. Even slipping into the opening is a difficult task and once you're there you'll be lucky if you just walk away with a bit of redness from chafing. It really makes me feel as though somebody else is jacking me off.

I also like watching videos where the girl is riding as this provides a somewhat realistic experience as well, however if I'm trying to go for a completely realistic experience, I reach for my Fuck Me Silly Mega Masturbator or my Fuck Me Silly Bubble Butt. It can take a lot of time for me to pick the right video, it's hard to choose once you know what kind of fun you're in for!

All in all, the Fleshlight Launch provides a completely unique masturbation experience which is much more pleasurable than manually using a male masturbator or Fleshlight.

Using Interactive Mode

Before I get too ahead of myself, let me take some time to explain a little bit how interactive mode works. There exists specially coded porn videos out there that take you right into the sensations felt by the male in the porn video. Depending on what's happening on the screen, the Launch will love the Fleshlight up or down a corresponding way at a corresponding speed. It's a lot more interesting to use than the manual mode since it is a much more varied experience.

To access interactive content such as virtual reality you'll need to download the Feel Connect application on your phone. With the Feel Connect application, there's a pretty impressive range of accessible content & videos designed to give the best possible experience.

You'll know when you can connect your toy to the app when the Bluetooth square about the power button is flashing blue. If the square is red that means you need to clear an obstruction in the device and if you see a mixture of blue/red squares that means you need to connect to the app to install a firmware update.

You won't be able to watch videos on the same device that's running the app, so its best using your phone or other small-screened device to actually setup the toy but connect it to something like a tablet or your PC. While it can be a bit daunting to learn how the app works, once you get the hang of things it becomes a lot of fun and much easier to get in on the action. Once your phone has the app, just follow the instructions on the screen and eventually you'll be able to watch content after scanning a QR code displayed on the device where the videos will be played.

Once you've gone through the set-up, pop in your Fleshlight sleeve of choice and you can start getting down to business. There are three major providers of interactive content at the moment to choose from, FeelMe, PornHub, and Ufeel.tv. Which is choose will be dependent on the content you'd like to enjoy with your toy.

FeelMe is free to sign up for, but you have to pay for individual channels to actually begin enjoying any porn videos. Something of note is that there is an interactive webcam girl section, if you're into that kind of thing the webcam girl can control the speed of your toy herself and make it all the more realistic. Technology really is great, isn't it?

PornHub interactive content requires no sign-up and you can get put in the action with just a few clicks.

Ufeel.tv has a few free videos on their site to entice you, but ultimately it is a subscription based service in which you can either buy individual videos to have forever or pay a monthly subscription fee.

Now on to my actual review for how using interactive mode went for me:

Suffice to say, I mainly use PornHub since it has the widest free library that even includes interactive virtual reality videos. FeelMe does have channels that are from the biggest players in the porn industry, and even some offshoots like porn featuring gay males or gay females exclusively, so I might cave and subscribe to a few channels if I get tired of what me and my Fleshlights can do with Pornhub's library of interactive content. In the future however I would expect there to be a lot more free options popping up once the ideas of manual and interactive content become much more blurred together.

I really wanted to see what the technology inside the Fleshlight Launch was able to do outside of manual mode. Would the sensation be all that different? Would the setup process and having to make use of my phone take me out of the action before it even got started? All of these questions and more were swirling through my mind as I stared down my device.

When it came time to use interactive mode, it did not take long for me to appreciate that that the idea decided to pop into my mind that fateful day.

I navigated pretty quickly away from FeelMe after realizing I'd have to pay, I hadn't even used the device yet, I'm not signing up for any subscriptions just yet. PornHub was my savior for free interactive content. At the time I initially used my device there were over 300 interactive videos and I can only assume the amount of content has grown since then. For a fully immersive experience, I decided to plug in my headphones, grab my phone, and get to watching.

Everything moves exactly when it should and exactly how it should. It may not be synced up at a precisely 1:1 rate, but it's close enough that I don't feel like there's a delay between me and the content I'm trying to experience for myself. The sensation of the toy moving exactly in tandem with the performers on the screen is one I feel in love with immediately. Without you touching yourself and controlling the action with your hands, I swear some other part of your brain must turn on that allows for a man to be much more engrossed in what's happening.

It was an experience like no other I had gone through at the time, this being my first automated piece of masturbation technology. In a way, it was like being 14 again and finding a dirty magazine. I wondered what kind of sensation lay behind each video I saw and I'll be damned if I didn't get everything I could out of every single video I watched. It seldom takes me longer than 5-10 minutes to pop with the help of the synced videos.

Do I Recommend It?


The Fleshlight Launch is a truly unique masturbation experience that everyone is sure to enjoy. I have lots of fun with my black bundle of joy with both manual and interactive functionality. I was starting to get a little bored of my usual porn routine, this piece of technology helped make things a lot less routine and give some pretty great sensation that I can say I honestly say I wasn't expecting.

This machine is unlike any other male masturbator I've ever used, and it provides a very realistic experience that my penis responds very well to. I love how much interactive content there is available for free, but even if I had to stick solely to manual mode I wouldn't have considered the purchase a waste of money.

It's one of my favorite toys to simulate a blowjob and it even made our list of the best blowjob machines.

Don't just take my word for it, there are countless verified customer reviews you can read.

Where To Get One?

The best place to buy the Launch is from the official Kiiroo website.

They offer the lowest price available and it qualifies for free shipping, even with the discount code below.

You can use coupon code "DRCLIMAX" at checkout for 10% off! Click here to redeem!

I only recommend buying this product from the official Kiiroo website (the co-creators of this toy) as I've been told by my wife that there have been countless stories of fake Fleshlights being sold online from different retailers. This is a masturbation robot from the future, I wouldn't suggest settling for a knockoff in this case as I doubt they can or particularly care about replicating the technology perfectly.

When you shop directly with the company that creates the toy you can rest easy knowing you're getting a legit product. 


If you’re looking for something to turn up the intensity of your self-touch sessions, the Fleshlight Launch is what you need. It is a great piece of hardware and I don’t regret picking one up whatsoever, it was the next logical step in my search for an amazing experience assisted by cutting edge technology. I personally can’t beat 180 strokes a minute, the machine is better at wanking me off than I am, and I’m something of an expert. In my search for truly automated masturbation, the Launch came in and saved the day wonderfully. A completely mind-blowing male masturbatory experience is just a five second press of the power button away at any give time in my household.

While FeelMe was kind of underwhelming, the interactive content supplied by PornHub allowed me to take my phone, hook up the toy to my PC and then really enjoy the sensation that was on the way. It's really hard not to pop immediately after the show starts.

Sometimes I let my wife control it and it’s a bit of a compromise when she’s not entirely in the mood, for that alone I highly recommend the Launch by Kiiroo. I also recommend the Onyx by them as well, Kiiroo is quite proficient when it comes to making the male masturbators of the future.

Be sure to drop me a line down below if you got any questions at all regarding the Fleshlight Launch or feel free to share your experience!

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Davida - February 23, 2019 Reply

I’m just wondering how many different modes their are to choose from on the automatic setting? I’ve not been able to find this information anywhere. Also do you happen to have a personal favorite?

    Don Watson - May 22, 2019 Reply

    I’m not quite sure what you mean. If by automatic you mean Interactive Mode, that’s about syncing up the device with a video and it does all the work. Manual mode on the other hand allows you to control the length of stroke (there’s about three distinct settings, the swipe pads are kind of misleading) and the speed of stroke (ditto).

    I prefer the full stroke at a medium speed, and then I speed it up when it’s time to go over the edge. Works great for me!

Joffrey - September 3, 2019 Reply

Weird question for you… Do you know if any of the Fleshlight Launch settings mimic a blowjob?

    Don Watson - September 4, 2019 Reply

    If you buy a Fleshlight like the Turbo Thrust and set the settings to the proper speed and area (mostly around the tip/top of the shaft) I’d say that it mimics a blowjob, for sure. Mimic is the operating word, not replicate, but it sure does mimic it. Hope that helps!

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