Fleshlight Launch Review:
Is It Really The #1 Hands Free Masturbator?

Over the past few years, my affinity for Fleshlight products has grown immensely. Realistic textures, different sleeve designs, adjustable suction, and quality craftsmanship are just a few things that come to my mind when thinking Fleshlight, besides thinking about how I’m going to clean up afterwards.

But, I still grow tired at times of the limitations of manual stimulation of my Johnson. Finally a toy that takes all the manual labor out of masturbation.

Introducing the Fleshlight Launch. The ultimate hands free masturbator.

The Fleshlight Launch was invented to jack things up a notch by removing the need to move the toy yourself, it’s a robotic machine that moves a Fleshlight up and down to the speed and intensity of your choice or it can be synced to pornographic visual aids of your choice, putting you right in the action.

It is VR compatible, so the Fleshlight Launch in VR mode is the top-of-the-line virtual reality sex experience currently on the market.

Let's get into the review...

What is The Launch?

Unlike most Fleshlight products we review, the Launch is an accessory to the Fleshlight line of products and not a new pocket pussy. The Launch is produced by Kiiroo for use with Fleshlight products. The Launch is a device in which any Fleshlight can be placed in and the machine will move it up and down at the speed set by the user. A brand-new Launch retails for about $249.99 but we found a deal for $199.99, just click here.

This thing looks like a futuristic Keurig machine except it serves out single-serve wank sessions instead of single-serve coffee.  

Fully automated masturbation is the name of the game, and I would not be surprised if the stock price of tissue paper brands took a huge hike after this puppy hit the market.

A quick rundown of what this thing is capable of includes a capability of 180 strokes per minute, ability to be synced up to interactive videos, and the ability to adjust the speed and distance of the strokes.

Simply click in your Fleshlight insert, turn it on, and go to town.

How To Use It

There are two modes available, manual and interactive. Manual allows for the user to select length of stroke, stroke speed, and stroke starting position. The touch sensitive buttons on the front make it really easy to change settings while balls deep inside a Fleshlight. Sometimes I’d rather not sensually caress the machine though, so the fact that you can also control these settings via the Kiiroo app is very convenient.

Interactive mode means that the user can pair the Launch with a video and replicate what the actors are doing on screen, very fun, very intense. I wouldn’t recommend going straight to interactive mode because it is a lot to handle, especially when the Stamina Training Unit is involved.

I mainly use manual mode and I couldn’t be more impressed. Up to 180 strokes a minute (3 strokes a second) means I can have the entire range of sexual tension at my disposal. It’s like a middle ground between actual sex and jerking off, although there is a bit of a learning curve involved. Using the touch controls sometimes isn’t easy when the Kiiroo is taking you on a one-way trip to Ejacville. With time, I was able to better understand which inputs were required to get the desired output. It is an extremely involved sensation and I use the Launch probably once a week for an extra-special session.

I will say it’s somewhat surreal at first using a football shaped robot to simulate sex with a Fleshlight, but after using it a few times I found myself dreaming of when I’d get to use it again. The experience is highly pleasurable and an improvement on using a Fleshlight completely manually.

My Experience

I’ll go easy on rocket themed jokes as I’m not a huge fan of low-hanging fruit; however I guarantee you my moans were heard from Cape Canaveral. I made sure to fully charge the Launch before use; this takes about 6-9 hours and gets you a full two hours of usable time.

First thing’s first, I select my preferred Fleshlight and lube up the Launch. Quick warning, only full sized models are compatible with the Launch, so the Go, Flight, Turbo, as well as Sex in a Can cannot be used. The Launch is about the size of a football and I set in the Fleshlight itself by inserting it into the front of the Launch and twisting until a satisfying click is heard. The bottom of the Launch is extremely comfortable and contours around the body nicely.

Do I Recommend It?


The Fleshlight Launch is a truly unique masturbation experience that everyone is sure to enjoy. This machine is unlike any other male masturbator I've ever used, and it provides a very realistic experience. 

The best place to buy the Fleshlight Launch is from the Fleshlight's official online store.


If you’re looking for something to turn up the intensity of your self-touch sessions, the Fleshlight Launch is what you need. It is a great piece of hardware and I don’t regret picking one up whatsoever. I personally can’t beat 180 strokes a minute, the machine is better at wanking me off than I am, and I’m something of an expert. Sometimes I let my wife control it and it’s a bit of a compromise when she’s not entirely in the mood, for that alone I highly recommend the Launch by Kiiroo.

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