Fleshlight Vibro Review:

Testing Out The Vibrating Fleshlight

Written by: Don Watson | Updated: June 6th, 2023

In this article I'm going to be covering one of my new favorite male masturbators created by none other than Fleshlight.  The Fleshlight Vibro is a vibrating Fleshlight that had quite a bit of buzz behind it. Voted "Best Male Fleshlight" by the EroFame Awards and raved about by many other fellow sex toy bloggers.  

Needless to say, I had to give it a whirl.

At one point, Fleshlight was pretty much the only worthwhile name in the male masturbator business.

These days there's plenty of different competitors that Fleshlight needs to keep up with and these competitors are constantly coming up with new variations of the male masturbators.

Due to the amount of competition in the space, Fleshlight has had to be innovative and come up with new designs to compete with competitors such as Kiiroo and Lovense which have made toys such as the Max and the Onyx 2 which both have vibration patterns and other features to create a more enjoyable feeling male masturbator. The vibrating Fleshlight was a natural next step for the company.

The question is, does it stack up against it's rivals?

Without spoiling too much of the review, I'm happy to report that they've hit it out of the park with this one. 

What Is The Vibro? (The Vibrating Fleshlight)

The Vibro is a return to form for Fleshlight after developing many different sized toys, as it is a full sized fleshlight that measures in at 9.75'' with the cap on and has 8.5'' of insertable space.

While the case & size are normal and not new, the differences here are in the sleeve design. Instead of just the typical fins that help keep the sleeve in place once inserted into the case, there are three holes in which three bullet vibrator sized vibes can be slipped in.

These vibrators are powered by watch batteries of which three are included immediately within the toy and an extra 10 pack of batteries is included. Dedicated batteries tend to be more powerful and last longer than rechargeables, and since they include 10 extras it'll be a long time before you have to invest more money into keeping the Vibro chugging along.

Typical of new Fleshlights, it has its own special sleeve texture that is a bunch of cylindrical tubes that extend from the top, middle, and bottom of the sleeve. The sleeve is made from their patented Superskin material which is a special blend of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) which is safe to use on the male anatomy. Compared to other pseudo-skins, I find Fleshlight to be the perfect mix of synthetic to realistic feelings.

So now it's time to see if the addition of three vibrating motors really helps plug the missing links in Fleshlight's product lineup.

My Experience Testing The Vibro

To be quite frank, I was a little concerned about how the Vibro wasn't rechargeable as I really hate having to replace batteries for sex toys. The fact that 10 extra batteries were included really sold me on the Vibro though, since these small watch batteries tend to have enough longevity to them that I figured I'd probably get more than a few months of use out of them before having to go to the store.

Enough about that, though. After taking the Vibro out of the box, a little bit of assembly is required. 

The three individual vibrators must be turned on and then slipped into their respective holes before you get down to business. They are turned on by pressing a button on each individual vibrator which requires the sleeve to be taken out (at least partially) and then the button pushed. You're not forced to use it this way, as the Touch sleeve works fine without the vibrations as well.

These little vibrators add a bit more weight to the toy than the typical Fleshlight, it's by no means a brick now, but it is noticeable. In the future, I hope they add a way to turn the vibrators on/off without having to take the sleeve out since it does make the procedure a little more extra.

But after inserting them and turning the vibrators on, man was it worth it. I don't even know why but I ended up screaming "Mamma mia!" upon inserting myself into the vibrating toy because I was not prepared for what I was about to receive. The sleeve is expertly designed in my opinion, the way the nubs extend from the toy give them enough extra weight and length that they move almost like the outcroppings on a coral reef once the vibrators get going. 

I have used toys that vibrate like this before, but they have two pitfalls typically associated with them. Firstly, the motor is usually placed at the end of the toy and since most of these toys are pretty long the vibrations don't transfer adequately to the penis. Secondly, most only have one motor so the sensations are typically strongest in the middle and weaker on the sides.

The tri-motor idea at the beginning of the toy gets rid of these two problems entirely. The three motors around the sides work to make a strong vortex of vibration that is powerful throughout and since they are centered at the beginning of the toy my manhood really has to hold on for dear life as they do their thing. This makes up for the fact that I need to take the sleeve out to turn them off and on, I suppose innovation has its shortcomings sometime.

I'd say I'm really happy they decided to go with a sleeve texture that compliments the addition of a vibrator. Instead of just taking a sleeve design they already had or selling these things on their own with an adaptor, this specific design is consistent throughout and really does a great job at "wicking" the vibrating power through each of the little nubs that come out. 

The normal Fleshlight design is still here, and you can adjust the suction with the end cap to better suit your level of tightness. This also has an effect on the vibration strength, so make sure to play around a bit more than usual, what your favorite setting is on another Fleshlight toy might not be the same with the Vibro. I've complained in the past that the long length of the sleeve makes it difficult to enjoy all of the texture, but since its the same texture throughout this isn't a problem with the Vibro.

As far as battery life goes, I've used it pretty consistently for a few weeks now and I'm still on my first set of batteries. I might end up having to get a new sleeve before I have to buy another pack of watch batteries for this thing.

All in all, I'd say the pocket-protected scientists at Flesh Labs (or whatever they call themselves) really outdid themselves this time around.

Where Can You Get One?

The best place to buy the Fleshlight Vibro is directly from the official Fleshlight website.

It's where I bought mine and it's also where I've bought the rest of my Fleshlight toys in the past. They offer excellent prices that really can't be beat by competitors especially considering you'll get free shipping if you're from the United States.

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Wherever you decide to buy it, just be sure to only shop with reputable retailers because I've heard there are lots of knock-off Fleshlights available online. Always shop with reputable vendors.


Far from letting themselves be outdone at their own game, Fleshlight brought on powerful motors to make their vibrating toy one worth turning heads and milking Johnsons. This is another great addition to the Fleshlight lineup, and at this point I've legitimately considered modifying a wine rack to accommodate my ever-growing collection of Fleshlights. If it wasn't for the fact that my wife is a sex therapist, it'd probably be a little strange just how many of these things I have lying around. Love you, babe. The way she explained it to me was that she loves her vibrating dildos, so I'd probably love a vibrating Fleshlight.

Anyways, if you're wondering if this is just a gimmick or an actually well-thought out Flesh product, I'm happy to inform you that it's the latter. The motors are strong, consistent, and compliment the sleeve design in a way I wasn't expecting. 

Fun times are to be had with this guy, that's for certain.

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