The Best Chastity Devices & Cock Cages:

The Top Chastity Cages Currently Available

Written by: Don Watson | Updated: November 11th, 2019

While we often focus on more vanilla types of sex fare here at Doctor Climax, we do appreciate some of the raunchier things in life as well. Few other toys are as firmly raunchy as chastity devices.

These types of chastity devices can take many different forms, which is why they have all kinds of names like cock cages, chastity tubes, etc. They're popular because they can play a prominent role in BDSM/orgasm denial play and add more sexual tension into any given encounter. These are devices that immobilize the penis in such a way that reaching orgasm isn't an easy task, leaving you to the mercy of your partner.

Why is this appealing, you may ask?

Well, the saying goes that everything in life is about sex except for sex, which is about power. The power someone holds over the level of pleasure felt by someone when they're the only owner of the key to free them from their penile exile. 

If you have more questions about cock cages, there will be some information beneath my top picks which I've listed below. But, there's a good chance that just scrolling through this list will be more than enough to get the idea across.

My Top 5 Recommended Chastity Devices:

#1 - CB-6000 Male Chastity Cage Kit

At first I was more than willing to make fun of this cock cage because of the funny name that sounds more like a model of Terminator than a type of sex toy, but after understanding all of the pieces that come bundled in I'll let them get away with it.

First off, the CB-6000 cage is made from a medical grade polycarbonate material, aka fancy plastic. That allows it to be see-through and I personally find that the plastic cages are good for all day wear because they aren't susceptible to temperature fluctuations and it doesn't feel weird to brush up against the plastic from time to time.

The cage itself is 3.25'' long and 1.375'' in diameter, so only the most impressive of showers (as in the opposite of a grower) are exempt from using the toy. Also included are five different sizes of U-ring, with the smallest being 1.5'' and the largest being 2''. This is to allow for a personally tailored fit that suits you best. It'll take a few days/weeks of wearing the different U-rings until you find the one that mixes comfort with denial adequately.

It is worth noting that there are different locking pins and spacers included as well, this is hands down one of the most customizable male chastity devices I've ever seen, if you had to get only one cock cage for your entire sexual career, this would be the one.

Two good features here are the vents on the side to keep things comfortable as well as the smartly placed & well sized ejaculation/urination hole. You won't have to worry about accidentally peeing all of your cage and having to shake it dry each time you have to take a leak.

Included is one padlock with one key, so getting an extra made isn't a bad idea if you're prone to losing things. Also, a 44mL lube sample is included which I appreciated early.

It's comfortable, it's customizable, it's a great cock cage all things considered.

#2 - MyStim Pubic Enemy No.1 E-Stim Cock Cage

Is the penis you're dealing with a little more rambunctious than the average cock? Would you say that it deserves to be put in a maximum-security prison? 

In that case, the MyStim Public Enemy No.1 E-stim cock cage is a delightfully playful cage with one added feature that I think really changes the dynamics involved: electricity.

That's right, this 3.22' medical grade silicone cage (can be extended with up to three spacers that add 0.15'' each) with a diameter of 1.85'' at the widest point comes with added electric shock capabilities. Of course, to take full advantage of this you will need an e-stim kit like the Tension Lover for the electrical current.

The addition of electrical current allows for much more back and forth play between two partners. An imprisoned person can be a lot more mouthy or insubordinate and get shocked into submission, or minor sensations can be given to ensure the prisoner doesn't push their luck too hard.

As for the cock ring itself, the silicone cage itself is spacious and comfortable, there's a bit of give to make it more forgiving but it is still a cock cage through and through. Personally, I find silicone does a good job at warming up to ambient body temperature for all-day use.

The clasp that the cage attaches to is variable, giving as much as 2.04'' of diameter or as little as 1.29'', with 4 different settings in-between those 2 for a total of 6 variable positions.

This time the padlock included comes with two keys, which I highly recommend since having an emergency key can save you a trip to the emergency room.

#3 - DOMINIX Deluxe Chastity Cock Cage

It wouldn't be a true chastity cage article without one made from actual metal. Metal chastity cages are the most restrictive and involved of the bunch. They'll feel cold at first and really give the impression that you're stuck in that cage at the mercy of however put you there.

The DOMINIX Deluxe is 2.5'' long and 1.43'' in diameter, with the metal ring coming in at 1.75'' in diameter. There are no spacers available for this cage, there's a mere 0.5'' for your testicles to fit in between, this particular cock cage is for those who really want to feel locked up and denied use of their member.

It's the most restrictive option on this list and also will be the coldest upon insertion, although you will get used to it fairly quickly. The many-ringed design makes it one of the most breathable options on this list as well, the cooped up feeling is purely tactile as opposed to completely physiological.

I'd suggest this particular model to people who are a bit more experienced with what they'd like from a cock cage, it doesn't have as much customization for raw comfort which is probably by design as opposed to something they forgot to add.

There is a urination hole, but it is rather small and difficult to use properly. Whenever I wear this cage, I adjust my penis slightly to use the bigger holes off the sides as opposed to the tiny hole. Any splash damage is easily washed off in the bathroom however, but remember to dry it off properly before pulling your pants back up.

It's sinfully restrictive and the included padlock comes with two keys which is really helpful seeing as how I'd rather not have to take an electric saw to my junk if I ever got trapped inside this thing.

For those who want a cock cage that's built for masochism in mind with few creature comforts to "cheapen" the experience, it's a no-brainer.

#4 - Dominix Deluxe Silicone Short Cock Cage

If the above cage seems really appealing as far as actual BSDM enjoyment goes but you'd prefer a material other than metal, the DOMINIX Deluxe silicone cage offers the same kind of restriction, just with a bit of a different flavor.

The cage itself is made from body-safe silicone and even comes with vents along the sides to keep things airy and comfortable. The cage itself is 3.25'' long and average in diameter (probably somewhere between 1.43'' and 1.55'') with the silicone being fairly malleable overall. The steel ring that goes around the base of the shaft is 1.75'' in diameter, so no worries there.

Compared to the metal cage, this is a much more comfortable option for beginners who would also like to experiment with all day wear. The silicone is gentle to the touch and can be squeeze a little bit to ensure you can make use of the urination hole properly.

Like the other option above, there are no included spacers and what you see is what you get. The overall design of the toy makes this an extremely simplified option with superb ease of use, it really is an excellent starting chastity device from which you can expand your horizons. Not your penis, of course, but your horizons can expand for sure.

The included brass padlock has a full three keys that come with it, so if you lose them all and get yourself stuck there's a certain point at which you need to take some personal responsibility when it comes to locking your penis up in a cage. As heartless as that might sound, it is the truth.

So, it's a great cage for a beginner with lots of wiggle room and options to stay comfortable. Plus, the three keys pretty much guarantees you'll be able to get yourself out if needed.

#5 - Fetish Fantasy Extreme Chastity Belt

The Fetish Fantasy Extreme chastity device is one of the more inexpensive options on this list and also operates slightly differently. This cage comes with an entire belt to help secure the device in place as well as provide some visual titillation as if you're really wearing a purpose-built erection denial device.

The cage itself is made from steel while the belt is made from vinyl. The cage is three inches in length with a diameter of about two inches. With the way the harness works, it's very much a one-size-fits all type of toy.

Because of the belt, it isn't really suited for being worn while out and about, the place for this chastity cage is firmly within your personal dungeon. The belt isn't super compatible with underwear and pants, it's best used in an environment where its presence can be explicitly acknowledged.

The steel used isn't stainless, so when you wash this thing out make sure to dry it perfectly unless you like rust. As they say, you get what you pay for.

It takes a bit of getting used to as far as how the whole unit moves whenever you do, but after a while it gets tolerable. If you really want to be aware of your predicament, then it's definitely worth a shot.

It's probably my least recommended choice on the list, but if you want to save as much money as you can for a metal cock cage, it does tick the right boxes.

Who Are These Cages For?

Individuals or couples who wish to add in an extra layer of control and power to their sexual counters love what a cock cage can bring to the dynamics of a relationship.

Lots of BDSM puts the power in the male/"giver" of sex, this toy firmly reverses that dynamic by allowing the receiver to be in control. Whoever has the key can make whatever rules they want about when it will be unlocked, everything from begging & pleading to emptying out the dish washer is on the table if they so please. There's an inherent roleplay aspect to using the cock cage, the person with the key holder doesn't truly "own" the penis within nor is the attempts of the person within the cage to escape true desperation. It's all a show for everyone's enjoyment, you follow me?

Sometimes the key holder can tease and try to turn on the imprisoned person, resulting i the beginnings of an erection. After a while, the penis will push along the edges of the cage and will stop becoming engorged at this point. This is where a lot of sexual tension comes into play, the person wnats nothing more than to be fully erect and able to gratify themselves but they are physically unable to thanks to the cage. This isn't gratifying to everyone in and of itself, but it makes the moment when the cage is gone all the more ravenous and memorable.

How To Wear A Cock Cage

Male chastity devices are pretty simple, all things considered. There's the cage itself and the ring it attaches onto which fits along the base of the shaft.

First, put on the ring. Then, insert your penis into the cage itself and then bring it towards the ring. Depending on what cage you have, you can use spacers to give yourself more room and comfort. Then, fit the pieces of the cage onto the corresponding parts of the ring. After this, there's usually a very obvious spot in which to place the lock. 

Once locked, you'll know you did everything right if you can't escape from the cage no matter how much you try.

Chastity Keyholder Etiquette

If someone trusts you enough to give you control over the freedom of their genitals, you should do everything in your power to properly respect that trust. For instance, you shouldn't lock someone up and then leave town or stop communicating with them in order for them to "panic". Some "panic" or distress is part of the experience, but legitimate torture is not the aim of the game here. If it is, you should figure out a safe word.

Even if you are keeping things relatively casual, a safe word is still a good idea. This way you know if they really do need to get out of the cage for any reason whatsoever. 

The first few times you use the cage you should play with not actually locking it, sort of like doing a few dry runs before committing to the idea. Some people get off just fine without actually locking the cage, the "lock" being the fact that they haven't been given permission to take the cage off. This is about stimulating the biggest erogenous area in the body: the brain. So don't be afraid to leave more to the imagination.

Being someone's keyholder is a big deal. Don't abuse that power. The penis in question will have its comfort, mobility, and ability to do simple things like go to the bathroom impaired. It's fun, but it's also serious.

Male Chastity FAQ

Can I Wear A Cock Cage All Day?

Answer: The quick answer to this question is yes. A bit more complex is the fact that you should find the right cage compatible for your lifestyle and personal size. I find when it comes to wearing a cock cage all day being out and about, plastic or silicone cages are much more forgiving. Silicone cages are the easiest to pass off as you go about your day , as some of the metal cages will make a characteristic bulge that might put some people off. But, there's nothing wrong with wearing your cage all day so long as you only feel minor discomfort (the pleasurable kind that drove you to get one in the firstplace) as opposed to legitimate pain.

Can I Sleep With A Cock Cage On?

Answer: Under no circumstances should you fall asleep wearing a chastity device. If you move in your sleep you might cause some discomfort in the morning. The biggest worry though is phantom erections or morning wood, you have very little control over those types of erections and they tend to not go away quickly regardless of how unsexy your surroundings may be. It isn't fun to scramble for the key for your cock cage while you hope your member doesn't pop.

What Do I Do If I Lose The Key?

Answer: When it comes to plastic or silicone cages, breaking it off yourself at home isn't an impossible task, but be careful. Metal cages on the other hand you're likely to have to go to the emergency room. Other places might have the resources you need to break free, but only the emergency room is comfortable seeing your genitals while they do it.

Final Words

The cages on this list go through pretty much every option you'd want. All of the common materials are represented and there's enough variance between the 5 listed choices that you should be able to find the right mix of personal comfort and restraint.

These toys can add a lot of fun to the bedroom even for those who aren't much into BDSM type play. So long as you respect everyone involved, there's no reason not to have an amazing time.

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