My Full Review Of The Picobong Remoji Wireless Sex Toy App

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My Full Review Of The Picobong Remoji Wireless Sex Toy App, July 2021

Written by: Angela Watson | Updated: July 29th, 2021

The average American spends about 5 hours a day on their cell phone. 

Why not make one (or more!) of those hours a little bit more...self indulgent.

Readers, close your social media tabs. I am going to need your full attention for today’s article: we are talking sex toys, smartphones, and all kinds of toe-curling, body-shaking fun you can have with remote control toys. 

When I heard that one of my most favourite luxury sex toy brands was collaborating with their sister-brand PicoBong to create a line of app-controlled sex toys, I knew I needed to get my hands on all of them ASAP.

Am I obsessed? Maybe. My husband Don sure thinks so. But you will thank me later. 

Take my word for it: sex toys are amazing on their own, but even better when combined with the app-controlled powers of the Picobong Remoji App.

Keep reading for my complete review of the incredibly fun (and free!) PicoBong Remoji App that pairs with Picobong and Lelo’s Remoji sex toy line for futuristic, app-controlled, and totally personalized pleasure that is as addictive as your Tik Tok home page.

What Exactly is the Picobong Remoji App?

My Full Review Of The Picobong Remoji Wireless Sex Toy App, July 2021

The short answer: sex toys meet smartphone games. 

The concept behind the PicoBong Remoji App is totally new in comparison to other apps that allow you to control your vibrators and sex toys via remote connection.

How? Well, essentially the Picobong Remoji App takes everything we love about apps: the ability to play games, listen to music, and keep ourselves entertained while we are out and about, and introduces these features alongside remote control sex toys.

The intention? In the words of Steve Thomson, CMO of PicoBong, “We want to revolutionize sex lives by making phones part of foreplay and not a distraction from it.”

So, instead of scrolling through you Instagram feed in while you are in bed next to your partner, you can be scrolling along a bar that puts you in complete control of the intensity and vibrations coming from the sex toy they are wearing. Now that is what I call a true connection! 

So, instead of scrolling through you Instagram feed in while you are in bed next to your partner, you can be scrolling along a bar that puts you in complete control of the intensity and vibrations coming from the sex toy they are wearing. Now that is what I call a true connection! 

What Can the PicoBong Remoji App Do?

1. Turn your solo session into a game! The foundation of the Picobong Remoji App is this fun, arousing game that challenges just how long you can last during a certain vibration pattern. For me, this was the ultimate edging experience and my typical (and admittedly) short masturbation sessions just became a lot longer and more enjoyable!

2. Pair it with music. The Picobong Remoji App-controlled toys are designed to vibrate to the beat of your favourite songs. To all my music festival loving readers, welcome to your newest and most pleasurable rave buddy!

3. Take your Picobong Remoji App-controlled toy out. For a lot of folks, using a sex toy in public is the ultimate turn on. The best part? Nothing about the Picobong Remoji App appears to be explicitly sexual, so no one will guess that you are actually controlling a sex toy if they look over your shoulder on the train or beach! 

4. Enhance partner play. Connect your toy, put it where you want it most, and pass your phone to your partner. Soon, you will be in total mercy of their control as they take charge of the vibration patterns to tease and taunt you!

The PicoBong Remoji App: Remote Control Sex Toys 

The Picobong Remoji App connects to four different sex toys that are marketed to all people, no matter your gender or sexuality. These toys include the Surfer (a plug vibe), the Diver (an egg vibe), the Lifeguard (ring vibe), and finally the Blowhole (an m-cup).

Why the ocean theme? I mean, PicoBong did release these PicoBong Remoji App-controlled Toy as a summer kick off product and they do encourage taking your Remoji toys out to public spaces: sex toy summer, anyone? 

What else do they have in common? Waterproof, rechardable, body safe, and whisper quiet to start...pretty much everything you could ask for in a high quality toy! 

#1. The Surfer Plug Vibe - Best For Hands Free Anal Pleasure

Price: $169

Remote controlled butt plugs are, in my opinion, the best remote controlled sex toys to own, and here is why: no more awkward “reaching behind” to manouver your butt plug when you are using it on your own.

With the Surfer plug vibe and its corresponding Picobong Remoji App, all you need to do is power on, pair the toy and the app, insert, and enjoy no-hassle and no-fuss anal pleasure with simply the convenience of a few buttons on your smartphone.

This Picobong Remoji App-Controlled toy has 3.5 inches of insertable length and a generous 4.25 inches of circumference at its widest insertarable point. For me, this was the perfect size. A little bit of lube and I was good to go! 

I personally enjoyed the Surfer’s tapered tip and wide, ergonomic base which made both the insertion and “wearing” experience of this butt plug to be easy and comfortable (essential for anal play- especially if you like to wear your toy during longer sessions!). 

The Surfer’s user friendly shape is also ideal for beginners!  Wear the Surfer during foreplay, solo play, or penetrative sex for a hot, dual stimulation session, and you’ve got yourself a remote controlled sex toy that you can “ride the waves” for hours with! 

#2. The Diver Egg Vibe - Best For G-Spot Orgasms

Price: $139

I am a sucker for the Diver because I love a good G-spot stimulation session; there is just something about egg shaped toys that drives me wild!

Better yet, pair this deep, internal vibration from the Diver with the fun, customizable experience of the Picobong Remoji App and you can enjoy six distinct and powerful vibration settings that are sure to send you over the edge (they did for me- and fast!).

Again, the G-spot stimulation you get from an internal vibrator like the Diver is just better than your regular button controlled vibrations.

I love being about to insert the toy, lay down, totally relax, and use the Picobong Remoji App to control my pleasure instead of having to reach around to locate different buttons down there. 

As well, and while this doesn’t happen often, if someone were to walk in on me during a self pleasure session, it would look just like I am playing a game on my phone...hence the Picobong Remoji App being a great option for public play! 

More reasons to love the Dive Egg viber? As its name suggests, the Diver is 100% waterproof, so go ahead and bring it with you in the bath or shower. 

#3. The Lifeguard Cock Ring - Best For Partner Play

Price: $139

Don and I love using cock rings during penetrative sex, and the Lifeguard cock ring is no exception.

I mean, picture this: While Don was wearing the Lifeguard cock ring, I was able to ride him cowgirl while using my smartphone and the Picobong Remoji App to control the level of vibration both of us were receiving from this high quality cock ring. I don’t think either of us will soon forget the orgasms that followed that night…

Like every good cock ring should, the Lifeguard keeps Don hard, like rock hard, and he enjoys how much longer he can last while wearing the lifeguard. 

Don even mentioned that he wants to use the Lifeguard more when he is on the road and wants to jerk off (it's usually a couples toy for us) because the Picobong Remoji App adds that new level of control that he has not had in a cock ring before (not to mention the in-app game is hard to put down!).

Better yet, the Lifeguard is one of the most silent cock rings either of us has ever tried. I am a big fan of quiet sex toys because that way I can focus less on the annoying buzz that lower quality toys create, and more on what is most important: our pleasure! 

#4. The Blowhole M-Cup - Best For Solo Masturbation

Price: $189

So, I gave Don the Blowhole M-cup before he left for his most recent trucking job, and that very night he texted me raving about this remoted control sex toy. Needless to say, I was pretty proud of myself for recommending it to him!

In Don’s words “my hand could never do that”. Translation: the Blowhole M-cup will take your solo masturbation to a whole new level of intense. 

This Picobong Remoji App-controlled toy does two things to bring you maximum pleasure: you get a firm, tight grip on your penis while using the M-cup, and you can use your free hand to control different vibration patterns from the toy using the Picobong Remoji App! Combined, you are in for one unforgettable orgasm.

As soon as Don came home from that job I mentioned earlier, I told him I wanted to see this Blowhole toy in action (I mean, for review purposes, of course). 

We took it into the bath with us (all Picobong Remoji App-controlled toys are waterproof!) and the look on Don’s face said it advice? Don’t deprive yourself of this level of pleasure, people.

Where to Buy?

With high quality products like these Picobong Remoji App-controlled toys, you don’t want to mess around with potential fakes or scams. I bought mine directly from the Lelo website and suggest you do the same! 

Final Thoughts

If it is time to upgrade you sex toy collection, look no further than PicoBong’s remote control sex toys and their corresponding Picobong Remoji App! 

Believe me, there is nothing more thrilling for both solo and partner play than having the power of orgasm at the touch of an app platform.  

About Angela Watson

I'm a sex therapist by day and a sex blogger by night. I love to crush the taboos surrounding sex toys and help people become more sexually liberated. There's no topic too risqué for me to cover and I hope to educate and inform my readers on all things sex. All things that concern the female anatomy or require a more clinical approach than my husband Don can provide is covered by me. Have any questions? You can contact me via email.

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