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The Toy That Actually Tugs

Written by: Don Watson | Updated: June 1st, 2023

Fleshlight Universal Launch, July 2021

Every now and again I'll find a toy that actually shows up trying to make a name for itself instead of just trying to steal the style of existing brands. Now, not all of these new ideas lend themselves to success.

That's probably why there's so many people ripping off Fleshlights than trying what The Handy did.

However, I am so happy that the people behind The Handy decided to take the risks they did because they've made something beautiful here.

That might sound a bit dramatic but have you seen some of the crappy "automatic" toys some people peddle? +

Unlike some who lazily add vibrations to the average stroker or who just make a toy with the build quality of those moving Santa toys (the ones with the loud gearboxes) that lasts all of 30 minutes leaving you with balls bluer than the skies above, The Handy does not disappoint.

The Handy is a whole other beast. They took the common issues inherent to the type of product and either completely eliminated them or masterfully engineered around them.

This is a toy that really pulls off its promise of being able to do all the work your hand is capable of and even more. No strings attached!

Let me explain some more things about The Handy:

What Is The Handy Capable Of?

I'm thinking that the gif right next to this blurb here will illustrate how The Handy gets the job done way better than any text description.

What that gif can't fill you in on is that our Handy friend has some very excellent motor control allowing a very finely tuned experience that goes as slow as about 0.16 strokes per second (10 per minute) up to 600 strokes per minute or about 10 strokes per second. This low minimum power is unique to The Handy and makes for an extremely precise experience when necessary.

Lastly, its overall stroke length is about 4.3'' total to take advantage of that range of motion described above.

As far as raw stats go, The Handy comes in at 10.5'' tall and 2.75'' inches in diameter, making it very easy to hold and manipulate while in use. It's 3.5 pound weight is primarily achieved by it lacking a rechargeable battery. That's right, this bad boy is entirely plugged in. The benefits of this beyond the weight loss is that you won't ever have to worry about whether or not you have enough charge left to get the job done: when you need some help The Handy is always ready.

The device itself comes with a power button as well as a four-direction control pad meant to adjust the stroke length and the speed when in manual mode. Also present is a button to switch between modes, which I'll explain more of in a little bit. 

As for the toy itself, The Handy is unique in that while it provides its own sleeve while also recommending the use of any other toy you like that is compatible. This compatbility is pretty much "Can I secure it with the strap?" The adjustable strap works best with the sleeve they designed (no surprise there), but nearly all soft inner sleeve designs (including Fleshlight!) can be used. No more having to choose between your favorite automatic male masturbator or your favorite sleeve; compatibility is king with The Handy!

Another aspect that makes this toy unique is that there is no planned obsolence, there are frequent firmware updates meant to improve the experience as new developments happen. While I doubt there won't be physical changes to The Handy over time, you won't need to go out and spend money every year to get the "New And Improved" version.

Yet another domain The Handy refuses to come second in is connectivity. Instead of choosing between Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, you can connect to the toy using which ever works best for you and there are no features locked out by your desired choice in connection.

You might be asking, why does connectivity matter? That'd be because the best way to take advantage of the mechanical fidelity of The Handy is by pairing it with your computer or phone. From here you can manually adjust the speed or stroke length settings with pixel-perfect precision.

Not only that, a wide variety of pornographic materials ranging from VR to non-VR can all sync up seamlessly with The Handy. In fact, an entire community has sprung up around custom codes for videos that you can then put right into The Handy and stroke away. Trust me, if you think you're starting to get over your "favorite" videos, this will inject new life into your wanking sessions.

My Experience Using The Handy

A large portion of my time using this toy has been with the sleeve they provided, as this is clearly how the toy was designed to be used. While compatible with other sleeves, the original one that comes with the toy really does stand out. It's extremely stretchy despite not seeming that big out of the box. Also noteworthy are the little notches on the exterior, these are put in specifically to allow for seamless mating with the velcro strap. 

Since the sleeve as well as nearly all sleeves you'd ever use with this toy are made from TPE, it's worth reminding everybody that its imperative that you only use a water based lubricant, as other varieties will create micro-tears in the material that will eventually lead to sleeve failure. The last thing you want is to be the guy with a taped-up sleeve because you didn't take proper care of it.

Now I'll say that actually using the toy could not be any easier. There's no lag time from it being plugged in to it being usable, and as mentioned before since it is entirely self-powered there's no worry about having enough battery life to turn it on and get going. That kind of freedom from extra bullcrap immediately endeared me to The Handy. Couple it with sleeve compatibility, there's no reason to not be able to use your toy whenever and however you need to use it.

That lack of internal battery really does contribute to a toy that's relatively well-balanced weight wise, while in use I've been able to stabilize it completely using just one or two fingers placed strategically at the top. Since all of its mass is contained within a fairly small cylinder, it's extremely easy to grip in different ways to keep everything where it should be. No huge mess either from the lubrication process, besides the strap and the sleeve itself there's practically no spillover to speak of getting in the way of fine-tuning your controls.

Since all toys are secured using a velcro strap, this can be one of the more challenging aspects of getting things going. I tend to first attach the sleeve with the strap as loose as it can possibly be, and once I've inserted myself I then adjust the strap from there to get a more desired tightness. It takes a bit to get used to, but I love not having to worry about some fragile piece of plastic being the lynchpin of my male masturbator, I don't see the strap breaking on me any time soon.

Truly, all of this helps greatly with the amount of customized movement possible with The Handy. Whether you're using the easy-to-feel-in-the-dark controls (wink) or controlling it via PC, being able to keep the toy as secure as possible while in use helps those strokes to actually move the toy along your genitals instead of working like some toys as an ejection seat for the sleeve itself. The sleeve design works great in that as its stretched out in use there's still a high amount of tactile sensation unique to the different parts of the sleeve. In no way does it feel just like a smooth rubdown, there's a lot to get your giggles built right in to the sleeve.

Then comes all of the extra added features. I've noticed that the overall "smoothness" of the motor has improved with firmware updates and I am absolutely blown away by all of the free content available for use online. Individuals are in control of what videos can become compatible with The Handy, you aren't stuck waiting for the VR/interactive porn market to catch up to what the Handy can do since all of the features are made as accessible as possible. The "hardest" part is to code your own movements to a video, but the coding language used is very easy for the layman to understand and doesn't function as a significant roadblock.

Did I mention you can use just about any soft masturbation sleeve using that velcro strap? That's right, you can bring your own friends to the party with minimal modification required. I'm a bit of a die-hard, so I ended up cutting the "vagina" bit off of one of my extra sleeves for easier attachment, and man am I happy with the results. Plain and simple, The Handy does not at any point reduce your jerk-off possibilities.

This video from YouTube from The Sextrovert really shows off some more of these features if you'd like a more interactive demonstration:

So all in all, I'd describe myself as quite impressed with The Handy. Even if it just came with a static sleeve and no extra features, the effort put into proper ergonomics and use by real humans really going at it shows at just about every juncture.

Where Can You Find The Best Deal?

In this case, the best possible place to pick up a Handy for yourself is directly from their website. The warranty directly from the site covers a year's worth of use, with their test unit being put through over 1500 kilometers worth of jerking and is still going strong.

There's also the guarantee when buying directly from their website that you'll be provided with the most up-to-date and ready to go version of the toy as humanly possible.

Replacement sleeves are also available from their website, I'm a fan of their sleeves specifically because of the recessed parts that allow it to mate so seamlessly with the strapped connector.

Not only that, going directly to their site is the best way to see if there are any deals or promotions running at the moment.

Final Thoughts On My New Friend

Compared to a lot of automatic male masturbators out there, The Handy actually tries to stand out compared to the pack. Instead of just a lazy jerkbot, what we have here is an actual step forward in masturbatory technology. I know, I know, it sounds ridiculous. As someone who's been as intimately involved in the industry as I am, its way more common for me to see people try to just make a cheaper, flimsier version of something other companies have already proven works.

Unlike a lot of other brands that try to lock you in with their proprietary toys, proprietary software, and just about proprietary everything else, it's great that The Handy works to give the ultimate freedom of choice back to the consumer by allowing just about any toy to be used and just about any video to be quickly converted into a usable script compatible with your Handy.

With inconvenience at a low thanks to the plugged in nature of the toy and the ergonomics, it's safe to say The Handy absolutely blew my expectations out of the water.

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