Fleshlight Girls Review

The 10 Best Fleshlight Girl Sleeves I've Tried

Written by: Don Watson | Updated: June 9th, 2023

our top 3 picks for fleshlight girl sleeves

  • For those who love the suction settings
  • Nice amount of individual tight spots
  • A very tight & satisfying sleeve overall
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  • For those who like a good bit of variance
  • Initial feel of the sleeve is tight
  • Each chamber of the sleeve feels completely different as you get deeper into it
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  • A very stimulating sleeve texture
  • Provides an amazing suction action
  • Your penis is caressed as it passes through by dozens of pleasure nubs and ridges
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Fleshlight is an absolute powerhouse in the male masturbator industry. Their toys quickly became well known after their initial launch and hastily scribbled down onto the secret Christmas lists of males worldwide.

There's a few reasons for their meteoric rise but one perhaps more vital than the rest is the fact that the toys are designed superbly well.

Male strokers previously were flesh colored tubes with what looked like rubber outcroppings thrown around haphazardly in the hopes of at the very least being slightly better than the naked hand.

Fleshlight toys are thought through from beginning to end, their outer case design was made with storage & long term ownership in mind and the sleeves within these cases designed almost to the point of over engineering.

They've released dozens of toys at this point that all have important variances in what the user will feel upon inserting themselves.

Some toys are consistent with a repeating design meant to stimulate each part of the penis equally while others tease & tantalize with varied textures running along the length of the toy.

Each and every Fleshlight sleeve has something worth exploring, that's for certain.

A large portion of their current catalog deals with their Fleshlight Girls line. These are all sleeves who's orifices have been molded from the mouth, butt, or vagina of some very well known adult stars and even a few people who just toe the line into adult content.

Plenty of the classic pornstars that most of us know and love already have their own Fleshlight's, including Lisa Ann, Eva Lovia, Alexis Texas, Tori Black and many more. Some of their more recent additions have been Lena The Plug, Kissa Sins, and Kendra Lust to name a few. Not only are the exteriors unique replicas of their genitals, each sleeve interior is designed differently which makes each and every Fleshlight Girls toy different.

As it stands right now there are a total of 40 different Fleshlight Girls, some with more than one sleeve, each different from one another. Surely some of them stand out more than the others do, right? Here's a list of the most noteworthy of all Fleshlight Girls sleeves:

My Favoritedctblv2-table__imageDillon Harper - Crush Sleeve
  • For those who like a good bit of variance in their Fleshlight sleeve
  • Initial feel of the sleeve is tight
  • Texture was well thought out
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The Runner-Updctblv2-table__imageRiley Reid - Utopia Sleeve
  • For those who love toying with the suction settings on their Fleshlight
  • 360 degree coverage towards the tapered end
  • Nice amount of individual tight spots
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Most Populardctblv2-table__imageStoya - Destroya Sleeve
  • The suction effect feels absolutely fantastic
  • Starts out extremely strong
  • The further you go, the tighter Destroya becomes
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Most Realisticdctblv2-table__imageAsa Akira - Dragon Sleeve
  • Tightness varies slightly
  • Texture itself repeats in a predictable way
  • Has a realistic feeling
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The Tightestdctblv2-table__imageAbella Danger - Danger Sleeve
  • This sleeve is much tighter
  • For those who like their friction to be heavy-handed
  • It makes use of some entirely new design ideas
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dctblv2-table__imageKendra Sutherland - Angel Sleeve
  • More suited to slow, sensual edging
  • Has long, ribbed elements
  • It keeps things simple in the grand scheme
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dctblv2-table__imageMadison Ivy - Beyond Sleeve
  • Makes the return stroke much smoother than the forward stroke
  • Doesn't have too long of protrusions throughout
  • Classic Fleshlight textures
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dctblv2-table__imageJenna Haze - Obsession Sleeve
  • Initial opening gives way to a channel of large, orgasm demanding crystal looking structures
  • Stunningly sensual experience
  • This makes for a very wild ride
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Totally Uniquedctblv2-table__imageKissa Sins - Insatiable Sleeve
  • Cross hatching of the entrance
  • Little dome at the 2-3 inch mark
  • Loaded with pleasurable bumps
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dctblv2-table__imageNicole Aniston - FIT Sleeve
  • A lot less intrusive
  • Mixed channels that range in tightness
  • Isn't as constrained as others
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The Best Sleeves Reviewed

#1 - Dillion Harper's "Crush" Sleeve (My Personal Favorite)

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Those who like a good bit of variance in their Fleshlight sleeve will be treated nicely to the Dillion Harper Crush.

Without stating too much of the obvious, the initial feel of the sleeve is tight which leads towards some more varied sensations before finally starting to taper back down towards the 6 inch mark.

There's always some trade-offs when it comes to how tight they're going to make any sleeve. The butt sleeves tend to be tighter, but have much less variety since there's less space to work with in such a tight space.

I'll be honest with you, it isn't really easy to differentiate a lot of these sleeves, and I did rank them based on personal preference without letting whoever's face is attached to it bias my decisions. For this one to be my favorite it meant that the texture was well thought out and appealed to my anatomy as perfectly as possible.

The Crush delivers nicely to say the least, I've enjoyed my time with the toy and will be for the foreseeable future.

#2 - Riley Reid's "Utopia" Sleeve (The Runner-Up)

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Next up on the list is the Riley Reid Fleshlight sleeve. Those who love toying with the suction settings on their Fleshlight will be pleased to know that the Riley Reid Utopia texture makes for some excellent fun with the 360 degree coverage towards the tapered end rubbing back and forth for a fantastic orgasm.

There's a nice amount of individual tight spots that segregate individual pockets of the sleeve, while the extensively ribbed end is absolutely to die for. I'm personally not too familiar with Riley Reid herself but this sleeve design is something special.

It's hard to visualize some of these sleeves looking at them just from the side, it's worth remembering that there's another symmetrical side to this toy.

Many of these sleeves probably look like they all have extremely tight entrances but Superskin (a blend of TPE) material has just the right amount of give to it for it to make the experience better as opposed to worse. If any structure on this toy is worth mentioning, it's the fact that the end of the toy narrows extremely quickly and isn't found on other sleeves to such an extent. I loved it.

The second tight spot past the entrance also has a different kind of channel to it than Fleshlight usually chooses, this one makes for a lot of good sensations during the outward strokes due to how they're shaped & angled.

I've written a full review on both of Riley's Fleshlights which you can read here.

#3 - Kissa Sins' "Insatiable" Sleeve (A Totally Unique Sleeve)

Coupon Code: DrClimax10

Insatiable was the right name for Kissa Sins' Fleshlight sleeve without a doubt. I knew just from looking at the toy this one was going to be worth the pumps necessary to reach orgasm. This sleeve isn't going to go anywhere anytime soon, that's for sure.

Tightness is a major draw for me on this sleeve and I personally enjoy inserting myself just slightly to take advantage of that little dome at the 2-3 inch mark that's absolutely loaded with pleasurable bumps.

The cross hatching of the entrance is unique to this sleeve, expect it to show up a lot more after this because it's an absolute knockout.

I often guess that at one point there was presumably a bunch of male masturbator scientists trying to figure out novel new ways to stimulate us, god bless their souls.

The later outcroppings have enough weight to them to help contribute to the feeling of tightness while still having enough give to really give a proper rubdown.

For a sleeve that has some of Fleshlight's newer ideas as to what must feel good on the male genitalia, I applaud the Kissa Sins Insatiable.

#4 - Asa Akira's "Dragon" Sleeve (The Most Realistic)

Coupon Code: DrClimax10

Veteran porn star Asa Akira comes on strong with the Dragon sleeve. One of the most consistent and realistic of the Fleshlight Girls line, I made sure to have my fun before deciding exactly how I felt about it. Do you think Asa Akira's background influenced the name at all? Is this racist?

Can't say I'm entirely sure to be honest with you, but luckily Fleshlight is better at their toys than their names.

I enjoy the consistency of the sleeve, the tightness varies slightly but overall the texture itself repeats in a predictable way that gives it a much more realistic feeling overall, you can tell just by the picture it's much less aggressive than some of the others.

I personally got a lot of enjoyment out of how natural feeling it was. Many of these sleeves are insanely pleasurable but in a way that makes it extremely obvious that you're using a sex toy carefully engineered for maximum sensation.

Ironically enough the Dragon makes things a little less exotic than their other sleeve designs, as like I said, the design doesn't make use of very  outlandish concepts yet I found it was nice to have a more true to life sleeve for an option.

#5 - Abella Danger's "Danger" Sleeve (The Tightest Feeling)

Coupon Code: DrClimax10

With this sleeve Fleshlight didn't look too far when naming it. The Danger sleeve texture for Fleshlight Girls Abella Danger luckily has a lot more effort put into the sleeve itself compared to the naming conventions.

This sleeve is much tighter than any of the other Fleshlight Girls we've covered so far on this list, so those who like their friction to be heavy-handed should definitely have the Danger sleeve on their radar.

Looking much more industrial under the hood than other sleeves, the Danger sleeve is probably one of the most "experimental" sleeves I have, it makes use of some entirely new design ideas through-and-through.

Those who find they aren't a huge fan of the small dome like protrusions on most sleeves will be glad to know that a large portion of this sleeve is dedicated to some think sheet-like structures stacked on top of each other for a masturbation session far from the mundane.

If all of these sleeves are starting to look the same to you, know that this one is definitely a departure from the others I've touched on. Tighter, and some structures not found on many Fleshlight sleeves.

#6 - Kendra Sutherland's "Angel" Sleeve

Coupon Code: DrClimax10

The Angel sleeve that goes along with the Kendra Sutherland Fleshlight sleeve opens things up again to show off a wide array of plush and gentle offerings.

A sleeve that's much more suited to slow, sensual edging compared to raw barely-containable pleasure, the Angel makes heavy use of long, ribbed elements instead of lots of peaks, valleys, and miscellaneous bumps.

 For those curious about tightness, this is a good middle the road option for those who don't want a toy that tends too heavily towards either option.

If most Fleshlight sleeves seem a bit overwhelming to you, then the Angel texture is a good choice because it keeps things simple in the grand scheme. Spirals, spirals, and more spirals. 

Make sure to play around with the suction cap on your toy with this one, it'll pay off big time.

#7 - Madison Ivy's "Beyond" Sleeve

Coupon Code: DrClimax10

An old favorite of mine and perfect shoe-in for a porn parody featuring the First Lady (please don't drone strike us for making the comparison), Madison Ivy's Beyond sleeve makes for an interesting time.

A large majority of the sleeve is angled in a way that makes the return stroke much smoother than the forward stroke, allowing for a top-notch Fleshlight experience with a lot going for it. Most guys will be able to test all of the best parts of the toy, check the rulers we've included for scale to help understand what you'll be feeling primarily and where on your genitals. It's worth knowing your own size (doesn't every guy know their own size by heart after age 16?) and carefully looking at the ruler underneath each sleeve. It'd be a shame to buy a sleeve just to find out it clashes with your biology.

Much of the sleeve is wider around the middle with it becoming much more narrow at the beginning and end of the sleeve itself.

Pretty much all of their tried and true ridges and bumps are featured on this sleeve, making it a shoe in for those who like some of the more classic Fleshlight textures. It also is tighter overall but doesn't have too long of protrusions throughout.

#8 - Jenna Haze's "Obsession" Sleeve

Coupon Code: DrClimax10

During my time researching this sleeve it would appear that the Jenna Haze Obsession Fleshlight sleeve is the same interior texture as the Brent Corrigan Bliss.

You'll notice that's a man's name, so either that sleeve got such rave reviews Fleshlight decided to bring it over to their Fleshlight Girls line or Jenna Haze got the short end of the stick when it came to having a unique texture of her own.

I won't knock the texture itself, though. The initial opening gives way to a channel of large, orgasm demanding crystal looking structures that all point towards the entrance of the toy. 

This makes for a very wild ride as insertion requires pushing past these bumps while on the return stroke each individual crystal rubs forcefully on the glans. I'm personally a big fan of these sorts of bumps because there's a lot of individual surfaces to each one that makes for a stunningly sensual experience.

Personally, I tend to really favor a lot of these sleeves that have a consistent design instead of changing it up every half inch or so. They provide a nice, consistent experience that just doesn't come with some of the other sleeves. Don't get me wrong, a lot of these crazy designs work well it's just how I feel personally.

#9 - Stoya's "Destroya" Sleeve

Coupon Code: DrClimax10

Out of all the Fleshlight Girls sleeves perhaps none is more infamous than the Stoya Destroya. On my travels throughout the internet to see which sleeves had the biggest fanbases, the Stoya Destroya sleeve featured very highly on just about everybody's list.

It's easy to see why once you get a full look at the thing. Immediately after the tight entrance I was subjected to an open dome littered with crystal outcroppings and then right back into the fire with a collection of rods that usually bring me over the edge to orgasm in record time.

For whatever reason this sleeve gives me a sort of Alien/Predator kind of vibe, in that it's purpose built for raw, otherworldly power. It looks menacing almost, doesn't it? If I were to use this sleeve as a mould to pour metal in, I'd have a pretty serious mace looking thing ready to have at it.

Weird medieval comparisons aside, I see why most people give such positive feedback about the toy. It slowly gets tighter the further in you go, and there's a lot of very intense structures that take complete control of the situation, taking you where it wants to go as opposed to the other way around.

You can read my in-depth review of the Stoya Destroya by clicking here.

#10 - Nicole Aniston's "FIT" Sleeve

Coupon Code: DrClimax10

For those who want a little more wiggle room, Nicole Aniston's Fit sleeve is a lot less intrusive compared to other Fleshlight Girls sleeves. There's of course mixed channels that range in tightness, but overall the toy isn't as constrained as others and none of the pleasure bumps extend too far into the toy.

I didn't mind my time with the Fit sleeve at all, in fact it was a good addition to round out my collection of more "busy" sleeves. Thrusting and moving around inside comes easiest in this sleeve while still not compromising too much on the range of sensations that can be felt.

This line of toys always piqued my interest. Besides the fact that the exterior is made based on the real vagina of the woman in question, there really isn't much else tying it to any particular girl. It's a good way to capitalize on famous adult performers, I'm all for collaboration where everybody has a good time, but isn't it also a touch weird? 

Perhaps this isn't the best place for introspective dilemmas and I just need to enjoy these wild male masturbator designs. It might seem run of the mill now but we're spoiled. Seven years ago if I wanted a male masturbator it'd be some weird mouth looking thing

In the end, I'd say it was worth both my time and everyone else's who was involved with making these toys. No longer are pocket pussies a junk novelty item, they're now an institution.

Final Words

If you're favorite pornstar's Fleshlight didn't make this list, that doesn't mean it's worth buying. I've not tested nearly the entire line-up, as theres no way I could afford it and even if I could, I doubt my wife would allow it.

Click here to read user reviews of all the Fleshlight Girls sleeves by clicking here.

Some other Fleshlight Girl sleeves that deserve at least an honorable mention are the Lisa Ann Fleshlight sleeve and the Alexis Texas Fleshlight. 

It isn't necessary to buy an entirely new Fleshlight if you are already in possession of one and want to give any of these sleeves a shot. They can be purchased sleeve-only at a much better price. What I also like is that Fleshlight offers a deal when you buy multiple Fleshlight Girls sleeves, affectionately referred to on their website as "Orgy". That definitely helped make this article a bit easier on the pocketbook, I didn't expect to have so many at the end of it all.

A point worth mentioning is that you should absolutely look at the picture of the sleeve with the ruler for scale on their website, these toys are 9 inches long and I sincerely doubt more than 5% of Fleshlight owners have felt the last two inches of these sleeves. I'm unsure why they spend so much time making a whole new part of the toy few people will enjoy. Either the size and shape of the end of the sleeve can affect how the suction control cap changes the feeling of the sleeve or they were worried people would think they just gave up after 8 inches.

The exterior orifice of each toy reflects the genitals of the porn star in question, and Fleshlight apparently has former Disney modelers on hand. Lena The Plug posted a video on her PornHub account that details the process if it's something you're interested in. I'm in it more for the new sleeves than the replica vagina/bootyhole, but it's still a cute thought.

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My name is Don Watson and I love to support my wife Angela's passion for human sexuality. It pays dividends for me personally and I enjoy writing about the topic as I'm a sexual person by nature. I concern myself with everything on the website that has to do with the male reproductive system to compliment my wife's female-oriented content. Have any questions? You can contact me via email.

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Joey's a Bad@ss - May 1, 2019 Reply

I bought the nicole aniston fleshlight its the first fleshlight I ever owned. I actually can’t believe I used my hand to masturbate for so long, the makers of fleshlights have done us dudes a HUGE solid, thank you fleshlight 🙂

Nguyen - May 14, 2019 Reply

Kissa Sins is totally my pornfu I’d do absolutely anything to be with her. Johnny Sins is such a lucky man… hes probaly the luckiest guy in the world! Since I’ll never have the pleasure of being with her, I guess I’d settle for a silicone mold of her vagina.

Darnelle - August 31, 2019 Reply

I love my romi rain fleshlight. It feels really tight and makes me cum everytime 😛

The Wondered - September 8, 2019 Reply

Have you ever tried the STU, Lotus or Mini-Lotus sleeves?

I read reviews on an other website that, STU was amazing and gave the reviewer an orgasm very fast, but however the Mini-Lotus was his favorite sleeve because it was closest to the feeling of a real vagina.

    Don Watson - September 8, 2019 Reply

    I’ve tried them both by this time and if I’m reading your intentions right, I’d personally like to clear up that I think the STU is the the actual closest feeling to a real vagina. If you look at the STU texture, you’ll notice it is consistent throughout the entire sleeve and also has dozens of bumps running along it. In my opinion these bumps function wonderfully to simulate the contractions of the real thing and feel the most similar when you set the suction cup to the proper setting. The domed design of the Mini-Lotus does achieve a similar effect, but I personally find it lacks the consistency & symmetry that a real vagina does. The STU’s sleeve isn’t on this page, so if you’d like to check it out I’d recommend following this link to get a better idea: https://doctorclimax.com/recommends/fleshlight-stamina-training-unit/

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