Fleshlight Launchpad Review:

Is It Actually Worth Your Money?

Written by: Don Watson | Updated: April 20th, 2023

Update: The Fleshlight Launchpad has since been discontinued. We recommend the Fleshlight Universal Launch in place of the Launchpad!

At one point, Fleshlight had but one product: their flagship Pink Lady male masturbator. This product was patented nearly two decades ago and has been on the market for nearly the same amount of time. What originally set the Fleshlight apart from similar male masturbators was that a lot of time and effort was placed into it: the founder had a real passion for making the next top masturbatory aid, as funky as that might sound.

But, as time went on, Fleshlight had to innovate to stay relevant. In sleeve designs alone there are I believe around 50 different textured sleeves to choose from that go with over ten distinct lines of products, all with their own intricacies and differences.

Different strokes for different folks, they say, so they took all of their millions in cum money and poured lots of it into research and development (after the owner bought a kickass mansion of course, can't say I blame him) of different products for men of different sizes and preferences. 

Once you've covered all of your bases with your toys, the only place left to go is in peripheral accessories that help make your toy truly different from the rest of the pack.  Now they're a fully fledged sex toy retailer that sells their own proprietary lube, their own cleaning solution, condoms, VR enabled tech, mounts, the list goes on.

What caught my eye on their website out of this dizzying array of products is what is known as the Fleshlight Launchpad.

Let's get digital, baby.

What Is The Fleshlight Launchpad?

Porn and masturbation go together like butter and popcorn, talented artists and untimely deaths, and peanut butter and mayonnaise. Wait, not the last one, sorry. But the first two were right.

The LaunchPad  is constructed from plastic and you'll need two things to enjoy it: An iPad (or tablet with the same dimensions) and a Fleshlight.

Slip your Fleshlight into the bottom portion of the LaunchPad and secure it with the provided straps, the full sized version fares much better than others due to the hole being intended for the full sized version, but I can imagine a determined person making the Fleshlight Go or even the Stamina Training Unit work should they try hard enough.

Next, slip the tablet into the top portion of the toy and turn it on, ideally this is the part you put some porn on and make use of your male masturbator while you use the ergonomic handles to move your toy up and down, but I'm not here to judge if you put on political news to really feel like you're getting fucked in a much larger sense of the word.

My Experience With The LaunchPad

So, I had my favorite videos queued up on my iPad, my favorite Fleshlight inside, I figured its about time to see if this thing is worth it's weight in plastic or not.

The first thing I noticed is that there are grooves for your fingers in the handle and a significant amount of room to really get a good grip on the Launchpad itself. I feel that the handles themselves are very ergonomic and I need not hold onto the device tightly to get the best effect.

Even some times when I spilled lube on my hands I was still able to get enough traction to use the toy without having to wash my hands off, a big plus to me.

The biggest difference is that something in my brain switches whenever I get masturbate using a different technique than "clench a single fist around penis, move up and down until desired results are achieved." It's a different ballgame when you're holding both sides of the LaunchPad and it really does feel quite nice. Once you get past the initial difficulty following the screen with the up and down motion you're really able to zone into your pornography of choice and with a little bit of looking there's some videos out there that really do a great job at making a fully POV experience (seeing as how most POV videos assume the eyes are somewhere on a man's chest). 

Where To Buy One?

The Fleshlight LaunchPad can be found on Fleshlight's official website. It's also the only place I'd recommend buying the Launchpad, since fake Fleshlight products are very common on the internet, when you shop at Fleshlight's official store, you can rest assured knowing you're getting a genuine Fleshlight product.

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I really didn't think a thirty dollar plastic holder couldn't do what some double sided tape and a bit of Macgyvering could do, but I was wrong. The ergonomic handles coupled with the novelty of the design & experience itself was refreshing, if anything it's a worthwhile addition to the Fleshlight catalog without being over-engineered or over-priced.

I don't think it's a waste of time nor is it particularly groundbreaking, but one thing's for sure: it's fun to use and fun to have.

I wonder what Steve Jobs would think about all of this.

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