We-Vibe Verge Review:

Is The Verge Cock Ring Worth Your Money?

Written by: Don Watson | Updated: April 19th, 2023

A cock ring has a lot more usefulness than as a vibrating piece of genital jewelry.

First off, they apply some pressure to the base of the shaft of the penis that results in a stronger erection and it somewhat dulls sensation which has the end result of making the wearer last longer. The vibrations add extra pleasure into the equation, not only for the wearer but for whoever will be having the benefit of having the cock ring come into contact with them with every thrust.

Nearly all of the vibrating cock rings I've seen focus almost exclusively on having the vibrating portion on the top of the toy, meant to come into contact with the clitoris to share vibrations. The Verge was designed with other things in mind, namely the perineum. If you're not familiar with that term, how about this one: the taint. That's right, the little dangly portion on this toy is meant to deliver vibrations to the wearer and the recipient's gooch. The space between the butt hole and the genitals, if you still aren't following.

The market is inundated with cheap cock rings that won't go the distance and are typically powered by some pretty Mickey Mouse power level watch batteries, I may be a simple man, but I'd like my toys not to be designed by simple people.  

A good cock ring should be snug but not dangerously tight, be made from high quality and durable materials, and should ideally be able to go a long time without needing a recharge.

As appealing as a $10 cock ring might seem, I was really getting fed up with them breaking on the 10th use. I wanted something that was new, worthwhile, and built to last.

That's what brought me to the We-Vibe Verge, and I figured it was time to see what some mutual perineum stimulation could accomplish.

Unboxing The We-Vibe Verge

So out of the box you'll receive more than enough to get you started with the Verge. There's a USB charging cable, the toy itself, and a single use lube packet. Verge is made entirely from 100% body safe silicone, so if you decide to bring your own lube into the fray after you use your free sample ensure that it is water based. With a silicone based lube you risk chipping away at the structural integrity of the toy over time and oil-based means you won't be able to use a condom. Water based lubes are typically less slick and long lasting, but that actually works in your favor with this toy since the lube is just to get it on comfortably.

Most of the ring around the top is rather firm but towards the top portion the silicone is much more bendy and pliable so to get it on you'll have to grab it from the top and spread apart the two ends via the middle portion. The entrance hole is much bigger than other cock rings, so it's a good choice if you don't want to feel constrained. When it isn't being stretched out the inner hole is 2 inches by 1.7 inches, which you'll notice is fairly big for a cock ring, but that's because for it to be used as a perineum vibrator you have to do some extra work that I explain in the next section. I've included a picture that compares the two hole sizes between the Pivot and another cock ring so you can see the difference.

Some other things worth mentioning is that the toy is completely waterproof so there are no limits as to where it can and can't be used, and you can also be as messy as you want during cleanup without having to worry about wrecking the delicate innards.

As far as power is concerned I'd say its slightly above average but still below maximum. This has the added benefit of the motor not being particularly loud. The vibrations offered are best described as rumbly in nature and there are ten different vibrating modes to choose from, instead of describing them all to you I'll just let this picture do the talking for me:

We-Vibe offers the ability to control and customize these vibrations using their We-Care app, but I was so thankful to see the buttons on the side of the toy that allow you to control all of the vibrations without having to involve your phone during sex. Sometimes app control is fun, but I really don't like when it's the only way to use a toy. There's enough stuff on my phone screen already, thank you very much.

The battery life on this guy is pretty fantastic for such a small toy, I wouldn't have guessed that for every 90 minutes of charge I could expect somewhere in the realm of two hours of usage time. Newer We-Vibe products have been adding an indicator light that'll inform me when it's about to die, which I appreciate.

My Experience Using The Verge

I'll be the first to tell you that putting this thing on is a pretty funny experience and I now understand why they had to make the loop so big. First, I have to start with putting my balls through the loop one at a time. After that, I stretch the top level wide enough to fit my penis through it. It has to be put on before you're aroused or else it just won't work out for you, luckily it kind of works like a cock necklace so you won't have to worry about it falling off while you get hard. A little bit of lube makes the process less awkward.

After charging the toy for a full 90 minutes a going through the fairly involved process of getting it on, it was time to well, get it on. Immediately upon getting an erection I noticed the familiar feeling of tightness around the base of my penis. When there's a little bit of extra squeeze around the base, I can usually last at least an extra five minutes during sex.

For me, the vibrations offered by this fairly strong cock ring were a breath of fresh air. The vibrations course through the entirety of the surrounding ring and the perineum stimulator at the bottom, I haven't had a toy that has massages my testicles quite like this one. When the vibrations hit my taint they go a little bit up the anal cavity wall as well, making it the only toy I have that gets me some bum play without having to have anything inserted.

My wife goes absolutely bonkers for it as well. she never stops telling me about how the wall between the vagina and the anus are shared and when the vibrations go through to that wall she gets stimulated double time. She quickly loses herself in the moment and practically begs me to go balls deep so she can feel the vibrator against her.

So the sensations are top notch, but it isn't a device if you want to go all-in on raw power, it instead focuses on doing its moderate to slightly below high power as best as it can. All of the different settings have their time and place, and being able to switch between the two using the up or down buttons instead of having to cycle through the whole thing was pretty cool as well. 

Low sound, high pleasure, all worth it.

The Verge definitely made our list of the top cock rings, be sure to give it a read to learn about other models I enjoy using.

Where I Bought It

I bought the We-Vibe Verge directly from the official We-Vibe website.

This is where both myself and my wife have bought all of the We-Vibe toys that we currently own from. The main reason being that they offer the lowest prices available online for their products.

Another reason we like to shop directly with We-Vibe is because unfortunately their products have been subject to counterfeit over the years and many shady web stores still sell knock off We-Vibe toys to this day (from what my wife tells me).


This is a toy that gets high praise out of me for its innovative design that really sets it apart. They say you can wear it on top as well as a clitoral stimulator, but the hole is a bit big and I'd really say that its only worth trying out wearing it as intended. Other ways of wearing it are more of an afterthought as opposed to a deliberate design plan, but there's nothing wrong with wanting to switch things up I suppose.

At the end of the day, I had a really good time with the Verge and it did everything I'd expect a cock ring to do. I last longer, feel better, and give some extra sensations to both myself and my wife that escalates the sexual tension between us nicely.

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Davinski - April 19, 2019 Reply

The Verge aint a bad cock ring overall. Still figuring out all of the patterns before I can decide which one I’m gonna make my go-to.

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