Tenga Flip Hole Review:

An Overview Of The Flip Hole By Tenga

Written by: Don Watson | Updated: July 17th, 2019

Are you looking for a product that is both easy to clean and stimulates the head of your penis like no other sex toy?

Next up on the masturbation block is a product that is an absolute must-have for any sex toy fanatic, the Tenga Flip Hole.

Tenga is also the company behind the legendary Tenga Egg.

The main drawback of the Tenga Egg is despite the jaw-dropping sensation provided, they are designed to be used once and then discarded forever.

Most users of male masturbators, myself included, aren’t particularly enthused about having to have what is essentially a monthly subscription to little eggs that you put your penis inside just because you really like them.

The Fliphole answers this problem by providing users with a reusable device that’s so easy to clean it’s practically dishwasher safe (not actually though).

The Tenga Flip Hole isn't the most suggestive looking male masturbator on the market, in fact, it's quite innocent looking to the naked eye. 

Don't let it's boring look fool you, this toy will stimulate you in a way that can only be compared to a real vagina.

Without spoiling the review, this toy blew me away.

I have a really hard time lasting more than 5 minutes inside the Tenga Flip Hole.

What Is The Tenga Flip Hole?

Tenga Flip Hole is a male masturbation that can open completely and give you access to the inner materials. The toy itself is around 6 inches long with 5.5 of it being insertable. The opening is moderately sized at 1.7 inches across and while many people complain about tightness, I found it snug but not uncomfortable. At 5.5 inches of insertable space, a large majority of men are going to be able to take advantage of every single each of the interior sleeve, but more well endowed men might not appreciate not being able to go balls-deep.

The toy is made from thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) which is the same kind of material Fleshlight makes their sleeves out of. The specific blend or make of Tenga's TPE is slightly different from Fleshlight's and I would describe it as more synthetic feeling as opposed to FL's more real-feel and sturdy construction.

While it is billed as a reusable option over their Tenga Eggs, it is by no means a permanent option and after something in the realm of fifty uses or so you'll start to notice rips and tears in the soft inner material.

There are four different colors and each has it's own specific texture and firmness, with the firmer ones tending to last longer than softer ones. 

As far as the case is concerned, you can apply pressure by pressing on any of the three buttons to get more out of certain parts of the sleeve. Also, the case opens clam shell style to make cleaning much more simple. Each nook and cranny of the interior texture can be rinsed out so there's no risk of having a male masturbator that makes you recoil in disgust when you take it out after letting it sit for a bit.

How It Works

As you can see from the demonstration above, this vagina simulator does a fantastic job at stimulating the head of your penis.

The only comparable feeling to reaching the end of the Tenga Flip Hole is being balls deep inside a real woman.

Yes, it's really that good. 

How Does It Feel?

The Flip Hole feels unlike any other male masturbator I've ever used. When my penis reached the deeper portion of the device, I get a unique sensation that mimics being deep inside a real vagina. It's hands down one of my favorite sex toys for getting off since I can get off very quickly while using it.

When I need to reach something that's great for a quick jerk off session, the Tenga Flip Hole is usually what I reach for based on how unbelievable it feels. Not to mention, it's insanely easy to clean afterward which makes clean up after a quick masturbation session very simple.

A Design Like No Other

The Flip Hole is capable of mind-numbingly intense orgasms with its inventive design.

Its unique design mimics a real vagina and stimulates the penis differently at different depths. Its design makes it easy to clean, and also one of the most satisfying sex toys in my current masturbation war chest.

The Flip Hole is a great toy for stimulating a deep throat blowjob, but in my opinion where it really shines is that when you thrust into it, the Flip Hole feels very similar to a real vagina. 

It's perfect for thrusting and its design allows you to cum deep inside of it and then clean it out with ease due to its design.

Is It Easy To Clean?

For masturbatory mavericks like myself, the Tenga Flip Hole solves a huge problem. If you've ever used a male masturbator before, you know how hard they can be to clean.

The Flip Hole is extremely easy to clean due to it's easy to open design. It might be the easiest toy to clean out of my entire male sex toy collection.

All you need to do to clean it is simply open up the unit and clean it using your favorite cleaning solution. I'd recommend being as gentle as possible if you want to extend the lifespan of your toy. While it is made from TPE, it is fairly soft/gel-like and requires a careful hand when cleaning it so you don't accidentally rip it apart.

Where To Buy It?

If you're looking to score a deal on this amazing male masturbator, I recommend you purchase the Tenga Flip Hole at SheVibe.com. They offered the lowest price I could find.

The Tenga Flip Hole is sure to satisfy even the dirtiest of desires. This masturbator has become a daily driver for me, as I'm very fond of the fact that I can blow my load into it and clean it out with ease.

Whether you've never owned a masturbator before, or you're looking for a solid toy to add to your war chest, the Tenga Flip Hole will make a great addition to your masturbatory arsenal. 

Do I Recommend It?


If you're looking for a male masturbator that's both super easy to clean and also feels amazing, the Tenga Flip Hole will serve you well.

It's a great male masturbator and I'd recommend it to any man in the market for a new toy. Whether you're new to male masturbators, or you're an experienced veteran, this toy will make a great addition to your masturbatory arsenal.


In closing, I would recommend the Tenga Fliphole to anybody looking to take their masturbation game to new heights. This male masturbator makes banging out a quick masturbation session easier than ever with its simple to clean design.

Like I said previously, it also feels unlike any other male masturbator I've ever used. Tenga has put some serious research and development into creating the vaginal canal of this toy.

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