Fleshlight Flight (Pilot) Review: 

My Thoughts & Opinion After Using It

Written by: Don Watson | Updated: May 10, 2023

A good wank can be liberating. But what separates a mechanical Tuesday release of sexual tension from a mind-blowing orgasm that makes a man have to collect himself for up to a minute afterward?

A high quality male masturbator, that’s what.

The Fleshlight Flight is a new model released by Fleshlight that totally blew me away. (no pun intended)

It's designed to be smaller than most of the other models of Fleshlight's and contains the proprietary Superskin that we all know and love.

It solves some major problems that I've encountered with other models.

The Fleshlight line of products has kept me busy and my trash can filled with napkins for several years now. My only issue with most of their products is that they're simply too bulky.

I usually take at least one Fleshlight on the road with me, but at times my canned vagina can take up too much space and be a bit too obvious for my liking. I'm not ashamed of having a Fleshlight but I still would rather avoid having to explain that I put my dick in the little plastic thing in my carry-on.

For this reason, I was very excited to get my hands on the Flight.

What Is The Fleshlight Flight Pilot?

For the sake of this review, I’ll both explain the qualities of the Pilot as its own product as well as describe how it differs from more familiar Fleshlights.

The Fleshlight Pilot stands at eight inches tall, with six inches of it being available for knee-shaking stimulation of whatever penis happens to find itself inside. This means the particularly well-endowed will not be able to enjoy the feeling of being completely inserted, but the silver lining is that this means the well-endowed are certain to be able to make use of each and every groove, ridge, nib, and bump inside the sleeve. For comparison, the standard Fleshlight is 9.75 inches tall with 8.5 inches being insertable. If anything, the Pilot is useful for those of normal endowment that want to fill up their Fleshlight with their manhood.

The outer design of the Pilot was designed with discreetness in mind, it looks more like a bottle of fancy shampoo or some utility device than the reason I get noise complaints called in on my hotel room. The minds at their headquarters did make sure to cover their bases with the new design, as you’ll notice the main portion of the Flight is covered in dimples designed to improve grip on this newly designed device, making sure that no matter how much extra lube you accidentally added, you’ll still be able to catch a Flight before your actual flight.

Sleeve Design

What has kept Fleshlight staying power as a brand is that every new Fleshlight has an entirely new sleeve design, giving eager horndogs a chance to switch things up and most importantly keep things exciting. The design of the sleeve compliments everything the Pilot wants to achieve.

I’ve been told by others than they are put off by how true to life other Fleshlight sleeves are, as most other Fleshlights have a pink color to them and have a replica clitoris and labia from whichever girl had to undergo the modelling process. Some are apprehensive about having to stare down a disembodied vagina they keep in their nightstand, I don’t share these feelings but I understand where these people are coming from.

The Pilot’s sleeve is entirely clear and the opening resembles a very inviting waterbed. This tones down the raunchiness factor and makes the Pilot more of a means to an end than a full-on vagina replica.

It took me about three or four tries of using the Pilot before I could actually psych myself up to last long enough to savor each and every bump inside the sleeve. The Pilot is mind-numbingly intense, with a tight initial opening that gives way to an entirely new dimension of self-pleasure. The sleeve consistently cranks up the intensity with each fraction of an inch, delivering essentially the entire range of pleasurable feelings available to a penis in this day and age.

The opening is tight & really feels like I’m squeezing myself into a woman’s vagina, which then leads to the most mind-numbingly intense peaks & valleys this side of the Stamina Training Unit. The sleeve picture speaks for itself, really.

Clean Up

As this is billed as a travel Fleshlight, the standards necessary in keeping in clean are a bit higher than something you leave at home. To make sure you’re cleaning your Fleshlight properly, check our cleaning guide here.

Where To Buy It?

There is no better place to purchase this product than from the company directly. 

If you click the link below, you'll be taken to the official Fleshlight website where you'll find the lowest price available for the Fleshlight Flight.

Since they manufacture the product themselves, naturally nobody can beat them on price!

Be sure to use coupon code "DrClimax10" for 10% off at checkout. Click here to redeem!

Final Word

With the Fleshlight Pilot, I never have to leave home (and my wife’s insatiable sex-drive) worrying where my next orgasm will come from. Simply throw it into your bag and be off to explore the world, getting off all the while. The sleeve design is everything I’ve come to expect from Fleshlight and I am very eager to review the rest of the Flight line if the Pilot is just the beginning.

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