Hot Octopuss JETT Review:

Is The JETT "Guybrator" Actually Worth Buying?

Written by: Don Watson | Updated: April 24th, 2023

It isn't very often that I get to review a male sex toy that is much different from the others.

Typically, it's either your normal male masturbator fare that you hump merrily or another way to get off that brands itself as "better than using your right hand".

So that's why I'm extremely excited to have my hands on the Hot Octopuss JETT, also referred to as a "guybrator". 

I'm not particularly enthused by the term guybrator, but whatever the company decides to call it and how I feel about that has little to do with the actual experience. Call it a Jerk-O-Matic for all I care, what I want to know is if it is worth my time and effort in the first place. The JETT first off separates itself from most male sex toys in that it is meant to be worn right where the tip of the penis ends to stimulate the frenulum.

If you aren't familiar with the term, maybe "banjo string" will help you understand a bit more. The frenulum is the little string of skin on the underside of the penis that is a part of the foreskin, so circumcised men might be a little confused if they take a look and can't manage to find a distinct frenulum. Even if you're uncircumcised, you're probably well aware that the undersize of your penis is extremely sensitive in a way that every other part of your penis is not. So, the real question is whether or not the JETT is able to stimulate that area in a worthwhile way.

What Exactly Is It?

This guybrator, or male vibrator, is different from just about every other sex toy available to those with a penis and a burning desire to reach orgasm.

There's a silicone harness with three distinct holes: one for the penis, and two for the vibrating bullets that can be placed inside. Each bullet is made differently from the other.

One is the "treble" bullet, and gives off high frequency vibrations that are more shaky than anything else. The other bullet, referred to as the "bass" bullet, gives off lower frequency vibrations that are more rumbly in nature.

The idea is that you'll be able to use these two different bullets either alone or together to make for a masturbatory experience that you can enjoy even without the use of your hands. 

In fact, because it sits right behind the tip of the penis, you mind find it difficult to masturbate the way you're used to, but that's of no concern since the JETT is supposed to be an entirely new experience in it's own right.

Both bullets hook up to a remote controlled by four AA batteries. There are two sides to the remote as well as a power button. Each side controls one of the bullets and there are six different intensities to choose from, and tapping the power button changes between any of the 10 available patterns. This means you can customize the intensity of either bullet and then choose whether you'd like some heavy intense vibrations or a more undulating/wavy pattern to get you off.

These bullets connect to the remote via a wired connection, so if you want to hand off controls to a loved one you should know there's more or less just enough free wiring available that they need to be pretty close to you for them to play with the settings.

Because of this, there's no need to recharge anything and all you need is enough AA batteries on hand, but it isn't waterproof, so don't think about bringing it with you into the shower.

It isn't particularly loud, even at the highest settings, and it will take you a bit of time to go through all of the available settings.

My Experience Using It

One of the major points that Hot Octopuss just won't seem to shut up about when it comes to talking about this product is how well it can be used from a flaccid state to a completely hard one, all the way up to bringing you to climax.

So, if that's how they want to talk about this thing, it's how I'm going to put it to the test.

First off, placing it over your flaccid penis isn't a difficult procedure, even without lube. It is small enough that I can imagine that most men that haven't recently stepped out from a cold pool will be able to wear the JETT with minimal fluffing required.  

Okay, so now came time to start getting things going.

Full disclosure, I am an uncircumcised male and brought my foreskin back before putting it on so the bullets would be in contact with my frenulum. When it came time to turn the buttons on, I really didn't know how to react. At first, it was a strange massage kind of feeling but slowly over time it became more and more erotic. After about a minute or so I was fully engorged and fully engaged in seeing what else this thing could do for me.

I don't know if everyone can identify with this analogy, but you know that feeling you get when you walk onto a dance floor some where or you're in a concert and the treble & bass of the music penetrate your body in a way that just forces you to start moving around and enjoying the music? Kind of like it gets into the very fabric of your being? That's how the treble & bass bullets of the JETT meld together, except the feeling is completely localized within the penis and insanely pleasurable. I find myself constantly switching through the intensities of both and changing vibrations patterns over and over so I never give myself the ability to get used to any distinct pattern.

It takes a bit longer than it would to reach orgasm than with other sex toys, but the experience is completely different. In fact, I welcome the prolonged experience since sometimes I feel its over too quickly with some of my other toys. I really wish they would make a waterproof version without the wires, but if it means they'd have to sacrifice bullet power I'm willing to keep this toy completely dry. It is actually able to make me reach orgasm without me having to touch my penis whatsoever, occasionally I can't help but give it a bit of manual stimulation, but it for sure can make me go all the way just by using the remote.

I also like that because it sits behind the tip of the penis, cleanliness isn't much of a factor with this toy. I mean, if you wash yourself daily, it isn't getting any dirtier than you penis will and so long as you have a place to finish into you won't get much on the toy itself. If you do, a quick wipe will be all you need to make things spic and span once again.

the hot octopuss jett with all 3 parts disassembled

Where To Get One?

If you're thinking of buying the JETT, I'd recommend you buy it directly from

They offer the lowest price I was able to find online and when you buy directly from them, you're guaranteed a legitimate product. Not to mention it will be warrantied should you happen to receive a defective product.


At the end of the day, the Hot Octopuss JETT is a novel way to get yourself off by stimulating a very underappreciated part of the male anatomy. I really like how much control you are given over each bullet and the sheer range of vibration patterns offered on top of that. If you know the underside of your penis is particularly sensitive, the JETT will scratch an itch that no other toy can.

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