5 Best Blow Up Sex Dolls: 
The Ultimate Blow Up Doll Buyers Guide

Written by: Don Watson | Updated: February 19th, 2020

  • ″7 height and big-breasted
  • 5-inch pussy
  • 3D Rotocasted head
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  • Real life-sized toy with 5'6" height
  • Facial features are carefully crafted
  • Vagina and anal cavity are well-represented
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  • Provides a usable mouth
  • Breasts are inflated fully
  • Made of Cyberskin which is a special blend of TPE
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Despite being the butt of lots of jokes in films as well as well as a mainstay just about every bachelor party I've ever been to, there's just something endearing about inflatable love dolls that I can't quite narrow down.

Maybe it's their loving gaze or the idea of your object of desire coming into your life through a lot of huffing and puffing. Either way, it turns out an inflatable sex doll has a lot more value built right in than one would expect.

Admittedly, the good inflatable dolls will cost a bit more than the ones meant as a gag gift that are essentially just glorified balloons. Compared to the fully realistic silicone models however this price point is incredibly accessible to the point where nearly any man out there can pick one up while still being satisfied. You absolutely shouldn't feel ashamed about wanting to seek out inflatable sex dolls, by the way.

They have their purpose and offer an experience very different from a small male masturbator that really makes them unique. It's an inexpensive way to actually be involved in your masturbatory process without having to shell out thousands of dollars on anatomically correct dolls.

That's to say, being able to actually pick up the doll & thrust into it from a variety of different positions is something simply not possible or satisfying with most toys out there. Unlike other common male toys, sex dolls aren't just a direct upgrade to normal jerking off, they're a fun experience that try to come much closer to real sex in the best way possible.

My Top Pickdctblv2-table__imageHannah Harper Inflatable Sex Doll
  • Real life-sized toy with 5'6" height
  • Facial features are carefully crafted
  • Vagina and anal cavity are well-represented
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Runner-Updctblv2-table__imageHorny Quella Vibrating Inflatable Sex Doll
  • ″7 big-breasted, brunette bombshell with lifelike feet and hands
  • 5-inch pussy that can be easily removed and cleaned
  • 3D Rotocasted head perfectly matched the sexy body
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Next Choicedctblv2-table__imageExotic And Erotic Inflatable Sex Doll
  • May not be the best look but it provides a usable mouth that doesn't come with other sex dolls
  • Breasts are inflated fully
  • Made of Cyberskin which is a special blend of TPE
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dctblv2-table__imageDoggystyle Rebekah Love Doll
  • Comes at a very affordable price but is the least realistic option due to its height
  • Vinyl sex doll that you need to lube properly before going in
  • Easiest way to clean is to deflate it first
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dctblv2-table__imageLoftus Blow Up Judy Doll
  • Not really for sex but a straight up blow up doll
  • No orifices and the face and head are not alluring as much
  • Insanely inexpensive
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What Is A Blow-Up Doll?

As someone as involved in the world of sex toys as I am, it was only a matter of time until I made my way to sex dolls. They're one of the most instantly recognizable items commonly found in a sex shop because they have this inherently entertaining quality to them even from a non-sexual point of view. This is one of the few types of sex toys where my "what is" portion won't have to be excessively long at all, just about everyone can recognize the classic busty blonde bombshell blow up doll that's become so iconic.

When it comes to the dolls that are actually a worthwhile sex toy, there is a fair bit of variance. Most sex dolls are within four to six feet in height when fully inflated and come with at least a vaginal orifice, but some include an anal and oral orifice as well.

Not every inflatable doll is a representation of the entire human body, some are just an upper/lower torso or just a torso & head. In the end it's just a matter of taking the time to make sure the doll will offer the kind of stimulation & experience that you're looking for, with the right positioning the lack of certain parts can be easy to work around in any inflatable sex doll.

Vinyl or latex will make up the majority of the surface area of most love dolls, with any area that can reasonably expect contact with a penis to be made from TPE/TPR. It's imperative that you look at what the actual insertable bits are made from. After all, nobody wants to have sex with the GoodYear blimp.

Well, I think most people don't at least.

How Much Does An Inflatable Sex Doll Cost?

The burning question of course is: will buying a love doll end up breaking the bank?

A safe and functioning doll can be acquired for as little as $20 with the ones I found most memorable ranging from $60-$200 on average.

So that means compared to most products complete with their own holes for our own selfish gratification it's pretty much the same amount of monetary commitment.

It can be easy to find a good balance of price versus features by carefully selecting the things you want.

Do you want a mouth, vagina, and ass? In that case, you'll probably spend a bit more for the fact they'll have to provide enough soft material for all of these orifices as well as figuring out how to make the vaginal and anal openings work properly. Of course, you can also decide whether or not limbs are a necessary part of the experience which can help lower the price.

Does the doll need to be on the same scale as a real girl or can it be a little smaller? Do the hands and feet need to be 100% true to life and realistic? And finally, does this sex doll need to have things like hair or a more carefully designed face? Striking the right balance between all of these things can help your search for what's right for you while still fitting your budget.

One thing I have to say though is that if you're ever wondering if you should sacrifice how pleasurable the doll will be physically for attributes like how realistic it looks you should always tend towards increased sexual performance. It's easy to imagine a prettier looking doll, but near impossible to "imagine" your way into a more pleasurable session.

The Best Blow Up Sex Dolls Available

#1. Hannah Harper Inflatable Sex Doll (My Top Pick)

Out of all of the dolls I ended up trying, the one that impressed me the most was the Hannah Harper doll from Pipedream Extreme. The real Hannah Harper was used as a model for this toy and she's about 5 foot 6 inches in real life, this doll is billed as life sized and I can say this is true.

A lot of work was put into the aspects where most other inflatable dolls are very deficient. First off, the face is extremely well made for the price point being borderline realistic instead of just a poorly painted on set of features. There is real depth and definition to the eyes, nose, and mouth without bordering into the uncanny valley. It's really the perfect middle, I know it isn't just a silly doll while it isn't trying to be something it's not: a real woman with delicately placed features.

The breasts are also skillfully done in such a way that it seems like they have actual heft & realistic weight distribution instead of looking like tacked on balloons. She also features an hourglass shape but one aspect that really shows off the fact she was made differently was the fact that her arms rest in a sort of socket that allows them to be rotated however you'd like.

No parts of her seem wrinkly either, the air distributes better than just about any other inflatable sex doll I've seen in person.

I'm still surprised at how well the breasts were designed. They offer the perfect mix of firmness & plushness and have the best shape out any inflatable sex doll I've ever laid my hands on.I'm a man who appreciates a good pair of breasts and until this toy didn't think that full body inflatable toys could ever reproduce them as satisfyingly as this model did.

There is no mouth to insert yourself into but seeing as how on just about any love doll this is the least pleasurable orifice to use there really isn't much loss there. The vagina & anal cavity are both represented with a single removable piece made entirely out of Pipedream's proprietary FantaFlesh blend of TPE. It's very similar to Fleshlight's Superskin and when removed can be used as a standalone piece.

Its the same internals whether you go in from the front or the back, but how you choose to get your inflatable love is just a matter of flipping the sex doll over.

In my search for the right, realistic doll, the Hannah Harper model really surprised me. I'd easily say that it's the best sex doll experience short of shelling out several thousand dollars for the silicone types that come with a fully articulating metal skeleton. In fact, I would even recommend this inflatable doll to anyone who wants to make sure they enjoy the experience a sex doll can provide before considering the extremely expensive models, seeing as how this toy is about a tenth of the price.

When deflated Hannah Harper is quite easy to store, a small box or sack is all you'll need for safe storage. The fact that a repair kit was included along with a pump makes it all the more worthwhile as a full package. After inflating you should wait about 10 minutes to make sure the air has dispersed evenly throughout the toy. That way you will easily avoid having to use the repair kit unless you accidentally over inflate. Read the instructions, they're more than sufficient in helping out there.

It's even possible to swap out the provided internal sleeve for a Fleshlight or other sleeve. If you are going to use a Fleshlight make sure to take it out of the plastic case before using it in any of the dolls out there, not just this one.

It's easily the queen of inflatable sex dolls, there's simply no contest to it at all. My love has been won over; between the hair, the breasts, and the well-thought out overall design there's few deficits to speak of and a lot to keep me coming back for more. I'm still paying for the one time Angela came home and caught me in bed with Hannah under the sheets as we watched Netflix.

I still can't give a good answer as to why why I didn't deflate her once I was done.

#2. Horny Quella Vibrating Inflatable Sex Doll (Runner-Up)

Now here's another doll that does a pretty good job at going above and beyond the usual inflatable fare as well. It's realistic enough but falls short of being as great of an overall love doll that Hannah is.

Still, I'll do what I can to be as unbiased as possible and give a fair assessment of Quella's capabilities.

First off, she's a full 5 foot 7 inches tall and comes with a similar straight two-in-one sleeve that works as both the vagina or the anus depending on which end you penetrate from. It is made from TPE and removable which makes washing the doll out simple once you've had your way with her. Lube is absolutely necessary if you want to make sure you have the best possible experience, otherwise it'll be a bit awkward.

The inner texture of the sleeve is textured nicely with enough nodes and ridges to speak of that I wouldn't refuse having to use it on it's own.

A feature that Quella brings to the table that not all dolls do is the addition vibrations powered by a removable egg vibrator that goes within the sleeve. More pleasure is always welcome in my book.

As far as being realistic is concerned Quella is definitely leagues ahead compared to even the best cheap blow up dolls but little things like differences in skin hue as well as occasionally uneven air distribution can be noticed from time to time.

 One industrious way to help deal with these aesthetic issues would be by using clothing options to disguise these portions. Putting a pair of panties or even some shorts that can go over the seam in the middle goes a long way in making Quella a lot more visually pleasing.

That's not to say she's entirely lacking visually, I don't want to act as if she's absolutely atrocious. The head design has enough 3D features to make her alluring enough plus her hands are extremely detailed, nails and all.

Going with a fair reproduction of hands versus big mittens is definitely a major selling point for Quella. Inflating this sex doll is simple thanks to the included pump, plus much like Hannah any problems can be repaired on the spot with the included repair kit. Once you've had your fun just let her drain of air then she's easy to store in her included bag.

As far as the things that really matter in an inflatable doll like whether or not she can take the weight of a full grown man and actually provides a stimulating experience, Quella does tick all the boxes. She won't pop on you prematurely (although you might), she isn't a total chore to blow up, and everything does feel right when it's time to get down to business.

All in all, Quella offers a pretty good experience overall even if I was a little spoiled by Hannah.

#3. Exotic And Erotic Inflatable Sex Doll

At this point we're going to start seeing just how wide the range realism wise is when it comes to a given inflatable sex doll. This is the first doll that actually provides a usable mouth and unfortunately when it comes to inflatable toys it needs to be in a constantly open position if you want it to actually be usable. So this nameless love doll is always laying with her mouth wide open as if she's just seen the most shocking display known to man. It isn't the best look, but the limitations of an inflatable doll need to be kept in mind.

Compared to the other dolls she's also only about 4 feet 10 inches tall, those who don't particularly care about having a life sized doll might prefer what she has to offer. So far this list has been essentially a slowly descending show of different dolls that each have their own merits with clear differences in quality level. She's no Hannah or Quella, but not all sex dolls get to be at the top of their class.

The feeling of the mouth is smooth and even, the inflated lips provide a surprisingly realistic feel when adequately lubricated which took me by surprise .

Cleaning the doll's mouth isn't the best but overall I'd say the mouth is good enough for it to be returned to as opposed to just tried once then forgotten about.

The breasts themselves were made in such a way that they inflate fully and kind of have perkiness of their own. What's new on this sex doll compared to many of the others I've noticed in my search for the best inflatable doll is that her nipples are very defined. So while far from a perfectly realistic experience, sure, it's a pretty fun addition to the average inflatable sex experience.

Much like the first two dolls the two orifices represented via a double ended male masturbator that is entirely removable should you want to skip the inflatable doll entirely. It's made from Cyberskin, a special blend of TPE that's just a pinch under FantaFlesh in overall intensity in my opinion.

There's enough to see, enough to grab, and more than enough to feel. It's a sex doll that really does try its best while still getting more than just marks for effort.

#4. Doggystyle Rebekah Love Doll

Okay, this is the first option that I would consider a fairly low effort excuse for a sex doll. At the same time, it's easy to see why it's the least realistic option on the list when it comes in at around $40, being about a third of the cost of any other toy on this list.

First off she's only 3 foot 5 inches, a realistic height level is clearly not the goal here. This doll is built for sex more than is built for being a proper representation of a real woman. Going straight for doggystyle is the best way to use Rebekah, although spread-eagle missionary isn't awful either besides the fact you won't be at face level. In Rebekah's case that might be a good thing since her facial details aren't what I would call the most desirable.

The face is printed on, seeing as how it's one of the few blow up sex dolls that specialize in doggystyle I can forgive the lack of realism there plus it guaranteed is a large part of why this toy is so affordable.

Also the orifices aren't removable whatsoever, nor are they created from a fancy TPE blend. Since she's an entirely vinyl sex doll you'll definitely need to lube her up properly before going to town. Because of this design choice she does have a full three orifices to choose from but they all feel pretty much the exact same. In that regard it's a lot more of a mental game than it is one that's a properly realistic representation of sex.

The easiest way to clean her when it's all said and done is by deflating her then properly washing out the orifices in question, don't bother trying to finagle her over a running faucet while still inflated. Yes, it took me about three uses before I was finally able to figure that out.

All in all, I've seen some DIY inflatable sex dolls that definitely took at lot more time and effort than $40 would suggest that don't even come close to what's on offer here. So in that regard, it's a worthwhile choice.

#5. Loftus Blow Up Judy Doll

Okay, so this sex doll kind of breaks the mold of this article since it isn't really for sex, it's a straight up blow up doll.

In fact, it's the exact one you'll find most often at a bachelor party.

She was created as the antithesis of all of the other sex dolls on this list.

She has no orifices to speak of, her face and head are as non-alluring as possible, plus she'll definitely pop if you lay on her too hard. That's of course not her purpose.

She's a gag gift meant to satisfy being a blow up doll and nothing more.

She's insanely inexpensive and is literally just a blow up female.

I still had to include her, she's kind of the empress of sex dolls whether or not we like it.

Final Words: Inflatable Sex Dolls & You

Between the four choices here you should be able to find some kind of blow up sex doll you can justify bringing into your home.

It turns out they aren't just gag gifts like the Judy dolls are, I was kind of surprised to see how intricate and developed the overall market is. I found a lot more absolutely horrible dolls than I did the good ones actually worth the effort to blow up, so I hope this list can save you from the hours of research that I had to go through.

Remember, don't over inflate your date because that's the easiest way to end up accidentally popping her. The first two dolls are much more forgiving in that regard since the included patch kits make the growing pains a lot easier to get through.

Also, don't forget to use lots of lube on any of the orifices much in the same way you would other sex toys. The rules are all the same, just because you'll be thrusting from a more natural position doesn't mean you won't need the added slickness.

So at the end of the day, these are sex dolls that blow up, not sex dolls that blow. If you have any more questions at all, don't hesitate to comment below.

A few dolls didn't make the cut too, so if you comment below with the name I can tell you exactly what I thought of them and why they didn't make this list at all. There's simply too many for me to include them in this list myself.

Thanks for reading! Leave a comment down below if you have any questions at all.

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