The Best Dildos For Woman: 
The Ultimate Dildo Buyers Guide

Written by: Angela Watson | Updated: October 31st, 2019

The dildo is a sex toy with enduring simplicity that'll always exist in some shape or form as long as humans roam the earth. Phallic objects designed as stand-in for a penis have been around for thousands of years. They were even around in the Victorian age as a cure for "hysteria", also known as women not wanting to make dinner.

But now we don't need 19th century doctors shoving things up our hoo-haws, we can do the job just fine ourselves, thank you very much. It is just a matter of finding the right the right bugger for the job. Brown ones, orange ones, curved ones, straight ones, what's a girl to do, try all of these out ourselves?

I won't lie, the first few will probably be more to hone in exactly on what you appreciate the most, but here's the ones I've used that managed to stand out as particularly memorable:

The Best Dildos I've Tried

My absolute favorite dildo of all time, the Mustang has a very special place in my sex toy collection. Whenever I don't want to worry about charged batteries or anything besides the fundamentals, you know darn well you'll find it in my hand.

What really sells this silicone dildo for me is that there's a strong inner core surrounded by a much more supple outer layer that replicates skin really well if I remember to lubricate it properly. There's a little bit of squish, but with the same kind of elastic push back reminiscent of human skin. Any dildos you notice out there that are "Vixskin" have this quality.

Plus the tantalizingly well curved aspect of the toy makes it to be perfect for some excellent G-spot fun. I'd recommend it to just about anyone, the 7.5'' long and 1.5'' wide dildo fits right into the most commonly sought after size slot.

A metal dildo has a few serious differences from the average silicone friend that most people are used to.

First off, it's heavier in a way that applies a lot more pressure onto the vagina as a whole, stimulating more nerve endings. It's also extremely firm, probably the firmest of all possible materials all things considered. What keeps me interested is how easy they are to clean (boil and done) and that all types of lube are compatible with a properly made metal dildo.

This stainless steel stunner brings a lot to the table with its excellent bulbs at both ends that mixed with a little leverage make for an unforgettable experience. Just make sure to keep a firm grip!

#3 - The Vixskin Outlaw

How much I liked the Vixskin Mustang had me wondering what the other toys in the line were like.

Deciding to go bigger was the next stop. I figured it was worth a shot because of the flexibility and softness of the Mustang meant a bigger dildo in the same material might be more comfortable than the usual larger-than-average dildo, and I was spot on! Don't tell me husband, he hates when I'm right. Anyway, while it is a full 9 inches long and 2 inches wide, properly pubed up it requires a lot less struggling and warm up to have an above average time.

Like any good big dildo it's also nearly perfectly straight, but there's just enough "realistic" imperfection in how the Outlaw juts forward to impose its presence. Larger dildos shouldn't be too curvy since they'll end up being uncomfortable long before you can get them inserted very far. 

Anyone looking for comfortable yet big dildos, the Outlaw lives up to its name by refusing to fit in with the usual suspects in this category.

#4 - 8 Inch Beaded Glass Dildo

It just wouldn't feel right making a list of the best dildos available today without having at least one glass option. They're appealing for the same reasons metal is but are significantly lighter. Any glass dildo from a trustworthy manufacturer has been properly annealed, a process which pretty much guarantees it won't shatter unless you put in some serious effort.

Glass dildos are perfect candidates for becoming beaded sex toys as it is relatively easy to make glass in this configuration. The multi beaded toy pictured to the left makes me squirm with each and every bead that moves into me. I enjoy feeling the ridges and valleys as I use this toy to great effect.

Easy to clean, all kinds of lube available, orgasms ahoy!

#5 - Lifelike Lover Classic

Classic is the perfect name for this dildo, as it is the absolute most satisfying run-of-the-mill dildo around. It brings together supreme affordability with superb functionality.

It's 6 inches long and a little bit less than 1.5 inches wide, there's few girls who would outright refuse this toy. There's a fully defined head and even some veins thrown in for good measure. On top of it all, it is bendable for some more customized play.  People who expect more from a dildo at a reasonable price are well served by the Lover Classic.

All of that with the suction cup end to make shower & wall play possible secured this little scamp's place on the list.

There isn't much else to say about this toy, but that's really part of the beauty of it. What you see is what you get, enough said.

More Dildos Worth Mentioning

Some of the dildos that I didn't mention are squirting dildos and pornstar dildos which I've written standalone articles about. 

Another product worth mentioning that I've written a standalone review about is the Clone-A-Willy. This product allows you to clone/mold a dildo out of any penis. 

I've also written an article about how to make a dildo at home.

There's plenty of dildos available on the market and one of my current goals is to test and review as many as I possibly can.

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