Hot Octopuss Pulse III Solo Review:

Testing Out This Unique Male Vibrator

Written by: Don Watson | Updated: April 30th, 2023

Hot Octopuss is great if you like weird sex toys. Atypical is a better word, since they do work, just not in a way you've really seen before. For reference, the Hot Octopuss JETT uses a vibrating treble and bass vibrator placed under right below your little head to get you off. Enough said.

So naturally, the Pulse III Solo is also going to throw us all for a little whirl. Of course since there's no real name for what kind of toy it is, but the name they're going with is guybrator. You know, like a vibrator? For guys?

Silly names aside, it's not necessarily something you can insert yourself into, as it chooses a much more open-concept design than typical male masturbators. It's something you latch on, although it's still made from body-safe silicone that sits along the shaft of the penis, so all there was to do was figure out what it could do.

Design & Specs

First thing's first, this is what's different between the Pulse III Solo and the Pulse III Duo: the Duo comes with an added remote control that gives very comprehensive control to the toy an extra $30. Besides that, the Duo bigger to allow for sharing the vibrations with a partner and use the Pulse III as a penis-mounted clit vibrator. 

I opted for the Solo, I figured I had enough sex toy remotes laying around already. 

Dimension wise, it's 4.6'' x 2.6'' x 2.8'' in total. Size doesn't matter that much for this toy after a certain point, and it's pretty much impossible to be too big or too small to make use of this thing, it's all about targeted stimulation.

How you use this toy is best described with a picture than even the most flowery language. Ideally, the vibrating plate rests right on your frenulum. If you have no idea what that is and don't want to Google it, I understand. Essentially it just means it needs rests on the area directly behind your bell-end on the underside. The pulse plate is the raised section with the Hot Octopuss crown logo on it.

What's going on under that plate? According to HO, PulsePlate Technology, that's what! Okay, so what does that actually mean? Their press release describes it as specifically controlled oscillations meant to stimulate the body's into orgasm. Apparently, it's the same frequency and amplitude of oscillations on the frenulum to allow orgasm even in men with a massive injury to their spine.

That settles it, it's pretty much the Brown Note of sex toys. Using it is as straightforward as can be, set it into position and then set the controls to your delight. There are eight speeds to the oscillator, and it's completely waterproof on top of that. Never underestimate the shower wank, my friends, things are much easier when the evidence is washed away. With lots of lubricant handy the silicone exterior works as a fully functional stroker.

As for battery life, it takes three hours to fully charge which translates into an hour of use time. It isn't the best use to charge ratio I've ever seen, I consider the bare minimum threshold should be at least an hour of use time, so it does have that going for it. The first time around I'd suggest charging it for a full four hours regardless of whatever lights it shows you before using it.

My Experience Using It

The first time I used this strange device I just applied a pea sized amount of lube onto both "wings" that latch around the penis, I wanted to see just how far Hot Octopuss was banking on the hands free masturbation thing.

After all, if they're going to advertise it for people with spinal cord injuries who may be paraplegic/quadriplegic, wouldn't it be the biggest cock tease of all time to receive a tailor-made sex toy for your situation that couldn't bring you over the edge? I just had to know.

So after getting excited then placing the Pulse III Solo in the correct location on my junk, it was time to use the plus and minus buttons to get a sense for these oscillations. Comfort wise, the 220g weight of the toy was evenly distributed comfortably. At full chub and deep into the experience it was hardly noticeable. The lower speeds were enough to maintain my erection, but not really do much else for me. As the oscillations increase, I start feeling pleasure in a more generalized whole body sense than restricted just to my genitals.

However the frenulum really works is beyond me, but to me it's like a giant lightning rod for the toy's indulgent sensations. Hedonism is a word that comes to mind. When I play with the settings enough, I definitely can make a buildup of sexual tension that I can ride towards orgasm territory. It takes a bit of adjusting and personal knowledge to do seamlessly. At the same time, I managed to figure it out and orgasm the very first time I used it with around fifteen minutes of play time, give or take five minutes in either direction. 

I checked it off my list, Hot Octopuss frenulum magic turned out to be a real thing and not just something with "Technology" slapped to it at the last second. In this case, it's more likely for a different kind of business decision than to dupe us, the consumers. Maybe it makes it sound more accessible to doctors who can get these to their patients, I don't know. But it works.

Whenever I decide to lube up the toy a bit more liberally and show it to the other parts of my shaft, it also receives a pretty warm welcome. The whole-body tingling aspect of using the toy doesn't happen if you choose this route because you won't be stimulating the frenulum, but it's still pleasurable nonetheless. Nice vibrations penetrate deeply while the silicone construction makes it very soft and sensual. When using Some people don't like sex toys that they finish inside of, making the Pulse III Solo pretty good in this category.

Based on how far down the shaft the toy is meant to be used, it's ludicrously easy to finish more or less where ever you'd like. The manual suggests to avoid putting too much pressure on the pulse plate, I've used it freely on just the underside of my penis but if I decide to rotate it a little I tend to use less force and savor the sensations slowly, it still works fine for me.

Silicone toys dry much faster than TPE male masturbators in my experience. It isn't even a competition, I enjoy being able to put it back into storage more or less immediately after I've finished with it.

This thing accomplished what a sex toy is supposed to do, it made me orgasm, and it didn't make me incredibly infuriated the entire time. This toy is trying to be something very specific, and as far as that one specific thing is concerned, it did great.  There's nothing to compare it against really, I found the power level of the Pulse III great, although of course I'm yet to see if another toy can do it better. Could use a longer battery life? In the big picture of available toys, sure, but it'd also make it heavier and bulkier I assume, so I think this might actually be whatever the oppose of a design flaw is.

Where's The Best Place To Get One?

If this sounds like a toy you'd like to try out, get it right from the source at the HotOctopuss store.

They seem like a small, niche/boutique toy manufacturer and I like supporting them exploring other ways to get off. Mainly for selfish reasons, but if some people with broken backs enjoy orgasm where they couldn't before, that's enough for me to stick to buying direct.

It's an interesting site and I actually really enjoy certain aspects to it. I love sex positive sites, but sites that leave much more to the imagination can also be fantastic to me. There's no porn stars lurking around, no guy in his underwear having a little giggle, just a clean site that lets you know what's up without having to shove it down your throat.


Pulse III Solo knows it isn't what most people expect a sex toy to be, but the important fact is that it isn't trying to be that sex toy. It's a quintessential Hot Octopuss product, nobody else focuses on this part of the male anatomy in this particular way, a lot of it probably having to do with nobody else having gotten nearly as educated as HO has in how to tickle this area best.

Guybrator, male masturbator, whatever really. It sits snugly behind the glans and delivers powerful oscillating action at a very specific rate meant to exploit a strange technicality of the male genitals.

Personally, I'm all for that.

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Phil - October 21, 2019 Reply

Hey Don,
Appreciate the review.
I’ve bought every one of Hot Octopuss’ versions, including this one but being circumcised I just can’t seem to get into it.
I really feel like they’re designed for guys that are intact.
Just out of curiosity, what is your experience in this regard and have you received any other similar feedback?

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