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Written by: Angela Watson | Updated: April 26th, 2021

For years, the sex toy industry has been unfairly given a bad reputation from conservative, male-opinion dominated worldviews.

Whenever sex toys used to be spoken about in public, there would always be a certain gravitas of silent wrong judgment and body-negative commentary by these hugely outdated thinkers. 

Gladly, the narrative has changed significantly--men are finally starting to shut up when it comes to female bodies (although they could use a little more shutting up if you ask me, but I digress), centuries-old misogynistic worldviews are beginning to adapt to female empowerment and sexual health and body positive attitudes are beginning to gain public recognition as important and necessary conversations.

A beautiful part of sex-friendly and body positive discussions entering the fold in our normal conversations is that these topics can be brought to the innovative and creative minds within the pleasure product industry.

With so many experts coming up with new ways to customize and personalize our sexual experiences, tastes, and desires, be it for solo or partner play, healthy discussions around the subjects can lead to a wide variety of results for those intimate moments.

We have all thought about ways to enhance our sexual cravings and to cater to our deepest inhibitions on what we like sexually and, most importantly, how we enjoy it.

Whether your vagina prefers deep penetration or strictly clitoral stimulation, intensive vibrations along your vaginal walls or G-spot centralized musings; whether your penis requires strong suction sensations or additional stimulation from cock rings, that question of how pleasure can be even better is the focal point of all of our sex fantasies. 

But sometimes, sex toys are intended to correct, rather than enhance, the sexual experience. As all of our bodies are different, some sex toys are ideal for those intimate moments where our bodies are not as accommodating as we thought.

Sometimes, deep penetration can be too deep; if you have a penis, sometimes you might not be able to give your partner you're all due to biological and anatomical capacities. For moments like these, there is a special sex toy that can certainly help you both.

The OhNut is a wearable, soft and compressible buffer that limits the penetration depth during penis and vaginal sex, or penetrative masturbation.

For anyone with a vagina or a penis who has ever had concerns about discomfort due to penetration depth, the OhNut is an innovative and remarkable product to make deep sex and deep penetration an accessible, fun, and most importantly, comfortable experience.

I will examine how the OhNut works, the materials that make up its composition, practical applications for it and how it feels during sex.

Of course, I will also provide instructions on application, cleanup and the non-sexual considerations of the OhNut and why it's such a unique, yet impactful toy.

What is the OhNut?

The OhNut is a wearable set of soft and compressible rings that you would slide onto the base of your penis to allow for a safer and more comfortable experience when you are having deep penetration sex.

Intended for those with longer penises and for people with shallower vaginal depth, the OhNut acts as a buffer that limits the depth of penetration, while leaving the rest of your penis available and ready for action.

It can also be applied to dildos, dilators and any insertable phallic object. The OhNut can be adjusted as well in terms of size, as it is made up of a set of interlocking, but removable, rings.

If you need all four rings intact (for a longer penis or toy, thereby needing more buffer) you would just slide the OhNut on; if you need three, two or one ring (a shorter penis or toy, which requires less buffer) you would simply remove as many rings as needed.

It really is a practical toy for comfortable, deep penetration.

OhNut Makeup and Composition

Made of silicone and a body safe, food-grade antimicrobial plastic, the OhNut guarantees a chemically safe sexual performance, leaving behind no out-of-the-ordinary residue or overall mess. As an FDA approved wearable sex item, it is compatible with any water or silicone based lubes, and it can also be worn with condoms. 

Given that all of our bodies are different, the OhNut is also stretchy to accommodate any girth or thickness that you may have. It is also squishy and compressible, allowing for some leeway during hard or rough sex, while still keeping the OhNut’s structural integrity intact. As mentioned above, it is comprised of a set of interlocking removable rings to allow you to customize your penetration depth.

Using the OhNut

OhNut Review

The first word that comes to mind regarding the OhNut is practicality. Society at large treats penis length as a glorified, god-like biological quality that is worthy of envy and social success.

While there is nothing wrong with having a long penis, the truth is that sometimes deep and hard penetration are not options for people with vaginas. Conversely, vaginas come in all shapes and sizes, and some cannot handle the full length without discomfort. 

In terms of sexual discomfort, the OhNut completely eradicates the pain and helps to make your sexual experience pleasurable once again. With the OhNut on, the stabbing pains of unprepared deep penetration will go away and you can truly let loose and be present and in the moment.

If you have a penis, according to my husband it feels no different than putting on a condom or a cock ring, taking only a few seconds. Furthermore, according to him, it does not feel restricting at all--though if you have a wide penis head, you might find that you will need to apply a very little amount of additional force to get it past. 

Being lube friendly (water or silicone based lube) innovations like this are welcome and practical additions for anyone who has such concerns in their sexual repertoire.

Practical Applications for the OhNut

Similar to the above section, the OhNut is a gift to all when it comes to practical and quick application. It is no different than putting on a condom or cockring, and given the OhNut’s small size, you can easily keep it handy as you both prepare for penetration.

Regarding dildos, dilators, or any similar toy designed for penetration, it is the same process and will not require too much effort to apply, and it will not interrupt your sexual rhythm or kill your mood.

With its adjustable sizes, achieved by removing some rings as you deem fit, you can customize your pleasure by choosing different size allowances each time, as long as you are comfortable.

Because it is quite subtle, only covering the base of the penis or a midway point on your toy, you and your partner or toy can have the freedom to use it anywhere--you are not confined to only the bedroom, couch, or to one place. 

In terms of cleanup, its silicone and high-quality polymer materials make it very easy to do so. Just ensure that you are rinsing the OhNut under warm water and that a standard sex toy cleaner is used.

Because the OhNut itself will not be penetrating you, you have more freedom for storage, but it is recommended that you keep it away from any surface or storage area that could give it lint or other unwanted materials.


In conclusion, if deep sex or masturbation causes you discomfort, the OhNut is for you. With its practicality, customizable options and easy setup, you and your partner can have uninterrupted fun, completely void of pain and discomfort.

Not everyone enjoys sex the same way, so now that you know there are toys and accessories out there that can alleviate some of the discomforts that naturally occur during intimate sessions with your partner so you can both get steamy.

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