The Best G-Spot Vibrators:

My Top 5 Favorite G-Spot Stimulators

Written by: Angela Watson | Updated: May 31st, 2023

  • An amazing shape for g-spot stimulation
  • Very powerful vibrations
  • Extremely user friendly and easy to use
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  • Oscillating "punches" for rapid g-spot stimulation
  • Perfectly curved for ergonomic use
  • Excellent battery life
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  • Simple vibrator shape with slight g-spot curve
  • 4.5'' insertable space
  • 6 different patterns with customizable intensities
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Want A Quick Answer? Here's The Best G-Spot Vibrator:

For those who would prefer if I didn't mince words, the Lovense Osci has to be one of the most innovative and satisfying G-spot vibrators I've ever laid hands on.

Unlike most G-spot vibrators that use clever vibrations, the Osci uses an oscillating mechanism to repeatedly tap the G-spot at any intensity a woman can possibly crave. This makes for much stronger sensations being felt and a much more leg-trembling orgasm than I thought possible.

Here's everything I'm going to be covering in this article:

If you're lucky enough to have found your G spot and can reliably find it again and again, consider yourself part of the lucky few. Many women experience trouble tracking down this elusive bundle of nerves, and to them I suggest they keep at it.

If you're curious about what the G spot is and how to find it, I've written an article on the subject you should check out.

Finding your G spot and learning how to best give it the gentle caress it so greatly deserves is a challenge for most women, personally even I can remember some of my earliest sessions ending with cramped fingers and shattered expectations. It took me a fair bit of time to properly track it down using only natural methods.

But as with nearly everything in this life, there are tools available to help make your life much, much easier. The G Spot vibrator is just the tool us women need to have more time enjoying our G spots as opposed to finding them. You'll notice what they all tend to have in common as we go through the list, as G spot hunting isn't necessarily an exact science but I think we're starting to get more than just a vague idea of what's best.

I'm always excited to see what the future will bring in the world of sex toys, but right now lets focus on what the best of the best are in G spot vibrators right here, right now.

My Top 5 Favorite G Spot Vibrators

My #1 Choicedctblv2-table__imageThe Lovense Osci
  • Oscillating "punches" for rapid g-spot stimulation
  • Perfectly curved for ergonomic use
  • Excellent battery life
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Runner Updctblv2-table__imageThe Lelo Gigi 2
  • An amazing shape for g-spot stimulation
  • Very powerful vibrations
  • Extremely user friendly and easy to use
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dctblv2-table__imageThe Lelo Mona 2
  • Simple vibrator shape with slight g-spot curve
  • 4.5'' insertable space
  • 6 different patterns with customizable intensities
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dctblv2-table__imageThe We Vibe Tango
  • Great dual stimulation of clitoris & g-spot
  • Clitoral arm conforms to bodyy
  • Bluetooth connectivity
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dctblv2-table__imageThe Lelo Ina Wave
  • Innovative "come-hither" motion tickles at g-spot
  • Good variety in customization options
  • 2-3 hour battery life
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dctblv2-table__imageThe We Vibe Rave
  • Excellently angled for exploiting leverage
  • Semi-firm silicone exterior
  • 10 different vibration settings
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Lets go over 
each toy!

#1 - The Osci by Lovense (My Top Pick)

Personally, I love the Osci because it goes about it's job in a very different yet effective manner.

Instead of simply vibrating, the end of the toy oscillates up and down in a way that kind of repeatedly taps the G spot, with speed being completely customizable. This feels absolutely amazing in my opinion and I prefer it to a vibrating motion. A better description of this motion and a GIF of it in action are on the review page.

The toy is extremely ergonomic on top of it all, The handle is more than long enough to comfortably grip and keep it inside of you for a pretty significant amount of time. Not only that, the toy is curved just perfectly and I think the head is just wide enough to really make some legs quiver in excitement.

The S curve makes for great stimulation and I can't say enough good things about this toy. It's made G spot fun a lot easier for me and I highly recommend it.

#2 - The Gigi 2 by Lelo (A Close Second)

First things first, I want to make it clear that the Lelo Gigi 2 is a very close second to the Osci. 

They both offer very different types of stimulation, the Osci just happens to have a slight edge based on my personal preference.

The Gigi 2 is a fantastic toy for g-spot stimulation, especially for people that enjoy strong vibrations on their g-spot. It offers 8 different vibrations settings and a few of them are very powerful.

The shape of the toy is absolutely perfect for hitting my g-spot. The curved tip rests directly against my g-spot and the strong vibrations provide an absolutely blissful experience.

The controls on the toy are very user friendly and make it a very easy vibrator to control.

It's got 3.7 inches of insertable length which is excellent for hitting the g-spot, since most g-spots are located in the 2-3 inch range. You'll have no problem targeting your g-spot with Gigi.

#3 - The Mona 2 by Lelo

Whenever I want some G spot love but also a satisfying feeling of fullness, the Mona 2 is my faithful companion for the night.

I like that the Mona 2 keeps things simple, there's no extra bells and whistles, all of the effort was put into making this toy as functional as possible without any gimmicks holding it back. It has 4.5 inches of insertable space but the bulb on the end puffs out just perfectly to hit all the right spots of my body.

There's a bit on offer for everybody with the vibration patterns, as well. Instead of having vibration patterns of a set intensity, there are six different patterns and you can change the intensity of each to find what works for you best. I like to start things off with a nice gentle vibration before making my way all the way through to strong rumbling that would knock stuff off my nightstand if I put the Mona 2 on it.

It's very quiet on top of everything and the two hour battery life means it spends way more time inside me than charging.

#4 - The Nova by We-Vibe

Some women, no matter how hard they try, won't ever be able to get the kind of stimulation they hear other women get out of their G spot endeavors, for those women, it might be smarter to use a toy that can hedge your bets a little.

That's why I've included the Nova on this list, as it is an excellent G spot option but has one of the most interesting clitoral arms of any rabbit style vibrator I've ever seen. The clitoral arm is extremely large and bends to conform to the body. It's so large that you're guaranteed clitoral stimulation even while trying to track down your G spot.

The vibrations by both arms flow very well into the vaginal tissues and I love taking the Nova for a spin whenever I have the chance. So, this toy is a really good choice if you want to guarantee an orgasm even if your G spot is being particularly finnicky.

There's a good range of sensations available and it even comes with app support if you'd rather not fumble around with the settings while it's in use and risk losing your place.

All in all, the Nova works wonders in more ways than one.

#5 - The Ina Wave by Lelo

There's often something missing for many women when they try and track down their G spot for good. That upwards motion done when the fingers are involved is something that few toys can replicate, or have even tried to.

That's what the Ina Wave by Lelo specializes in. If you're the kind of person who needs a bit of extra pressure placed on the G spot to get the most out of their experience, the Ina Wave has you covered. 

It's closer to a traditional vibrator than the others on the list, but the wave function is explicitly out there for the G-spot, so I felt that it earned its place. While inserted the movement isn't as dramatic as the picture suggests, but you can definitely feel it at work once it's inside of you.

The silicone exterior has a bit of give to it but not so much that it can't deliver some pin-point stimulation if you move it just right.

It's completely waterproof on top of it all and has one of the best use:charge ratios out there at 2-3 hours of use per 80 minutes of charge.

#6 - The Rave by We-Vibe

Last but definitely not least, we have the Rave.

Made from medical grade silicone with a very large and comfortable to use handle, the Rave incorporates something I've never seen before on a G spot vibrator.

Along the gentle curve that's great for getting the leverage required to touch the G spot, there are ridges along the side of the head that allow for much more pinpoint stimulation of the G spot. The strong,  rumbly vibrations flow through this ridge nicely to transfer lots of power through.

The silicone exterior is firm without much plushness to it, so keep that in mind. Those who prefer a soft, pliable touch might not like it, but those who want firm, definite edges for G spot hunting might find it a welcome change.

Variety is another thing the rave excels at. There are 10 different settings out of the box and with the app there's theoretically unlimited vibration patterns.

It's only splash proof and not water proof, which is a bit of a let down in my opinion but it still makes a great bedroom toy even though the shower is out of the question.

Honorable Mention

The Pure Wand by Njoy

This one doesn't really qualify for the main body of the list as it isn't a vibrator, but it's one of the most effective and pleasurable G spot tools I've ever used.

It's made from 100% stainless steel so cleaning it is ridiculously simple to the point where you can always be sure it has been 100% sanitized after applying some disinfectant or even boiling the sucker, but that's not what makes it so special.

From end to end, it is 8 inches long with either a 1.5'' diameter ball or a 1'' diameter ball for you to choose from. The curve is excellent for G spot manipulation and the heavy, firm feel of the stainless steel might just be what many women are missing in their pursuits for G spot nirvana.

While it doesn't vibrate, it makes up for this by being a toy that sets itself apart from our usual silicone based friends. It's a bit hefty at 1.5 pounds, so make sure you have a firm grip on the thing!

What Makes A G Spot Vibrator Special?

Now you might be wondering why exactly there's a different subset of vibrators specifically for the Gspot and what exactly the difference is between a G spot vibrator and a regular one. 

Well, first let's have a quick reminder as to what the G-spot is and where it can be found. The G spot is a bundle of extra sensitive nerves that's found somewhere in the realm of 2-3 inches inside the vagina, on the "roof" of the vagina that points towards the front of the body. When anything comes in contact with this spot, massive amounts of pleasure cascade through a women's body, often to the point of orgasm. Seeing as how most women need some form of clitoral stimulation to actually reach orgasm, this is a pretty significant part of the body if you want to reach climax with penetrative sex.

So, while there are some vibrators that are G spot friendly, like the Lovense Nora or a similarly bumpy vibrator, they still don't quite fit the criteria for being a G spot vibrator as they are still primarily used like a regular vibrator for a fairly normal penetrative sex experience.

G spot vibrators on the other hand are very deliberately curved and typically don't focus too much on having excessive amounts of insertable length. They're meant to scratch at a very specific part of the body, and aren't always well suited for the standard in-and-out pentration movements typical of regular vibrators. While many can be long, the curve means there will need to be a slight adjustment in technique.

So if you really want to know if something is explicitly a G spot vibrator, look for a heavily curved toy that has an emphasis on getting about 2-3 inches deep above all other forms of stimulation.


If you can't find your G spot after trying any of the options on this list, I'm not too sure what I could recommend next. These are the absolute best tools a woman can find for getting to the bottom of things once and for all. G spot size and sensitivity varies for each woman, but I'd say that mine is about the size of a dime and even a light brush past it gives me goosebumps, I suppose I should consider myself lucky.

Either way, these toys are a great time for those who want to try something new and exciting compared to the straight, vanilla vibrators that some of us are all too familiar with. Best of luck!

About Angela Watson

I'm a sex therapist by day and a sex blogger by night. I love to crush the taboos surrounding sex toys and help people become more sexually liberated. There's no topic too risqué for me to cover and I hope to educate and inform my readers on all things sex. All things that concern the female anatomy or require a more clinical approach than my husband Don can provide is covered by me. Have any questions? You can contact me via email.

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Shanice - May 9, 2019 Reply

Hey Angela, I cant decide between the Osci by Lovense or the Ina Wave by Lelo. Ive never used a rabbit vibrator or a g-spot vibrator before, but my main goal is g-spot stimulation. I guess im basically just wondering if the added clitoral stimulation is going to be something Im into… thx in advance.


    Angela Watson - May 12, 2019 Reply

    Lovense Osci all the way! I definitely don’t hate the wave function of the Ina, it’s just that the Osci does a much better job at pushing itself upwards into the G-spot. It’s mainly for the G-spot, though. There isn’t much in the way of full bodied vibration, just the oscillating tip that taps the G-spot repeatedly. The Ina Wave works as a pretty functional rabbit vibrator at the expense of not excelling at G-spot stimulation, so it matters how versatile you’d like your toy to truly be.

    For an all-arounder that does vibrations and the g-spot: Ina Wave
    For something that specializes exlcusively in g-spot fun: Lovense Osci

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