We-Vibe Pivot Review:

Is This Cock Ring Designed For Couples Worth It?

Written by: Don Watson | Updated: May 26th, 2023

Gather around ladies and gentlemen, for another sex toy has been swept off of the warehouse shelf and hand delivered straight to my wife and I for thorough use.

I've been able to spend a lot more time at home than I'm usually afforded, so Angela and I are trying to get the most out of each and every session we have in the bedroom.

That means we need a toy that can be used during sex and is more than just a gimmick when it comes to making the experience all the more worthwhile.

Us, ever the thinkers, decided another cock ring would be a great addition to our bedroom fun.

The right cock ring can allow a man to last longer, achieve a stronger erection, and add in some much needed clitoral stimulation for the receiving end.

It's one of the least selfish sex toys I can think of because it helps everybody get their cookie at the end of the day.

Introducing the We-Vibe Pivot.

Another cock ring from the people that brought me the Verge, this one is a little more traditional in its design and function.

Let's get into the specifics of this toy before I tell you about my experiences with it.

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What Is The We-Vibe Pivot?

So as far as the name is concerned, it isn't you that will be doing the pivoting to have the toy work properly, it's smart design does that all on its own.

Typical of most We-Vibe toys, the toy is constructed from 100% body-safe silicone, is completely rechargeable,  and even boasts being completely waterproof. The buttons on the top are made from ABS plastic, so the cleaning process isn't complicated whatsoever.

The clear strength of this cock ring is in how they designed the hole as well as how they designed the vibrator on the top. The raw measurements are as such: the top of the toy that has the vibrator is 1.2 inches across and the toy itself is 2.8 inches tall. When not being stretched out at all, the hole designed for the genitals is 1.15 inches tall and an inch wide. 

How It Works

The reason why I applaud how they designed the top vibrator is that instead of just a straight rod with a big old motor inside of it, it's actually designed perfectly to fit in the area above the entrance to the vagina where the clitoris is.

No matter what size or how hidden the clitoris of the receiver is, I sincerely doubt the Pivot won't be able to make spectacular contact. This means that the vibrations are better transferred to your partner than a toy that isn't able to squeeze itself in and, well, pivot, to all of the right areas. I suppose I just figured out the name.

When it comes to the strap that the goes over the penis, there's also a fair bit of thought that went into it. 

First off, the silicone is stretchy enough to make putting it on a breeze after just a few drops of lube have been added and the strap itself is wide enough to create the tension you need for a cock ring to be effective as well as stay in place while not feeling like you've tied a string around the base of the penis. A cock ring that's too tight will end up making things a lot less enjoyable as well as risk some serious medical issues if you leave it on too long. On top of it all, the inner part of the ring slowly tapers down to the towards the middle to make a for a very snug fit, that top vibrator isn't going anywhere. While its off it looks like it might be uncomfortable but upon putting it on the soft silicone squishes down a bit to be more flush with the rest of the ring.

The vibrations on offer are of the strong rumbly variety as opposed to the normal shaky variety.

At the end of the day whether or not rumbly or shaky is better is completely up to personal preference. When it comes to clitoral stimulation though, my wife personally prefers the strong rumbly kind because she feels it can better penetrate the sensitive tissues of the clitoris for a much more jaw-dropping experience.

I'm not extremely well versed in vibration technology myself, but rumbly works for me.

If those vibration patterns aren't enough for you, you can of course hook it up to the We-Care app and make a completely customized pattern.

The protocol for the battery is pretty standard. USB rechargeable with a total of two hours use time per 90 minute charge. Whenever we use the stronger vibration modes we tend to notice it won't last the entire two hour charge, but I don't think it's ever dipped under 90 minutes total. I say think because we aren't the type of couple to have a stopwatch next to the bed to compare each session to the last. The dampness of our sheets does that for us.

My Time With The Pivot

Now it was time for us to finally use the Pivot after we put it through the initial charge cycle. The manual tries to talk about all the different ways to wear it, but Angela and I are personally big fans on the vibrator on top method. Having the vibrator deliver strong rumbly vibrations right into your ball sack might be appealing to some, but for me it just takes me out of the zone.

They include a little bit of lube inside the packaging, but we've been around the block enough times to have had some of our favorite water based lube laying around for just this occasion. Stretching the loop to accommodate my manhood was a simple enough task. Remember, cock rings are meant to be inserted over an already-erect penis, you got the steps all mixed up if you're trying to put it on soft and notice you aren't really getting anywhere. I then gently let the loop go and it began to conform to hug my shaft perfectly. It's the most stable and security of any of the rings I own so I liked that right off the bat, one less thing to have to worry about. Tightness wise it would only risk going into the too-tight realm if the width of the strap was just a little bit smaller, the size they're at is just comfortable enough for me.

Of course, the real test would be how well it worked while my wife and I went at it. We were pleasantly surprised at just how well the vibrator shape ended up hugging my wife's body. Whenever I thrusted deep enough for the top portion to make contact, she said she could feel the silicone squish ever so slightly to make an excellent seal with her clitoris. The vibrations relayed themselves perfectly to her while I was pretty lost in the sauce to be completely honest. The feeling of sex mixed with the added effects of the cock ring vibrating as strongly as the Pivot does was a lot for me to focus on, and if it wasn't for the fact that cock rings tend to make men last longer in the first place I doubt my wife would have been able to get as clear a picture of how the toy affects her as it did.

We haven't gotten into the We-Care functions that much as we prefer using the built in controls on the toy to cycle through the different vibrations. On that front, it's relatively easy to switch on the fly and the buttons are hard enough to push that it won't change on its own but not hard that it'll end up breaking the flow of things.

It's a very functional cock ring that is definitely more than an overpriced toy that does the same thing as the $20 one down at your local sex shop. A lot more thought was put into the shape of this toy than most and the motor inside is quite powerful. We're still going through all of the different vibration modes, and I'd say there's a use for all of them at the end of the day.

All things being equal, the Pivot is one of our favorite cock rings and is one I'd most certainly recommend, especially to couples.

Where To Get One

The only place I'd recommend anybody buy a We-Vibe product is the official We-Vibe website.

It's where we've bought all of our We-Vibe toys in the past and it's where we will continue to shop in the future. 

Not only do they offer the lowest prices available on their website, but you'll also get free shipping!

Final Thoughts

In the end I was pretty impressed with the We-Vibe Pivot. It's one couple's sex toy that does just as much for my wife as it does for me, although obviously in a slightly different way. There's few limitations with this toy seeing as its completely waterproof and is easy to clean, the only thing that ever holds me back is the battery life and as long as I charge it every two or three sessions I won't find myself yearning at a later date. Remember, lithium ion batteries don't have "memory" like some batteries do, so it isn't an issue if you put it on for a partial charge.

With a motor that's more than powerful enough and theoretically infinite number of vibrations, I can expect to more than just a few more worthwhile sessions out of this guy.

Stay horny, my friends.

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