The 15 Best Prostate Massagers Of 2019:

The Ultimate Prostate Toy Buyers Guide

Written by: Don Watson | Updated: May 3rd, 2023

The #1 Prostate Massager, In Case You're In A Hurry:

Let's not dawdle. Out of all the prostate massagers I've ever owned, the Edge wins by a landslide.

The fact that the insertable end can be bent slightly to better conform to my body is such a seemingly small feature but it makes the toy just so much more likely to be able to work for most body types.

Plump yet manageable at 1.41'' in diameter, so lube makes it much more rewarding. If I had to put a picture of a prostate massager in a dictionary, it'd be the Hush.

Strong prostate and perineum stimulation in a comfortable silicone package gets my vote easily.

The prostate is an under appreciated part of the male anatomy, with most men being against the idea of entirely which has contributed to most guys just not knowing what kind of pleasure lies on the other side of their sphincters.

I held the position of being against a prostate ticklin' myself for the better part of my life.

Simply put, having to put things up my bum and feel around for the sweet spot always seemed like too much for me.

I'll agree that no matter how many mental barriers you break down and how much you try, it still isn't for everybody, but it's absolutely one of my favorite ways to get off.

The intense stimulation from a prostate massager and the resulting incendiary orgasm that you can have back to back really sold me that it's all worth it in the end.

My introduction to prostate massagers was all thanks to my wife. She'd tried to get me to explore prostate massagers for years, since she doesn't have the luxury of having a prostate herself to fiddle around with. She wanted to know everything she could and heard good things herself.

I was to be both her guinea pig as well as someone she was trying to convince to try a good thing.

After much push back on my part, she eventually broke down all of my apprehensions by talking them through with me and we were off to buy my first prostate massager. Honestly, if it weren't for my wife and her ability to say things in a way I perfectly understand, I might never have peeled back the curtain for myself.

In the end, what's the worst thing that can go down? A little discomfort? Maybe some laughs? It's just a sex toy, I stopped overthinking it.

To keep a long story short, the first time I gave myself a prostate massage was a little strange, so many new sensations that I didn't really know how to process. There was definitely something to it, though, and I was quickly exploring it for everything it had to offer. It was a lovely sensation that I'd never felt before. The first few times, I never brought myself to orgasm because I still wasn't the greatest at pinpointing the right zones to hit. Now, I'm practically a dead-eye shooter.

Since then I've tried all kinds of prostate stimulators and many of them are much better than the others. When it comes to male masturbators, essentially anything that is an improvement on the hand can get points and at least be passable, but when it comes to prostate massagers a lot more design thought is required than what the average Amazon listed product provides.

Fleshlight Universal Launch Review

Not all rectums are created equal.

For this reason, choosing the right prostate massager for your bottom is a bit harder than buying a sex toy for your penis.

If you're a total beginner or you aren't aware of the width of your rectum and/or the depth of your prostate, I'd recommend you start with a toy that's a bit narrower in diameter and modest in length. 

Toys I always recommend to beginners are the Lovense Edge or the Lelo Hugo.

If you've used prostate toys before and you know that you have a wider rectum or you're looking for a toy that is going to give you a feeling of fullness, I'd recommend you check out the Lelo Loki, the Loki Wave or the Lelo Bruno. These toys are a bit more on the wider side.

If you're looking for a toy that's easy to insert and isn't too wide, the Aneros Helix Trident is fantastic. Because its a bit more narrow, you can maneuver it inside your rectum to stimulate your prostate in many different ways.

Want to learn more about those toys and some other prostate stimulators that I love?

Here are all of my top recommended prostate massagers:

My Favorite Prostate Massagers

My Top Pickdctblv2-table__imageThe Lovense Edge
  • Perfect for beginners and experts alike
  • Bendable design for easy fit
  • Large amount of custom vibration settings
View Latest Price →
The Runner-Updctblv2-table__imageThe Lelo Hugo
  • Longer than most prostate massagers
  • Motor in both perineum & anal end
  • Remote for easy switching of settings
View Latest Price →Coupon code: DRCLIMAX (15% off)
Big On Pleasuredctblv2-table__imageThe Aneros Helix Syn Trident
  • Small & easy to use
  • Semi-pliable silicone exterior for excellent firmness
  • Completely analog, no vibrations
View Latest Price →Coupon code: DRCLIMAX (15% off)
Easy To Adjustdctblv2-table__imageThe Lelo Loki
  • Extremely comfortable to insert & have inside of you
  • 6 Different vibration patterns
  • Design makes for easy access to controls while in use
View Latest Price →Coupon code: DRCLIMAX (15% off)
Biggest Optiondctblv2-table__imageThe Aneros Progasm
  • Stiff ABS plastic
  • Excellently shaped to capture the prostate
  • Compatible with silicone based lubes
View Latest Price →Coupon code: DRCLIMAX (15% off)
dctblv2-table__imageThe Lelo Loki Wave
  • Similar to the Loki but with added perineum stimulator
  • Unique "come-hither" motion for tickling the prostate
  • Medium sized prostate massager
View Latest Price →Coupon code: DRCLIMAX (15% off)
dctblv2-table__image The Lelo Billy
  • Smooth consistent body makes for simple insertion
  • Strong internal motor
  • Splashproof
View Latest Price →Coupon code: DRCLIMAX (15% off)
dctblv2-table__imageThe Lelo Bruno
  • Strong, varied vibration settings
  • Good for intermediate users
  • Excellent battery life
View Latest Price →Coupon code: DRCLIMAX (15% off)
dctblv2-table__imageThe PornhubToys Prostate Massager
  • Simple bullet vibrator inside of silicone shell
  • Easy to clean & use
  • Batteries can be replaced, no charge necessary
View Latest Price →
dctblv2-table__imageThe Nexus Revo 2
  • Full 360 degree rotation of head
  • Dimpled perineum stimulator
  • Powerful motors at both ends
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dctblv2-table__imageThe Njoy Pure Wand
  • Heavy steel puts weight on prostate in use
  • Excellently angled for prostate hunting
  • Easiest clean-up of all toys on this list
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dctblv2-table__imageThe Rocks Off Naughty Boy
  • Removable bullet vibrator
  • Uniquely shaped
  • Soft yet easily insertable
View Latest Price →Coupon code: DrClimax10 (10% off)

Lets go over 
each toy!

#1 - The Edge by Lovense (The #1 Choice For Beginners)

I could very well be biased because it was the first prostate massager I ever bought, but the Edge will always occupy a very special place in my heart. It very well might be my favorite of all of my prostate massagers.

It has 3.13 inches of insertable space which is more than enough to hit the prostate of just about anyone, seeing as how it typically lay somewhere in the 2-3 inch range past the sphincter. With a max diameter of 1.41 inches, it is a pinch below what is considered medium sized for something that goes up the behind.

Covered completed in 100% medical grade silicone, the Edge gives some of the most powerful and 100% customizable vibrations available. There are two motors in the toy, one at the business end and another at the other end of the handle that sits in the perineum and at least for me ends right about where my balls start. What really sets the Edge apart is that you can bend the prostate arm to better suit your personal biology which makes for a much more form-fit type of experience.

With the control offered by the Lovense app, a few dozen prostate orgasms have been placed under my belt thanks to the Edge.

Interested in learning more about this toy? The official Lovense store is the place to go.

#2 - The Hugo by Lelo (Medium Size, Large Pleasure)

The Hugo is a close contender to the Bruno and the Edge for my favorite prostate massager. As you can see, it's nearly identically shaped to both toys and also has the double motor design for prostate and perineum play.

It's a bit longer than many prostate massagers with something in the realm of 3.5-4 inches of insertable space but it is a bit more cylindrical than others with a maximum diameter of only 1.28 inches. Luckily, the bulbous part of the arm still extends to where the prostate hangs around so it's not like there's any risk of overshooting the good stuff. A bit more lubricant is necessary, but that's about it.

I like that it comes with a dedicated controller so there's no need to extend your arm behind yourself and feel around for any controls like some prostate massagers do, it's just not comfortable to have to do that and honestly this one experience I had where I pressed the higher intensity button instead of the lower intensity button still gives me the shivers.

Compared to other choices, it's a medium sized prostate massager that's good for beginners who don't want to muck about as well as those who have been around for a little bit and are looking for a size up from their training wheels. With a body safe silicone design and enough extra features to pack a real wallop, it fills that position nicely.

If you'd like to learn more about the Hugo you can read my review or check the official Lelo store!

#3 - The Helix Syn Trident by Aneros (The #1 Toy For Self-Stimulation

This is the only toy on this list that doesn't have a motor inside of it, but it makes up for it by being one of the most controllable and comfortable analog style prostate massagers available.

It's hard to tell from the picture, but it's actually a pretty small piece. There's four inches of insertable space to a mere one inch in diameter. Normally that would make a prostate massager not really worth the trouble since it wouldn't do too well at tracking down the prostate in the first place.

But, because of the minimalist handle design and the small but sturdy stem, you can wiggle around or do kegels to move the toy around inside of you in a way that can graze the prostate gland bit by bit, essentially you become the motor by either doing kegels to move it around from the inside or grabbing it by the handle and moving it around from the outside.

Bottom line is that it's an interesting design and when you don't want completely fullness or to wait for a battery to recharge, the Helix Syn Trident does the trick in record time.

Interested in learning more about this toy? The official Aneros store is the place to go.

#4 - The Loki by Lelo (The Most Comfortable Prostate Massager)

The Loki switches things up a bit in the prostate massager game. Instead of being a sort of butt plug with extra features, it's more like a club that you insert up your anus.

While it removes your ability to use it while you have pants on or while sitting/laying down, it has two distinct benefits. Firstly, you can much more easily control it yourself while in use because of how much the controls stick out of your behind. Next, if you have your hand on the handle you have the ability to gently rotate or otherwise move the toy around inside you, which will help a lot of people understand what parts of the anal cavity is most sensitive.

It's a tad longer with 3.9 inches of insertable space, but it is very gently curved and there's some plushness to the silicone that does it a lot of favors with comfort and insertion.

With it's long, snug fit and 6 different vibration patterns that you can set the intensity on yourself, it really sets the a good benchmark for quality for this style of prostate massager.

To learn more about the Loki you can check out the official Lelo store!

#5 - The Progasm by Aneros (Large And In Charge)

The Progasm by Aneros is a prostate massager that's here to make you cum and chew bubblegum, and it's definitely all out of gum.

It is a slight departure from other big name toys in that it is made from ABS plastic as opposed to silicone. The functional difference here means that you can use a silicone based lube (recommended for anything anal) and that it will be much more stiff compared to a silicone stimulator. Some prefer this, as they find the slight amount of give that silicone provides robs them of force required to make their prostates sing in delight.

There's 4.5'' of insertable room and it is 1.3'' in diameter at its widest point, that's fairly long for a prostate massager. However, if you notice the dip where the top bulb ends, it's perfect for cradling a massive portion of the prostate for generalized rubbing instead of pinpoint stimulation of the prostate. That's exactly where this toy's strengths lay, few toys are able to stimulate such a large amount of the prostate's surface area as easily as the Progasm does.

The balls at the bottom of the toy are also an interesting addition. They provide strong sensations to both the base of the spine and the perineum itself for what I like to call full spectrum prostate play. Heck, even the tab at the bottom serves a great purpose in allowing you to wiggle the toy around while it is inside you to inch yourself closer to the sometimes elusive P-spot.

If you'd like a slightly larger prostate massager, the Vice by Aneros is a great alternative.

#6 - The Loki Wave by Lelo (The #1 Prostate/Perineum Combo)

The Loki Wave is essentially the older brother to the Loki with some added features. It has a smaller insertable length with 3.54 inches and a diameter of 1.5 inches. "Big" tends to start at above this diameter, with 1.75 inches being the de-facto "large" size for prostate massagers and butt plugs.

You can notice immediately from the picture is that an extra arm was added. What's this for, you may ask? Nothing other than some good old fashioned perineum stimulation. You'd be surprised how sensitive the gooch can be and if you place it right some of the vibrations from this arm can radiate deep inside the anal cavity for an extremely arousing experience.

The main claim to fame and it's namesake however is the waving "come hither" motion on offer from the prostate arm. It gently wiggles itself forward in a beckoning motion in a way that caresses the prostate like no other toy I've ever laid my hands on. Since the prostate can be kind of elusive and try to get away sometimes, having the toy reach out for it has helped me cross the finish line into orgasm on more than one occasion.

I was worried at first it was just a re-brand with an extra arm, but it's proven to be much more.

Learn more about the Loki Wave at the official Lelo store.

#7 - The Billy by Lelo (The #1 Toy For Small Bums)

The Lelo Billy, as in billy club, is the most gently curved and easy to insert of the prostate massagers on this list.

With an insertable length of 3.9 inches and a diameter of 1.1 inches, it puts comfort at the forefront of the experience. The gentle curve that favors prostate stimulation is what makes it different enough to not be considered a weird kind of butt plug, and the strong motor inside makes it worth it even though the head doesn't have any sharp curves to latch on to the edges of the prostate gland.

The different settings on offer are all pretty interesting and the intensity goes up to the level where you might want to have something to bite down on if you can't be caught making noise.

It isn't entirely waterproof however, which is something it doesn't have going for it compared to the other toys on this list. Still, it isn't enough to make it not worth stopping to look at.

Check out the official Lelo store to learn more or read my full review!

#8 - Bruno Lelo (Hugo's Twin Brother)

The Lelo Bruno has recently became one of my favorite prostate massagers when I want a feeling of fullness while still getting the targeted prostate stimulation I've come to love so much.

The Bruno's measurements are 5.2'' x  6.6'' x 1.6'' which is slightly larger than the Hugo in length and width but the same in diameter.

It has a built-in dual-motor design which means there's a vibrating motor inside both the anal end and the perineum end.

Lelo doesn't let either me or my wife down when it comes to their toys, I do think the premium they charge isn't always 100% justified but it isn't bad enough for me to make a serious stand on the issue. All of our Lelo toys have stood the test of time and can even still hold a charge more or less the same way they did when we first unboxed them.  They offer a 1 year no hassle warranty on all their products and also offer a 10 year guarantee that if your product becomes faulty within 10 years of purchase, you're entitled to a 50% discount on any future purchase on their website.

As time has gone on and I've learned more and more about prostate massagers, I'm glad I stopped to take a look at Bruno even though I am usually more in the mood for Hugo.

Want to learn more about the Bruno? Check out the official Lelo store or read my full review!

#9 - The Pornhub Toys Prostate Massager 

Pornhub isn't settling for living completely online anymore and they've brought their passion for pleasure into the physical realm by releasing a, well, buttload of toys for our collective enjoyment.

The one that caught my eye was their Vibrating Prostate Massager, for more than one reason.

Firstly, I've learned just how much I love perineum stimulation and the little textured bumps on the perineum end. The toy is powered by a bullet vibrator that goes into the base of the toy, which scared me because I didn't like that there wasn't a dedicated motor in the prostate end. Out of the 7 vibration speeds on the toy, there are definitely about two or three that carry the vibrations far enough for this to not be much of an issue. In the end, I still had more than a few prostate orgasms thanks to this toy. 

It isn't intimidatingly large, but is still big enough, and has enough ergonomic features like the bends in the shaft and the bumps on the perineum end to be worthwhile. It's in my opinion one of the best prostate massagers that is powered by a non-rechargeable battery.

Check out the official PornHub Toys store to learn more about this toy and other PornHub Toys.

#10 - The Revo 2 by Nexus: (The Best Automatic Prostate Stimulator)

It's not always easy to track down the prostate, but I got better over time. Still, what impressed me about the Revo 2 is the rotating head.

This motorized prostate massager has two different motors inside of it, one on the perineum part of the handle and the other in the head of the toy. Three different settings for the perineum vibrator and two rotation speeds on the shaft are on offer.

It rubs the prostate as opposed to just using vibrations, which is as tantalizing as it is simple with the Revo 2. Extra style points for making bumps on the handle, it makes for some next-level perineum fun.

I like it and think all the right aspects of prostate stimulation were put into consideration for this toy. I always wonder what the design meetings for these things must go like. The idea that some firm makes detailed blueprints for high tech things that go up your behind completely non-ironically always entertains me. You go, that guy.

The Revo 2 earns it's spot by having two powerful motors and for the rubbing action that's not always easy to get with the average prostate massager.

You can check the price at Lovehoney if you're interested (they offer the best price).

#11 - The Pure Wand by Njoy (More Than Just A Prostate Toy)

This one doubles as both a G-spot stimulator as well as a prostate massager. It's made entirely from medical grade stainless steel and comes in at 1.5 pounds.

And as far as a prostate massager goes, it does the job superbly. It's shaped perfectly for the male anatomy. In total, it's eight inches long but it's that 1.5 inch in diameter steel ball that does all of the persuading when it comes to prostate milking. The 1.5 pounds put me off initially, but the added weight is perfect for pressing onto the prostate, there's a bit of tissue between the anal wall and the prostate itself, the heft really does the trick.

Since it's made from stainless steel, cleaning it is absurdly simple, which is fantastic for something that's meant to go up your rear end. Just throw it in a pot of boiling water of wash thoroughly with soap and water. It's super low-maintenance like that. 

Make sure to keep a firm grip on it though, the added weight should be controlled at all times.

Want to learn more about the Pure Wand?

You can read my review or check the price at Lovehoney (they offer the best price).

#12 - The Rocks Off Naughty Boy (True To Its Name)

A real slim & slender number meant to help people track down their prostate easily even if other toys just couldn't seem to get the job done, the Rocks Off Naughty Boy from Fleshlight knows a thing or two about the male prostate. It is made from body-safe silicone, something that's a bit of a rarity for a Fleshlight toy.

It is 8'' long with 4'' of that being insertable, making it all but guaranteed that hitting your prostate is at least possible regardless of personal biology. At its widest point, it is 1.5'' wide but the tip itself is closer to 1'' in diameter.

The vibrations come from an included bullet vibe called the RO-80 that's actually pretty worthwhile for a generic bullet vibe. It sits in the perineum arm that rests in between the anus and the genitals so that's where the vibrations are strongest. They do conduct themselves nicely throughout the whole body of the toy, but it is obviously less strong the further you go away from the perineum end.

This vibrator is completely detachable from the silicone body, this makes cleanup ludicrously simple as you can hit the main body of the toy with as much water as you'd like without having to worry about frying the battery of the vibrator.

The shape allows the tip to move perfectly to hunt down the p-spot, I usually get to enjoy my first prostate orgasm within the first 15 minutes and from there it's just a prostate milking bonanza.

Budget-Friendly Prostate Massagers

The prostate massagers above are mostly all what would be considered "luxury" or higher-end prostate massagers, they sell for a higher price point and are the best in the best at what they do. However, I understand that's not exactly what everyone is looking for. Some of those among us might want something less expensive than can get the job done, or feel that the prostate massagers above go above and beyond what they're looking for. There's nothing wrong with that, some toys have extra features you'd rather not pay for while others are just simply too advanced.

So for that reason, here are some more prostate massagers that go across the board from good to fantastic, but might not necessarily be making any "best of" lists any time soon because there are tons of prostate stimulators that are "objectively" better.

Typically silicone toys command a pretty high price, seldom under $70 dollars, so when I saw this guy staring me in the face for under $40 I knew I just had to check it out.

With 5'' of insertable space and a diameter of 1.3'' at it's widest point, it isn't too small nor is it too big.

The insertion point at the end is tapered well to make getting the toy in nice and comfortable, but you'll still need to bring your favorite water based lube along for the ride. The big bulb is slightly intimidating at first, but couples with the gentle curve and small reprieve from the thin stem directly after it actually really helps tickle the prostate just the way I like it.

Vibrations are powered by a small bullet vibrator at the bottom, but thankfully there's more than just a single setting. There's two different speeds and three different patterns so I truly consider this toy the perfect "training wheels" for someone on the fence about buying any of the more expensive options above that have tons of different features.

The perineum end functions more as a handle than a perineum massager thanks to the huge insertable length of the toy, but I don't really mind, the vibe is placed intelligently so vibrations can make their way all the way to the end of the toy regardless.

The Tantus Prostate Play (Firm, But Kind)

Tantus is pretty much one of the best midrange sex toy manufacturers there is. They're trustworthy, their toys are more than just convenient ways to deal with leftover materials, and I'm actually a bit of a fan of their overall designs if I'm being completely honest.

This 100% silicone prostate massager has a maximum diameter of 1.1'' with 4'' of insertable space, so it's excellent for any beginners since 1.1'' is pretty much the lowest you can go without your toy being considered a pencil. The 4'' of insertable space might seem like more than the typical 2-3'' necessary to hit the prostate, but the way the toy droops down makes it so that extra inch functions more as a curve to hug the prostate than anything else.

I'll also add that I really think Tantus has some kind of physiologist on hand because they keep cranking out toys that are very ergonmically designed. It's really difficult for me to figure out a scenario in which I'd use Tantus and discomfort in the same sentence, besides that one of course.

It's entirely waterproof (including the vibrator) and there's three different speeds to choose from. When it's all said and done, just give everything a good rinse with some mild soap and you'll be ready to milk your prostate another day.

This thing looks way more like something that comes out of the butt than something that goes in, but let's not focus on that too much now, shall we? This is the single most all-encompassing budget prostate massager I've ever seen, and it's completely different from anything else on the market.

It's a 10'' long prostate massager than can be bent into whatever shape you'd like, including straight (this means it can double as a vibrator if you'd like a toy your partner can use too) and 1.6'' at its widest point, giving it some serious mettle.

Also worth noting is that it is completely waterproof and powered by 2 AAA batteries no plugs or recharging to speak of. The vibrator within works with a simple one-button operating philosophy to swap through any of the 10 different functions. Of these functions, the first three are simple low-medium-high vibrations while the remaining seven are all unique patterns meant to coax an orgasm out from your tushie.

While it is bendable, you'll have to set it up before insertion since it actually does a pretty good job at retaining its shape while in use, although a bit of rocking back and forth will eventually change its form. Hopefully you'll be too engrossed in the experience like I was to notice it changing shape.

All in all, I actually really like what this toy offers since it's an affordable one-size-fits all option that you'd be hard pressed to find something truly wrong with. In fact, this toy might even deserve a spot in the list above as opposed to this miscellaneous section.

Having Trouble Finding Your P-Spot?

As fantastic as prostate milking and prostate massagers themselves are, lots of people have difficult tracking down their sweet spots and actually getting the full experience from their toys. The prostate is 2'' to 3'' deep inside the anal cavity, and you'll have to use the toy to push the walls of this cavity towards the prostate and rub it the right way.

So, if you're having lots of trouble one tip I give to people sometimes is t pick a toy that's between 3'' to 4'' and of a medium size. Once you've done that, just insert the toy and start feeling around. The prostate faces the front of the body, so angled toys typically work best. Using your anus itself as a fulcrum, start rubbing the area that faces the front of your body slowly and carefully. You're trying to slowly hone in on the areas where the pleasurable sensations begin to come, and from there find out where they are the strongest. 

Your first few times might take a while as you learn the ropes, but I assure you that every man has a P-spot and every man can derive squirm-inducing pleasure from it. At the risk of sounding like one of your friends on social media that just started going to the gym: never give up!


Considering how against it I was in the beginning, it's kind of surprising how many different prostate massagers I've gone through and still have. My first prostate orgasm changed how I view things entirely, and I'm glad I decided to explore my body to better understand what kind of sensations are on offer.

Back to the topic at hand though, it should be noted that all of these toys are made from 100% body-safe silicone with some having bits of ABS plastic around the buttons or somewhere on the handle. This means that cleaning with soap and water is super easy and will leave your toy fresh and ready to go for another session in no time. This also means that you shouldn't use silicone based lubes for these toys, instead opting to go with either oil or water based. If you'd like to learn more about how to use a prostate massager, I've written an in-depth guide.

Also, all of these toys are waterproof except for the Billy, which is merely water-resistant. What I've noticed is that water-resistant means you won't have to worry about it when giving it a rinse while cleaning, but it isn't shower safe.

Whatever you settle on, best of luck and may all of your orgasms be explosive.

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