Fleshlight Quickshot Launch Review

Everything You Should Know About The Quickshot Launch

Written by: Don Watson | Updated: May 7, 2023

The experts in masturbatory excellence at Fleshlight have done it again. 

They've taken the ever so popular Launch and combined it with the Quickshot to create the Quickshot Launch.

Being a huge fan of the concept of the original Launch, I decided I needed to be one of the first people to own the new Quickshot Launch. I immediately ordered it the minute they released it on their website.

Here's what I learned after using it:

The Fleshlight Quickshot is extremely unique from the other full-sized Fleshlights with just one opening. The toy has an opened ended design, it's only 3.5 inches long and was made with the idea that it would be used as an adjunct to oral sex or just a toy you wouldn't have to worry about cleaning up afterwards since you could just prepare a hanky for your after-spanky. 

Fleshlight has decided to upgrade what the Quickshot is capable of by offering something brand  new, the Fleshlight Quickshot Launch. I was lucky enough to be able to snatch up one of these as soon as I found out they were on the market. In fact, I probably had one from the first batch that came out. You know what they say about the first iteration of anything, but I just couldn't resist.

Since then, this product has become extremely popular, which is indicated by the hundreds of verified customer reviews at Fleshlight.

Let's take a look-see at what this product is all about, shall we?

What Exactly Is The Quickshot Launch?

To put it simply, this is a product that can allow for the masturbation experience to be completely automated with no need for the end user to move the toy around themselves. This isn't the first time Fleshlight has played with this idea, as they already have the regular Launch available that's compatible with their full-sized offerings.

The regular Launch wasn't without some issues, though. Many complained that the touch-controls were difficult to use as anything from a bit of leftover lube or perspiration/other moisture immediately made the controls harder to use when the Launch was started up. Plus the touch controls were misleading, the scrollable nature of the buttons made people believe the movements could be fine tuned when in reality there's about 2-3 distinct settings for each option.

On top of it all, it was kind of a football shaped toy that didn't have much to grab on to, especially with one hand covered in lube. Factor in all of the necessary fumbling around to get a session going, the battery life wasn't always being used at 100% efficiency either. It was groundbreaking for the time, but we've been able to refine our tastes since then and now we want something a little more well thought out. Enter the Quickshot Launch.

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 Upon it's release, Fleshlight released a promotional video that really needs to be seen to be believed. I don't want to ruin it by giving any context before you watch the video, just look at how they decided to promote this thing:

Oh boy. That space ship just got laid.

But what about the toy itself? What does the Quickshot Launch do exactly and how is it worthwhile?

How Does This Automatic Masturbator Work?

So what we have here is a completely automated apparatus meant to hold a Fleshlight Quickshot that will offer you a completely different experience than what most "blowjob machines" or "auto strokers" will offer.

First off, the handles on this thing are very significant and truly do look like controls you'd see in a spaceship cockpit. This immediately opens up the Quickshot Launch to be used in just about every position you couldn't use the regular Launch in without risking a penile fracture.

Maybe I want to lay across two chairs and have my wang hanging downwards through the middle space, is that not something I should have the freedom to do?

They also decided to completely do away with the touch controls that required you to swirl your fingers in a circle to change the settings. Now, there are buttons on the top of both handles that are molded for the thumb so just a quick twitch up or down will have the settings changed instantly. Fumbling about is not something that goes in the same sentence as the Quickshot Launch.

What do these two buttons control, exactly?

Well, the right handle controls stroke speed where the left handle controls stroke length. The touch controls of the original Launch were a little deceiving, they gave off the impression you could very carefully change the stroke speed and length, Fleshlight didn't do us like that this time around. There are four different stroke lengths and four different stroke speeds. Stroke length refers to how far the toy will move up and down in a single stroke and of course stroke speed is how fast those strokes are.

The fastest speed offers 250 strokes per minute, or just a touch shy above four strokes per second.  Just try and do that with your hand quickly and you'll see that that's pretty significant. I take no responsibility for any wrist sprains should you try it on for size yourself.

Another fun feature of the Quickshot Launch is that you can get it to focus on either the tip, shaft, or base of the penis and then use the two buttons to further customize the stroke length and speed in those areas.

The button for this is placed on the side of the left handle. Whoever thinks we aren't living in either the greatest or the weirdest timeline should start reconsidering their position on the matter.

If you're wondering what all the bits at the top are supposed to be, that's the smartphone mount so you aren't forced to sit down at a computer if you want to have some visual aid at the ready. Have a tissue on hand if you plan on using it like that though, it's kind of in the line of fire.

Finally I'll touch on the battery life of this toy. If you charge it up, you can expect a full hour out of the toy before it needs a recharge. However, you can also use the toy while it's plugged in charging as it is pass through enabled, so as long you have power close by you won't have to worry about not being able get some use of out this automatic masturbator.

My Experience Using The Toy

As soon as I saw this thing I knew I had to have it. It looked like they improved upon all of the issues reported with the original Launch and I mean, there's just something about the handles and overall design of the toy that attract me to it.

So now about actually using the thing. I plugged it in and let it charge out of the box and then got to figuring out how to get it going. First, I had to take my Quickshot (I usually use the Vantage, the clear one), take off both of the end caps, and then twist it into place on the cradle in the middle of the toy. I tried shaking it around a bit inside the cradle and found it to sit pretty securely, if you have any issues with that I'd recommend trying to twist it into place a pinch more.

It wouldn't be much of a review if I didn't go through everything it had to offer, so I decided to see how well the smartphone mount works. It's customizable enough that you should be able to fit just about any size smartphone into it and have it secure so you won't be worrying about it dropping to the ground. The viewing angle can also be changed by loosening and then re-tighting a wingnut, which I thought was a nice touch because I positioned it to minimize the risk of any splash damage.

Now comes starting the sucker. Hold down the power button for three seconds and it's on. From there, you can either tap the power button to pause/play the toy or hold it for another four seconds to turn it off. Very often, there's a moment when I have a toy like this in my hand, erect penis at the ready, and I think to myself "am I really about to do this?" That feeling melts away pretty quickly after revving it up, though. Yeah, I'm a sucker for these things.

After lubing up myself and the Quickshot that was snugly inside the Launch, it was time to see what this thing could do.

I really like the handles, personally. They are very ergonomically shaped and the grooves on the places where your palms rest makes it so that even if your hands have a bit of extra lube on them you'll still be able to hold the toy in place firmly. After a bit of fluffing on my own, it was all systems go.

The bottom of the Quickshot Launch is soft and sits nicely over top of the skin so I was already pretty comfortable with where this was going to end up taking me. It's a lot more open concept at the bottom than the original Launch, which had a large portion of the toy resting on your naked body. This feels a lot less strange, for sure.

Each different speed setting pretty much changes the stroke per second by 1. The first setting being about one and the last being somewhere around four. I doubt they work out to be exactly one extra stroke per second but it's close enough for me to be able to say that without feeling like I'm leading anyone astray.

And with stroke length, the four different settings on their own make for an interesting experience, but with a quick tap of a button on the left handle you can have some very specialized work done on either the tip, shaft, or base of your penis. I found that working my way up and down while playing with the speed settings could create some pretty cool waves of pleasure, although some of it must have been mental.

The fastest setting is staggeringly powerful and intense. It took me a few sessions before I was able to handle it while standing up, so don't say I didn't warn you. There's just about every option you'd want out of an automatic masturbator, all the boxes are ticked as far as customization and range of sensations are concerned. Whether it's a slow tease or a jaw-clenching session I want, the Quickshot Launch provides. It's pretty fun to match the intensity of the toy to the intensity of the video on my phone. Pro-tip: there's a few adult videos out there that rip off Guitar Hero except your wang is the "guitar", with differing intensities as the video goes on. The Quickshot Launch is practically made for those videos, I tell you what.

What's also different about this compared to the original Launch is that you'll have to figure out where you'll finish before you get going. I always have a rag close by, tissues just aren't going to cut it when it comes to the mess I make using this thing, and I also didn't want any unfortunate messages on my smartphone.

I love this thing, and as far as automated sex machines go this one might reign king over all of them I've tried, although the Onyx 2 still holds the heavyweight belt as far as penile Roombas are concerned.

Things I LOVE About It - The Pros

Beside's what I just said above, the main reason I reach for this toy over other toys is the Quickshot Launch's ability to target the tip, shaft, or base of the penis especially. It makes the stroke length feature a lot more in-depth than it was on the previous Fleshlight Launch.

The Quickshot Launch does a fantastic job at massaging the head of your penis and if you get good enough on the controls (which shouldn't take you long after using it a few times) you'll be able to simulate the feeling of a blowjob quite nicely, I can't say there hasn't been a time or two where I felt the desire to put my hand on top of the toy as if it were someone's head.

My absolute favorite thing to do with my Quickshot Launch is to find a nice blowjob POV video of one of my favorite actresses, insert my phone into the manhood into the Quickshot sleeve and the rest I'll leave to your imagination.

Things I Don't Like About It - The Cons

It's definitely worth mentioning the one specific downside that was semi-obvious for me (even before I bought the toy).

I kind of mentioned it above already.

Depending on how much distance your average cum shot has, the smartphone mount could be within the line of fire and at risk of "splash damage".

I myself haven't personally experienced any issues with this and therefore haven't had any jizz related technical malfunctions on my smartphone, but it's something I've been semi-cautious about since I bought the toy. 

All jokes a side, there is a good amount of distance between where most peoples penis' will reach and the smartphone mount. I'd just recommend being ready to slip your phone out of the toy before you ejaculate. This will prevent any chance of potential splash damage. 

Another option is to invest in a waterproof case... While you may think I'm joking, I'd be lying if I said I hadn't slipped on my own waterproof case to simulate ejaculating on several of my favorite pornstars faces.

Yeah, I went there. Don't laugh or knock-it until you try it...

Do I Recommend It?

In case this review hasn't made my opinion on the Quickshot Launch clear enough, this is without a doubt a toy I'd recommend to any man looking for a realistic masturbation experience. 

The Quickshot Launch is one of several semi-autonomous male masturbators that provides an experience which in my opinion is not properly defined by the term "masturbation" or at least not in the conventional sense of the word. The feeling of using this toy is more more similar to the sensation of someone else jerking you off (while obviously not exactly the same). It's definitely a toy I don't regret purchasing, it's been well worth the price I paid to acquire it.

Don't take my word for it, you can read hundreds of verified customer reviews at Fleshlight!

Where I Bought Mine

I've bought all of the Fleshlight products I own directly from the official Fleshlight website

They always offer the best deal and often have some stellar sales, even for minor holidays. I always buy direct from the manufacturer when it comes to any toys with mechanical parts, the risk involved if you receive a defective unit and have to deal with a shop that won't help you out is never worth any perceived savings.

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If you use any of the links on this page, you'll be taken directly to the Fleshlight website where you'll receive free shipping on your order!

Honestly, Steve Shubin (the CEO of Fleshlight) is nothing short of the Elon Musk of jerking off. It might sound flouncy or over-inflated, but someone has to be best, right? and when it comes to male masturbators, that's Fleshlight.

They took the world of male masturbators from weird uncanny valley looking flesh tubes to perfectly thought out self-contained masturbators that have orifices that are just sexy enough without trying to be something they're not. They even went as far as having a line of male masturbators that have their orifices molded from those of famous pornstars, if the top of the jerk-off material game is collaborating with a sex toy manufacturer, you can bet your biscuit they're the top of the jerk-off supply game.

Your favorite girl might have her own custom molded sleeve, read my Fleshlight Girls review to learn more about this line.

You can also Build-Your-Own Custom Fleshlight for literally a couple dollars more than a normal sleeve.

It's actually rather impressive how expansive their catalog is and how vast the options are on their store. There's a Fleshlight/male masturbator for men of all sizes and preferences, and there's even toys like the Fleshlight Ice for the voyeurism inclined and the Sex In A Can line for those with subtlety in mind.

You can read my review of the best Fleshlights I've tried if you'd like to assess all of the options available to you.

Final Thoughts

This toy is actually worth the price tag that accompanies it and there's only one place where there's room for improvement and that's that there should probably be some kind of way to protect your phone from the eventual consequences of the climax. I'm always at the ready, but I don't know if others will be. But for what it's trying to accomplish, the Quickshot Launch does so spectacularly. It's pretty lightweight, is supremely comfortable and easy to use, and clearly had a lot more thought put into it than most toys with a similar function, the phone thing notwithstanding.

The fact that you can use it while charging really sold it for me, I'm going to be using this sucker for a long time to come, but I know it won't be taking me a long time to cum.

Okay, lame joke, but you get the picture.

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Ss - September 16, 2019 Reply

The damn thing is almost as good as a really good bj. Many women cant even come close to what this thing can do. You can still get a better bj but man you will never even come close with your hand or any other toy!

    Don Watson - September 18, 2019 Reply

    I was very careful not to oversell the Quickshot Launch when writing this review. I do tend to agree with you though. This toy does an unbelievable job of simulating a blowjob. If I had the choice, I’d still take a real bj from my beloved wife 10 times out of 10, but if she’s out of town or isn’t in the mood, this is the toy I usually reach for.

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