Riley Reid Fleshlight Review:

The Riley Reid Utopia & Euphoria Fleshlight Sleeves

Written by: Don Watson | Updated: April 1, 2023

Ah, Riley Reid.

While she may not be your "favorite" (or maybe she is), but if you're reading this review, I'm willing to bet that you've spanked the money while watching one of her videos at least once.

Anyways, Riley has her very own Fleshlight , two actually, her vaginal sleeve (The Utupia) and her anal sleeve (the Euphoria). 

I bought both of Riley Reid's Fleshlights to test them against other Fleshlights I've used.

Here's a riddle for you:

Q-Tips, Kleenex, and Fleshlight.

Can you guess the connection between all of these items?

I'm not Dora The Explorer, I can't hear you when you yell at the screen, so I'll just have to assume you want to know the answer.

They're all brand name items that have become so popular and commonplace in their industries that they have replaced the generic terms for each of those items. Generic wise, these items are cotton swabs, tissue paper, and male masturbators. It takes more than just fancy marketing and a large corporation to get to this point with any product, let alone one as risqué as a male masturbator. The product also has to be phenomenal and worth talking about, otherwise people would have no idea what you're referring to when you mention the brand name. 

Safe to say, the fact that any old male masturbator can be and often is referred to as a "Fleshlight" offhand is a testament to staying power of this brand.

Of course all of that fame and fortune means it gets reinvested into new, fancy ways to work a shaft. After partnering up with petite pornographic starlet Riley Reid, this is what Fleshlight managed to give us:

Design & Specs

The Riley Reid Fleshlight is part of a bigger line of toys called Fleshlight Girls. I love the idea of this line, they use professional modelers (some rumored to be from formerly from Disney) to cast a perfect replica of the actresses' vagina and anus which is then used as the orifice of the toy.

I've actually written a standalone post about all of the Fleshlight Girls sleeves I've tried.

The internals themselves are thought up by the geniuses back at the Fleshlight laboratory as they figure out what kind of ridges and valleys they'll put in all for our pleasure. Cap it all off with a fancy name and there you have it.

Like I said above, Fleshlight molded two sleeves for Riley, the Utopia sleeve and the Euphoria sleeve:

As far as the Utopia sleeve is concerned, it's been pretty intelligently designed if you take a look at the cross-section. It slowly and subtly tapers down becoming tighter and tighter as you move down the sleeve. It's much more intricate than a simple funnel for the baloney pony: The entrance to the sleeve is on the tighter side which then gives way to a chamber containing multiple long protrusions that move back and forth like seaweed in a strong current. The second "bottleneck" is an interestingly designed slit that kind of reminds me of those special valves where insertion requires more effort than removal, the same principle works just great in a sex toy, I'll let you know that much. After that it's the tapered portion where there are multiple rows for small protrusions that cover 360 degrees of the inner cylindrical shape. Since it is a full-sized Fleshlight, there's also a bit of unusable space that functions as air pocket towards the end of the toy.

There's not much else to it really, a well-designed case coupled with a well-designed sleeve all in the hopes of delivering a well-designed orgasm.

What about Riley's Euphoria anal sleeve?

Get your own The Utopia and use code DrClimax10 at checkout for a 10% discount

The Riley Reid Euphoria sleeve is extremely tight, maybe even a bit too tight for some dudes (namely larger guys, though I still enjoy it myself). 

The opening is 0.4” wide, and it's actually one of the tighter Fleshlight sleeves available. After passing through the first few chambers of the sleeve, the first two chambers, the sleeve becomes separated by wider cross ribs, which creates an even tighter opening. Each chamber measures 2.7" in length and slowly get tighter around your manhood. The third and final chamber starts at 6.5 inches into the sleeve, not everyone will venture this far, but don't  sweat it, chamber 2 is where most of the fun is anyways.

You can buy the sleeves individually, but that's assuming you already have a Fleshlight with a case you can use. These cases come in a few different colors depending on which model you buy (Fleshlight Girls sleeves come with a white case) and measure in at 9.75'' in total length with an insertable length of 8.5'', so the only people who can't go balls deep in this toy are the type that really can't go balls deep really anywhere. 

You can build your own Fleshlight at the official Fleshlight website using either of Riley's sleeves.

I think the ridiculously well-endowed are more cursed than they are blessed that way, as I know all too well how nice slamming into the plush feel of a male masturbator can be.

A notable feature with the Fleshlight case is that there are two caps on both ends, one is simply the cap to make sure the toy doesn't come into contact with the environment around you while the back cap is a downright brilliant addition. By adjusting how tight the end cap is, total control of the amount of suction within the Fleshlight is right at our fingertips.

My Thoughts After Using It

I'm a band-wagoner and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

The Riley Reid Fleshlight is one of the best selling and most talked about Fleshlight sleeves in general, let alone just in the category of Fleshlight Girls. I had to find out what all the fuss was about. I figured there had to be some reason this toy had so much praise for more reasons than Riley Reid's knockout popularity. 

Riley is currently #3 on Pornhub (at the time I'm writing this), but this sleeve in particular as well as the Stoya Destroya rank extremely highly whenever I see people talking about which Fleshlight Girls sleeves they like best. I've written a complete review on Stoya's Fleshlight if you'd like to learn more about it.

There's definitely more going on with this Fleshlight than just a pretty face and photogenic pussy & ass.

First off, even though it is molded from a real flesh-and-blood vagina I'm glad it doesn't cross into uncanny valley territory. I can look it right in the eye and not feel disgusted or like I'm some kind of serial killer with disembodied body parts laying around. It really is a photogenic vagina, like if there was an Cover Girl magazine for vaginas I can imagine this one beside Oprah's on the front cover.

I lubed up the toy and my member like I always do before using a Fleshlight. Don't try to go without lube of some kind, use water in the shower if you absolutely have to. You risk chafing and possibly even some rough desensitization of your manhood if you skip the lube. Go with water-based as that's the type of lube the recommended Fleshlube is.

After a succulently tight squeeze past the initial opening and the first little squeeze trap I find the tip of my penis treated to a wonderful carwash like sensation as I push the long, perky protrusions out of the way with the rest of my manhood. The next part of the sleeve is one of the smallest portions but also one of my favorite. It's another "squeeze trap" as I call them as it's a smaller opening meant to increase pressure on the penis. Its design is almost space-age though, I love having to put a bit more oomph into pushing past it but whenever I pull back out there's no discomfort whatsoever, just a light little caress goodbye.

When the toy begins to narrow down, that's when the real fireworks start to go off. At this point I'll almost always immediately grab the suction cap and start twisting until I figure out exactly what my body needs for that specific jack-off session. The feelings of increased pressure are extremely difficult to explain, it isn't necessarily a pin-pointable sensation like a flicking your elbow or rubbing the underside of your shaft for instance, it's more like a major increase in general pleasure that feels like the toy itself is trying to suck the jizz right from my body. For what it's worth, that is exactly what this toy does.

It did not take me long to see why this toy has some serious staying power as one of the most popular Fleshlight Girls sleeves even though a few others have came out since. I hope they reuse some of the concepts from this sleeve in future ones, some of these structures would be interesting in sleeves that have a bit of a different focus to them.

The sleeve is intricate but not so busy that you don't know what part exactly is making you feel good and why, and definitely tends towards what men say they like most: lots of stimulation and great tightness.

Now (after waiting probably about 30 minutes tops), it was time to check out the Riley Reid anal Fleshlight.

After lubing it up, slipping myself in and getting a feel for each of the three chambers, I quickly realized why many dudes praise the Euphoria anal sleeve over the Utupia vaginal sleeve, the thing feels fantastic. The first chamber is lovely, but a tad but wide to spend all of your time inside of. The second chamber is a bit tighter and if it's where the sleeve ended, it'd probably still be a favorite of mine. The third sleeve is where some real magic can happen, it's slightly tighter than the second chamber and it provides a very nice suction feeling around the tip of your penis.

It's really hard for me to pick a winner between the two, but what I would say is this:

  • If you'd rather a toy that you can thrust into and fuck like a real vagina, the Utopia sleeve is much better to simulate a real vagina (besides the esthetics of it. Choose the Utopia sleeve.
  • If you'd rather a toy thats capable of simulating someone sucking on your penis (with a concentration on your tip once you make it past the first chamber). Choose the Euphoria sleeve.

Where's The Best Place To Buy It?

I picked up this sultry girl right from the Fleshlight website directly, it's what I do for all things Fleshlight. Free shipping is always easy to qualify for plus they offer the best deals on genuine Fleshlight products.

Want to save moey? Like to save money? Use "DrClimax10" at checkout for 10% off your purcahse. Click here to redeem!

I've never received a sleeve or case that should have been rejected at the factory and shipping is always prompt and professional. There isn't a whole lot to say about my purchasing experiences with Fleshlight except that they're exactly how they should be: uncomplicated and functional.


As far as all of their Girls sleeves go, the Riley Reid Utopia is the embodiment of a crowd-pleasing sleeve. It isn't a jack of-all-trade sleeve as in just about every sensation is represented, but what men stereotypically think of when it comes to a rockin' good time is.

Lube it up and let our imagination go wild. Toys like this are meant to be finished into for a reason, you know damn well I'm not pulling out early.

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