How To Build Your Own Custom Fleshlight:

A Guide To Building Your Own Fleshlight

Written by: Don Watson | Updated: June 15th, 2023

Everything is a little better when it's customized just for you. It can be your car or your favorite jacket, there's something to say about taking a mass-produced item and truly making it your own through some tweaks.

That very same feeling can now be enjoyed with Fleshlights by using the Build A Fleshlight option on their site. Do you wish you could have a differently colored case than the standard black? 

And with that case, a sleeve you've chosen yourself based on your preferences and nobody else's? On top of it all, wouldn't it be nice if all of that was possible at the same price a regular Fleshlight sells for anyways?

Well, there's no wouldn't it be nice, because that actually is the case of course, so it actually is nice. The entire process is easy to navigate and actually pretty fun, you'll see the product update in real time as you select different bits and pieces until you have yourself a fully-fledged male masturbator that's ready to hit the sheets and make itself known.

Build Your Own Fleshlight

To get started, you can click this link here to be taken to the build a Fleshlight page. The rest of this article will help differentiate all of the choices available to you and will give tips on what's most recommended.

Step 1: Pick Your Fleshlight Case

Extremely straightforward, just pick the color of case you'd like best, what is available can often vary based on inventory, but the total range of options when their site is fully stocked is: Black, Blue, Grey, and White. At time of writing & screenshot, only black and blue were available. In this case, we'll stick with the classic black sleeve for posterity's sake. 

Step 2: Choose Your Orifice

Next comes the bit where you select your orifice: Lady or Butt. Lady is the classic vagina look while butt is a butthole, seems elementary, doesn't it? The only functional differences between the two in my experience is that Fleshlights that have the butt orifice tend to have a tighter opening, this is by design and not some fluke. Buttholes are tight, okay?

Step 3: Choose Your Custom Sleeve

Since there are plenty of different Fleshlight sleeve options, this next step is likely the hardest.

This step is a lot less pedestrian and pedantic as the first two, I promise you. Now is the time to pick out which sleeve you'll want for your toy, at time of writing these are the sleeves offered: Crush, Destroya, Heavenly, Mini-Lotus, Original, Super Tight, and Wonder Wave.

This is the part where I can explain some things you can't easily figure out on your own with common sense namely, which sleeve you should get for your custom Fleshlight.

  • The Destroya Sleeve: One of Fleshlight's most popular sleeves of all time, this sleeve is insanely intense and comes jam-packed with loads of interesting structures inside of it. There's a full sphere full of soft spike-looking structures that's perfect for teasing the entire glans of the penis while the tighter end portion of the toy is filled with long, stonehenge looking structures that wonderfully caress the penis as it moves along. It's an excellent choice for someone who's looking for huge amounts of pleasure and one of Fleshlight's most daring choices in sleeve design.
  • The Heavenly Sleeve: Tighter than most options on this list while still having a distinct texture, Heavenly isn't an extremely busy sleeve on the inside besides a few bumps and ridges, essentially this is a sleeve for those who want things to get as tight as possible to still have some signature Fleshlight flair to their sleeve.
  • The Mini-Lotus: An early sleeve design, the mini-lotus is full of alternating chambers that all taper quite tight before opening up again when you reach the next chamber. I highly recommend it for people who have very sensitive bell ends, this sleeve is for head hunters, plain and simple.
  • The Original: The first sleeve ever made, this sleeve is as simple as it gets: a straight shot of soft, plush Fleshlight material with no extra bells or whistles added. Compared to their sleeve designs now, there isn't much reason to pick this option unless you really want to know what the first Fleshlights were like.
  • The Super Tight: Essentially the same as the original, just, well, super-tight. This is more than likely the actual tightest Fleshlight available, there's just no special structures within for added pleasure. Those who just want the tightest experience possible with care for any fine-tuned feelings are well-served by the super-tight.
  • The Wonder Wave: When it comes to the Wonder Wave, it's a definite step-up from the Original while still being extremely close to it in design. It is essentially an Original sleeve with many small square-shaped chambers in the toy meant to create an undulating wave feeling while in use. If the other sleeves seem too busy but the Original seems too bland, then the Wonder Wave is precisely what you're looking for.

Step 4: Choose Your Fleshlight Accessories (Optional)

You can proceed past this point without choosing to get any extra options, simply click Continue With No Accessory to move past this stage. If you're curious, each of the accessories are the Fleshlight Launch, Shower Mount, Sleeve Warmer, Extra Cases, Lube, Go Pro Cock Ring, as well as a few more miscellaneous things like a comfort sleeve for the Fleshpump.

Here's what all of these things can do for you:

  • The Fleshlight Launch: Mechanized toy that's meant to do all of the work of using a Fleshlight for you. It can operate at a maximum of about three strokes per second at max speed of which there are four different settings. The stroke length can also be controlled with the touch controls and has four different settings relating to stroke length. The Fleshlight Launch can also be paired with pornographic videos to give a much more immersive experience. It's masturbation, automatic. I've actually written a full review, if you care to read it.
  • The Shower Mount: If you wish you could attach your Fleshlight to the wall so you can hump away instead of stroking away, then the shower mount with its suction cup and holder for your toy is a perfect choice. It can attach to almost any smooth surface and I do recommend it in the shower since both lubricating the toy as well as cleanup become a non-issue. I wrote a full review on the Shower Mount.
  • The Sleeve Warmer: A long stick that heats up to warm your Fleshlight before use. It won't ever heat the hot to unsafe levels and the sleeve itself can retain heat pretty well, after a while it'll just go down to around ambient body temperature because of use and that's more than comfortable. I've written a full review on the Sleeve Warmer.
  • Extra Cases: Incase you wanted to buy an extra case now and just buy replacement sleeves on their own later, this is a decent way to have that sleeve on hand. For whatever reason, many more cases are offered at this point than were at the beginning, something I hope they rectify soon. Gold, Pearl, and Camstar are the cases I'm referring to.
  • FleshLube: Proprietary Fleshlube can be purchased with your toy and if you don't have some laying around I'd recommend getting a bottle since lube is absolutely necessary to truly enjoy any male masturbator, let alone the Fleshlight. This blend is water-based and formulated to work best with the special materials that make up a Fleshlight sleeve. It is surprisingly long lasting and doesn't get sticky, at least not on Fleshlight products.
  • The Go Pro Cock Ring: This cock ring can help increase the amount of pleasure you'll have with your custom Fleshlight. Cock rings constrict blood in the penis which increases pleasure while simultaneously slightly delaying orgasm. It sounds like those two things are mutually exclusive, but after some intense testing I discovered that is far from the case.

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After that, it is simply a matter of clicking add to cart and you're good to go. Well, not quite.

Since Fleshlight was lucky enough to provide us with our own custom coupon code, it'd be silly not to share it with our beloved readers. The code "DrClimax10" can be applied at checkout for 10% off your order. Usually anything custom comes at a premium, that's not the case here thankfully.

I really hope that Fleshlight continues to add more options as things move forward. The Super-Tight and Wonder Wave are sleeves that can only be found in the Build Your Fleshlight section, I hope to see that number increase as time goes on. Right now you can definitely make a Fleshlight unlike any of those you'd find on the store pages, and for that I think it is a pretty sweet feature altogether. 

After all, why wouldn't you want to take advantage of Fleshlight's years in the business to make something that's just right for you?

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