Welcome to DoctorClimax.com

DoctorClimax was founded in January 2018 by Angela Watson with a simple vision.

  • Become a trusted resource where people can find honest sex toys reviews.
  • Provide unbiased information to future buyers to help people find the perfect toy to suit their fancy.
  • Create a community around sex toys and break the stigmas that surround them.

Who is Doctor Climax?

My name is Angela Watson.

I would like to preface by saying that I am not a real medical doctor, however I am a clinical social worker first with the additional training required to be eligible to call myself a sex therapist.

My goal with this website is to break the stigmas around human sexuality, especially the role of sex toys and show people that toys can be enjoyed guilt free no matter who you are.

I also want to showcase to my clients that I practice what I preach, many of you reading this might already know that I'm an avid promoter of sex toys for both men, women and especially long distance couples as I can relate to their feelings intensely.

For me, it all started in high school. I'm a very empathetic person and noticed very quickly that I had an aptitude for helping my friends and acquaintances deal with their emotional issues and mental health problems. I distinctly remember consoling one of my dear friends about issues she was having with her first boyfriend in the school bathroom and the look on her face once I finally got through to her. After that, I knew that helping people was my true calling.

Becoming a clinical social worker was the next logical step for me, and my parents & guidance counselor agreed. Becoming a doctor or psychotherapist was too "sanitary" for my tastes, for lack of a better word. What I mean is that those professions, in my opinion, tend to remove humanity & emotion from the equation and leave the rest up to entirely logical thinking. Anyone who has battled mental illness knows that approaching the topic from an entirely clinical point of view is a bit reductionist and can feel like your health care provider doesn't really care about the intricacies of your issue, they're just checking off boxes until they can prescribe you something or write off your issues entirely.

 A clinical social worker was much more personable and down to earth, much more in line with my personality overall. I first started out consoling young adults with issues such as finding their purpose in life, battling their inner demons resulting from childhood or other trauma, and in general navigating the sometimes hellish landscape of being a 18 to 20-something.

Over time, more and more people began coming to me with questions of inherently sexual nature. These sexual problems had spillover effects into other aspects of their lives, like reduced confidence or an inability to feel comfortable outside the house. With the recent increase in acceptance about talking about sex, plus the increased amount of homosexual & transsexuals able to live their lives freely out of the closet, there's a huge amount of people looking for help that normal social workers aren't equipped for. It is for this reason that I chose to receive specialized training in issues such as gender identity, sexual orientation, and things that cause grief for people that are directly related to their reproductive organs. 

I went down this career path because of a lack of qualified sexual educators that are both non-judgmental and properly educated in all things sex. Going home knowing I've helped individuals or couples with their issues is what keeps me interested in the subject, I just love to help people.

I run this website alongside my husband Don, who is a truck driver by trade. (He writes all of the articles related to men, and I handle the articles relevant to women). He's been very supportive of my quest for increased sexual education, as he battled some issues himself earlier in his life that he'd rather not share and he thinks my passion is very sexy. I consider myself a lucky woman to have found him. 

Both myself and my husband have lots of experience using many different toys, and over the years we've created a very sizeable (and still growing) sex toy collection.

Our goal is to educate men, women and couples around sex toys, and various sexual health topics so that people can live more fulfilling lives without any emotional hangups weighing them down.

Don Watson headshot

Since my husband travels a lot for work, our adult toys have been a great way for both of us to remain satisfied whilst away from each other. While both of us will admit that we're not exactly proud of how much this hobby of ours has costed us over the years, we've always thought that keeping ourselves satisfied sexually with or without each other enables us to focus more on other aspects of our relationship, and we reap the benefits of that emotional intimacy on a daily basis.

We also enjoy using our favorite toys with one another and it's been a great way for us to keep things exciting and fresh in the bedroom over the years, not to mention it helps when either of us aren't as chipper as the other would like, some of these toys are just as great at filling mental holes as they are physical ones.

Being married for over 20 years, keeping things interesting in the bedroom has been something we've worked hard on as a couple. We both believe that one of the many keys to keeping our relationship so strong has been our liberal use of our adult toys.

Our goal with this website is to create honest and unbiased reviews on both male and female sex toys. Toys have evolved from seedy sex-shop fare to downright advanced pieces of technology, but sometimes telling the difference can be hard for the uninitiated. Since we're both such avid sex toy users, we noticed a lack of reviews on some of our favorite adult products. We also noticed that too many of the reviews being written were not written with the intent on educating the user on the benefits and best uses, and more importantly too many reviews glossed over the downsides or health risks of some toys due to being purely motivated by profit.

DoctorClimax.com aims to be the #1 source for adult sex toy reviews.

If you have any questions at all regarding sex toys, sexual health, or just have comments about the site. You can contact us here.