The 16 Best Butt Plugs Of 2023

The Ultimate Anal Plug Buyers Guide

Written by: Don Watson | Updated: April 4th, 2023

I'm not going to lie, and I'm also not afraid to say it. I love butt plugs. An anal toy is one of the few types of sex toys that people are still apprehensive about trying out. If you consider yourself one of those people, there are tons of good toys perfect for beginners, so keep on reading!

For most of my life I didn't even want to look at one much less hold one in my hands, but after some very liberating sexual experiences in my late 20s courtesy of my dearly beloved, I became fully on board with anal play.

It didn't seem like something I'd ever like at first, I mean, the bum is a one-way passageway, isn't it? Not if you want a full understanding of your body and sexuality inside it out, it isn't. At least that's how I feel about these guys, the type of sensation offered by a quality anal toy grew on me extremely quickly. 

Sure, there were some preconceived notions I had to hop over before I was able to fully get into the sensations, but now I'm convinced.

As a male with an above average sex drive, I enjoy the feelings offered when I'm using one of these marvelous toys.

The best ones can even tickle my prostate, and who doesn't enjoy an earth-shattering orgasm that makes you have to catch your breath once its all said and done?

That's why I'd like to share my list of favorite butt plugs that I think are the best in the business.

The following toys are the best butt plugs currently available today:

The Best Butt Plugs On The Market

My Top Pickdctblv2-table__imageThe Lovense Hush
  • Perfectly shaped for easy, comfortable insertion
  • Threaded neck helps wick lube in place
  • Extremely flexible app controls of all aspects of the toy
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Best For Beginnersdctblv2-table__imageThe We-Vibe Ditto
  • Small with a strong motor
  • Silicone butt plug with remote control
  • Small diameter makes it good for newbies
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Easy And It Worksdctblv2-table__imageThe Corkscrew Vibrating Butt Plug
  • Bullet vibrator that fits into a silicone shell
  • Excellent choice for people who'd rather use disposable batteries
  • Easy To Clean
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Perfect For Learningdctblv2-table__imageThe Hisonlee Butt Plug
  • Set of gently tapered butt plugs
  • Every common toy diameter is represented
  • Helps you understand your limits with anal play
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Perfect For Anal Trainingdctblv2-table__image The 3 Piece Anal Sex Trainer
  • 3 set teardrop shaped anal trainers
  • Jewelled base
  • Soft silicone exterior
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Best For Prostate Stimulationdctblv2-table__imageThe Rocks Off Butt Quiver
  • Curved silicone plug that fits an RO-80 bullet vibe
  • 7 different settings
  • Sits right on the prostate for awesome sensations
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Best Glass Butt Plugdctblv2-table__imageThe Icicles Flower
  • Can be used with any kind of lube without worry
  • Extremely smooth surface
  • Oddly elegant
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Fillingdctblv2-table__imageThe Tantus Ryder Butt Plug
  • Filling non vibrating butt plug
  • Perfect for longer periods of use
  • Very secure when inserted
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Pleasurable weightdctblv2-table__imageThe Njoy Stainless Steel Butt Plug
  • Weight from stainless steel construction adds sensation
  • Can be boiled clean if necessary
  • Smooth teardrop shape has size options depending on preference
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Lets go over 
each plug!

#1 - The Hush by Lovense - My Personal Favorite

No beating around the bush on this one, the Hush wins by a landslide as the top butt plug, maybe even of all time.

Since it's Bluetooth enabled, there's no weird flexing required to reach the toy in use and change the settings, thanks for that Lovense! Made from 100% body-safe silicone, the 1.5'' (1.75'' available) Hush has lots going for it: a powerful motor, a comfortable base, and the spirals on the stem do great for keeping lube on hand and make the insertion and removal process a pinch easier. Did I mention it's completely waterproof?

This is the cream of the crop out of all of the butt plugs I've ever laid my hands on. It's completely waterproof and made from 100% medical grade silicone.

With a diameter of 1.5 inches and a total length of 4.76 inches (3.8 being insertable), it's an intermediate level butt plug that is still welcoming enough for a beginner because of the amount of give on the silicone exterior. Insertion is a breeze and one design aspect I think is underrated is the addition of small grooves on the handle that help to trap excess lube to make removal easy when it comes time for that. Also, the base is shaped intelligently in such a way that the toy anchors itself nicely without risk of you losing it.

On top of it all this isn't your average plug, it's equipped with an extremely powerful vibrating motor that you can fine tune using your smartphone. It has one of the most customizable and interactive apps out of any of the sex toys I've tried, the patterns you can make are theoretically infinite and you can even sync it to music if you'd like. Personally, I like the medium setting the best.

Add that to the small yet sturdy stem that stays in place without causing discomfort and you have yourself a winning toy.

#2 - The We-Vibe Ditto - (Best Option For Beginners)

The Ditto is my runner up, it's what I like to pick whenever I want the kind of loving that's more gentle and tender as opposed to the more forceful Hush. Made from body-safe silicone as well, the Ditto is a lot in a little package.

If you're really worried about putting a large toy inside of you then the Ditto is a great place to start and work your way up from. With only three inches of insertable length and a diameter at the widest point of about 1.2 inches, it's perfect for anal amateurs to get a feel for if this is the kind of thing for them.  Anal training is also on the menu because of it's small size, its the easiest of all silicone toys to get inserted all the way to the base.

What I appreciate most about the Ditto is how many different ways there are to take control of the situation. Whether you want to change the device through buttons on the toy, a standalone remote control, or through an app on your phone, you're covered. I can't tell you how many toys like this I've seen that really didn't think through how they expect their users to control the device once it's been inserted, so I was really thankful We-Vibe gave me tons of different options.

It's small enough to not be intimidating but big enough to fit snugly inside the bum and deliver whatever kind of vibration you're looking for, rumbly or shaky.

#5 - The Hisonlee Anal Plug Set (Best Option For Beginners)

I personally like these ones a lot more than my wife does, since they tend to tickle my prostate in a way that makes me go absolutely bananas.

Made from silicone and comes with four sizes of plugs than range from 4.8 inches to 6 inches total with a diameter variance of 1 to 1.6 inches, it's mainly billed as a way to train yourself to work up to anal sex but I like how these plugs work on their own. They're relatively novel as far as butt plug shape goes. Most are the typical bulb with the widest point being somewhere near the top, but this one the widest point is in the middle. Beginners should consider this plug set for anal training, before you know it you'll be able to use everything from a glass plug to something with prostate stimulation in mind.

The difference this makes for me is that they're all extremely comfortable, even the bigger ones, because the widest point never really goes that far inside of me. The feeling of fullness with the biggest one is something else, I'll tell you that much.

#6 - The 3 Piece Anal Sex Trainer Set (Best For Anal Training)

As exciting as all of these newfangled plugs with added vibrations are, there are times when I like to go back to basics and just slip in a wearable butt plug that I don't have to worry about recharging.

When I'm in that mood, I reach for one of three of these Eastern Delights plugs. I'm not a huge fan of the huge jewel on the bottom, but my wife thinks they're cute in a weird kind of way and I figured I wouldn't really be seeing much of them while they are in use anyways. 

The lengths of the three sizes are 2.9'', 3.3'', and 3.9'', respectively. As far as their diameters go they are 1.3'', 1.4'', and 1.8''. So the biggest one is extremely big and the other two fit nicely into the small and medium category. Anal training is the name of the game here, but who says you can't look good while enjoying some a powerful posterior sensation?

If you end up picking these up you should carefully play with the jeweled part and understand what kind of motion makes the jewel more likely to pop out. It pops out for when you want to clean the toy but you definitely don't want to accidentally pop it out while in use, make sure to grab from the outermost parts of the toy and ideally grab from behind the jewel when removing.

The small stem makes these perfect for extended wearing, so that's a big plus in my book.

If jeweled butt plugs are your thing, my wife has written an entire guide to princess plugs.

#7 - The Rocks Off Butt Quiver (Best For Prostate Stimulation)

Rocks Off is a brand that seems to make their entire reason for existing connected to anal toys, a noble cause in my humble opinion. This butt toy is made from 100% body safe silicone and comes with an RO-80 bullet vibrator and even includes batteries, not bad at all!

As far as dimensions are concerned, the toy is a full 1.5'' in diameter and has 3'' of insertable length. In the big world of butt plugs, that makes this just above beginner as far as recommended experience level goes. The teardrop shape means there's some excellent prostate possibilities on top of the obvious posterior stuff, something that's always a plus in my book.

The RO-80 bullet vibrator has seven different settings all accessible through the one button. The vibrator extends nicely to the edge of the stem so the power is transferred into the bulb itself quite nicely, better than most insertable vibrator plugs for sure. Even if the vibrator is dead, I recommend keeping it inserted to preserve the structural integrity of the stem.

The teardrop shape means a bit more care is required during insertion, but once it is in place this plug makes itself comfortable and starts to spread out a little bit. Each movement you make will quickly translate into a wave of pleasure coursing through your body and that's exactly where the quiver part of the name comes from.

#8 - The Icicles Medium Flower (Best Glass Butt Plug)

Here's a bit of a departure from the silicone vibrators that dominate this list, this is one of the premier glass toys for ultimate smoothness & durability. You don't have to worry about this thing breaking off inside of you, the glass is properly annealed and you throw it on the ground and it still wouldn't shatter into a million pieces, although it would probably take some superficial damage.

There's 3'' of insertable length and it is 1.3'' inches in diameter. So, it's a good option for people who have been around the block a bit but want to explore their options with materials and shape as opposed to overall size.

The pink glass butt plug reflects light beautifully and the flower base actually adds a little bit of class and refinement to shoving things up your behind. Also, glass tends to not wear down in ways more typical of silicone toys. Remember, since it's a glass butt plug that means silicone based lubes are back on the table. Silicone based lubes have the best slickness and lasting power of any type of lube out there, making them shoe-ins for quality anal play time.

Oh, and of course it is devilishly smooth. If other materials struggle a bit too much to penetrate you, give this toy a fair shake before giving up on anal plugs altogether. Did I mention because it's glass it is easy to clean?

#9 - The Tantus Ryder Butt Plug (Best All Day Butt Plug)

Described as a "stay-put" plug, the Tantus Ryder is a surprisingly gentle lover with lots to offer, it isn't going to be slipping out of you any time soon. Let the record show that like most Tantus products it is made from body-safe silicone.

There's 3.75'' of insertable space and the toy is 1.5'' after the initial taper. The end tapers gently to a stem that's wide enough to stay in place but not so wide that you wouldn't be able to wear this thing all day long. It's shape makes it another alright choice for beginners, just note that the diameter puts it in the intermediate range. That doesn't mean you have to shy away from it though, many people find that smaller toys actually don't represent the sensation offered by butt plugs adequately enough.

Tantus often offers toys that differ from the rest in ways we didn't even know we wanted. The sheer consistency of the plug itself mixed with the design choices in how it is tapered & rests in the bum makes this probably the most comfortable and trustworthy plug in the 1.5'' range. There are no vibrations to speak of, but what it accomplishes without vibrations makes up for that fact big time.

There's no fancy extra features to learn here, simply shove it up your rear end and get to enjoying yourself.

#10 - Njoy Large Stainless Steel Butt Plug (Best Metal Butt Plug)

If a more weighty feeling of fullness is your game, then this larger anal toy made from stainless steel sex toy manufacturer Njoy should get your engines running.

This particular iteration of the toy comes with 3 inches of insertable space and 1.5''in raw diameter, but there are small, medium, as well as extra large versions of this exact same toy if you're liking what is being laid down here but don't particularly want to be a size queen about it. This particular model weighs 310 grams, to be precise.

Stainless steel opens up a lot of different opportunities in the vast land of anal play. Firstly, it can be boiled for easy cleanup after each use, giving you practically a new toy each time with no leftover, well, you know. It's also compatible with silicone based lubes, which are the slickest and longest lasting of all lube subtypes. Since it's made of metal you can also put as much water as you'd like on it while cleaning without worry.

This toy is weighty, big, but also rather smooth and straightforward to use. If these dainty silicone plugs aren't getting your engine running, this hefty Njoy offering might be exactly what you need.

The Top Rated Cheap Butt Plugs

We asked YOU our readers to send us your favorite butt plugs and also tell us why they are your favorites. These are the submissions we received:

Product Name




The Doc Johnson Ass Servant

  • Inexpensive yet massive plug

The Paloqueth Vibrating Silicone Butt Plug

  • Remote control included
  • 10 Different vibration modes
  • Ridges add to intensity of experience

The Paloqueth Silicone Anal Plug Kit

  • Versatile set of body safe plugs
  • Middle of the road sizes
  • Great for partnered play

The Doc Johnson Intimidator

  • Intense sensations due to multiple ridges
  • Excellent for gradually training the anus
  • Not the best choice for beginners

The Paloqueth Rotating Anal Plug

  • Motors rotate inside the plug as opposed to vibrating
  • Makes for explosively powerful prostate orgasms
  • 49 Different settings

Lets go over 
each plug!

#1 - The Booty Call Booty Rocker (The Best Cheap Butt Plug)

While the Tantus Ryder focuses on staying put, the Booty Rocker focuses a lot more on what a toy can do once it is given a bit of wiggle room inside of you. The standard body-safe silicone material is represented here with this toy, in case you hadn't already figured out we aren't the types to recommend unsafe varieties of silicone.

It has about 4.75'' of insertable space and a diameter of 1'' at its widest point. The low price tag and accessible dimensions means this toy is not out of place in the collection of any anal sex toy connoisseur regardless of experience level.

The larger bulb helps get the toy inserted as the slight taper below needs something strong above it. After that, the bulb will begin to fill you up and keep the toy mostly in place.

Mostly is the operating word there. Each contraction of your anal muscles as well as how you move your body will make the majority of the toy move around and swipe against the sensitive nerve endings that line the anus.

In short, I recommend this for anyone who wants to get started with anal toys and experience a wide variety of the sensations they can offer.

#2 - The Corkscrew Vibrating Butt Plug by Honey Adult Play

It's safe to assume that not everybody is ready to go with the luxury butt plugs listed earlier in this article, they are a bit of an investment that are great fits for those who already know they want a top of the line plug, but what about those who just want to get their feet wet and see if it's for them?

That's where the Corkscrew fits in nicely. If you don't want to drop a lot of money and want a very bare bones vibrating anal plug experience, the Corkscrew is a good fit because even if you end up not wanting to use it as an anal plug again you can take out the vibrating portion and use it as a bullet vibrator instead. It's relatively small, you can take out the bullet vibrator and fit your finger inside the silicone sleeve, so you are more than likely going to want to move up to a bigger size if you end up liking what's on offer.

It's a completely minimal experience, there's one setting, a 1.5 hour battery life, and it's completely waterproof. It's the most risk-free way from a physical and financial aspect to check our anal play for yourself.

Since the vibrator is removable, it is ludicrously easy to clean the silicone bit without having to worry about water going inside the vibrator.

#3 - The Turbo Vibrating Butt Plug By Pornhub Toys

Pornhub is now getting in on some sex toy action and releasing some toys of their own. One of their most notable is the Turbo Vibrating Butt Plug.

While clever names aren't their strong just yet, they are suited to making strong toys for the anus. This one is nice because there is a slow and gentle curve up to the widest point of the toy and a gentle decline to the tip, making it quite comfortable to insert and have inserted. There's a solid base with a fairly sizeable stem, so it might not be the best choice if you want to wear it all day. It's a silicone toy that beginners should find easy to wear for long periods of time.

The powerful motor has six different settings and while the name does say vibrating, I'd say it would be better off called a rumbling vibrator. That's a good thing in my opinion, though. Some plugs that focus on being more vibration oriented than rumble oriented don't have the necessary oomph to tickle all of the nerve endings. I'll tell you something, this one sure does.

#4 - The Doc Johnson Ass Servant - #1 Choice For Wide Bums

This butt plug was recommended to us by Ginette who writes:

"For experienced butt plug users or people with large bum holes, the Doc Johnson Ass Servant will be a great plug to fill you up. I purchased the Ass Servant from Amazon for just under $30 and it's lasted me for the better part of a year.

As I've already said, it's quite large and by large I mean wide. The width of this toy is 3.7 inches and it's the ideal butt plug as it makes me feel full during intercourse (which is when I like using plugs). 

I've learned I have the misfortune of having a "loose rectum" you could say as most butt plugs will fall out, especially during sex. I've not run into this problem with the Ass Servant by Doc Johnson and it always seems to stay in place. 

I will say that the Ass Servant was a bit of a challenge for me at first to work into, but after a little bit of stretching and some handy dandy desensitizing lubricant and it now fits like a glove.

If you want a toy that will be a bit of a challenge (but a very rewarding one in my opinion) then this toy is for you.

I highly doubt anybody will need a larger toy, I also doubt you'll fit into this toy on the first go. It's a worthy challenge for even the most experienced user.

#5 - The Vibrating Silicone Butt Plug by Paloqueth

This toy was recommended by Piper, here's what she had to say:

"I got this toy a couple of months ago and it's by far the most enjoyable butt plug that I've ever used.

I was a tad nervous when I originally purchased this device, the reason being is that I've purchased quite a few anal toys in the past with some of them being okay while others were less than high quality. I spent quite a bit of time reading user reviews before settling on this butt plug as I was looking for one that would last a long time (many of the plugs I've previously purchased had pretty short lifespans).

This anal toy was the first toy I've bought from Paloqueth and I am very happy I did! From what I can tell their toys are top notch quality and come with reasonable price tags (unlike some of the "higher end" sex toy companies out there).

The toy itself is soft enough but also firm enough to be inserted with ease. It's very comfortable and the 10 vibration modes are extremely pleasurable. I will say that 10 modes does seem a little bit excessive, I really only use a couple of them. Quite frankly, this is probably my favorite toy in my entire collection!"

#6 - The Silicone Anal Plug Kit by Paloqueth

The next toy on the list was recommended to us by Jeremy who has this to say about it:

"If you're looking for a great set of anal plugs that are incredibly easy to clean and more important enjoyable to use, this silicon anal plug kit by PALOQUETH will be perfect for you. Each of the anal beads is of a different size and I love the feeling of gradual increase as I insert it further inside. The sensation is a thing of beauty and can't be understated.

One thing I'll say straight off the bat is do not let the cheap price of this anal plug kit fool you, the plugs look and feel very high quality. They don't seem to degrade very much over time and look the exact same today as when I bought them.

My girlfriend and I purchased this set of plugs towards the end of last year and we are still pleasantly surprised with the product to this day.

To be completely honest, I really wasn't expecting much from this set when I originally purchased it on Amazon for around $20. However, each of the plugs far exceeded my expectations.

All three plugs are made out of firm but also soft and slightly flexible silicon (it's flexible enough that it's not painful to insert, but firm enough to insert easily). The plugs have all smooth sides with no creases or indentations and all edges of the toy are rounded. It's important to note that like with any silicone product, these toys are prone to collecting dust (this is where the carrying case comes in handy for storing them) The plugs come with a nice black mesh bag which allows for easy and discreet storage/transport..

The plugs come in three distinct shapes and vary in size: the first is a long, thin plug with three bulbs, the second is a medium sized plug with two bulbs, and the third is a medium-large sized plug with only one bulb. None of the plugs are extremely large and should accommodate most rectums. However, if you're looking for a massive plug you will want to go with a different plug.

For the average user, these plugs should be a good size. If you're like me and my girlfriend, you should start with the long, thin plug and progressively work your way up to the largest plug."

#7 - The Intimidator by Doc Johnson

This review was submitted to us by Jackie who wrote:

"First of all, the name of this toy does say everything you need to know about it. It's a very large anal plug however, it's not intimidatingly wide at the tip. It's one of the more narrow plugs I own but gradually gets wider. While this toy is clearly not for the anal play novice, it's the perfect toy for anybody thats interested in training their rectum.

Kudos to you if you can fit the first ball inside of you, that was a challenge for me to work up to.

The incremental increase in the size of the balls makes it the perfect toy for training and it's taken my anal play game to another level. Once you get used to the diameter of the toy, its more than flexible enough to keep inside of you while you're doing "other tasks".

The first bulb should be pretty easy for most people, the second one should also be fairly easy after you relax for a few minutes. However, the 3rd... this ones a different story. The 3rd bulb took my breath away, it made me sweat, it made my knees shake, it made me scream, I might of even passed out for a second or two. All kidding aside, the third bulb should be a challenge for most people but it's a very rewarding one from my perspective.

The toy is great. It's very well made, doesn't hold odor at all and it also came in a very nice package.

I can't stress enough though that this toy should be looked at as either a training tool or a challenge (or both). For a girl that can take her husbands fist, even for me this toy was a challenge.

Like I said already, this toy is not for beginners or the faint of heart. You will feel violated in the best king of way when this toy hits your bottom. 

This toy is perfect for BDSM if that's you're thing, it's served me and my hubby well."

#8 - The Rotating Anal Plug by Paloqueth

The next toy was recommended to us by Aaron, here's what he had to say:

"This rotating butt plug made by Paloqueth has served me well over the past couple months. From my experience it seems like every new toy that Paloqueth releases is better than the last one. They seem to have improved upon previous generations and this toy is no exception.

The rotating part of the toy is totally unique to any other butt plug I've used in the past, and it's amazing for stimulating my prostate.  Each of the anal beads has its own rotation style to mix things up a little compared to the more uniformly vibrating toys.

When it comes to performance, this thing is an absolute beast in comparison to other plugs I own. It provides very intense vibrations while also rotating to hit your prostate.

The battery lasts just over an hour for me which is long enough for most sessions. 

The plug stays in reasonably well but I wouldn't show up to a board meeting with it inside me or anything... It's not very loud, it's pretty quiet compared to other vibrating toys in my collection.

If you're a man thats constantly chasing a prostate orgasm, this toy will do a great job bringing you to prostate orgasm heaven.

In my opinion you get very good value for you money with this toy, considering it's only around $25 and for that price it's got a very solid build quality. It has a sleek and extremely functional design which is perfect for the beginner, intermediate or advanced plugger.

The best part of this toy in my opinion is the 49 different settings that can be used to find the perfect combination of vibration and rotation to suit your fancy. The remote control makes it simply to control the plug and it also allows you to go hands free altogether. My favorite part about the remote is letting my girlfriend control the toy for me."

Before You Use A Butt Plug

Lest you come down with a bad case of butthurt, there are some things you need to keep in mind. We've written a comprehensive guide to using anal toys that'll bring you from package to anus with next to zero discomfort. If you want something that's more butt plug specific, we've also written a guide about how to use a butt plug which covers everything you need to know to get started with these types of toys.

It's very important to stay safe while using butt plugs, since the skin inside your rectum can easily be damaged if the proper steps aren't taken.

I can appreciate the fact that you might not want to read a big guide just yet, so here's just some tips I have to point out before you go any further:

  • Always use lube when using a butt plug and don't be afraid to use too much
  • Stop immediately if you feel legitimate pain
  • Always clean the toy afterwards
  • Never use a butt plug that doesn't have a flared base


I like to think that this list goes over pretty much everything any anal connoisseur might be in the market for. Hopefully after reading these butt plug reviews you'll have a better idea of which product will work for you. Personally, I love a good anal toy that gives a little extra prostate stimulation, if that's your jam too I suggest any of the toys that are slightly curved.

The first one is my all-around top pick, but the Ditto works great for those who want a controllable vibrating experience without having to deal with a larger toy inside of them. The rest are all much more accessible to those who are just getting started with anal play, being much less expensive and much less complicated.

You'd think these toys would get messy quick and stay that way, but most of them are surprisingly easy to clean. Glass and metal toys are the easiest since you can be as forceful as possible with them and even boil them if you'd like to, something I wish I knew when I was first starting out.

Anal play can be an extremely relieving and wonderful time for both men and women, so if you haven't given it a shot I highly recommend trying any of these out. Always buy an anal toy with a flared base for safety reasons, you wouldn't want to lose one of these up your keister.

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