Fleshlight Pink Lady Review:

Testing Out The Original Fleshlight

Written by: Don Watson | Updated: May 19th, 2023

Today we’ll be covering a device that’s captured the hearts and cocks of thousands if not millions of men nationwide.

You’ve probably heard of it before, it’s none other than the original Fleshlight itself, the Pink Lady.  

This is the pocket pussy that made male masturbators go from nasty machines worthy of derision and shame to a goddamn institution.

The Pink Lady is without a doubt one of the most popular sex toys, with more units sold than nearly any other toy on the market.

This toy became famous back when Fleshlight originally opened its doors back in 1995.

They've updated its design since then to keep up with their current technology, and make it more realistic.

I've owned the original Fleshlight Pink Lady for as long as I can remember.

It's one of the first Fleshlights I ever bought and believe it or not, it's still a toy that gets used today, even though my sex toy collection has grown exponentially since I bought it.

What Is The Pink Lady?

The sultry seductress you see to your left is none other than Fleshlight’s first and original product that started the wave that’s twitched legs and made men wail into the night for over a decade.

Intended to look realistic but not sleazy, the Pink Lady is made from Fleshlight’s proprietary material known as Superskin, a polymer material made predominately of thermoplastic elastomers safe for the human body.

It feels soft, but firm, and comes so close to the real thing you’d wonder what you were doing buying drinks at the bar last weekend.

This genital garage sits snugly into the plastic housing complete with ergonomic finger grooves and gives the product a less sleazy overall look. With the cap on, only the initiated would know that inside that black plastic tube is a source of infinite pleasure.

How Does It Feel?

I applaud the Pink Lady’s smooth texture and realistic feel. The slit on this venereal vixen is big enough for you to slip in comfortably but still spreads apart as you move inside to give you that sensation like you’re entering a tight vagina and spreading it apart to accommodate your manhood. It’s so comfortable being inside my Pink Lady that I just can’t hold back my raw animal instincts to pound into this thing senselessly. I find the Pink Lady to be very similar to the Fleshlight STU as well as the Fleshlight Go. They all resemble each other both in look and overall feel. If I was blindfolded it would be very hard for me to tell the difference between the three of them.

Measuring in at ten inches long in total, everyone except the most mammoth of stallions is welcome to take the Pink Lady for a ride. Personally, I lose my marbles every time I slip in my member and feel that wave of tightness overcome me. What makes the Fleshlight unique is that I’m able to adjust the tightness using the cap on the other end for a unique experience every time, sometimes you want to plow the tightest snatch in all the land and sometimes you want something a bit more “experienced”, you know?

I’ve had this thing for a few months now and I’ve had my way with the Pink Lady untold hundreds of times by now and it still feels brand new, mind you I take good care of my personal fuck slut. To this day, the exterior is as supple as always and the interior still holds firm but lets me spread it apart for some supreme lusty action.

I’m an above average sized guy as far as endowment goes if statistics are to be believed, and I find the experience extremely worthwhile with the Pink Lady. 

The interior canal is jam jacked with peaks, valleys, and ridges of all sorts to really blast your masturbatory experience into the next level. I don’t bother with bush league junk anymore after having my first few sessions with the Pink Lady.

With the addition of a bit of some quality lubricant, the realistic feel and amazing suction of this thing makes me keep cumming back for more. The Pink Lady never fails to disappoint. 

Clean Up

Fellas, we’ve all been there. You’re ten minutes into the most intense jerk off clinic you’ve ever put on for yourself, you’re so into emptying your balls that you throw care completely to the wayside and indiscriminately bust.

Luckily, this isn’t a painful experience whatsoever when it comes to the Fleshlight Pink Lady. Just unscrew the caps at both ends, take out the interior sleeve and wash everything in warm water. Be sure to wipe every part of this thing down, turn it inside out, and get every inch pristine, nobody likes an unkempt coochie.

Afterwards, air dry all of the parts separately until they are completely dry. I’d recommend keeping this one off of the clothesline unless you’d like to broadcast to your neighbors that moaning they hear every night isn’t you watching zombie flicks.

Once it’s all dry, slip the slender Superskin sleeve back in, twist your caps back on and make sure this thing is in arms reach the next time you fancy a mind-bending orgasm.

Where To Get It?

There is no better place to buy the Pink Lady in my opinion, than directly from Fleshlight's official website.

You'll get the best deal available online since nobody can beat them on price. Not to mention, you'll also know it's a genuine Fleshlight product. There are countless fakes available for sale on un-reputable online retailers.

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In Conclusion

Only one load is all you’ll need to chuck into this seductress before you understand why Fleshlight has grown into a multi-million dollar empire. The sensitive ridges provide a tactile experience rivaled only by a real woman only without the expensive dinners and asking how her day went.

When I put away my Pink Lady, I always make sure to rub the clitoris for a while because she deserves a little something too.

The Fleshlight Original Pink Lady is worth purchasing if you're looking to take your masturbation experience to the next level. More importantly, if you've never used a male masturbator before, the Pink Lady will make masturbation become more realistic than you ever believed was possible.

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