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The Best Bang For Your Buck

Written by: Angela Watson | Updated: July 7th, 2021

Orgasms should not be expensive. If they were, rich people would definitely not be as rich as they are now, and the rest of us would be…. Unhappy. Well, even more than we are now.

While I cannot speak about the wealth aspect in our world--nor do I want to in this article--I can say with utmost certainty that sex toys are responsible for a lot of happiness in our lives.

Scientifically, we all know how sexual satisfaction links with our mental health, physical well being and positive attitudes. It is not hard to see why, as there are so many options in our day and age: if you want a specific material or colour, if you want a constant buzz sensation or a deep sonic feeling, if you want a pornstar’s vagina replica or a remarkable accurate penis made with skin like textures, there is a sex toy for every type of carnal desire under the sun. 

However, although there are a multitude of pleasure products for every type of person, as well as even more similar variations from an original product, the prices for sex toys remains as a big question mark for a lot of potential buyers.

While it is true that for sex toys, the higher price tag usually means the higher the quality of the toy, that does not always ring true for cheaper toys and lower quality.

In other words, cheap toys can be good too--they can even be amazing. You just have to be aware of what to look for.

Just like with any kind of purchase you make, it is imperative that you do your research first, especially if it is a sex toy that is meant to be penetrative or to come in direct contact with your genetalia. Whether you have legitimate allergies to certain materials, your skin reacts poorly to certain types of lube, or if you have physical limitations to certain types of toys, your sexual wellbeing is key to you being in control of your sexual desires.

I hope that the following list of affordable sex toys can help guide you through your sex toy shipping, especially if you are on a budget. 

This list contains toys for both women and men, so do be sure to take note of the product you are reading, whether the toy is for your own enjoyment or is meant to be a naughty surprise for your partner.

Top 7 Best Affordable Sex Toys on a Budget

#1. Lovehoney Magic Bullet

The Lovehoney Magic Bullet is almost unanimously known as the purse vibrator. Being almost iconic in terms of its appearance, the vibrator is notoriously small, but significantly powerful and discreet. 

Being gunmetal grey in colour, 4 inches long (3 insertable inches) and with a circumference of 2.25 inches, the Magic Bullet is almost perfectly sized for a quickie masturbation session, should the mood arise during inappropriate times and settings. The diminutive vibrator has 3 intensities (slow, medium and fast) and 7 completely different patterns so that you can best customize your orgasm.

Whether you are using it lengthwise against your clitoris or gliding it across your labia, you have the option to generously disperse your pleasure or concentrate it on your magical spot. It is also remarkably quiet despite the power of its motor--I was very impressed because I admittedly approached this vibrator with low expectations, and was I ever glad that this vibrator packed quite the punch!

The Magic Bullet is waterproof and can be completely submerged during a bath or shower, but it requires 1 AAA battery to be turned on, so user discretion is strongly advised. I personally do not use this vibrator underwater, but that is just my preference. 

#2. Tenga Egg Lovers Heart Textured Male Masturbator

Tenga Eggs are almost synonymous with budget sex toys. Having won the hearts, penises and loyalties of men across the globe for decades, the Tenga Egg is an instantly recognizable male masturbator that has long proven its success over the years. 

When it comes to design, there is not much variation with Tenga products, as they all resemble an egg. It is usually in the texture and details where you would see some variation and experimentation. In this case, the egg’s soft plastic material is littered with hearts to give your penis head and shaft some level of variation and contrast. The heart design is effective in terms of stimulation and it’s just remarkably cute and pleasurable to look at. 

Being completely super stretchy (up to 12 inches of length) and squishy, you can freely thrust into the Egg or stroke the Egg over your penis with tremendous speed and pressure without any fear of tearing the masturbator. 

Perhaps the best feature of the Tenga Egg is that it is completely disposable. As they are usually meant for a single use, its small size and discrete appearance makes it easy to hide after use in case you live with others. 

#3. Lovehoney Deluxe Rechargeable Mini Glitter Massage Wand Vibrator

This is my favorite vibrator on this list just because of how cute it is! Don’t get me wrong, it does not shy away when it comes to completely thrilling and deep orgasms as well.

The Mini Glitter wand vibrator is a pocket sized vibrator that measures at 7.5 inches long and 4.5 inches in circumference. Because it is a massage wand vibrator, it is meant for external use only, and it feels amazing on your clitoris or as a tease along the external surfaces of the labia and inner thighs. If you really wanted to, it provides a pretty good massage on your body for aches and pains.

As the name suggests, the Mini Glitter wand vibrator is finished in a glittery purple and sparkling design--it almost looks like one of the fun lip balms and chapsticks that we used as children… Anyone else?

The Mini Glitter wand vibrator has great value as well because it is completely rechargeable so you do not have to worry about batteries and disposable charging items. It is also completely water and splash proof for submerged waterplay, and it comes with multiple intensity settings and vibration patterns. 

#4. Quickshot Vantage

I have heard this male masturbator once described as a peek a boo for penises, and that analogy is completely spot on as it is open ended on both sides. The Quickshot Vantage is one of the lesser known masturbators because of the complete dominance that fleshlights have on the male sex toy market.

Despite it usually flying under the radar, the Quickshot vantage is an amazing male masturbator that comes at a very good price. As a small, stubby and reusable sleeve, it stands at 3.5 inches long with an open end, so sliding your penis in there will leave its head and upper shaft open for you to rub the Vantage up and down until climax. In terms of circumference, it is 7.25 inches wide, which is accommodating for most penises. 

As a fitting name, you and your partner will have a great vantage point to see every inch of movement while using the very affordable sex toy.

The interior texture of the Vantage features a collection of nubs and spheres, which all work together to act like stimulation variants for the penis. Whether the user is going fast or slow, each nub could be felt. When the climax occurs, be sure to remember that the other end of the masturbator is open, so your excitement will not be contained within the toy, which allows for a very quick cleanup. 

#5. Lovehoney Head Master Double Texture Blow Job Stroker

Similar to the Quickshot Vantage, the Lovehoney Head Master is an open ended male masturbator, except its interior features are the true standout qualities that this very budget friendly sex toy has to offer.

Male masturbators like these usually pale in comparison to fleslights, which have dominated the marketplace for a number of years, and justifiably so. However, as we all know, they can cost an arm and a leg, which is why products like the Head Master thrive. 

Measuring at 2.5 inches long and about 3.5 inches of circumferences, the Head Master is easily usable by penises of any length and girth. Because of its small length, users of the toy have much more room to slide it up and down or thrust into it while it is stationary. With its open end on either side, you can use the masturbator from either end.

In terms of its interior, this is where its value lies. While one side offers intense stimulation from the suppe nubs and spheres, the other side is layered with a lifelike suction texture, so it feels like a double blowjob in that each side of the penis is receiving a completely different sensory experience. 

#6. Lovehoney Jessica Rabbit 10 Function Slimline Rabbit Vibrator

The Jessica Rabbit vibrator is by far the most versatile toy in this list because of its many different patterns, functions and speeds. It is also the only G spot vibrators in this list.

This vibrator is just a skinny version of its full sized counterparts, which makes it not only ideal for beginners, but for discreet fun as well. It is very easy to use and has many different ways of providing you with your long-expected orgasm that you aim to feel when you get this toy ready for playtime.

Measuring at 9 inches long (5 insertable inches) and 4 inches in circumference, you can easily insert this vibrator for thorough G-spot stimulation and vibrating assistance. In terms of features, its very realistic head rotates at 3 different speeds (slow, medium and fast) while its beaded shaft swirls around at the same time, both combining to provide immense and deep pleasure. The Jessica Rabbit also comes with a clitoral “ear” component that vibrates against your clitoris in 3 speeds and 7 different vibration patterns. 

The Jessica Rabbit is also waterproof, but requires 3 AAA batteries to power on. Similar to the Lovehoney Magic Bullet, I personally do not like submerging batteries, but that is my personal taste.

Because of its G spot stimulation and clitoral pleasure simultaneously, the value for this vibrator is amazing.

#7. We-Vibe Tango

The final budget sex toy on my list has been one of the best selling sex toys over the past decade, being highly sought after by both newcomers and well experienced sex toy users. The We-Vibe Tango is a classic and widely known bullet vibrator that seemingly always delivers when it comes to deeply fulfilling orgasms.

The Tango is made of body safe ABS plastic, so it is completely danger-free in terms of injury risk. Measuring at 3.5 inches long and 0.8 inches in circumference, this vibrator is notoriously small and discreet, being able to easily be hidden within a protective case in a purse or pocket. Being available in pink, blue, deep purple or white, this diminutive vibrator can last up to two hours of unmatched pleasure.

Being completely waterproof rechargeable, the vibrator does not require batteries or any disposable accessories. In terms of features, it comes with 8 vibration patterns and speeds, all of which can be enjoyed while being completely quiet, so you do not have to worry about being caught if the desire of pleasure comes during unorthodox times.


Orgasms do not have to cost money. With the above list, in addition to many other products, there is a huge variety of cheap sex toys that can give you the same deeply satisfying and fulfilling orgasms that more expensive toys provide.

Whether you are a male looking for masturbators or a female looking for bullet or rabbit vibrators, or G spot stimulators, a low budget will not keep you from buying a largely satisfying sex toy.

I hope this list has helped you consider your next low budget purchase. Enjoy! 

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