Sybian Review:

A Sex Machine That Never Becomes Outdated

Written by: Angela Watson | Updated: February 4th, 2021

If you've read my previous article on sex machines, you'll see pretty clearly that these types of machines don't mess around which has firmly earned them a spot among the highest tier of female sex toys available.  

Out of all of the sex machines perhaps none gets more positive fanfare than the Sybian.

Naturally I'm not one to just accept everything I read about online at face value, but the sheer number of positive reports plus the overall buzz around this toy was simply too much for me to ignore.

There are absolutely overhyped toys out there in the industry (this is directed towards all the lackluster "clitoral orgasm guaranteed!" toys I've tried over the ages), but its seldom that one this talked about falls short of the mark.

Get your own Sybian Sex Machine now

Plain and simple, the Sybian is designed from the ground up as a saddle-type sex machine that is meant to be rode hard and put away wet. There's a myriad of different attachments available for the part that actually comes in contact with the body.

That means a proper cowgirl type experience or even just some bumping and grinding is all possible depending on how you set things up.

Now it's not like those sex machines out there that thrusts back and forth in an attempt to fully recreate sex, but it does have some rotating and extremely strong vibration options that in my opinion makes it a unique experience without some of the worries that the more animated sex machines come with.

It's a vibrating saddle that can stimulate the entire pelvic floor with much more coverage than any other sex toy option out there, if you're into the whole brevity thing.

What Is The Sybian Sex Machine?

So before I tell my dear readers about what the experience itself was like for me, lets establish exactly what this toy is, what it's meant for, and what it can actually accomplish.

What you should be able to see on this page near this paragraph is the basic Sybian package and all it includes.

This is of course the machine itself, a simple hump attachment, a nice box to store it in while it isn't in use that resembles a normal footstool, and a whole whackload of lube and extra goodies that come in the box.

Now it shouldn't come as a huge surprise that this machine requires a power source. In this case, an eight foot power cord supplies all of the juice necessary to get this bad boy rockin' and rollin'.

But now let's get into the physical specifications of the Sybian: it's 13.25 inches wide, 12.5 inches long, and 8.5 inches tall without any attachments put on.

All of that makes up the 22 pounds of mechanized fury all controlled by the wired remote that comes out one of the flat sides of the toy. This remote is attached by a cord that's more than enough for the person riding it however if someone else wants to be in control I recommend finding a light, moveable chair for them to sit on nearby.

So just what does that remote control do? While it reminds me of the old remote control car remotes I used to play with when I was younger I can safely say this is much more of an electrical appliance than it is a sex toy.

The reason why I say that is simple: there's as much horsepower as the Sybian has inside any piece of housing it's worthy of the appliance title.

The two dials and two switches both work independently control the amount of vibration as well as the amount of rotation accomplished by the motor inside.

This allows for pinpoint control of both modes of stimulation, I myself usually start out with one or the other before I decide to start mixing. 

I'm no electrical engineer but the Sybian itself is powered by a 44 watt motor with speeds being between 0-6500 RPM. This gives it more power than the Hitachi Magic Wand (which has stayed consistently popular since the 70s) which sits somewhere at about 6000 RPM.

For a much more workable comparison your garden-variety vibrator usually puts out about 2000 RPM. It's important to keep in mind that a wide enough portion of the toy vibrates that it provides 100% coverage of all the sweet spots along the body in a way that radiates amazingly into some very sensitive tissues. 

That means it's not only about three times as powerful as the average vibrator, but a whole lot more surface area is just saturated in that power output. While it does come with one attachment out of the box, it was actually designed to work just as fine without any attachments at all.

Of course you can kiss any kind of physical penetration aside but I highly recommend anyone who picks one of these up to gyrate on it without any attachments to get a good idea of what's actually being put out here.

My Experience Taking The Sybian For A Ride

At first I thought these saddle vibrator type toys were actually kind of shooting themselves in the foot by only allowing for girl-on-top stimulation. What I can say after being around the block for a little bit I can emphatically say that if raw orgasm potential is a bigger selling point for you than thrusting action then saddle style sex machines are absolutely your bag.

A good romp on a Sybian first and foremost starts with getting everything all set up with myself as well as the toy. You might laugh much like I did upon reading in the instruction manual that you should go to the bathroom first.

Please, do go ahead and laugh because it is rather silly to read that printed but also please heed their warning. Go to the bathroom.

If you're anywhere near bathroom time definitely do yourself a favor by pre-emptively voiding your bladder.

Self-control over the lower bits of the body tends to ebb and flow depending on the settings. It won't ever be a tragedy beyond a little excitement wee, but I figure its worth the warning.

My first few attempts with the toy were mainly just to set up a baseline s to what's even possible with the Sybian, as well as fine tuning the vibration and rotation settings to my liking. I actually really like the extremely simple remote design with both functions having their own on/off switch and a very precise dial.

Unlike simple buttons or forcing me to download an app for control, the amply wired remote just uses a solution as functional as it is kind of old school.

Then again, the Sybian has been around since the 80s with very few changes, so maybe it wasn't always old school that way.

Why they haven't had to change is also abundantly clear: it's one powerful sex machine with a lot of reasons to keep coming back. Any toy this pricy should have those qualities if I were to be completely honest.

In my younger days I might have tried to be a hero and crank things up to 11 right off the bat, thankfully I know better in the wisdom of my 30s. Even sessions in the same day for me always start with me gently straddling the toy and then warming myself up with the lower settings.

It's a simple fact that the clitoris and vagina overall needs a bit of warm-up to become fully engorged with blood before the really powerful stuff is actually pleasurable versus being sensory overload.

Is The Sybian Worth It?

As a standalone unit it takes advantage of one of its biggest possible pitfalls: why get this at all when there are some pretty powerful handheld toys out there already, especially in 2021? 

The sheer power output, wide array of possible settings, as well as the massive surface area that actually gets the power all come together to make the Sybian reign supreme in the world of female stimulation.

I've gotten in the habit myself of putting down  very heavy pillar infront so I can grab onto it to properly move my entire body along the vibrating saddle itself.

The rotation settings have been definitely used by me, especially so when using a dildo attachment, however if I had to pick only one I would absolutely go with the vibrating option.

I can't quite put my finger on it but the fact that the wide saddle area stimulates my clitoris, my labia, fairly deep into my cervix, and even things like my perineum and, well, everything around my bum, with extremely powerful vibrations that seem to just want to radiate throughout my entire body leaves me weak at the knees thinking about my next ride.

It being from a different era also has some funny quirks, most of the drawings in the manual look straight out of a 90s biology textbook.

It is absolutely a more expensive option although the build quality and what you get is absolutely worth the investment since I wouldn't doubt that there are people who still have a working condition Sybian after years and years of use.

If I suddenly found myself in the movie Crank and needed to keep my blood flowing to survive, you can bet your behind I'd be sitting on my saddle having a way less interesting time than Chet Chelios did, but still interesting nonetheless.

How Loud Is It?

At the extremely lowest settings the saddle's vibrations don't really go past the noise level of your average everyday vibrator, however there's a massive amount of power under the hood here. I could very legitimately make engine revving noises if I played with the dials just right.

The noise level is a bit different once you're actually riding the toy however I can't get a good pulse on just how much quieter it is since I'm usually more focused on how calm and relaxed I was starting to feel.

I don't think anyone willing to go for the Sybian is the kind of person worried about being walked in on, just know that if you plan on using it in an apartment building or something like that you should have a drill visibly laying around just for an alibi should anyone come knocking.

What's With All The Accessories?

Probably the most jarring thing of the entire Sybian process, at least for me, was trying to figure out the low-down on all of the possible accessories and whether or not any of them were absolutely needed to have a good time.

Now I will say that a base Sybian that comes with the raise ridge attachment truly is all you need to get the most out of the machine, I knew I'd just want to stick a darn dildo on the thing eventually. Here's a good picture showing off all of the different attachment options:

While the top of the picture merely shows some of the best ways to use the hideaway case that comes with the Sybian to get some more leverage, the rest of the attachments are all for a more penetrative experience in the choice of a dark or light skin complexion.

Now some of the attachments go straight up but unless you're sure that's what you want I would definitely recommend any of the angled attachments instead.

The reason for this choice is that when it's on an angle you can take advantage of that wide vibration coverage I spoke about earlier a lot easier compared to the 90 degree options that require quite a bit of depth if you expect to feel more "accessory work" as I like to call it.

Some of the other attachments that are shorter and wider in stature might seem like they aren't the best choice for vaginal use and you'd be extremely correct in that assumption. That's because the Sybian isn't limited just to female users nor is it just limited to vaginal use.

Those two attachments at the left and middle of the bottom row are meant for anal play.

I got my husband Don to try it out himself after much coaxing (you don't just hear my muffled moans/yelps from behind a door while I was testing this thing and immediately be on board with it putting something up your keister) and he absolutely loved just how much more area was getting a loving touch. He was able to find his prostate and actually orgasm in record time.

My takeaway from the different attachments is that you should see if you'll be interested in more penetrative action and then make your choice based on what you'd like most, but the toy still works great out of the box without any extras.

Where Can You Get A Sybian?

Still going strong after all these years, Sybians are best found straight from the manufacturer.

As a toy that's relatively simple to visually duplicate as well as been around long enough for there to be genuine articles still sold as if they were new, it's best to just get a brand new one from the people who make it versus hoping the one in someone's warehouse from '03 really is "like new".

Them being the makers of the toy also makes them a simple choice for added attachments. Don't think you're at a loss if their attachments don't look all that great to you: there's a thriving Sybian-compatible marketplace in the realm of sex machines.

Any attachments for the Tremor sex saddle for instance are cross compatible with Sybians. While I am usually one to be pro-DIY, I wouldn't recommend jury-rigging your favorite dildo and hoping for the best with any mechanically powered toy.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day the Sybian isn't something that everyone is comfortable with getting in to right off the bat. The high price tag is justified in my opinion and the proof is in the pudding since they've had over three decades to prove their worth. As someone very involved with anatomical study as well as sexual studies the Sybian has came up a lot in my public and private life.

Some people I've talked to who prefer a more hands-on approach to explaining things have purchased a Sybian as either a teaching aid or to allow someone who normally has difficulty reaching orgasm (or never has) to have the point driven straight home as quickly as possible.

Sure, Howard Stern also gave them a lot of extra spotlight since the Sybian does rightfully take itself pretty seriously, something Stern often played for laughs.

Jokes aside though, they really did a wonderful thing for trying to push the female sexual stimulation ceiling. Also, its one of the few things in my home that can be considered one of those items that people refer to when they say "They don't make 'em like they used to."

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I'm a sex therapist by day and a sex blogger by night. I love to crush the taboos surrounding sex toys and help people become more sexually liberated. There's no topic too risqué for me to cover and I hope to educate and inform my readers on all things sex. All things that concern the female anatomy or require a more clinical approach than my husband Don can provide is covered by me. Have any questions? You can contact me via email.

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