How To Clean Your Fleshlight:

The Ultimate Fleshlight Cleaning Guide

Written by: Don Watson | Updated: April 16th, 2023

Quality workmanship & materials only go so far in the longevity of a product, proper user maintenance is an essential part of making sure anything goes the distance and keeps delivering the same experience you bought it for in the first place.

Fleshlights are no exception, and due to the fact that they aren't really inexpensive enough to just get a new one at will, here's the A to Z's to proper care of your favorite sex toy.

Please note that our guide is designed to ensure maximum longevity of your male masturbator, each step of our guide is not intended to be followed completely to the T, but keeping as much of this advice in mind as possible will go a long way in making sure your device collects old age pensions one day.

The Basics

The first step in understanding how to clean your Fleshlight is understanding what has gone into the construction of the Fleshlight. Most sex toys for men of this variety opt to use silicone, as it is easy to mass produce and produces an alright feeling on the male genitals. This is not the case with sleeve of a Fleshlight, they are made of a material known as SuperSkin which is predominantly thermoplastic elastomer. This is essentially a fancy term for stretchy plastic.

Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) has notable benefits in the user experience aspect of the product, producing a much more intense experience that more closely mimics human flesh. It also has notable drawbacks to silicone, in that it is not as strong or durable and can’t be simply boiled or doused in cleaning solutions for a quick and complete sanitation.

The most important thing to consider when it comes to maintenance of your product is that prevention of nastiness is much easier than the curing of said nastiness. Not only is it much easier to prevent bacterial colonization of your toy than it is to remove it, these cleaning steps take no more than five to ten minutes total so there is absolutely no reason not to go through the motions.

How Often Should I Clean My Fleshlight?

Everyone that uses Fleshlight’s has a particular toy that is constantly in need of a cleaning. For me, these include the Fleshlight Quickshot, Turbo & STU.

It should be noted that every single time you use the device, lube or no lube, cum or no cum, you’re leaving skin cells, body oils, and a myriad of other things by sole virtue of being a human being. This being said, you need not religiously clean this immediately after every use, and even if you do finish inside of it there’s no shame in putting it in your nightstand and waiting until morning to get things back to pristine condition.

It is highly recommended to clean your device after each and every use, especially if you ejaculate inside of it. Going a few days without cleaning it may seem tempting if you choose to pull out of the device but you not only don’t get to fully enjoy your product you are still playing with fire as far as genital cleanliness goes. You have to be cognizant of the fact that bacterial colonies can grow very quickly if left unchecked & with ample the food resources left from human shedding.



  • Faucet and sink
  • Paper towels
  • Cleaning solution (Isopropyl alcohol or Fleshwash)
  • Suitable place to dry

The Cleaning Process

Prepare Your Toy For Cleaning

Remove the inner sleeve from your Fleshlight. This is most easily accomplished by removing both the end caps from the device and grabbing the rim of the sleeve and pulling it out in a slow and gentle motion.

Step #1

Run warm water through the device for approximately one minute straight, be sure to knead and massage the sleeve thoroughly (the entire length of the sleeve, including the vaginal top portion) to force as much left over lube and leavings out of the canal.

Step #2

Rinse and clean your case and caps.

Step #3

This step is the one that has the most possible variance and some of it is subject to some controversy, the choice in cleaning solution used for the sleeve is important, as warm water is not enough to ensure a sanitary environment for such a sensitive area of your body.

Completely ruled out is soap. Why, you ask? Soap facilitates the breakdown of the TPE makeup of the sleeve and will create micro-grooves inside the device that both shorten your device’s lifespan by reducing durability & stress threshold as well as create perfect pockets for moisture to remain trapped in and become a bacterial breeding ground. This only applies to the sleeve, soap is perfectly fine to use on the plastic housing.

This leaves two options:  Isopropyl alcohol or the company’s specially formulated Fleshwash. Both function to completely sanitize the sleeve and have it ready for their next loving use. However, many users report that frequent use of alcohol solutions to clean the SuperSkin sleeve will render it extremely sticky & makes further cleaning more difficult as particles and fibers stick more strongly to the material. Fleshwash contains no alcohol but still cleans your device, so keep this in mind.

Once you’ve chosen your selected cleaning solution, fold the sleeve in half so that both ends are facing up. Pour enough solution into the sleeve that you can move the solution back and forth through the sleeve without it gushing out either end. Be sure to massage the solution deep into all of the ridges and grooves of the sleeves to ensure a complete clean. On top of that, put some solution on your hand and wipe the entirety of the outside of the sleeve and the top vaginal hole, making sure to give your Fleshlight a light fingering for complete coverage.

You may now now un-fold the sleeve and allow the solution to drain out down the sink.

Step #4

Lay the sleeve down on a paper towel to dry for the next steps, this will give time for the outer sleeve to dry.

Take all four pieces of the plastic housing, the two end caps, the retaining ring, and the body. Wash them with soap and warm water. These pieces are able to withstand the use of soap so there is no need for anything more specialized. It is imperative that you wash all soap residue from the pieces, make sure to put extra care into getting all the residue out of the threading of the pieces.

Dry all of the pieces completely with paper towel, set them down on a sanitary surface and return only retaining ring to the inside of the main plastic body, leaving the end caps off to the side for now.

Step #5

Return the SuperSkin sleeve to the plastic housing and place all of the pieces somewhere to dry completely. This process can take up to an hour, with more time should being allotted if you are experiencing humid conditions where you live.

Step #6

Once the device is completely dry you should add a light dusting of corn starch to your Fleshlight product and then you can reattach the end pieces.


Congratulations, your Fleshlight is now clean and ready for another rigorous use session! Try not to bust too fast and have to start all over!

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You’re supposed to rinse off the sleeve after using fleshwash. That is what Fleshlight recommends.

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