Fleshlight Quickshot Review:

Testing Out The Quickshot Boost & Vantage

Written by: Don Watson | Updated: May 2, 2023

Are you tired of pocket pussies that can't actually fit in your pocket?

Look no further than the Fleshlight Quickshot.

The Quickshot has been branded by Fleshlight as "the pocket Fleshlight".

When it comes to today's male masturbators, the word pocket pussy is somewhat of a misnomer, in my opinion. Not once have I seen a product that bills itself as a pocket pussy that isn't huge, much less able to fit inside a pocket. Kind of like those "pocket" dictionaries, I suppose.

Until I picked up the Quickshot, all of the Fleshlights I've purchased have been quite large.

The Quickshot is an entirely different experience altogether in a compact little case.

The original Fleshlight measures in at 10 inches long and the Fleshlight Go at 8 inches, meaning they don't even fit in the pouch of your hoodie, much less a pocket.

These products are actually fairly bulky and take up some space, and include other aspects like having to clean up and maintain the toy, and with all that surface area it isn't always simple.

I picked up a Quickshot a few months ago, and have had my fair share of fun with it in the time I've had it. It's a totally different experience than using a traditional Fleshlight. 

Every so often, Fleshlight takes a serious look at their current catalog and figure out who is being underserved and what they can do to make a product to better help out. This gave rise to the Fleshlight Girls line for those who wanted Fleshlight molded from their favorite pornstar, the FleshJack line of toys for gay men, and the Fleshlight Go for those who thought the original was a pinch too big.

Now, Fleshlight seeks to further build off of feedback from the original Fleshlight and has made the Fleshlight Quickshot line of toys to service those who have some gripes with the closed system of the originals.

The Two Models Available:

The Fleshlight Quickshot comes in two different varieties: the Boost and the Vantage. The Boost is black and the Vantage is clear, with some minor differences in sleeve texture that are not all that significant. They are more or less the same product.

Design & Specifics

The Fleshlight Quickshot is a major departure from Fleshlight's tried and true method of making an entire false vaginal canal, as the Quickshot is only 3.5 inches long with the caps off. This toy is designed to be moved up along the shaft, with the end of the user's penis exposed when it is brought down to the base.

The Quickshot was designed for those who like Fleshlight's Superskin but don't like the main drawbacks of a full-sized fleshlight: they are hard to conceal, somewhat of a pain to clean, have a high price point, and the fact that Fleshlights are now as recognizable as any other sex toy thanks to their massive success.

The Quickshot line of male masturbators measure in at 4 inches tall and 2.5 inches in diameter, making them Fleshlight's smallest iteration of the device. With the caps on, the device looks like a tiny four inch tall barrel that would be used for holding change or something to that effect, this gives the Boost a huge advantage in the stealth department since it does not draw a lot of attention to itself.

How Does This Toy Work?

The opening and the texture of the Quickshot says a lot about how it is intended to be used. With all inventions, form fits function. The opening is not shaped like any human orifice and the sleeve inside is designed for maximum pleasure when the device is both being moved up and down the penis as well as twisted around. This is the only Fleshlight that has an opening at both ends, because it's essentially just a small cutout of a Superskin sleeve meant to be brought up and down. The second purpose of having two openings is that there is no longer the need to ejaculate into the device and clean it later, since the penis is exposed the ejaculate can go into the user's preferred receptacle (napkin, towel, toilet, partner's mouth, etc).

Besides being a great aid in solo sex, this design is superb for couples who experience difficulty when it comes to male orgasm during oral sex. The tip of the penis is still exposed so it can be licked and sucked to your heart's content while the Quickshot stimulates the rest of the penis in stellar fashion.

Update: The new Quickshot Launch is worth checking out if you're considering buying the Quickshot. It's a new automatic male masturbator that combines the Quickshot and the concept of the original Launch, to create a totally unique masturbation experience.

Are These Fleshlights Worth It?

My experience with the Fleshlight Quickshot was two fold: I felt like nearly all of the drawbacks that might make someone apprehensive about a full-sized Fleshlight were addressed, but the smaller size does present its own set of issues that need to be kept in mind. That is not to say this toy isn't fantastic at it's advertised purpose, I came buckets, but there are some things that need to be addressed.

First, the good. The smaller sleeve size does not mean that the amount of stimulation delivered is changed, all that it means is that not all of your penis can be stimulated at once.

The Quickshot is designed to be moved quickly up and down the penis as well as spun around. No other Fleshlight is intended to be spun around while in use and the textures reflect that, the texture of the Quickshot is best described as a vortex that sucks your manhood in and begs for each ridge, peak, and valley to be explored to its fullest potential.

The second benefit is that I clean my Quickshot probably half as much or less than my original Fleshlight. When I reach orgasm with this toy I just slam it to the base of my Johnson and cum into a napkin, easy as one-two-three. 

If I don't use lube, there's not really a whole lot left on the Fleshlight besides some skin cells, so I'm not worried that my toy will become a petri dish for bacteria to grow.

The main drawbacks of full sized Fleshlights are their price, ease of recognition, and difficult cleanup time. The Quickshot sleeve feels as good as any of the full-sized sleeves (if not more because of the added modes of stimulation) but is half the price, half the size, and probably an eighth of the cleanup time.

Sounds pretty good, right? Where's the downsides?

Well, because of the toy's small size there is a limited area for the user to hold it. With the caps off there is a small strip of plastic in the middle that you can fit probably two or three fingers around at best. This means that with lube it may be harder to get the experience & intensity you desire, but it can be learned with practice.

The fact that not all of the penis is stimulated at once can either be a negative or a positive for the user, depending on preference. No more than 3.5 inches of your penis will be stimulated at any given moment, this isn't a toy for those who like a true balls-deep feeling when pounding into their toy. For those who like to tease themselves and don't need that balls-deep feeling, the Quickshot may actually be a favorite as opposed to a compromise made for it's size and ease of cleaning.

Speaking of lube, the open-ended design of the Quickshot is why adding lube to the mix can be quite messy. Having a sex toy move quickly up and down the exposed penis means a lot of lube will get where it isn't supposed to. If the self-contained nature of a full-sized Fleshlight that allows you to add lube liberally is a major selling point for you, I'd stick with a full sized model or pick a lube that stays around for a long time with minimal application.

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Where To Get One?

I bought my Quickshot from the official Fleshlight website directly, as I do with all of their products. The reason being is that they always offer the lowest prices available and most toys break the threshold for free shipping.

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I've always had positive experiences ordering from them, and the shipments always arrive super quickly. Whenever I have a sex toy coming to me I always try and get it ASAP, I'm paranoid something sitcom worthy might happen in the process of me getting it.

Cleaning Up

As I've kind of already went over, the Quickshot can be messy to use (depending on how it's used) however it's extremely easy to clean. In fact, I'd even go as far to say that it's the easiest model of Fleshlight to clean. 

Since it's got openings on both ends, cleaning the Quickshot is very simple. Take off both the caps and remove the sleeve. The entirety of the sleeve is easily cleaned with water. If you want a more thorough cleaning our guide can be found here.


If you want the same quality & feelings of bliss delivered by a regular Fleshlight but dislike how big & pricy they are, the Quickshot services all of your needs and of course services your junk as well. The Quickshot is ideal for those who want some help reaching climax in couples play, or those who want an inexpensive and actually subtle pocket pussy.

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