The Best Wand Vibrators:

Here's 4 Wand Massagers That I Love

Written by: Angela Watson | Updated: September 7th, 2019

Not all vibrators are the same. In fact, there's something like eight to ten main subcategories of vibrator, all with their own pros and cons.

The selection of vibrators I'll be going over today are infamous for their ability to create strong orgasms that leave women weak at the knees.

It all started in 1968 with the Hitachi Magic Wand vibrator. Initially intended as a general massager, some crafty women out there figured out a better use for the toy and it's been immortalized in sex toy history ever since. Instead of buzzing or rumbling, these vibrators have heads that spin around to deliver consistent pleasure directly to the clitoris. 

Wand vibrators are the most likely out of all to be considered "too strong" for a handful of women. Luckily they all have variable settings so nobody has to have too much of a good thing.

Enough with the pleasantries, let's get to the list!

My 4 Top Favorite Wand Vibrators

The Domi By Lovense (Editors Choice)

I really enjoyed what Lovense brought to the world of wand vibrators with the Domi.

First off, it's impressively tiny for how powerful it is. Lovense themselves bills it as a mini wand vibrator, it's a full three inches shorter than the Magic Wand for reference's sake. The head of the toy is also 1.81'' across, giving it a slimmer profile than others found on this list.

What really makes the Domi stand in a class of its own is that the head itself doesn't rotate like on the Magic Wand. Instead, two motors inside of the toy move around underneath the silicone head to provide some fantastic stimulation. From a practical sense this means that the "grindstone effect" some people experience is completely mitigated, plus you'll also be able to hold the toy in the same spot for longer without having to worry about going numb.

The Domi also has a staggering array of different patterns on offer with the option of nearly endless options if you choose to pair the toy to a Bluetooth enabled device with the Lovense app.

Versatile, innovative, easy to use, and convenient is how I'd describe the Domi in as few words as possible.

Predictable, I know, but the Hitachi has so much going for it and has such a stellar reputation in the sex toy world that it'd be a carnal sin to not have it at the top of this list.

It is the original wand vibrator and the benchmark to which all other wand vibrators are compared against. There's only two settings on this 12 inch beast and those are fast and heckin' fast. I use this thing when I need strong, physical touch orgasms and quickly as possible. If I'm lucky I can get the first one out quick followed by the second and third practically back to back, but that's just me. Inquiring minds will be happy to know that the head of this toy is 2.25'' across.

Hitachi only sells them on license as The Original Magic Wand now, so don't freak out if you can't manage to find an authentic Hitachi, the new iteration is the same old toy just with a different name and a few more modern internals. I prefer the walled version with a six inch cord the most, I have enough toys that I need to recharge.

I highly suggest you start off on the slower setting to acclimate yourself before going stronger, it's one of the few sex toys that I've noticed can work a little too well for a lot of women.

Here's another toy that completely breaks the mould as to what a wand vibrator is and isn't. Instead of vibrating a full 360° the Eroscillator simply oscillates back and forth in an approximately 150° range of motion.

It's also highly customizable in more ways than just the intensity settings.

The package I purchased called the Eroscillator 2 Top Deluxe came with six different attachments for a total of 9 different possible heads. I'm not much for the Legionnaire's Moustache attachment (the one with bristles in the picture), but all of the other attachments are worth a fair go.

It's another toy meant to be plugged into the wall, and I must say that the 12 foot power cord makes it usable in just about any room no matter how far the outlet happens to be. It's also endorsed by one of my personal heroes the great Dr.Ruth, a German sex therapist that's been in this sphere for decades now.

Insanely durable and instantly memorable, this thing is simply so good that it'd almost be a sin to let it pass you by.

Last but definitely not least, another contender for the Hitachi throne is the Doxy brand of wand vibrators. Being able to secure a spot on the same list as the Domi and the Eroscillator isn't an easy feat, so let's get into what makes this vibrator so special.

With a rotating head that's 2.35'' across, it has the biggest head on this list by 0.1 inches.

It's noteworthy because the initial settings are mostly slow and steady  high frequency buzzy vibrations, but at the higher power levels you'll be treated to lower frequency vibrations that are much more rumbly.

I like a toy that can swing both ways, the Doxy keeps me on my toes for when I need to ramp up the setting a bit more.

The cord is relatively short at three feet long, that's about my only major gripe with this toy. Still, I don't regret picking it up, it finds itself stuck in my grip more often that I expected it to.

How To Choose A Wand Massager?

These vibrators are so powerful they should have a warning label on them, seriously. It's the nuclear option whenever not having an orgasm just isn't an option. The only toys capable of bringing me to orgasm as easily as these would be sonic toys, which can be found here where I explain just why they're so great.

If you have a particularly sensitive clitoris, I'd wholly recommend the Domi above all else. It's the most customizable with regards to the settings and since the head itself doesn't rotate there's way less room for possible discomfort. The rechargeable nature of it has lead me to throw it into my travel bag more times than I can count.

You can go with the Original Magic Wand for a timeless classic, the Doxy for a modern take on old fun, or the Eroscillator if you want to break the mold entirely.

Wand vibrators are an amazing way to stimulate the clitoris, possibly my favorite. If you do decide to take the plunge and purchase a wand massager for yourself, I hope this article was helpful in making your decision.

My goal with this article was to help readers differentiate between some of the most common wand vibrators available today.

If you have any unanswered questions, don't be afraid to comment!

I check for comments each and every day, it won't be long until we're in touch!

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