The Best Sonic Vibrators

The Top 3 Sonic Vibrators That I Own

Written by: Angela Watson | Updated: April 7th, 2023

  • Three hour battery life
  • 12 Different vibration patterns
  • Included XL adapter for different body shapes
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  • Powerful sonic emitter inside
  • Excellently shaped nozzle for targeted stimulation
  • 8 Unique settings
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  • Large handle for easy use
  • Waterproof & excellent battery life
  • Unique head style
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Need An Answer Quick? Here's The Best Sonic Vibrator:

To not mince words, the Lelo Sona is definitely the most worthwhile sonic vibrator I've ever had the pleasure of handling myself.

A fully waterproof silicone toy capable of record amounts of orgasms in record time frames, it makes me often wonder who decided to try out sonic waves on the clitoris. Without their desire to dream there'd be a pretty wide range of sensations I'd never have felt, and I thank them for that.

Eight different settings and a USB rechargeable battery make it a toy worth remembering, thats for sure.

We're lucky in a few ways, ladies. Women haven't been stigmatized for using sex toys, whereas only recently have men began to enjoy the freedom of enhanced self-pleasure.

I'm happy we as a society have reached this point, but because of this us girls are lucky to have a much more developed and thought out side of the sex toy industry compared to men.

Individual opinion might vary, but I truly believe the lack of stigma around women owning a dildo/vibrator has lead to our toys bit more above-board than many male toys.

I think we're also pickier and a bit harder to convince, but that's purely anecdotal.

Part of this development in female sex toys has been the creation of female toys that work with our biology perfectly and exploit our anatomy in the most pleasurable of ways. Sonic sex toys are one of the best examples of this phenomenon. The only thing necessary for a toy to be considered a sonic sex toy is that it must produce sonic waves that are then transferred into the body.

Sonic vibrators in reality tend to be toys that are not meant to be inserted and work best on the clitoris and surrounding structures compared to inside the vagina itself. These toys use sonic vibrations to target the deep inner workings of the clitoris. Sonic toys are a relatively new concept and have become quite popular recently.

How Do Sonic Vibrators Feel?

A traditional vibrator simply uses a vibrating motor (not entirely unlike the one inside of a smartphone) and then those vibrations are transferred via vibrator-on-skin contact. The thing is with these types of vibrations, they tend to dissipate very quickly after being transferred, meaning they don't penetrate very deeply into the vaginal tissues. 

Sonic Vibrators work entirely differently. Technically, they can be used without any toy to skin contact whatsoever. These toys use an oscillating disc to create sonic waves capable of penetrating deep into clitoral tissue. In practice though there is a clit sucking effect where some suction from the toy to the skin can be felt. The clitoris is actually quite larger than one might think, what you can see is just the tip of the iceberg. Much of the internal structure extends far into the pelvic region. Sonic toys bring more blood to the area and also deliver stimulation much further into the body as opposed to a toy that only uses superficial vibrations. The increased blood flow and stimulation have a huge synergistic effect.

Without wasting anymore time, here's the 3 best sonic vibrators on the market:

The Best Sonic Vibrators Available:

Product Name




The Lelo Sona

(My #1 Choice)

  • Powerful sonic emitter inside
  • Excellently shaped nozzle for targeted stimulation
  • 8 Unique settings

The Womanizer Pro

  • Three hour battery life
  • 12 Different vibration patterns
  • Included XL adapter for different body shapes

The Satisfyer Pro 2

  • Large handle for easy use
  • Waterproof & excellent battery life
  • Unique head style

#1 - The Sona by Lelo(My #1 Pick)

The body of the toy is actually a single piece of silicone, but the gold back plate might make you think otherwise. All this means is that this toy is completely waterproof and also shouldn't be used with any silicone based lubricants.

Perfect in size and shape, the Sona is easily my favorite sonic vibrator. For a toy to really catch my eye it needs to have ergonomics, performance, as well as a range of possible sensations. There's 8 settings that keep the whole experience fresh for me no matter how often I use it.

I will say that sometimes the body just isn't in the mood for sonic play as opposed to traditional vibrators, yet I can't help but feel beyond satisfied those times it ended up being exactly what I needed.

Sessions with the Sona means orgasm, and lots of it. It's one toy that, at least for me, provides back-to-back orgasms with as little lag time in between O's. It's sinfully exquisite like that.

The toy also feels a lot more sterile than other toys, so to speak. Besides some quick cleaning it's not maintenance heavy at all, the waterproofing makes clean up a joke.  

It takes home the distinction of the top toy on this list because it has just about everything going for it with very little worth complaining about.

#2 - The Womanizer Pro(The Runner-Up)

At a very close second comes the Womanizer Pro. Picking the best sonic toy(s) on this list proved to be more difficult than I expected. Womanizer has long been one of the biggest names in sonic sex toys, they've released wand style sonic toy sin the past but are capitalizing on how small the toys can be overall but still provide the kind of great sensations expected from a full-sized toy.

There are 12 different settings and the patterns get pretty creative. Impressively enough, the Womanizer can keep all of this up for about three to four hours before it needs to be charged for one measly hour. If you're the energy conscious type, it's probably worth saying it's my most energy efficient toy if total potential orgasms per charge was the scoring method.

I also like that the Womanizer Pro came with an XL adapter that would change the head of the toy for people whose biology might dictate the need for it. I'm fairly petite so I didn't use it myself, but it's a pretty thoughtful touch seeing as how some toys only work at their full potential on a certain body type.

To this effect, the Womanizer is a great addition to the world of sonic pleasure ray emitting toys, It's actually a really close tie for the Womanizer Pro and the Sona for me, I enjoy them both dearly.

#3 - The Satisfyer Pro 2(Last But NOT Least)

It turns out the Satisfyer Pro is somewhat of a divisive toy among some people. Many think they are shamelessly taking Womanizer's thunder but I personally feel that while they might be trying to inch in on the market created by Womanizer, the two companies have different design philosophies overall.

The Satisfyer Pro 2 is one of the most affordable options in the sonic toy sphere and isn't without it's merits. Those who want a more hand comfortable and large toy should seek out the Satisfyer but understand that overall longevity of the toy and it's maximum power output isn't quite on the same level as other options on the market. If taken care of properly it won't abruptly conk out, but make sure not to drop it.

Maybe there's a bit more to the names than just being somewhat similar. The Womanizer brand of toys tend to absolutely bowl me over, while the Satisfyer toys still hit all of the marks of being waterproof and adjustable, they are definitely more towards being just OK or well, satisfying. It has more of a sucking vibrator effect to it than the other toys, probably due to the different style of head.

It's a good option for people who might be skeptical of the power of sonic vibrations or who don't need the biggest baddest toy on the block to have a good time.

Word To The Wise

Take it easy when first using a sonic vibrator. It's ideal to start slowly and allow blood to begin to flow into your clitoris, this makes the whole area more sensitive and makes the entire experience more comfortable. These toys can produce a suction type effect when pressed directly onto the body which is often uncomfortable if you haven't given your body enough time to warm up to the scenario at hand. Don't rush, you should become excited shortly and be able to proceed, if not it might be a good indicator that a more traditional approach might be what you body wants most on that particular night.

These types of vibrators are simply another way we've found to abuse the laws of physics for a rockin' good time. I've often been asked if I find sonic vibrators to be "better" than the regular kind. It is somewhat of an apples to oranges comparison. Both have their time and place, and neither is going to ever become vastly more popular than other or make the other obsolete. These toys are strictly for exterior use as well, with the clitoris being their main area of expertise. 

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I'm a sex therapist by day and a sex blogger by night. I love to crush the taboos surrounding sex toys and help people become more sexually liberated. There's no topic too risqué for me to cover and I hope to educate and inform my readers on all things sex. All things that concern the female anatomy or require a more clinical approach than my husband Don can provide is covered by me. Have any questions? You can contact me via email.

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