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At Doctor Climax our goal is to become the #1 source for sex toy reviews and other adult products.

We are a middle aged couple with the sex drive of two high school freshmen. We've been using a variety of sex toys and masturbation products for many years and they have enhanced our sex life as a married couple. 

We noticed a lack of honest reviews in this industry from people that actually use the products they're reviewing. We decided we'd create a resource for mature adults looking for information regarding various sex toys and masturbation tools.

We've tried everything from fleshlights, male masturbatorsvibrators, and many other sex toys!

If you're looking for a website that provides honest, and unbiased reviews on sex toys for both men and women, as well as for couples, you're in the right place.

Our goal is to help you find the perfect sex toy to suit your sexual needs. 

Don's Favorite Toys

#1 - Kiiroo Onyx 2

This motorized male masturbator separates itself from the crowd with the fact that besides turning it on and holding it in place, there's no effort required on the part of the user to have a memorable orgasm time and time again.

The toy uses a system of rings that contract and expand to deliver strong, meaningful sensations that keep me coming back for more time and time again.

The sleeve is made from the exact same material, Superskin, that goes into all Fleshlight products.

Don't know how they managed to score that deal, but it definitely adds to the toy's prestige.

I don't care how big of a stallion you think you are, if you can't manage to get at least four sessions out of the hour long battery life you should get checked for nerve damage as I just don't see how you can manage to hold out that long.

Angela's Favorite Toys

The Lovense Lush is a unique vibrator that can be controlled by you, or your partner.

It's unique design allows for full control of orgasm. The Lush reaches places that other toys, men (or even women) simply cannot reach.

This toy is something every woman should experience. However you like it, the Lush is sure to satisfy you.

Do not under estimate the small design of this toy, it's able to coax out even the most stubborn of orgasms.

The Lush offers full control of your experience through their easy-to-use smartphone app.

The app makes it fun and easy to control your orgasm completely hands free. It gives you full control of the speed, motion and pattern of the toy.

This was without a doubt our favorite remote control vibrator.

We've tried everything from: 


Male masturbators

Vibrators, and more!

If you're looking for a website that provides honest, and unbiased sex toy reviews for both men and women, as well as for couples, you're in the right place. Our goal is to help you find the perfect sex toy to suit your sexual needs. 

The Fleshlight STU is a sex toy aimed at helping men last longer in bed.

If you're like most men, you probably wouldn't mind lasting a little longer when you have sex. This is why Fleshlight created the Stamina Training Unit.

Not only will using the STU train you to last longer in bed, its also an amazing male masturbator.  

When you want to train your muscles to lift more weight or to lift weights for more reps, what do you do?

You lift weights that are heavy.

The same principle applies when trying to train your penis to last longer in the sack. You need to use a sex toy that stimulates your penis in a way that is hard to resist ejaculation.

This makes the STU my top choice for Fleshlights. 

#2 - Lelo Sona

A Sona vibrator makes use of a completely different concept to make mind-numbingly intense orgasms a common occurrence instead of a rare treat.

Sonic waves are used to stimulate the clitoris as opposed to any actual contact or vibration from the toy itself. These waves commonly cause engorgement of the clitoris which leads to a huge amplification of pleasure.

I can be greedy with orgasms sometimes, and the Sona satisfies my lust beautifully. I recommend that anyone who gives it a shot turns the toy on and slowly acclimate their clitoris to the sensations offered. 

Sonic pulses radiate deep into clitoral tissue for an experience few other toys can even hope to replicate.

If it isn't already exceedingly obvious, I love this toy to bits and hope more people discover the glory that is sonic sex toys.

The Lovense Max is one my favorite sex toys to use with my wife. 

It's one of the few male masturbators that can compete on the same playing field as a Fleshlight. The addition of air pumps is new to the scene.

If you pair it with a Nora electronically, the toys interact with each other for the closest thing we have to completely electronic P in V action.

Ladies, if you've never heard of the Nora, you'll think you should have years ago.

The Lovense Nora offers an experience unlike any other vibrator on the market. 

It offers deep stimulation while also offering optional clitoral stimulation all controlled by the easy to use smartphone app.

In our opinion, it's the ultimate vibrator.

Disposable, discreet, and supremely functional. If those three words describe your ideal sex toy, try a Tenga Egg on for size (done easily with the one-size-fits-all approach)

While I didn't know how legitimate the reputation of Tenga Eggs would be since nearly every porn video circa 2012 had an advert for them, I quickly found out there's a reason they could afford so much exposure.

It's a tantalizingly sensual experience that would be great for someone who's on the fence about having a dedicated sex-toy. Buy a variety pack for relatively cheap then pump & dump with no harm done and then decide what comes next.

Guys have so many options for toys that try to simulate blowjobs, but there aren't really many female oral sex simulators.

I'd sooner say it's a question of anatomy instead of sexist intent, one is more complicated than the other. But, an example of a company trying and finally getting it right is the Lelo Ora 2. Note the 2, the first iteration missed the mark with a too small nub or "tongue" and a lack of movements women like.

So, the Ora 2 came along, fixed the issues, and now everything is alright in the oral kingdom.

Written by: Don Watson

I'm an avid user of Fleshlights and other male masturbators. I'm a truck driver by trade, and I always bring at least 1 toy with me when I travel for work.

Written by: Angela Watson

I'm a sex therapist by trade, and I try to practice what I preach as much as possible. I use sex toys regularly especially when my husband is traveling.

Our Review Criteria

We provide honest reviews on sex toys that we personally test to ensure quality in all of the products we recommend. Many of the sex toy reviews that we post will tend to be on the positive side, this is because most of the products we've tried and tested over the years did not live up to our expectations, and we'd rather not bash different products and become hated by anyone for being honest.

For this reason, the only reviews we tend to write are of sex toys that we we're satisfied with. We test all toys thoroughly before we write our reviews, to ensure we fully understand the intricacies of each product. We use all toys multiple times over an extended period of time so that we are able to test the longevity of the product, as well as test out how easy the products are to clean afterwards, as well as other criteria our readers find important. Hopefully our toy reviews can give you the insight you seek.

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