A Guide to Safe Urethral Sounding

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A Guide to Safe Urethral Sounding

Written by: Don Watson | Updated: July 4th 2021

Over the past few years the market has been overwhelmed with new and different sex toys and masturbation techniques that it can be dizzying to keep up with.

From fleshlights to blow up dolls and cock rings, there are more and more options than any guy can keep up with. Every once in a while there is something out of the mainstream that just makes sense.

But now, instead of a new toy we are looking at a whole new way to pleasure, in the form of urethral sounding.

Here, we are going to go over everything including how it works and how to do it.

What Is Urethral Sounding?

The practice of urethral sounding actually started as a medical procedure to help clear obstructions in the urethra, the tube that connects to the bladder and lets urine drain out of the body. It evolved into a unique form of sexual play that involves inserting a toy into the urethral opening.

Because this can pass against the glans in the penis head and the nerves in the shaft, it can cause all kinds of sensations. Some men can also reach the prostate directly from inside if the toy is inserted deeply enough.

Because everyone experiences pleasure differently, we have to remember that based on your tastes and how sensitive your nerves are, the experience may be vastly different for different people. Learning and experimenting to find positions and the size of toy that’s right for you can make it increasingly better over time.

My Sounding Experience

Everyone is different, so we experience all things differently. However, urethral stimulation can provide some benefits that are hard to ignore. Lots of people can find intense pleasure with a variety of sensations that are very different from other forms of masturbation or partner play. The enjoyment can be multiplied when you are being stimulated from inside and outside your penis.

You can actually get a bigger and stronger erection that can lead to stronger orgasms, and not just for yourself. It is easy to build intimacy by including urethral sounding with your partner, being vulnerable and gaining the benefits.

How To Sound Safely

Urethral Sounding

It is always a good idea to include safety when it comes to experimenting in the bedroom, but it is even more important when it comes to urethral sounding because it is such a tight and sensitive area that you need to be prepared and know what you’re doing.

Keeping these things in mind will help to make sure it’s more pleasure than pain, and can avoid potential problems such as UTI’s (urinary tract infections), tissue damage, pain and getting a toy stuck.

Make sure that you are choosing the right size of toy, and that it is specifically designed for urethral stimulation. Just because something is marketed as a sex toy doesn’t mean it is safe to use in your urethra.

Things like urethral sounds and penis plugs are acceptable, but it may take some experimenting to make sure you have the right size.

A toy that is too thick can obviously stretch the urethra and inflict a lot of pain and discomfort, so you need to work up to these toys if that is something you want. On the other hand, super thin toys can also cause problems by being too sharp and puncturing you or they can even get lost inside your body. For urethral stimulation it’s best to stick to a toy designed to do the job, with a size about the same as your urethra.

To combat the tightness of the opening, it is also strongly recommended that anyone who tries this should use a generous amount of lube both on the toy and yourself. This may seem self explanatory, but it is also a good idea to use sterile lube to decrease chances of infection - no strawberry lube for this adventure.

It can’t be emphasized enough that it is important to go slow and insert your toy carefully. It takes lots of practice and patience to do this quickly and while it will probably be overwhelming and arousing and easy to get carried away, it is important to remain gentle and move one step at a time. This can’t be overstated because rushing or forcing anything can lead to serious injury, and we prefer the pleasure.

Before beginning any urethral stimulation, it is important to sterilize your toys and clean yourself to make sure that you aren’t inviting an infection. Make sure things get clean before you get dirty. 

All in all, being well informed and prepared should lead to a safe and pleasurable time but it is highly recommended that anyone who has a condition that might affect this form of play might want to speak to their doctor before trying. This is especially true for people with a history of frequent UTI’s, a history of injury to your genitals or urethra, a prostate condition, or and outbreak of an STI (sexually transmitted infection). You should also consult a professional if anything goes wrong while trying urethral sounding, or if you get abnormal discharge or urine.

Is Sounding For Men Only?

Urethral sounding is not just for people with a penis, it can be pleasurable and fun with all genitals. However, it is specifically exciting for men because it is a whole new way to pleasure that we are not normally accustomed to. While we are definitely able to get pleasure from other insertion toys in different ways, being able to stimulate the penis itself from the inside is new and exciting.

With practice, trying different techniques can keep urethral stimulation interesting. For example, some people enjoy moving the toy in and out slightly to increase pleasure and massage the urethra, making the nerves more sensitive before orgasm.

It is also common to remove the toy (as long as it is safe to do so) while ejaculating so the cum accumulates first, and then releases with force. This can be extremely pleasurable, but takes time to accomplish.

For those who are truly advanced, some men enjoy keeping the urethral toy in while ejaculating. This can hold back the cum, and it can then back up into the bladder and is taken care of the next time you urinate.

It is also possible to do direct stimulation to your prostate which can be immeasurable intense, but again, this is only for those who are very advanced and practiced with urethral sounding. You should always ensure your own safety and comfort, as well as anyone else participating in the fun.

Types of Sounding Devices

Choosing the toy for what you want is important, and there are a few different options. Some people use catheters, typically used in medical procedures and designed to go in your urethra.

This can be a good option, as it comes sterile but is not the most sexy choice for most, and is not widely recommended.

Finding toys specific to urethral stimulation is the best route to take and there are many different sizes and materials can include silicone, surgical grade stainless steel or titanium, so you can find the one that is right for you.

Urethral plugs usually have a ball or hoop on the end which stops it from entering too far, and some can be used around the glans (end of the penis) to provide more stimulation.

Sounding rods (or urethral sounds) are different in the fact that they are shaped more like a rod, and less like a plug. Depending how deep they are designed to go, they can be completely straight or have a bend that helps to follow the urethra for deep penetration into the bladder or the prostate. 

The longer and wider style of urethral rods are reserved for the people who are more experienced and comfortable with urethral stimulation.

To start, choosing a toy that is close to the size of your own urethra diameter is important as well as starting with something short. Be careful not to choose something to narrow, this can cause injury and could get lost.

Most people like to stay in the realm of shallow urethral stimulation, and this is easiest when using a toy that is shorter and easier to control.

Also, if you choose to explore further and increase the diameter and length it is much safer to do if you started with an appropriately sized toy. 

How To Try It Out For Yourself

Before beginning, it is important to be fully prepared to maintain safety and make sure it is enjoyable too. Make sure that you have a toy that is the right size for you, and that is it properly sterilized before each use.

Using an alcohol rub can be useful, but there is a chance that it is not completely effective so the best method is boiling in water. You should also make sure that your body and your hands are clean because this can also help reduce the chance of infection by a lot. 

Also, make sure that you are comfortable. There is no right way to position yourself, sodo what feels the most natural for you.

When inserting, ensure that you are using a large amount of sterile medical lube both on the toy and the tip of the penis. Using the right lube will make sure that the risk of infection is reduced, and using a large amount will ensure that the toy moves easily and without resistance.

A Guide to Safe Urethral Sounding

Most of the urethral toys will need to be put in before you are erect, and this makes the process easier than if you were hard and the urethra was constricted. Push gently in, making sure you stop immediately if you experience any resistance or pain. 

A Guide to Safe Urethral Sounding

The toy should slide gently and settle naturally at a certain point and should not be forced further. It can be helpful to lightly ‘shake’ your pelvis or genitals to help it move along or shift to be more comfortable.

This is when you should relax and add more lube if necessary.  Once you are comfortable, begin to stimulate the area and experiment to find what is right for you.

At first, being gentle and slow is best but after becoming more accustomed to urethral sounding most people enjoy moving the sounding rod in and out slightly for a more intense experience.

Do what feels best to you.

Once you are done, you can gently remove the toy from your urethra. This can sometimes take a bit of time, but make sure that you take your time and do not be afraid to add more lube if necessary.

Stop if there is any pain or if you feel uncomfortable. Make sure to pee right away to remove anything left behind in your urethra including lube and bacteria. After all that, also make sure to wash everything again. Your toy, hands and genitals are necessary, but also washing the lube bottle and anything else that was touched can give you peace of mind for the next use.

The progressive next step for those who enjoy urethral stimulation and want more intense experiences is deep urethral sounding. This includes extending further up the urethra to help stimulate the prostate or even up into the bladder.

This can be a long endeavor, you need to move slowly and continue stretching to be able to accomplish deep penetration. It is important that if you want to continue, getting the right toys and the right guidance is important.

Learning from those who have done it directly can be really beneficial. 

A Guide to Safe Urethral Sounding

Trying something new can be intimidating and strange, but sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone can lead to some amazing experiences. Trying urethral sounding can lead to sensations and orgsms that are truly unique and beyond what you could ever imagine.

Being safe and having fun can make this whole experience truly incredible, and can even bring you closer to your partner. Men now have a whole new way of experiencing pleasure

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