The Lisa Ann Fleshlight Review

The Lisa Ann Fleshlight Review

Written by: Don Watson | Updated: April 21st, 2021

As our favourite MILF film asks the following question in its iconic parody title, Who’s Nailin Palin?, we can now have a different answer than the one we see on the screen: it could be you!

With the Lisa Ann Fleshlight, we can change the script-- we can customize the lights, the cameras, the actions, the sex positions, and even the sounds of favourite bodacious MILF into whatever we want it to be. Once this Lisa Ann Fleshlight is yours to own, you are the director and the actor, you are the performer and she is doing whatever you want her to do with your love limb.

With this review, I am going to examine the Lisa Ann Fleshlight in terms of its material and barracuda texture, how it differs from other fleshlights, by discussing its effectiveness during use, talking about cleanup, and then ending with a pros vs cons section of the product.

However, to begin, let’s talk about our sexual muse: the porn legend, Lisa Ann, or for those who imagine her with the seniority and authority as I do, Mrs. Lisa Ann. As our favourite step-mother, she saw a fruitful and love-filled 20 year career in porn ranging from the 1990s to the 2000s.

As our dream cougar, she earned 18 awards from the adult film industry, with most of them being won for her sexy portrayals of the naughty MILF and the insatiable cougar. Most notably, she starred as the most iconic representation of my favourite politician at least, Sarah Palin--though my reasons for liking her are definitely not related to her politics.

With Lisa Ann as our fantasy partner, using her fleshlight always comes with that remarkable feeling of “legendary” status, as no matter what your age is, nailing a sexy MILF is the highest form of being the MAN! Sporty, naughty, mature and, if you’re fantasizing about her as Palin, out of our league, Lisa Ann’s fleshlight always gives a unique and incredibly satisfying experience.

Lisa Ann Fleshlight - Texture and Material

The Lisa Ann fleshlight was made for the purpose of providing the barracuda sensation, meaning that its feeling is based on inward-facing, thick bristles to ease penetration and to provide gentle resistance at any pulling out motion. The barracuda sensation makes the fleshlight as inviting as Lisa Ann herself telling you exactly what to do and how to do it. 

The Lisa Ann Fleshlight Review

Lisa Ann's Signature Fleshlight Texture - Barracuda

As fleshlight’s website describes the barracuda as “a gripping battery of unmatched pleasure,” the Lisa Ann fleshlight proves its worth time and time again in that it is gripping indeed. Inside the tight fleshlight, there are front facing, outward pointed bristles immediately, challenging your initial penetration with a slight hint of teasing resistance, before the main body of the canal. In the main body, the bristles turn inward, thereby inviting you to dig deeper into Lisa Ann’s tunnel of love, where you can really shove your entire magic stick as much as you possibly can.

Usually, associating bristles with cocks does not create the most inviting image, but in this case, the bristles in the fleshlight are as pleasant and warm as Lisa Ann’s legs wrapped around your waist. In the fleshlight, the tiny bumps are 10mm tall, pointing either toward the outside of the fleshlight (the opening of her pussy) immediately inside the fleshlight, or pointing towards the inside of the toy (deeper into her slip n slide vagina.)

The entire length of the fleshlight is approximately 10 inches, with the lips themselves being nice and tight. At the immediate entrance of the fleshlight is the widest part of the product, with the fleshlight getting tighter the deeper you go.

How the Lisa Ann Fleshlight Differs from the Rest

As mentioned above, the barracuda sensation is the true defining factor in this amazing fleshlight. With the tiny bumps facing one way at the entrance and then the other way once you get deeper, you get the feeling of Lisa Ann herself, tightening and releasing pussy all for you.

Past the immediate entrance of the fleshlight, you are almost literally sucked in to go as deep as you can as the bristles literally direct and guide your man meat to that direction.

Conversely, if you want to tease yourself by inserting the tip for a little bit, the Lisa Ann fleshlight has your back, or in this case, your cock.

The bristles feel so gentle, and, as mentioned above, as soon as you enter the fleshlight you are greeted with some resistance as the bumps face outward. This subtle resistance is a welcome feeling if you want Lisa to give you a small appetizer before the main course.

Furthermore, with its two sections, the contrast gives you a more unique feeling, almost like a curiosity, to go ahead and dig deeper and explore further. The fleshlight really gives off the feeling of realistic penetration in that way, as each section stimulates your dick wholly, pun intended.

As you penetrate deeper, the bristles gently rub against your member in all directions and move ever so subtly, kind of “paving the way” for you to make your grand entrances (and re-entrances.) In this sense, the Lisa Ann fleshlight gives off that massing feeling: tight and gripping, smooth, yet strong, resistant, yet inviting.

As one of the most successful MILFs in porn history, her exact pussy is the mold of the fleshlight--hence the namesake. With her pussy lips and clit being identically replicated, you have all the means to let your imagination go wild. But, if that is not enough for you, you can even see her signature right beside her vag, with that added touch of authenticity adding fuel to the burning fire of passion you are about to capitalize on.

The Lisa Ann Fleshlight During Use

The first impression you will get in using the fleshlight is how tight it is. Fleshlights are always surprisingly tight, but the pleasant surprise of your first use, combined with the bristles have the power to change your day, week and month. 

As a personal touch, I like to begin with a small tease, only using the fleshlight over the tip of my dick for a little bit. Similar to how cougars know exactly what they want, the imagery of Lisa Ann wanting me to beg for more definitely does the trick. I suggest to play around with those outward facing bristles, right when you enter the fleshlight for some time, and then slowing going deeper to really embrace the change in bristle direction--trust me, it is worth the tease every time.

I found that pulling out and re-entry was simple, yet definitely required slightly more effort due to the barracuda sensation. However, if you don’t want to leave the ever-embracing land of Lisa Ann’s hole, and you want to stay inside the fleshlight the entire time, you will absolutely not be disappointed.

Cleanup After Use

As you can imagine, the barracuda texture makes cleanup a bit daunting, but after the release you will have just had, you won’t even think about complaining. Some of the lube or your happy juice may get caught on the bristles, so at every wash, do be sure to use lots of warm water from both ends of the fleshlight. It is a good idea to rinse the Lisa Ann fleshlight for a longer duration than other toys, and then after rinsing, use fast running water or high water pressure to really get in between the bristles.

After the thorough wash, leave it out to dry completely. As always, a second wash may be helpful--potentially even more based on how good your session was.

Lisa Ann Fleshlight: Pros and Cons

The Lisa Ann fleshlight is remarkable because of the barracuda sensation--it is so inviting, you just can’t say no and you want to go full on hard mode once you penetrate the fleshlight. But, if you are a fan of teasing like me, you will enter another universe of pleasure. I love the tightness of the fleshlight throughout and the gentleness of the bristles, which just form the perfect formula for a damn good time.

The only issue is not even an issue about the fleshlight, it is just the cleanup, which is destined to happen given the design of the barracuda--the bristles make it a good thing, but also form its own inconveniences.

In conclusion, the Lisa Ann fleshlight is a wonder. Put on your favourite video of her, or just use your imagination, which is not hard due to her iconic roles in porn. Once you’re set, let Lisa do all the work, after all, MILFs always know what they want. 

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