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Fleshlights New & Improved Sex In A Can

Written by: Don Watson | Updated: May 16th, 2023

Some time ago, Fleshlight released their Sex In A Can line for the very first time. There were about three different sleeves, all themed after a different kind of alcoholic beverage. The goal of these disguised sex toys was that they would seem innocuous when placed on your desk for long periods of time. 

These Fleshlights were smaller, tighter, about the size of an average tall can, and branded with things like Lady Lager or Succu-Dry in a cheeky bid to go unnoticed.

The thing is, having a can of "novelty" beer on your desk can attract just as much attention as a Fleshlight.

Someone might want to check out the can more, ask how the beer is, or even see through the branding to know that it is definitely for some kind of less than kosher purpose, Fleshlight hardly beat around the bush when naming and creating their original line.

I suppose this issue was significant enough because some time later the Sex In A Can line was discontinued.

Now Fleshlight has returned and they've learned from their mistakes by making the can a recognizable brand that should hopefully help the toy actually fly under the radar. They didn't just partner with anyone either, they chose Four Loko to be their disguise.

Fleshlight has long collaborated with huge brands, from Kiiroo to other technology giants, and now obviously Four Loko, maker of one of the most famous drinks to help you get wasted and vomit in your toilet once you make it home.

Famous business consultant Pizzaslime takes the credit for making the necessary introductions, although this is the first I've ever heard of them.

Design & Specs

With all of the caps on, this toy looks just like a regular Fruit Punch Four Loko.

The only thing that might give away this product's true purpose would be the seams where the two end caps screw on to, but so long as you always remember to screw it in so it looks the same way a real can does and you put it somewhere where detailed inspection is unlikely, it is beyond passable in the stealth department.

The total length of the toy is 9.75'' while a full 8.5'' of that is insertable. That should mean that level of endowment shouldn't be that big of a concern, most people should be able to fit.

Since the toy has to look like a legitimate Four Loko, it is of course less wide and a bit tighter than the average Fleshlight sleeve. If you're already capping out in tightness even on a regular Fleshlight with the suction cap at its slightest then maybe it might not be the best choice.

For reference's sake, I am slightly above average in more or less all penile measurements and I found it to be comfortable enough to use.

It's very similar dimension wise to the majority of the Fleshlight line.

The main benefit of the Four Loko Fleshlight in my opinion is the discreetness. It ticks a lot of boxes that original Sex-In-A-Can line totally missed.

The real beauty of new Fleshlight gear is what's on the inside. They've miniaturized the Lotus texture, one they initially made for Stoya's Fleshlight that still has appeal to this day, then slapped it inside this toy and shipped it out to market. The Lotus texture is notable for it's extreme peaks and valleys that make up seven distinct pleasure chambers.

Fleshlight is currently selling the Four Loko at a discounted price of $69. Also, unlike some of their other offerings, Fleshlight is trying hard to drum up interest in their renewed Sex In A Can line by offering a free sample of Renewing Powder and Fleshlube with this toy. The renewing powder is essentially super-powered corn starch meant to keep the toy as supple and excellent as it was out of the box, while the purpose of the Fleshlube is self-explanatory, I hope.

That's more or less everything with regards to the technical aspects of the toy, now I'll tell you whether or not this toy is a smooth drinker or a dud.

My Experience Using It

Personally, I could care less for Four Loko itself. It's tasty, it's full of booze, and when it had more or less the same stuff as an energy drink world wide it definitely wasn't a horrible addition to a night.

Still, it never became something I wanted in my fridge at all times. Maybe college Don would disagree with that sentiment.

As far as build quality is concerned, it does actually pass muster as a proper canned beverage. I was guessing there would be something just a pinch "off" like the materials used or how the colors looked in real life. But, it really does seem like an aluminum canned drink besides the seams for the caps. The seams definitely could have looked much worse though, they do give an impression that they're sooner a manufacturing mistake than actual caps.

After taking off the top cap, a scaled-down Lady orifice awaited my manhood. If sex toys follow the same rules as other toys from Toy Story, I really do wonder what they'd have to say. Electing to not use any of my personal stash of lube, the included sample of FleshLube was hastily and without remorse poured entirely into the sleeve. A little bit of rolling, shaking, and rotating later and I have the whole thing saturated and ready to go.

Like my other experiences with Sex In A Can toys, it was tighter than the average Fleshlight by a small margin. I'd say that this orifice is probably 80% of the size of the average Fleshlight, but that's a 100% estimate not founded on much science. Enough lube gets me through to the actual toy itself.

There is a point where I can't make the toy any tighter with the sleeve or else I risk some discomfort, so I always start with it fully open and adjust it as needed.

With the tight entrance always providing a bit of a squeeze somewhere, I actually found that it helped me to last longer and properly enjoy the Lotus texture. Scaled down slightly of course, but it does offer a very similar experience. I enjoy the feeling of bursting into each new area where there's a bit more room before it goes back to being rather tight.

It's worth noting that it is the same sleeve from the Lady Lager, the only thing that's different is the outer look.

I liked the Lady Lager, so that opinion carrys through for this toy as well. I don't have much to say about it that I haven't already said about the Lady Lager or similar Fleshlights, it is a nice toy that has definitely replaced the well-worn out Lady Lager I had previously.

Where To Buy It?

If you're thinking about picking up the Four Loko Fleshlight for yourself, be sure to buy it directly from the official Fleshlight store.

There's more fake Fleshlights on the market than any other toy brand knock-off.

If you use coupon code "DrClimax10" you'll also receive an extra 10% off at checkout!

Click here to redeem the discount!

Final Thoughts

Scaled down in size, the Four Loko Sex In A Can is hardly scaled down in pleasure. What really makes this toy worth mentioning is that they finally made a discreet Fleshlight that can actually be the chameleon it makes itself out to be. The previous iterations of this line looked like some kind of curiousity or novelty item that probably attracted way more attention than not. The overt sexual innuendos in all of the names certainly didn't help.

Well, that's different now, and Fleshlight hit the mark in spectacular fashion.

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