Doc Johnson Squirt It Review:
Does This Squirting Vagina Pass The Test?

Your Wettest and Wildest Fantasies are now a reality with this toy!

Doc Johnson Squirt It, June 2021

Written by: Don Watson | Updated: July 15th, 2021

Ah, squirting. Aside from threesomes, every man’s dream is to shag an absolute geyser of a woman--one who will gladly baptize you in the love juices from her holy gate.

Obviously, that’s a tall order for a woman to deliver on, so our fantasies change into something a little more realistic, where even just a little squirt is a welcome sight. Even so, not all women can, and we’re then left to take our fetish to porn, along with some lotion and a handful of tissues.

I’m glad to say that there is a happy medium for all my fellow squirt lovers out there! Instead of painstakingly practicing your thrusting angles, your fingering techniques, or trying to make the impossible happen with your partner who can’t do it, you can save yourself the trouble and enjoy the same experience all from the palm of your hand. 

With the Doc Johnson Squirt It, you have one of the wettest and messiest (in a good way) squirting pussy strokers in the business that will satisfy your deepest cravings of squirting delights.

Squirting is easily the 8th wonder of the world, and every guy should get to experience what it feels like to plow into a squirting vagina. The Doc Johnson Squirt It gives us that amazing and unique feeling. In today’s review, I will look at this amazing squirting pussy stroker and talk about the toy itself, my experiences with it, where to buy it and my closing thoughts.

Description & Features

You guessed it, the Doc Johnson Squirt It is a male masturbator that squirts. Admittedly, this is a huge over-simplification of the toy, but that’s the basic gist of it; however, the true magic for this squirting pussy stroker is in the details.

Made from Doc Johnson’s game changing lifelike material called Ultraskyn, the Squirt It looks and feels identical to a real life vagina, all the way from the fold in the labia to the details in the clit and vaginal opening. The entire sleeve is open ended as well to make the entire cleanup process an easy one. The Squirt It is completely body safe as well. 

Inside the Squirt It, your dick will happily feel the natural tightness of the Ultraskyn toy, as well as a plush internal ribbing that lines up the entire interior of the toy.

The ribbed texture combined with the eventual squirting of the pussy stroker can make you feel like you’re cumming at the same time as your stroker, which is just a magical feeling in general.

I would be remiss if I didn’t explain the squirting, which is of course the main feature of the Squirt It. The sleeve comes with a tube, handheld syringe and a 1 fl oz bottle of Joy Juice, which acts like the squirt. To make the Squirt It do its thing, you would simply squeeze the attached squirt syringe to fill the Squirt It sleeve, after which it will eventually immerse your member with the sweet nectar of pussy juice.

Its packaging is pretty neat as it comes with the sleeve itself, tube, Joy Juice and syringe, but also a renewal powder to keep the sleeve in top condition as well as an instruction manual.

If you are particularly partial to a specific skin tone, the Doc Johnson Squirt it has you covered, as it is available in either white, tanned or dark skin tones, which they call “vanilla,” “caramel” or “chocolate.” In terms of size, there is only one.

Squirt It Measurements

When it comes to measurements and size, the Squirt It is pretty practical, compact and easy to manage with all things considered.

Coming in at 5.5 inches long (5.25 insertable inches), 2.5 inches wide and 7.75 inches in circumference, the Squirt It comes in a very ideal size.

However, if you have a longer dick or if you’re part of the big girth club, you may find that this sleeve is too small for you.


If you’re into squirting, you’re probably not looking for any neat and tidy toys. After all, the messier the squirt is, the better the job you did. I mean, I don’t think I’d ever complain about cleanup if I made my wife do that!

Luckily for us, Doc Johnson made our lives easier with the open end on the other side of the sleeve, as well as the small size of the squirting pussy stroker overall. If this were a larger and more complex toy, cleanup would be such a pain.

To clean it, simply run your your Squirt It through warm water, apply soap and use a sex toy cleaner to completely rid if of cum, lube or squirt. After pat drying or leaving it to air dry, use the renewal powder to keep its form intact.

My Experiences

I love squirting so much, and the Doc Johnson Squirt It delivered big time. I can vividly remember the sleeve gradually getting wetter as I got more intense with my own thrusting, squeezing and excitement.

I loved feeling and seeing the squirt, especially as the droplets fell to the floor and around my entire fapping space--I had to keep my cool and not bust too early because I just wanted it all to continue.

I thought the Ultraskyn texture and ribbed interior was a nice touch, and they felt a lot more prominent than I initially thought, which I loved. As an added touch too, I found the Joy Juice to smell very good too, I wasn’t expecting that.

I found cleanup to be extremely easy because of the open end. I remember being surprised at some of the cum that made it out the other end, which was combined with squirt. 

The only room for improvement is that the syringe and tube for inserting the squirt was a little small. Maybe I’m getting older, but I remember having to concentrate and focus pretty hard to make sure that everything got in. Also, as I mentioned earlier, if you have a bigger or fatter dick, you might not be able to use the Squirt It.

Where I Bought Mine

I always buy my Doc Johnson products on Amazon, where Doc Johnson operates an official store. You can even get some great deals around the holiday season, and it is always convenient to buy on Amazon with their great shipping system.

Final Thoughts

Squirt is still among my top fetishes, and the Doc Johnson Squirt It is one of the best squirting pussy strokers out there currently.

From its realistic Ultraskyn texture, ribbed interior, messy squirting ability and easy cleanup, this sleeve has all the makings of a unique and insanely hot masturbation session every time.

Even with its customizable skin colors, squeezable texture, and practical size, the Doc Johnson Squirt It is an ideal sex toy for all users. 

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Go ahead and make a mess! 

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