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My Favorite Fleshlights Reviewed

Written by: Don Watson | Updated: September 21st, 2019

Don't Have Time To Read? No Problem! Here's Our #1 Sleeve

The STU stands for Stamina Training Unit and it isn't just clever marketing (well, at least not entirely), there's some serious strong suits in this particular male masturbator. The sleeve is populated with tiny pleasure domes that line the entirety of the main body of the sleeve for constant, intense stimulation over each and every square inch of your Johnson.

The clear effect here is that it'll increase stamina in bed, but it accomplishes that by actually being extremely difficult to last long inside. With the end cap to customize suction to top it all off, it's almost dangerous how well it works.

With the literal dozens of different Fleshlight sleeves out there, how could I manage to actually narrow down which one was the best? The Fleshlight STU made the process an open and shut case.

If you're looking for the best Fleshlights on the market, you've come to the right place.

I've used about a dozen different ones by this point as well as a host of other Fleshlight products, so if there's anyone who's approaching the level of "Fleshlightologist", it'd be me. 

The Fleshlight product line is one of the bigger ones to digest when it comes to male masturbators, so needless to say choosing the right one can be overwhelming.

In this article, my goal is to help you find the perfect Fleshlight sleeve to suit your needs.

I'm going to go over all of the best Fleshlight sleeves that I personally own, as well as some other Fleshlight accessories that I'm a fan of. 

Hopefully, by the end of this article, you'll have a better idea of which sleeve you should buy!

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Let's get right into it.

My Top 9 Favorite Fleshlight Sleeves:

Product Name

Sleeve Texture


Price & Rating

The Stamina Training Unit

(My Top Pick)

  • Increases sexual stamina & time to reach orgasm 
  • Tight, consistent  inner sleeve designed for max pleasure
  • Top selling sleeve

Coupon code: DrClimax10

The Quickshot (Vantage)

  • Most inexpensive Fleshlight available
  • Open-ended design means no need to finish inside
  • Easy to clean

Coupon code: DrClimax10

The Stoya Destroya

  • Tight, intense inner sleeve
  • Fully modeled from Stoya's real body
  • Interesting sleeve design not similar to any other available sleeves

Coupon code: DrClimax10

The Turbo (Thrust)

  • "Blowjob simulator" Fleshlight
  • Opaque design
  • Non-anatomical orifice

Coupon code: DrClimax10

The Ice

  • Completely clear design
  • Tight, interesting sleeve
  • Easiest FL to know when it is completely clean

Coupon code: DrClimax10

The Riley Reid Utopia

  • Sleeve tapers to be more tight over time
  • Sleeve is smooth to use and gives a gentle caress
  • One of the most popular FL girls sleeve

Coupon code: DrClimax10

The Vibro

  • Added vibrations make for a more intense experience
  • 10 Extra batteries included
  • Sleeve designed with maximizing pleasure from vibrations in mind

Coupon code: DrClimax10

The Flight (Pilot)

  • Subtle design meant for discreetness
  • Tighter than most Fleshlights
  • Soft, supple sleeve

Coupon code: DrClimax10

The Go (Surge)

  • Scaled down Fleshlight
  • Easy to transport & hold
  • Very intense sleeve design

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Lets go over 
each toy!

#1 - The Stamina Training Unit (My Favorite Sleeve)

The Fleshlight STU (Stamina Training Unit) occupies a very special place in my mind, as it's my absolute favorite Fleshlight out of them all as far as sleeve design is concerned. It was conceived to be as stimulating as possible while also being as analogous as possible to the feeling of a real woman's vagina.

The general idea is to use the Fleshlight STU to consistently improve your own sexual stamina because it's just so difficult to not indiscriminately bust inside the STU during use, and it 100% got the job done in that department.

While a lot of the other Fleshlights on the market have very creative designs that are also great at stimulating the penis, none of them come closer to the STU in raw pleasure output, it's the only Fleshlight I own that I don't care about having to clean after cumming inside of it, because it's just so worth it.

It's more than just a tool to help you last longer, it's honestly stupidly similar to most real vaginas. If you twist the end cap just right and get the tightness you can effectively re-live the memories of vaginas past, maybe an ex-girlfriend or your wife who's on vacation.

In my opinion, the STU is the Fleshlight for most guys. It feels the best, looks the most realistic and when used regularly it will help you last longer in the sack. It's highly recommended.

#2 - The Quickshot (The Runner-Up)

As much as I enjoy using my Fleshlights, they can be a bit of a pain in the heinie to keep clean and sanitary, I can only imagine some of the derelict Fleshlights at the bottom of some closets out there that are probably a fully functioning ecosystem in their own right.

This is, unfortunately, the downside of a system with only one open end. The Quickshot remedies this by having two removable caps, allowing any horndogs like myself to bust somewhere other than the toy. This means the toy is smaller overall and is meant to be moved along the shaft manually, it lacks the tightness control of full-sized Fleshlights but it compensates by being at a pretty great tightness right out of the box. If it's too tight for you, a quick splash of lube should be more than enough to get the ball(s) rolling.

It's easier to clean than full sized Fleshlight sleeves on top of that. It's also great for men that have trouble getting off from blowjobs, slap on the Quickshot and let your partner move & roll it around the shaft of your member so they don't have to get a sore jaw just to make you feel good.

All in all, the purpose and design ideas of the Quickshot are pretty intuitive, the small size means I often take it on the road with me when I'm in too big of a rush to more carefully pick my toy of choice. It's one of the few pocket pussies I own that I can actually fit in my pocket, who'd have thought?

#3 - The Stoya Destroya

Rigorous testing was done between the Stoya Destroya and the STU to determine who would take home the crown. It was neck and neck for the longest time to be completely honest.

This is one sleeve I can't imagine Fleshlight discontinuing any time soon, it's insanely popular among users and consistently gets talked about as someone out there's favorite sleeve even after the year or so that it's been available. How this was accomplished was by trying some outlandish new concepts in inner design. There is one large and distinct pleasure dome inside filled with soft protrusions that lead to a gently tapering area full of long, wavy Superskin goodness.

Mainly the perfect mixture of tightness & interesting internal design is what lets the Destroya occupy such a prestigious spot in the overall Fleshlight landscape. I use mine quite frequently whenever I want to remember what it's like to see the handiwork of FL's wang science team.

The slowly tapering tightness of the sleeve as well as the variance within makes it necessary to explore every sensation it has to offer.

#4 - The Turbo

The Fleshlight Turbo is perfect if the look of a disembodied vagina is a little off-putting to you, its an entirely clear case with a non-anatomical orifice, so if that weird feeling of fucking a miniature butt or vagina lookalike turns you off, the Turbo is an excellent choice for a functional male masturbator that looks less gaudy than other Fleshlights available. It's a masturbatory aid, not necessarily a pocket pussy.

As far as their claims of the toy being a blowjob simulator it's still the exact same kind of experience offered by vaginal simulators, but there was definitely consideration towards the beginning of the sleeve to more closely replicate the human mouth. slip in your Johnson, and take a ride where the destination is yet to be determined, but I'll be damned if it isn't somewhere in between Blissville and Pleasuretown.

The opening orifice is staggeringly tight, perhaps one of the only things stopping particularly well-endowed men from getting the most they can out of the Turbo experience. Some proper lubrication mitigates the issue very well, with most Fleshlights benefitting from the addition of lube to both keep the device from being worn out from dry use and keep things nice and slick.

All things considered, the Turbo is a great product and totally deserves its spot on this list.

#5 - The Flight (Pilot)

Initially, Fleshlights were designed to be as unassuming as possible and resemble any black flashlight looking case upon first glance. The breakout success of Fleshlight products, however, has made their design extremely recognizable and very few people won't know exactly what it is on your nightstand anymore.

For this reason, Fleshlight has begun to change up their designs for both stealth reasons and being less bulky overall. For this reason, the Fleshlight Pilot was developed. It's easier to lug around and doesn't look like the typical male masturbator. In fact, the name of the product itself, the Pilot, is indicative that the Pilot was made with traveling in mind. If opened by a particularly interested airport security guard, it'll look much less bulky overall than most male masturbators and the orifice looks like a water bed as opposed to a fake vagina, it's much more tasteful than bringing a pseudo-vagina with you in your carry on. 

It stands at eight inches tall, with six inches being insertable, this could cause problems for some who want to feel the opening squish against their pelvis if you are someone who is slightly over six inches. To make up for the more slender design of the toy, there are dimples throughout the device that are meant to keep your fingers more tightly gripped to the device for added traction, lube or no lube, this thing isn't going anywhere.

The sleeve is intense beyond belief, I'm not entirely sure how Fleshlight goes about selecting their preferred ridges and grooves and channels within the device, but they've probably taken a composite of their most well-received portions and put them all together for the Flight.

Become an international wanker with the Fleshlight Pilot. You won't regret it, and you might even save some money on a business trip "companions" if you're single and into that sort of thing.

#6 - The Riley Reid Utopia

Molded directly from the body of America's sweetheat Riley Reid, Fleshlight knew an actress as renowned as her would need an interior design worthy of fame in her custom sleeve.

Compared to other sleeves that have pretty large internal bumps and ridges, Utopia's extra textures are much more slight & subtle which contributes to a much more gentle caressing kind of sensation compared to some other sleeves that require more oomph to push through the anemone like portions. Like the Destroya is also features an interior that gradually becomes more and more tight the further along the sleeve you go.

The smaller bumps on this sleeve are excellently brought out by careful use of the suction cap to find the perfect sweet spot. There are about three places where you'll feel more substantial sensations than the little bumps, besides the entrance there are two places where the sleeve becomes extremely tight as you pass through a narrow channel. 

I really wonder if Fleshlight does put in more effort into certain actresses' sleeves compared to others. I would imagine star power & how much the going rate is for the likeness of their vagina plays a factor. However they figure out where to dedicate their resources, the Utopia is a very happy side effect.

#7 - The Go

If you take note of the full dimensions of a full-sized Fleshlight, the entirety of the device is ten inches long, with about 8 inches of usable space, now I don't know the exact statistics surrounding how many people are 8 inches long, but I sincerely doubt over 5% of Fleshlight users know what the last inch or two of the sleeve feels like, and if you take note of their sleeve designs they actually did take time to make that part of the Fleshlight different than the rest.

I'm pretty above average, but not that superhuman in dong size (I mean, how do you even shop for comfortable underwear when you have something so crazy big?) so I'm in the population of men that can only dream of what the last few inches of a Fleshlight feel like in-depth.

For this reason, the Fleshlight Go has come into the market at a much more usable 7 inches long in total and 6.5'' of usable room. Now a much larger subset of men can make full use of the sleeves they've spent their good money on, and those with less than massive nightstands don't need to see a huge fake vagina staring them in the face every time they reach for their phone charger.

What's even more beautiful about the Go is that they didn't just scale down their sleeves and slap them into a smaller case, an entirely new sleeve has been designed for the Go to make it more than just a difference in overall size. This new sleeve design is clearly used to more stimulate the entirety of the penis from a balls-deep perspective, from beginning to end this sleeve is designed to best stimulate the average sized penis in a way that isn't too intense but will keep you thrusting crazily into the night, punctuated by a loud moan and a big squish.

#8 - The Ice

The Fleshlight Ice is a see-through Fleshlight which is totally unique. It's the only Fleshlight minus the Quickshot which allows you to see your penis inside the toy while you're masturbating.

It might not be the toy for everyone, but for some guys including myself, this might be a turn-on.

The Fleshlight Ice sleeve itself is very tight. It's definitely one of the tighter Fleshlight sleeves I've tried and in my opinion, that's where it really shines. If you're a guy that likes a tight pussy, the Ice will serve your needs.

If there's a Fleshlight that should come with a free bottle of lube, it's this one. I'd definitely recommend you use a good amount of lubricant while using this product due to its tightness. 

I DO NOT recommend using this toy dry (without lube), you will not enjoy yourself. 

#9 - The Vibro

Last but definitely not least we have the Fleshlight Vibro. 

As the name suggests, the Vibro has vibrators which are inserted into the sleeve which provide different vibrations and patterns.

This is without a doubt one of my favorite Fleshlight models since it offers a vastly unique feeling compared to other Fleshlights in my collection.

The vibrators are controlled via replaceable batteries which are the only downside of this product. However, the batteries last a very long time and the replacements are super cheap and available on Fleshlights website. 

The sleeve of the Vibro just by itself is a very satisfying Fleshlight sleeve. I've used it plenty of times without the vibrators when I'm feeling lazy and it feels very similar to the original Fleshlight Pink Lady or the STU.

Don't take my word for it regarding any of these toys. Check out what other customers are saying by reading verified user reviews at Fleshlight!

Any of these Fleshlights are functional products on their own, and if you chose any of them as your first toy I sincerely doubt you'd be disappointed if you gave it a legitimate comparison to your hand. A male masturbator can help reduce symptoms of death grip and other conditions caused by always using your hand on the same part of your cock day in and day out.

But please, consider what all of these toys offer and find the one that speaks to you the most. Whether you want purely the highest amount of sensation with little care for much else, a more well-rounded product that hits all of the bases, or something a bit more niche that fulfills a special purpose, there is a Fleshlight for you. They are a sex toy company first and foremost if anyone knows the male genitals, it's these guys.

Just because I've only mentioned 7 models in this article, doesn't mean the rest aren't worth a look. For example, I'd definitely recommend the Fleshlight Girls line to any guy with a favorite pornstar!

Check out some of my other fleshlight reviews below:

Other Fleshlight Products I Love

The Launch

The Launch is a must-have for any Fleshlight user who wants to bring things to the next level. 

The Launch is designed to do all of the work associated with jerking off, to the point where Launch allows you to masturbate without using your hands.

The way it works is you simply insert your favorite Fleshlight into the toy, twist to secure, and Bob's your uncle. You can choose how long the strokes are and how fast they are up to a speed of 3 strokes per second.

It's an absolutely fantastic toy and in my opinion, is only hurt by one attribute:

First off, it's rather large. It definitely won't fit inside your carry-on, its a dedicated home unit for sure.

Once you manage to get the hang out of how to use it, it's well worth the price tag.

It's one of the best ways to use a Fleshlight from experience. 

The Quickshot Launch

Next up, we got the Quickshot Launch. This product combines similar technology thats behind the original Launch, and utilizes the Quickshot as the housing for your manhood.

This automatic male masturbation device has some noticeable improvements over it's older brother, the main one being the two joysticks which allow you to hold, position and control the toy.

I personally much prefer this toy over the original and quite honestly I don't think I've even used my original Launch since I first unboxed the Quickshot Launch.

It's a very solid product for targeting and stimulating the head of your penis.

For that reason, it's one of my top picks out of all the toys designed to simulate a blowjob.

The Sleeve Warmer

At first glance, you might think this thing is going up your bum. Rest easy, it's a place to dock your Fleshlight before you give it the ol' what-for.

The Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer is a product which has been designed to heat your Fleshlight sleeve in-order to mimic the warmth of a woman's vagina. 

Most people will be satisfied using their Fleshlight at room temperature and most of the time I am too. However, there is definitely something to be said about heating up the inside of your Fleshlight for a more mellow and accommodating experience.

If I'm being totally honest, it's not the most game-changing product to come out of the Fleshlight R&D department, but it definitely does what it's been designed to do and it's much better than any of the other DIY options out there like microwaving your Fleshlight (please don't) or warming up something else and letting the heat transfer over 5-10 minutes.

However, the heat will dissipate after about 5-10 minutes depending on how hot you let it get. So don't expect the heat to last the entire duration of your masturbation session. My advice would be to fire up the videos you plan on jerking it to before you take your Fleshlight off the Sleeve Warmer. This way you can enjoy it while it's hot.

The Shower Mount

Another toy that Fleshlight clearly didn't put as much effort into the name as they did the design, is the Fleshlight Shower Mount.

This product allows you to insert your favorite Fleshlight and attach it to most hard surfaces, allowing you to properly thrust into your Fleshlight instead of moving the Fleshlight around yourself.

It's an awesome product to use while in the shower, or you can attach it to most hard surfaces in your home. Masturbating with a Fleshlight in a way that much more closely mimics sex than it does masturbation leads to, at least for me, much more potent orgasms.

The Shower Mount is a very inexpensive product and it might be the best bang for your buck that you'll find in the entire Fleshlight store, no pun intended.

If you want to enhance your masturbation experience and allow for a more realistic thrusting type of masturbation, then this product will serve you well.

The Launchpad

Another toy which allows you to thrust into your favorite Fleshlight is the Launchpad.

This product is fairly inexpensive but it's beauty is in its simplicity.

Now the only downside to this product is that you'll need to own an iPad or a tablet with the same (or slightly smaller) dimensions to get the full experience.

Simply put, you put in your tablet of choosing and then you can put on your favorite videos and then thrust to your delight after inserting your Fleshlight into the bottom of the device. For people who think using a Fleshlight is hard on the hands or just plain uncomfortable because of how big some of the units are, it might be worth investing in the Launchpad just to have a more comfortable surface to grab on to.

This is another product that changes up the Fleshlight experience if you've grown bored with doing things the old fashioned way. It's inexpensive, simple, but definitely a smart idea.

My Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, there's a ton of different Fleshlight products to choose from and while they may seem similar, lots of them are designed to deal with a specific issue or style of masturbation more than another.  I've used all of these items extensively and it's interesting to pick out what Fleshlight is trying to accomplish with each one. Whether it be an open-designed Fleshlight to keep clean-up simple or to be used in oral sex, or a clear Fleshlight to let you see the action, they are always on the cusp of masturbatory excellence. Never thought I'd be out here saying stuff like that, but it's true.

It might seem overwhelming at first given their huge lineup of products, but if you look carefully at all of them you'll quickly discover what they were going for and from there you can decide which Fleshlight will work best for you. In the end, I'm doubtful you'll end up buying one that you absolutely hate, but if you discover some parts of the Fleshlight experience that you don't like after buying your first, I can almost guarantee there's another in the catalog somewhere that fixes that problem completely.

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