The Top 5 Best Fleshlights:
My Personal Favorites

Written by: Don Watson | Updated: December 22nd 2018

If you're looking for the best fleshlights on the market, look no further. I've used about a dozen different ones by this point, so if there's anyone who's approaching the level of Fleshlightologist, it'd be me. I had a lot of questioned that needed answers, like is a Fleshlight worth it? The article below is best used as a resource to get a better idea as to how these things look throughout, I've yet to upload enough quality pictures of my own that fully show all of the dimensions and orifices on offer, but I hope to update this article shortly.

This Fleshlight occupies a very special place in my mind, as it's my absolute favorite Fleshlight out of them all as far as sleeve design is concerned. It was conceived to be as stimulating as possible while also being as analogous as possible to the feeling of a real woman's vagina.

The general idea is to use the Fleshlight to consistently improve your own sexual stamina because it's just so difficult to not indiscriminately bust inside the STU during use, and it 100% got the job done in that department. While a lot of the other Fleshlights on the market have very creative designs that are also great at stimulating the penis, none of them come closer to the STU in raw pleasure output, it's the only Fleshlight I own that I don't care about having to clean after cumming inside of it, because it's just so worth it.

It's more than just a tool to help you last longer, it's honestly stupidly similar to most real vaginas. If you twist the end cap just right and get the tightness you can effectively relive the memories of vaginas past, maybe an ex-girlfriend or your wife who's on vacation.

As much as I enjoy using my Fleshlights, they can be a bit of a pain in the heiny to keep clean and sanitary, I can only imagine some of the derelict Fleshlights at the bottom of some closets out there that are probably a fully functioning ecosystem in their own right.

This is unfortunately the downside of a system with only one open end. The Quickshot remedies this by having two removable caps, allowing any horndogs like myself to bust somewhere other than the toy. This means the toy is smaller overall and is meant to be moved along the shaft manually, it lacks the tightness control of full sized Fleshlights but it compensates by being at a pretty great tightness right out of the box. If it's too tight for you, a quick splash of lube should be more than enough to get the ball(s) rolling.

It's easier to clean that full sized Fleshlight sleeves on top of that. It's also great for men that have trouble getting off from blowjobs, slap on the Quickshot and let your partner move & roll it around the shaft of your member so they don't have to get a sore jaw just to make you feel good.

All in all, the purpose and design ideals of the Quickshot are pretty intuitive, the small size means I often take it on the road with me when I'm in too big of a rush to more carefully pick my toy of choice. It's one of the few pocket pussies I own that I can actually fit in my pocket, who'd have thought?

The Fleshlight Turbo is perfect if the look of a disembodied vagina is a little off putting to you, its an entirely clear case with a non-anotomical orifice, so if that weird feeling of fucking a miniature butt or vagina lookalike turns you off, the Turbo is an excellent choice for a functional male masturbator that looks less gaudy than other Fleshlights available. It's a masturbatory aid, not necessarily a pocket pussy.

 As far as their claims of the toy being a blowjob simulator it's still the exact same kind of experience offered by vaginal simulator Fleshlight, but there was definitely consideration towards the beginning of the sleeve to more closely replicate the human mouth. slip in your Johnson, and take a ride where the destination is yet to be determined, but I'll be damned if it isn't somewhere inbetween Blissville and Pleasuretown.

The opening orifice is staggeringly tight, perhaps one of the only things stopping particularly well endowed men from getting the most they can out of the Turbo experience. Some proper lubrication mitigates the issue very well, with most Fleshlights benefitting from the addition of lube to both keep the device from being worn out from dry use and keep things nice and slick.

Initially, Fleshlights were designs to be as unassuming as possible and resemble any black flashlight looking case upon first glance. The breakout success of Fleshlight products however has made their design extremely recognizable and very few people won't know exactly what it is on your nightstand anymore.

For this reason, Fleshlight has began to change up their designs for both stealth reasons and being less bulky overall. F or this reason the Fleshlight Pilot was developed. It's easier to lug around and doesn't look like the typical Fleshlight. In fact the name of the product itself, the Pilot, is indicative that the Pilot was made with travelling in mind. If opened by a particularly interested airport security guard, it'll look much less bulky overall than most male masturbators and the orifice looks like a water bed as opposed to a fake vagina, it's much more tasteful than bringing a pseudo vagina with you in your carry on. 

It stands at eight inches tall, with six inches being insertable, this could cause problems for some who want to feel the opening squish against their pelvis if you are someone who is slightly over six inches. To make up for the more slender design of the toy, there are dimples throughout the device that are meant to keep your fingers more tightly gripped to the device for added traction, lube or no lube, this thing isn't going anywhere.

The sleeve is intense beyond belief, I'm not entirely sure how Fleshlight goes about selecting their preferred ridges and grooves and channels within the device, but they've probably taken a composite of their most well received portions and put them all together for the Flight.

Become an international wanker with the Fleshlight Pilot. You won't regret it, and you might even save some money on business trip "companions" if you're single and into that sort of thing.

If you take note of the full dimensions of a full-sized Fleshlight, the entirety of the device is ten inches long, with about 8 inches of usable space, now I don't know the exactly statistics surrounding how many people are 8 inches long, but I sincerely doubt over 5% of Fleshlight users know what the last inch or two of the Fleshlight feels like, and if you take note of their sleeve designs they actually did take time to make that part of the Fleshlight different than the rest.

I'm pretty above average, but not that superhuman in dong size (I mean, how do you even shop for comfortable underwear when you have something so crazy big?) so I'm in the population of men that can only dream of what the last few inches of a Fleshlight feel like in-depth.

For this reason, the Fleshlight Go has come into the market at a much more usable 7 inches long in total and 6.5'' of usable room. Now a much larger subset of men can make full use of the sleeves they've spent their good money on, and those with less than massive nightstands don't need to see a huge Fleshlight staring them in the face every time they reach for their phone charger.

What's even more beautiful about the Go is that they didn't just scale down their sleeves and slap them into a smaller case, an entirely new sleeve has been designed for the Go to make it more than just a difference in overall size. This new sleeve design is clearly used to more stimulate the entirety of the penis from a balls-deep perspective, from beginning to end this sleeve is designed to best stimulate the average sized penis in a way that isn't too intense but will keep you thrusting crazily into the night, punctuated by a loud moan and a big squish.

My Last Pieces Of Advice

Any of these Fleshlights are functional products on their own, and if you chose any of them as your first toy I sincerely doubt you'd be disappointed if you gave it a legitimate comparison to your hand. A male masturbator can help reduce symptoms of death grip and other conditions caused by always using your hand on the same part of your cock day in and day out.

But please, consider what all of these toys offer and find the one that speaks to you the most. Whether you want purely the highest amount of sensation with little care for much else, a more well rounded product that hits all of the bases, or something a bit more niche that fulfills a special purpose, there is a Fleshlight for you. They are a sex toy company first and foremost, if anyone knows the male genitals, it's these guys.

Just because I've only mentioned 5 fleshlights in this article, doesn't mean the rest aren't worth a look.

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