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The 14 Best Fleshlight Sleeves & Textures

The Ultimate Guide To Choosing A Fleshlight

Written by: Don Watson | Updated: May 28th, 2023

  • Currently the best selling sleeve available
  • A very intense inner sleeve texture
  • An exact replica of Riley Reid's vagina
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  • Designed to mimic the feeling of a blowjob
  • Has a suction-like effect which makes it feel very realistic
  • The most satisfying sleeve I've tried
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  • The best budget-friendly sleeve
  • The smallest and most discreet Fleshlight
  • Open ended design allows for easy clean up
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Don't Have Time To Read? No Problem! Here's My #1 Sleeve Pick

The Fleshlight Turbo is a sleeve that was designed to fill a very specific need.

This sleeve was designed to mimic the feeling of a blowjob.

And oh boy, did Fleshlight's R&D department deliver on that goal.

This sleeve is the only Fleshlight I've tried that actually provides a suction-like feeling that really does feel a lot like someone is sucking on your penis.

If you're a guy that loves getting a blowjob after a long day, you seriously can't go wrong with this sleeve. If you like blowjobs (and honestly, who doesn't?), I can guarantee with full certainty that you won't be disappointed with your purchase.

If you're hoping to find the best Fleshlight on the market, you've come to the right place.

I've used about a dozen different ones by this point as well as a host of other Fleshlight products, so if there's anyone who's approaching the level of "Fleshlightologist", it'd be me. 

The Fleshlight line is one of the bigger ones to digest when it comes to male sex toys, so needless to say choosing the right one can be overwhelming. Fleshlights are without a doubt the best selling and most popular sex toys on the market, and for a good reason.

In this article, my goal is to help you find the perfect Fleshlight model to suit your needs.

I'm going to go over all of the best Fleshlight sleeves that I personally own, as well as some other Fleshlight accessories that I'm a fan of. I'll also break down the different Fleshlight sleeve textures to help you find the most satisfying texture to suit your preference. There's just so many different sleeves out there that picking the right one for you can seem a little daunting. 

Don't worry, by the time we're through you'll be able to pinpoint exactly which sleeves are up your alley and then work from there.

Also, be sure to use coupon code "DrClimax10" for 10% off all products at Fleshlight.com!

Let's get right into it.

The Most Popular Fleshlights Of 2020

MY FAVORITE FLESHLIGHTdctblv2-table__imageThe Fleshlight Turbo (Thrust)
  • Designed to mimic the feeling of a blowjob
  • Has a suction-like effect which makes it feel very realistic
  • The most satisfying sleeve I've tried
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MOST POPULAR FLESHLIGHT SLEEVEdctblv2-table__imageThe Riley Reid Utopia
  • Most realistic sleeve available
  • My favorite Fleshlight Girls sleeve
  • An exact replica of Riley Reid's vagina
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BEST BUDGET-FRIENDLY FLESHLIGHTdctblv2-table__imageThe Fleshlight Quickshot
  • The most cost effective sleeve
  • The smallest and most discreet Fleshlight
  • Open ended design allows for easy clean up
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dctblv2-table__imageThe Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit
  • Built for maximum intensity
  • Helps train your sexual stamina
  • Might even be too intense for some guys
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dctblv2-table__imageThe Jessica Drake Heavenly
  • Amazingly tight & stimulating
  • A great option for average or small penis'
  • An exact replica of Jessica Drake's vagina
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dctblv2-table__imageThe Quickshot Boost
  • The best budget-friendly sleeve
  • The smallest and most discreet Fleshlight
  • Open ended design allows for easy clean up
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dctblv2-table__imageThe Stoya Destroya
  • One of the most popular sleeves of all time
  • The nubs and ridges provide amazing stimulation
  • An exact replica of Stoya's vagina
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dctblv2-table__imageThe Fleshskins Grip
  • Easy grip provides a great experience
  • Very discreet & satisfying option
  • A totally unique Fleshlight product
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dctblv2-table__imageThe Angela White Indulge
  • Realistic and insanely stimulating
  • A fantastic sleeve for thrusting into
  • An exact replica of Angela White's vagina
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dctblv2-table__imageThe Fleshlight Flight (Pilot)
  • Discreet design with non anatomical orifice
  • Tight & smooth interior
  • Dimpled case for easy gripping
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dctblv2-table__image The Fleshlight Vibro
  • Added vibrations with tailor-built sleeve
  • Provides a completely unique type of stimulation
  • 10 Extra batteries included
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dctblv2-table__image The Asa Akira Dragon
  • Realistic & unpredictable texture
  • The inner ridges provide a very stimulating experience
  • An exact replica of Asa Akira's vagina
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dctblv2-table__image The Alexis Texas Outlaw
  • Tight but forgiving
  • A very intense sleeve design
  • An exact replica of Alexis Texas' vagina
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dctblv2-table__image The Quickshot Launch
  • Automatically strokes a Quickshot at up to 240 strokes per minute
  • Easy to use controls & handles
  • Full control over stroke length and focus area
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Lets go over 
each toy!

Best Cheap Fleshlights

Most Fleshlight toys are on the moderate side as far as affordability goes.

They all cost less than $100, but what about options under $50?

There are luckily a few options for those among us who would prefer to shop frugally while still enjoying everything Fleshlight has to offer. The same Superskin material is on offer for only a fraction of the price just usually with a few of the frillier features shaved off to save a few dollars on the final price.

Now remember, just because these toys are on the cheaper side it doesn't mean that they don't have anything to offer in their own right. These are fully fleshed out toys that just happen to be lower priced than their other options since they often use less material overall. Each has a distinct purpose worth keeping in mind and deserve the same amount of love as their full sized brethren.

While also being around $20 cheaper than other Fleshlight toys, the Quickshot is also ludicrously easy to keep clean since the sleeve is just a fraction of the size. It's about half the size of a regular Fleshlight, among other differences.

The other difference worth noting is the fact that it is an open-ended toy. The Quickshot has two removable caps, allowing any horndogs like myself to bust somewhere other than the toy.

This means the toy is smaller overall and is meant to be moved along the shaft manually, it lacks the tightness control of full-sized Fleshlights but it compensates by being at a pretty great tightness right out of the box. If it's too tight for you, a quick splash of lube should be more than enough to get the ball(s) rolling.

All in all, the purpose and design ideas of the Quickshot are pretty intuitive, the small size means I often take it on the road with me when I'm in too big of a rush to more carefully pick my toy of choice. Due to it's size and overall look, it's also quite discreet.

It's one of the few pocket pussies I own that I can actually fit in my pocket, who'd have thought?

The Fleshskins Grip

The savings in the Fleshskins line comes from the fact that there's no external case to have to deal with.

That means that you won't be able to make use of the suction caps typical of Fleshlight toys. An easy fix of course is to tighten up your grip.

The increase in tightness is a lot less organic this way but the way the sleeve works overall does a great job at dispersing the added pressure without having to worry about developing death grip.

The simplicity of the toy is what appeals to me the most. The knuckleduster style finger holes are extremely easy to use regardless of whether or not you end up spilling lube all over your hands while still providing a huge upgrade over your hand.

It's also an easier toy to clean than the average Fleshlight because the material is a lot easier to manipulate than a full sized sleeve. All in all, just because there isn't a case it doesn't mean that Fleshlight doesn't know how to make a great toy with the Superskin we all know and love.

The Most Intense Fleshlights

The following sleeves have been selected based on their raw intensity.  No more, and no less. 

After all, who wouldn't want to reach for anything else but the best possible experience male masturbators have to offer?

Out of the dozens of Fleshlight toys I've tried myself, it was harder than I thought to narrow down my list to just three or so contenders.

I had about six or seven final entries that will undoubtedly feature elsewhere on this article but these are the absolute knockouts of the bunch.

It can be hard to judge from pictures alone what will end up being the most intense sleeve. Some have left me disappointed while others that I thought would quickly become forgotten ended up being some of my stand out favorites.

Fleshlight clearly spends a lot of time in their development phase to figure out what kind of structures feel the best on the genitals and which don't. What I've noticed is that the best sleeves tend to understand how to best utilize pressure in the toy to make the internal structures caress the penis just the right way. 

The next main point of a good sleeve is the structures themselves. They'll either be small and extremely plentiful or a bit larger with still enough room to move around. There needs to be a feeling of almost pulsating as the user thrusts in and out. 

Some of the choices on this list are favorites of people more than just myself. 

If anything that should serve as a testament to just how much proof is in the pudding as far as how well these toys can make just about anyone rethink what they thought a sex toy could do for them.

The Stamina Training Unit (STU)

Intensity was the entire point of the Stamina Training Unit. With the many bumps and ridges that dot along the entirety of this toy, there's a lot to feel and a lot going on.

Part of what makes it so ungodly intense is that the bulbs within do an amazing job of providing raw stimulation while being big enough to move around a little bit while in use.

I find that lubricant spreads very nicely between all of the bulbs for an amazingly fun time.

It's meant to give as much stimulation with as little work as possible after all, I was surprised that such a relatively simple design choice would end up making perhaps the most intense Fleshlight there is out there.

The STU is without a doubt one of the most satisfying Fleshlight sleeves available and for that reason, it's also one of the sleeves I reach for most often.

I've written an in-depth Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit review if you want to learn more about my experience with the STU.

Needless to say, this sleeve was molded from the pussy of the ever so popular porn star, Stoya.

Rigorous testing was done between the Stoya Destroya and the STU to determine who would take home the crown for the top full sized sleeve. It was a really close call to be completely honest. 

Stoya's sleeve is from the Fleshlight Girls line, which are Fleshlighs molded from the vaginas of many of the most popular pornstars (they also offer anal Fleshlights as well).

Out of all of the Fleshlight Girls sleeves, the Destroya has always been a huge fan favorite and after I got one of my own it was easy to see why. It is extremely tight and there's more than enough to lose yourself in between all of the individual pleasure domes.

I also really enjoy the fact that it tapers slowly to get more tight the further you insert yourself.

Now there are two different iterations of the Turbo, one called Ignition and another called Thrust. There isn't anything wrong with the Ignition texture, it just can't hold a candle to what Thrust offers.

It's the best mixture of a very tight sleeve that still manages to fit in enough internal structures to be more than worthwhile. What always surprises me about Fleshlight sleeves is that you can actually tell what part of the sleeve you're in based on feeling alone.

Of course there's a bit of feedback with how deeply inserted you are, but their sleeves aren't same-y like some other manufacturers.

The slow taper to a more tight experience is used well much in the same way it is in the Stoya.

It's a lot more consistent in its taper than the Destroya sleeve which some people might appreciate. All in all, it's superb to use with an intensity level that's off the charts.

The Most Realistic Fleshlights

Now these sleeves have been selected for their ability to replicate the feelings associated with real sex. Of course no handheld toy will ever be able to truly recreate having sex with a woman, but you'd have to be foolish to think that some don't come a lot closer than others.

The TPE blend known as Superskin that goes into the sleeves is the best blend in any male masturbator I've ever tried. So long as they are properly lubed up it mimics the suppleness & softness of real vaginal tissue extremely well for an experience that's really hard to forget.

Sometimes Fleshlight uses this quality to create sleeves that are amazingly intense in a way that the vagina can't replicate which I'd say is playing to their strengths.

At the same time, the times they've shot for realism have also worked out in the favor, as these sleeves have demonstrated to me:

Another sleeve from the Fleshlight Girls line, molded directly from the real pussy of America's sweetheart, Riley Reid.

Fleshlight knew an actress as renowned as her would need an interior design worthy of fame in her custom sleeve.

Compared to other sleeves that have pretty large internal bumps and ridges, Utopia's extra textures are much more slight & subtle which contributes to a much more gentle caressing kind of sensation compared to some other sleeves that require more oomph to push through the anemone like portions. 

The smaller bumps on this sleeve are excellently brought out by careful use of the suction cap to find the perfect sweet spot. There are about three places where you'll feel more substantial sensations than the little bumps, besides the entrance there are two places where the sleeve becomes extremely tight as you pass through a narrow channel. 

The Angela White Indulge

The Indulge sleeve is an extremely worthwhile addition to the FL Girls lineup because it somehow managed to have some internal structures that feel absolutely great while still not crossing the line into unrealistic territory.

The light taper is also present on this toy which coupled with the different bulbs make a great feeling of contraction, almost as if Angela is there herself responding to your touch.

Okay, not quite, it's still a huge quality of life improver nonetheless.

I'd say there's more than enough delicate touches included for it to be an absolute dream to insert yourself within this toy and get down to business. 

If you'll notice most of the major noticeable structures are stuck into the sides of the toy, while the middle protrudes outwards nicely. This makes for a great feeling as the more intricate details are forced forward with each thrust.

The Asa Akira Dragon

One thing lots of male masturbators just can't seem to ever think of is the fact that a real vagina is hardly 100% consistent throughout.

For lovers of the variety presented from a real vagina, imperfections and all, the Dragon sleeve stands a cut above the rest. None of this sleeve is predictable nor could you cut it in half at any point and have a perfectly symmetrical toy. 

It scores big points in realism largely because there's lots of ridges and minor bumps throughout instead of huge and noticeable structures that immediately let you know you're inserting yourself into a pseudo-vagina.

Using the suction cap at the end of your toy is highly recommended with this toy, the perfect amount of suction will have the internals moving in and out at just the right pressure.

Tightest Fleshlight Sleeves

Now for a category that hardly needs much of an explanation. When it comes to ranking vaginas, real or fake, tightness always comes as a desirable factor.

Now it should be noted that some extremely well endowed men might not find these sleeves as pleasurable as other people might since there really is such thing as a toy being too tight. I'm a bit on the bigger side myself, I could feel that many of the choices here were just at my upper limit as to what I'd consider fun to use.

For a tight experience that's sure to be felt, these are the sleeves worth checking out:

The Jessica Drake Heavenly

There's no ifs, ands, or buts about it, this is hands down the tightest Fleshlight sleeve of them all while still being a fantastically designed sleeve at the same time.

Sure, there are a few other sleeves out there that might be technically tighter if you whip out the ruler and get technical on me.

This is the one though that will do everything to please while still accomplishing that tightness goal.

After first inserting yourself it's alright pretty tight, but you aren't out of the woods yet. Immediately you'll have to contend with a very narrow channel that leads into a zigzagging wavy formation that's beyond impressive. 

The small U shaped portion of the sleeve is more than likely there to allow for proper air flow, otherwise the experience would be less than fun overall. 

Yup, the Thrust managed to secure itself another position on this list, this time in the category of tightness.

For those who didn't read the description I already wrote up about it, it's a sleeve that already begins modestly tight but quickly tapers down even more the deeper you go. At the same time, the sleeve itself is intricately textured in a way that adds loads more stimulation into the fray.

It's an experience that few other Fleshlights can replicate, I really do hope that in the future they decide to do more sleeves like the Turbo line instead of just pumping out more Fleshlight Girls sleeves

Lots of those sleeves are fantastic of course, as evidenced by them making tons of appearances in this list, yet I still find some of these toys from the earlier days to be very impressive.

See the picture of the internals with your own eyes, I think it really speaks for itself.

The Alexis Texas Outlaw

The Outlaw texture is a good choice for anyone who's worried about accidentally buying a Fleshlight that's too tight while still wanting to see how far they can go.

The earlier portions of the sleeve are more than accommodating before it sharply moves down into extremely tight territory. The extra tightness towards the end makes playing with the suction cap on the end of the toy all the more worthwhile in my humble opinion.

What I also like about this sleeve are the protrusions found around the middle portion.

These soft bulges give the impression that the toy is tighter than it really is by pushing into your penis with reckless abandon. They're squishy enough for anyone to make quick work pushing them back while not making that portion of the sleeve physically impossible to pass through.

At the end of the day, Alexis Texas has been out here helping men reach orgasm for some time and her Fleshlight will be doing the very same thing.

Most Discreet Fleshlights

Originally in 1999 Fleshlight came out trying to be a more discreet male masturbator. At that point in time, they definitely succeeded. Most other options at the time pulled no punches as to what the toys were for and what they were meant to replicate. Over time though Fleshlight has became a household name with their products being pretty recognizable. I doubt anyone really thought it was a flashlight to begin with.

So that's why there's a need for a Fleshlight that's even more discreet than the original. A full Fleshlight comes in at about 10 inches long, that's hardly what comes to mind when the word "discreet" is mentioned. Some people want something they can hide better, others want a toy they can travel with, their reasoning doesn't really matter at the end of the day.

What matters is what toys are out there that can fit into their lifestyle while still actually being worthwhile. Since this is such a major concern with adult toys it was just a matter of time before Fleshlight came out with a few solutions of their own.

With the caps on the Quickshot is a mere 4 inches long, without the caps that size goes down to 3.5 inches of fully insertable space.

That means it is the smallest Fleshlight out there, period. There aren't even any indicators as to what the toy is, the QUICKSHOT portion along the side is difficult to notice and could easily be mistaken for a portable speaker or something along those lines.

There's still the same Superskin material on offer with as much stimulation as you can pack into 3.5 inches ready to be taken advantage of.

An advanced level technique that took me a little while to figure out myself is the fact that the toy can be very effectively spun for even more stimulation than average.

Sure, the smaller nature of the toy means you won't have your entire penis covered while using it and you won't be able to go balls deep, in my opinion that's nothing a little bit of determination can't overcome. Once you get the hang of holding onto this smaller toy there's few downsides to speak of and a lot to remember.

A few things are instantly noticeable the Pilot. It's easier to lug around and doesn't look like the standard Fleshlight models or male sex toys. The sleeve is made using the same Super Skin material that's used in most Fleshlights.

In fact, the name of the toy itself, the Pilot, is indicative that the Pilot was made with traveling in mind.

If opened by a particularly interested airport security guard, it'll look much less bulky overall than most male masturbators and the orifice looks like a water bed as opposed to a fake vagina, it's much more tasteful than bringing a pseudo-vagina with you in your carry on.

It stands at 8 inches tall, with six inches being insertable, this could cause problems for some who want to feel the opening squish against their pelvis if you are someone who is slightly over six inches.

To make up for the more slender design of the toy, there are dimples throughout the device that are meant to keep your fingers more tightly gripped to the device for added traction, lube or no lube, this thing isn't going anywhere.

The Go line of toys is perfect for people who think that the original toys were just a bit too big but perfect in just about every other way.

It's pretty much a scaled down Fleshlight that comes in at just around 70% of the size of the originals, being 7 inches long and 3 inches wide. The only real difference besides being tighter as a rule is that the suction cup has less effect since there's less room for airflow in a smaller toy.

The Surge makes that hard to notice thanks to the staggering amount of stimulating structures within all meant to bring anyone over the edge in record time. It's one of the busier Fleshlight sleeves but still manages to be distinct in all the right ways.

It's a symmetrical sleeve that first has a good amount of individual bumps before treating you to the middle portion that's an absolute dream for targeted pleasure.

I love the cone structures myself as I really enjoy feeling them move out of the way with each individual thrust.

Best Blowjob Fleshlight

The Turbo Thrust  (The Best Blowjob Simulating Fleshlight)

The Fleshlight Turbo Thrust is perfect if the look of a disembodied vagina is a little off-putting to you, its an entirely clear case with a non-anatomical orifice, so if that weird feeling of fucking a miniature butt or pussy lookalike turns you off, the Turbo is an excellent choice for a functional male masturbator that looks less gaudy than other Fleshlights available.

It's a masturbatory aid, not necessarily a pocket pussy.

As far as their claims of the toy being a blowjob simulator it's still the exact same kind of experience offered by vaginal simulators, but there was definitely consideration towards the beginning of the sleeve to more closely replicate the human mouth.

Slip in your penis, and take a ride where the destination is yet to be determined, but I'll be damned if it isn't somewhere in between Blissville and Pleasuretown.

The opening orifice is staggeringly tight, perhaps one of the only things stopping particularly well-endowed men from getting the most they can out of the Turbo experience. Some proper lubrication mitigates the issue very well, with most Fleshlights benefitting from the addition of lube to both keep the device from being worn out from dry use and keep things nice and slick.

All things considered, the Turbo is a great sleeve and totally deserves its spot on this list.

You can check out my full Fleshlight Turbo review if you'd like to learn more about it.

My Top Rated Fleshlight Sleeve Overall

The Stamina Training Unit (The Best Sleeve I've Tried)

The Fleshlight STU (Stamina Training Unit) occupies a very special place in my mind, as it's my absolute favorite pocket pussy out of them all as far as sleeve design is concerned. It was conceived to be as stimulating as possible while also being as analogous as possible to the feeling of a real life vagina.

The general idea is to use the Fleshlight STU to consistently improve your own sexual stamina because it's just so difficult to not indiscriminately bust inside the STU during use, and it 100% got the job done in that department. It's the best sex toy I'm aware of for training yourself to last longer in bed.

While a lot of the other Fleshlights on the market have very creative designs that are also great at stimulating the penis, none of them come closer to the STU in raw pleasure output, it's the only Fleshlight I own that I don't care about having to clean after cumming inside of it, because it's just so worth it.

It's more than just a tool to help you last longer, it's honestly stupidly similar to most real life vaginas. If you twist the end cap just right and get the tightness you can effectively re-live the memories of vaginas past, maybe an ex-girlfriend or your wife who's on vacation.

In my opinion, the STU is the Fleshlight for most guys. It feels the best, looks the most realistic and when used regularly it will help you last longer in the sack. It's highly recommended.

I've written an in-depth Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit review if you want to learn more.

Best Automatic Fleshlights

The Launch (The Best Interactive Fleshlight)

The Fleshlight Launch is a must-have for any Fleshlight user who wants to bring things to the next level.

The Fleshlight Launch was designed to do all of the work associated with jerking off, to the point where Launch allows you to masturbate without using your hands.

The way it works is you simply insert your preferred sleeve into the toy, twist to secure, and Bob's your uncle. You can choose how long the strokes are and how fast they are up to a speed of 3 strokes per second.

It's an absolutely fantastic toy and in my opinion, is only hurt by one attribute:

First off, it's rather large. It definitely won't fit inside your carry-on, its a dedicated home unit for sure.

Once you manage to get the hang out of how to use it, it's well worth the price tag.

It's one of the best ways to use a Fleshlight from experience.

Using this masturbator with a VR headset is a great way to add a level of visual stimulation which will make your masturbation experience all the more realistic.

The Quickshot Launch (The Best Hands-Free Fleshlight)

Next up, we got the Quickshot Launch. This device combines similar technology thats behind the original Launch, and utilizes the Quickshot as the housing for your penis.

This automatic masturbation device has some noticeable improvements over it's older brother, the main one being the two joysticks which allow you to hold, position and control the toy.

I personally much prefer this toy over the original and quite honestly I don't think I've even used my original Launch since I first unboxed the Quickshot Launch.

It's one of the best toys available for targeting and stimulating the head of your penis and it's one of, if not the most realistic feeling masturbation devices I've ever tried. Close your eyes and it feels pretty much exactly like the real thing.

For that reason, it's one of my top picks out of all the toys designed to simulate a blowjob. I use mine all the time, whenever I'm craving a mechanical BJ (which is quite often).

My Favorite Fleshlight Accessories

At first glance, you might think this thing is going up your bum. Rest easy, it's a place to dock your Fleshlight before you give it the ol' what-for.

The Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer has been designed to heat your sleeve in-order to mimic the warmth of a woman's vagina. 

Most people will be satisfied using their Fleshlight at room temperature and most of the time I am too. However, there is definitely something to be said about heating up the inside of your Fleshlight for a more mellow and accommodating experience.

If I'm being totally honest, it's not the most game-changing product to come out of the Fleshlight R&D department, but it definitely does what it's been designed to do and it's much better than any of the other DIY options out there like microwaving your Fleshlight (please don't) or warming up something else and letting the heat transfer over 5-10 minutes.

However, the heat will dissipate after about 5-10 minutes depending on how hot you let it get. So don't expect the heat to last the entire duration of your masturbation session. My advice would be to fire up the videos you plan on jerking it to before you take your Fleshlight off the Sleeve Warmer. This way you can enjoy it while it's hot.

The Shower Mount (The Best Add-On For Thrusting)

Another toy that Fleshlight clearly didn't put as much effort into the name as they did the design, is the Fleshlight Shower Mount.

It allows you to insert your Fleshlight and attach it to most hard surfaces, allowing you to properly thrust into your Fleshlight instead of moving the Fleshlight around yourself.

It's an awesome accessory to use while in the shower, or you can attach it to most hard surfaces in your home. Masturbating with a Fleshlight in a way that much more closely mimics sex than it does masturbation leads to, at least for me, much more potent orgasms.

The Shower Mount is a very inexpensive product and it might be the best bang for your buck that you'll find in the entire Fleshlight store, no pun intended.

If you want to enhance your masturbation experience and allow for a more realistic thrusting type of masturbation, then this mount will serve you well.

Another toy which allows you to thrust into your desired Fleshlight is the Launchpad.

This add-on is fairly inexpensive but it's beauty is in its simplicity.

Now the only downside to the Launchpad is that you'll need to own an iPad or a tablet with the same (or slightly smaller) dimensions to get the full experience.

Simply put, you put in your tablet of choosing and then you can put on your favorite videos and then thrust to your delight after inserting your Fleshlight into the bottom of the device.

For people who think using a Fleshlight is hard on the hands or just plain uncomfortable because of how big some of the units are, it might be worth investing in the Launchpad just to have a more comfortable surface to grab on to.

This is another accessory that changes up the Fleshlight experience if you've grown bored with doing things the old fashioned way. It's inexpensive, simple, but definitely a smart idea.

How To Choose The Right Fleshlight For You

Even this list has gotten pretty big, choosing the right toy for you will require a little bit of thinking beforehand. Obviously, selecting based on your preferences from the categories above is a good starting point. From there it's simply a matter of understanding what kind of experience you're trying to get from your toy and whether or not that specific toy fits the bill.

Nearly any option will be pleasurable, that goes without saying. The options on this list all tend towards the best of the bunch in each category though. I tested dozens of Fleshlights to figure this all out and I stand by each and every one of my choices. 

Types Of Fleshlights

When it comes to variety, Fleshlight certainly doesn't disappoint. The average Fleshlights are mostly standard male masturbator fare, just done extremely well.

The vaginal orifices have a good bit of give to them while still hugging the penis tightly when it matters most. People who want the absolute tightest experience possible are often better served by some of the anal sleeves since they were designed with the tightness of anal play in mind.

People looking for an experience closer to a blowjob should seek out any of the Turbo options, they offer an entrance that's much more like the lips and throat compared to the vaginal/anal toys.

Fleshlight Sizes

The size of Fleshlight you'll want is mostly up to what you think will work best with your lifestyle and genitalia.

A full sized Fleshlight will accommodate 99% percent of men comfortably, usually with some wiggle room left over. These full sized toys can make the best use of the suction end cap for an even more varied experience depending on how you set it.

Fleshlight GO/Pilot lines of toys are all well suited for people who want a smaller than average Fleshlight that still does everything a Fleshlight should. Discreetness is a major selling point on this toy and anyone seven inches & under can make use of them.

Now for those who want the smallest possible toy, the Quickshot is the way to go. It's a mere 4 inches long and makes up for the lack of space by being open ended so it's just a matter of more stroking.

Are Fleshlights Worth It?

Whether or not a Fleshlight is worth it for you at the end of the day depends on how you view the act of masturbation. If masturbation is just a quick way to blow off some steam, these might not even be that appealing at all to you.

However, there's a few things worth considering. Let's say a toy is $60 and you jerk off once a day. If that toy lasts six months (180 days), you've effectively paid about $0.35 per jerk off session to make use of that toy. The question I'd ask myself is if a genie were to offer you a serious upgrade in the amount of pleasure any one session brings for a mere 35 cents, would you take that deal?

Silly hypotheticals aside, Fleshlights are absolutely worth it in my opinion from more perspectives than just the wallet. Many men report symptoms of a condition known as death grip after masturbating for years at a time. This is when the hand slowly tightens over time to provide the same level of pleasure someone has become accustomed to. Fleshlights quickly make short work of death grip by evenly dispersing pressure over the entire area of the penis in a way that won't damage any nerves.

They're fun to use, they're a serious upgrade from the hand, and they help stave off death grip. Sounds pretty good to me!

The Best Place To Buy A Fleshlight

The only place I'd ever recommend anyone purchase a Fleshlight product is directly from the official Fleshlight store.

Not only do they offer the best prices available online, but they also offer free shipping across the United States. They ship their products in un-marked discreet brown boxes and offer a full warranty on all of their products.

You can also save 10% site-wide by using coupon code "DrClimax10" at checkout.

Fleshlight Reviews

I've had the pleasure (literally) of testing out the vast majority of Fleshlights products. Here's all the Fleshlight reviews I've written over the years:

Things To Consider When Buying A Fleshlight

Here's a few things to consider when you're shopping for a Fleshlight:

Always Buy From Reputable Retailers

Fleshlights are probably the most commonly counterfeited sex toys. It's an inevitability when you're the best in your industry.

There's plenty of companies in China that are producing knock-off Fleshlights which are made out of sketchy materials. If the price is too good to be true, that's probably because you're not buying a genuine Fleshlight sleeve.

I recommend buying your Fleshlight directly from the source and head over the the official Fleshlight website. Sites like Amazon are notorious for selling fake Fleshlights. In the case of Amazon, this is because they use 3rd party sellers to fulfill orders. Always shop at reputable retailers and avoid cheap fakes from China.


Fleshlights are made out of their very own proprietary Real Feel Superskin material. This material has been specially formulated to feel exactly like real skin. It's 100% body-safe and feels very realistic.


Fleshlights vary in price but the typical price for a Fleshlight is between $35-$70 USD. We've written a full guide to Fleshlight prices if you want to find out how much each Fleshlight costs.

Fleshlight FAQ

Q: Do Fleshlights feel realistic?

While no sex toy feels exactly like the real thing, if realism is what your looking for, you can't get much better than a Fleshlight. Many of the sleeve orifices feel almost exactly like a pussy and the inner textures feel very much like being inside of a woman's vagina. Fleshlights are some of the most realistic male sex toys available on the market.

Thrusting into a Fleshlight feels almost identical to thrusting into a real life lady. The only difference is that a real pussy feels warmer, however, you can solve this issue with the Sleeve Warmer.

Q: How easy are they to clean?

In terms of cleaning, Fleshlights are quite easy to clean. Since they have a hole at the end, all of the debris that you deposit into your toy can be drained out by removing the sleeve from inside of the case and running water through the sleeve. It's also worth mentioning that you should always let your toy dry properly before putting it back into it's case. Otherwise you'll end up with a moldy Fleshlight like this guy.

I've written an in-depth Fleshlight cleaning guide if you'd like to learn more about cleaning your Fleshlight.

Q: How much do they cost?

As I've outlines above, they typically cost anywhere between $35-$70.

My Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, there's a ton of different Fleshlight products to choose from and while they may seem similar, lots of them are designed to deal with a specific issue or style of masturbation more than another.  I've used all of these items extensively and it's interesting to pick out what Fleshlight is trying to accomplish with each one. Whether it be an open-designed Fleshlight to keep clean-up simple or to be used in oral sex, or a clear Fleshlight to let you see the action, they are always on the cusp of masturbatory excellence. Never thought I'd be out here saying stuff like that, but it's true.

It might seem overwhelming at first given their huge lineup of products, but if you look carefully at all of them you'll quickly discover what they were going for and from there you can decide which Fleshlight will work best for you. In the end, I'm doubtful you'll end up buying one that you absolutely hate, but if you discover some parts of the Fleshlight experience that you don't like after buying your first, I can almost guarantee there's another in the catalog somewhere that fixes that problem completely.

Well guys, that's all I got for you. I hope this article helps you choose between all of the Fleshlights currently available.

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