DIY Fleshlight Tutorial:

How to Make a Homemade Pocket Pussy

Written by: Don Watson | Updated:  May 29th, 2023

We all have needs, this is a simple biological fact. Unlike hunger or thirst, the need for sexual stimulation can be fulfilled simply by rubbing our junk until climax is achieved. Trust me, I wish I could handle hunger just by rubbing my belly.

But, what about when Old Faithful at the end of your arm isn't cutting it anymore? Variety keeps the mind excited, it's much too easy for masturbation to become mechanical after some time.

So what’s a man to do?

There’s a myriad of male sex toys on the market. Ranging from single-use items such as the Tenga Egg to a Fleshlight molded from the vaginas of real adult actresses, there’s really pocket pussy shortage to speak of. The problem is, these items can be inexpensive and take some time to show up when you need help now.

To combat this issue, many seasoned wankers have found creative and inventive ways to take household items and turn them into a homemade Fleshlight.

Here are a few of my favorite of such recipes you can use to make a homemade pocket pussy.

The Sponge Fleshlight

This is my favorite out of all homemade Fleshlight recipes because there’s a 90% chance you have all of the supplies needed right now without having to leave the house and it actually feels relatively good. It’s easy to make, thankfully.

Supplies Needed:

  • Large tall plastic container (Pringles or Lays Stax works great)(glass cups can be substituted but I don’t need to tell you why that can get dangerous)
  • 2-4 sponges without scrubbing pad
  • Latex glove
  • Rubber bands


  • Place two sponges at the bottom of the container, having them both hug the sides to make a canal
  • Place the latex glove between the two remaining sponges and place them at the top of the can
  • Stretch the opening of the glove around the rim of the container and use the rubber bands to secure it in place

Here’s a video better detailing the process:

Click to play

How Does It Feel?

Getting the proper tightness and feel is the main hurdle in your enjoyment of this homemade Fleshlight. The sponge needs to nice and soft, yet firm. On top of that, you might need to pad the edges of the sponge that touch the interior of the container to ensure the FrankenSnatch has that real-vagina give & stretch. Lubing up the latex glove helps immensely as well.

This sex toy’s beauty is in it’s ease of creation and ease of disposal. The sensations are most similar to an actual Fleshlight product compared to the other options on this list but to maximize this homemade toy’s potential will take some tinkering & fine tuning to get it exactly the way you like. Some people like covering the sponges with bubble wrap, but it’s not wholly necessary in my book.

The Toilet Paper Roll Fleshlight

This is the most bare-bones upgrade from regular masturbation there is, I affectionately refer to it as Jerk-Off+ for this reason.

Supplies Needed:

  • Toilet Paper Roll
  • Latex glove
  • Rubber band


  • Carefully remove the cardboard roll from the middle of the toilet paper roll
  • Pull the latex glove through the middle of the roll where the cardboard used to be
  • Stretch the glove to wrap around the roll and secure it in place with an elastic band

The following video is a visual guide to these three simple steps:

Click to play

The Sock Fleshlight

This one is a simple upgrade from my high school days of using a sock as my DIY pocket pussy of the week. The main changes are making sure you have some heavy-duty socks, the addition of a latex glove + rubber band.

Supplies Needed:

  • 2 pairs long thick socks suitable for use in the winter (normal socks work too but I find the thicker socks make a better sex toy)
  • Latex glove
  • Rubber band


  • Stack the two socks from one pair on top of each other and fold them so that the cuffs (where you put your foot in) are at the bottom of the sock body
  • Place the latex glove on top of the two socks and place the cuff hanging off the edge of the first pair
  • Do the same with the other pair of socks but have them so that the cuffs are facing the ceiling, sandwiching the latex glove between the two pairs
  • Stretch the cuff of the latex glove around the socks and secure with an elastic band

Here’s some video help if there’s any confusion:

How Does It Feel?

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