The Best Penis Sleeves Explained

The Ultimate Cock Sleeve Buyers Guide

Written by: Don Watson | Updated: October 29th, 2019

Penis sleeves (also known as cock sleeves, cock sheaths or penis extensions) can be a great way to add a few inches in length or girth to your penis. 

They were originally invented to help men with erectile dysfunction satisfy their partners without having to get an erection. They're still used to this day since they are a fantastic way to add size to your penis and also to reduce sensitivity.

Not only do penis extensions add size to your penis, but they're also an excellent way to bring your partner to orgasm before you do. If you'd like to guarantee your partner orgasms before you do,  a cock sheath could be a great option for you.

The amount of stimulation you'll experience on your penis will depend on the type of cock sleeve that you choose. They're are plenty of different cock sheaths available and they all vary slightly in design and functionality. This article will break down the different options available to you.

The following products are the best cock sleeves currently on the market:

Product Name




The Vixen Vixskin Colossus

(My #1 Pick)

  • 7'' long and 2.23'' wide 
  • Vixskin silicone blend for ultra realistic texture
  • Comfortable ball loop

The Vixen Vixskin Holster

  • 6'' long and 2.25'' in diameter
  • Made from realistic Vixskin hypoallergenic silicone
  • Transfers sensations well

Lovehoney's Mega Mighty Penis Extender

  • 8.5'' long and 1.8'' in diameter
  • Inexpensive rubber design
  • Excellent length without being too girthy

The Fantasy X-Tensions Real Feel Penis Enhancer

  • Most pleasurable
  • User's penis head fits through the top
  • Inexpensive way to add girth without sacrificing sensation

The Vixskin Ride On Silicon Penis Extender

  • 6.25'' long and 1.25'' in diameter
  • Regular 100% bodysafe silicone (not Vixskin)
  • Designed with men who have ED in mind

The Fantasy X-Tensions Extreme Silicone Power Cock Cage

  • Adds extra girth while still allowing maximum skin to skin contact
  • Made from 100% body-safe silicone
  • Added clitoral vibrator for her pleasure

Lovehoney's Mighty Male Enhancement Kit

  • Four different sleeves ranging from 5.5'' to 8.5''
  • Best value for beginners
  • Clear design

Lets go over 
each sleeve!

The Top Penis Sleeves Reviewed

#1 - The Vixen Vixskin Colossus

It wasn't easy to figure out which cock sheath of should be placed closer to the top of the list, let alone the top of the list itself. When I had to start drawing up this article, I decided that the Vixen Vixskin Colussus one deserves to be at the top for a variety of reasons:

First off, it's seven inches long with a diameter of approximately 2.23 inches, putting it smack dab in the middle of what most women consider "ideal" when asked in polls as well as where many men would be satisfied with their own size. To that effect, it enlarges the penis the perfect, most crowd-pleasing way. The head is also large and conventionally attractive, as far as penis heads go.

Next, the toy is made from 100% body-safe silicone making it safe, non-porous, and spectacularly easy to clean. The Vixskin that makes up the Colossus is different from the silicone on most toys, it has a much more lifelike quality to it that usually you can only get with toys from TPE. It's realistic, but not sticky, and also has a great amount of "give" just like real skin does.

Honestly, this penis sleeve has a lot going for it. The Vixskin ball support stretches in a very accomodating manner and works to anchor the sleeve without it feeling like your balls are in a vice. I love the way it feels and how much longer I get to last, while my wife enjoys the added length and girth.

Plain and simple, this one makes the most sense being at the top. Don't fret if the white tone isn't your color, it comes in tan as well as black.

#2 - The Vixen Vixskin Holster

This next option in penis sleeves is a lot more down to earth which some people might find extremely appealing. It's much closer to average size, being 6'' in length and having a diameter of 2.25'', it's something for people who want to use a cock sleeve but still have massive amounts of pleasure not feel as if there's lots of sensations they're missing out on by not filling the whole thing up.

As with all other Vixskin toys, the Holster is made from 100% body-safe hypoallergenic silicone so there's no hassles whatsoever with regards to cleaning and safety. On top of it all, Vixskin is of course Vixen's special silicone blend that in my opinion is one of the best if not the best feeling silicone derivatives in the wonderful world of sex toys.

The ball harness is present in this toy as well, so anyone who is worried they'll have to play tug-of-war with their erection to keep things going can rest easy knowing it won't be too hard to stay excited. In fact, it's a lot easy to stay stimulated as a male using this toy since most people should be able to fill up a large majority of the inner space, meaning when the vagina applies pressure to anywhere on the sleeve there will be sensation going to the penis within as well.

It's much very to the Colossus in sensation, but since it is smaller in length there's a higher chance of you being able to insert the entirety of your actual penis (underneath the sleeve, of course) deep into your partner to feel sensations on the base of your shaft instead of capping out early.

It's the perfect option for people who want a functional yet intimidating cock sleeve that's sure to tick the boxes required of a penis sleeve, bar none. It doesn't have too much that's outlandish about it, but for some types of toys being "normal" is outlandish, so take that point with a grain of salt.

#3 - Lovehoney's Mega Mighty Penis Extender

Now, judging by the 8.5'' length and the part of the name including "3 extra inches", the Lovehoney Mega Mighty penis sheath assumes that the person shopping has a 5.5'' penis, which truly isn't a bad guess as just about every trustworthy polly/study I've read puts average penis length around that mark, give or take a few fractions of an inch. As far as diameter is concerned, a very healthy 1.8'' is represented here. This toy is much more focused on length than it is girth, but it is far from a pencil dick.

Unlike the Vixskin toys, this toy is instead made from body-safe rubber. Rubber toys can be non-toxic, but they are porous. That means that this toy definitely has a shelf life, no matter how much you clean it. This is offset by the relatively low price of under $40, as the toy can be used for a few months at a time before you go out and get a new one.

As far as rubber goes, it is less ideal than silicone when it comes to pleasure for both parties, there's no skirting that. At the same time, it isn't worthless by any means and the feelings of pressure from the vagina wall still apply and there's the right amount of firmness on the exterior to wow many woman out there who enjoys a feeling of fullness.

The ball loop isn't as comfortable and perfect as silicone penis sleeves, but it isn't painful and I suppose in the grand scheme can be called relatively comfortable, once you get going it's very easy to push the sensations left by the loop to the back of your mind.

It's a perfect choice for people who'd like a length increase without necessarily being a size queen. Nobody's body is getting ripped in half by this moderately endowed toy's width, while any excess length just simply doesn't need to be inserted, so that does mean there's less room for disappointment and having to take the thing off to leave it in a drawer until the eventual heat death of the universe.

#4 - The Fantasy X-Tensions Real Feel Penis Enhancer

Now here's a great option for someone who's looking for a bit of outside help, but still want to know that it is their penis doing most of the work and being the main attraction. You'll notice that there's no anatomical head on the Fantasy X-Tensions Real Feel penis sleeve, that's because your own natural head is supposed to poke through the end.

It's 5.5'' long with a width of 1.75'', the reason it goes by the name of a penis enhancer is because it's explicitly meant to improve an existing penis instead of sliding over it completely. Out of all of the sleeves on this list, this toy definitely dampens sensations the least, the change in overall feel is quite negligible but my wife insists on pulling it out whenever she'd like to feel just a little bit more full. In essence, it's a sweater for your wang.

I was worried that the tapered end wouldn't sit comfortably underneath my glans, thankfully I am happy to report that the material at the top is thinner and a lot more accommodating than the overall shaft of the toy, so at no point was it like my penis was wearing a very uncomfortable turtle neck. It does have a short "breaking-in" period, after which it's hardly noticeable.

If you're looking for an inexpensive option that doesn't complicate sex too much and also won't raise any eyebrows, the Fantasy X-Tensions Real Feel has everything you're looking for.

#5 - The Vixen Ride On Silicone Penis Extender

The Ride On another good offering from Vixen, but it should be noted that although it is made from silicone, it is not made from their special Vixskin blend, it is a blend of silicone comparable to the "average" silicone toy. Some people dislike the ultra realism of Vixskin, so the more familiar silicone texture can be worthwhile to some. It is softer than the average silicone dildo since sensation needs to be transferred to the male as well as the female, so don't think it's hard as diamonds on the exterior just because it isn't Vixskin.

It's a full 6.25'' long and 1.75'' wide, making it another sweet-spot shaped penis sleeve in which the sensation of being balls-deep isn't taken away but there's still a significant size increase over the average person. For this reason, it's a good alternative to the Vixen Holster for those who want a moderately sized sleeve but would prefer normal silicone as opposed to Vixskin. Different strokes, I suppose.

This was actually Vixen's first foray into the world of penis sleeves, they made it with the intention of helping out men with ED have a fulfilling sex life and in that regard it does work fantastically. It's simply easier to maintain an erection while using it, even if you feel as if you could go soft at any second. That's because you don't lose thrusting power even if you're losing your firmness thanks to the sleeve helping you out.

#6 - The Fantasy X-Tensions Extreme Silicone Power Cage

Here's another great option for people who just want a little bit of assistance  with their natural penis instead of going fully artificial, the Silicone Power Cock Cage by Fantasy X-Tensions.

It's the least expensive silicone penis sleeve related toy on this list, and it comes in at 4.75'' long  and 1.3'' wide. You might notice that means it won't cover the entirety of the average penis, but it doesn't really matter if I'm being completely honest, it only needs to cover a small portion. The web-like structure allows for consistent increase in girth while still allowing tons of natural skin-to-skin contact between the penis and the vagina. If you're worried you won't  have enough sensation to ejaculate with some of the options on this list, this is the extender for you.

Unlike some other sleeves this toy comes with an added clitoral vibrator which is precisely why it isn't the full length of the penis, once the penis is mostly inserted the clitoral vibrator will make excellent contact and rev things up big time. It's smartly shaped and there's even a few ribs around the edge, if the sounds Angela makes while we're using are any indication, it's an example of good yet minor design changes in action.

Tightness is a bit more to worry about with this toy, that's because it's also meant to take advantage of a concept used by cock rings in which targeted pressure can help prolong a sexual encounter by delaying ejaculation. So it'll add more fun to the bedroom, and any fun that is added should last longer than usual.

#7 - Lovehoney's Mighty Male Enhancement Kit

Those on the hunt for a good value as well as a variety of different penis sleeves to see which you and your partner like best will be delighted by the Mighty Male Enhancement Kit from Lovehoney. All five pieces come at a lower price than some of the full-sized standalone sleeves already listed.

All of these options are clear on top of it all, so those amongst us who don't feel as if using a realistic sleeve is the same as using "your own" penis, it's a great option. The size options are 8.5'', 7.5'', 6.5'', and 5.5'' inches in length from largest to smallest, although the smallest option is essentially an added, flexible sheath that doesn't necessarily have to be used with the any of the larger sleeves.. The girth also goes down with respect to the sizes, making them as wide as 2.25'' in diameter or as wide as the average penis at the lower end.

Also included is a bullet vibrator for that clitoral power women crave. THe vibrations do go into the base of the penis as well, so it isn't completely lopsided in that regard. They are all made from TPE and the smallest full sleeve has added ribs and shafts for her pleasure. That means the ball loops are stretchy and comfortable but isn't as "high-fidelity" as a silicone toy might be.

That little piece of string you see can be used as a cock ring, slightly restricting bloodflow for a longer session. In short, it's an all in one kit that will ensure at least some configuration of the 5 different pieces supplied with the kit will satisfy what you're looking for.

If you don't have time to pick and choose and carefully think which sleeve is best for you, this is a great way to get it done practically so you can then move forward to some other sleeves.

What Are Penis Sleeves?

Have you ever stumbled onto a video online where it looks like the male involved has an ungodly amount of penis meat to him? We're talking Mandingo levels where it looks like if they were to break one of their legs all they'd need to do is start putting a shoe on their junk to get back to walking. It goes beyond flattering camera angles or other movie magic, these are very clearly inhumanely large members. Is that honestly their real penis?

This answer probably doesn't come as a shock, but most of the time these 10+ inchers are far from natural, and they aren't (always) due to strange medical procedures that can enhance an erection or temporarily enlarge a penis.

No, these actors are simply wearing a fake penis over their real one and yes, many of them have the ability to ejaculate much like the real thing. Taking the rule of Occam's Razor, these fake penises are referred to as penis sleeves, and they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, not just photo-realistic.

There's more uses for a penis sleeve than just in professional pornography however, with many people choosing to employ them in their personal lives on a consistent basis. This of course begs a whole lot of questions. Do penis sleeves feel good? Will I have difficulty reaching ejaculation? And of course, is having sex with a penis sleeve harder than it looks?

Luckily for any of those curious, I'll be answering all of those questions for you.

Why Are They Even A Thing?

The simplest answer to this question is that there are people out there willing to take any increase in "penis size" even if it means that it isn't entirely their penis, so even if they weren't all that worthwhile penis sheaths would still be around in some form or another.

Firstly, penis sleeves are useful because they can change the shape and feel of the penis drastically. Penises tend to be smooth with a head on the end of it, if yours is different you might need to go see a doctor. But penis sleeves have no such limitations, allowing them to be ribbed and customized for added pleasure. There are even penis sleeves of fictional creatures, I can't imagine the process in which an artist determines what an Orc's genitals must look like.

Penis sleeves are typically made from either latex, TPE, or silicone, in which latex is the least desirable and silicone is the most, at least from the perspective of staying body-safe and non-porous. These sleeves fit over the erect penis and function primarily to add girth as well as length. Some just slip on and can stay in place with others use a harness that goes underneath the testes to remain firmly anchored. This can add lots of heat and passion to the bedroom for obvious reasons, the most important being that female pleasure is heightened while male pleasure is slightly dampened, allowing for longer sessions overall.

Of course, there's the photo-realistic penis sleeves meant to dupe people in videos, but we're all about personal enjoyment at Doctor Climax, so I don't think it's necessary to dissect the porn industry's motivations versus those of a private individual.

Things To Consider When Buying One

Perhaps the most important aspect of actually enjoying your penis sleeve and wanting to use it would be the fit. It needs to be stretchy enough that you can fit your natural penis inside all while not being so stretchy that you're struggling to keep it on the whole time. Penis sleeves with an under-the-testes harness can be a bit less ideal in overall fit but still work perfectly, so keep that in mind. 

Lubricant should ALWAYS be added to the interior & exterior of any penis sleeve.​​​​​​​​

If you're looking explicitly for added vibrations in your penis sleeve, take note of how the sleeve accomplishes this task. If you can sub out the entire vibrator (typically a small bullet) provided with one of your own that you like, you have a much higher chance of having a worthwhile vibrator inside your toy, as you're probably not getting their top-of-the-line model bundled in. If the vibrators can't be removed fully, you're stuck with whatever they gave you and the saying that you get what you pay for will be a deciding factor in whether or not it is the toy of your dreams.

Also note that some penis extenders take some time to stretch a little to accommodate to your personal biology. If after using the sheath 3-5 times you aren't feeling as if it is starting to limber up and become more comfortable, you should not continue using it if it is causing pain or discomfort, it just isn't worth the long term health of your penis and there are other sleeves with wider entrances that are much better suited.

About Don Watson

My name is Don Watson and I love to support my wife Angela's passion for human sexuality. It pays dividends for me personally and I enjoy writing about the topic as I'm a sexual person by nature. I concern myself with everything on the website that has to do with the male reproductive system to compliment my wife's female-oriented content. Have any questions? You can contact me via email.

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Mark K - December 18, 2019 Reply

Great comprehensive review. Having had some very positive experiences using larger dildos and vibrators on my wife, we experimented and have been using a few different penis sleeves over the last few years in order to increase my size for her. Even though the sex has been pretty fantastic using a sleeve, a main gripe has been the ones we purchased were made of a ‘jelly’ type material that was not body safe; thus requiring the use of a condom on top of the toy when playing (it’s costly, and pretty hard to find condoms that fit some of these larger sleeves also.) After reading your review I have decided to upgrade us to the Vixen Colossus, your #1 choice. Love the fact it is made from a high-quality and body safe silicone material, seems well-made, has internal ridges, is very large, and is pretty great looking overall. We hope to try it out this weekend!

I also wanted to point out that we use a cock ‘ring’ like the one shown in your #7 choice – the piece of string type. This type of cock ring is infinitely adaptable for comfort, easily adjusted, takes up no space, and easily cleaned. We have several and keep one in our travel bag.

    Angela Watson - December 18, 2019 Reply

    Thank you so much for your support Mark, we do it for people like you & your wife! Love how you’ve taken these cock sleeves to the next level by putting your own personal spin on things. I wish you and your wife only the most satisfying of sexual encounters over the holidays!

Mark K - December 18, 2019 Reply

Thanks for the comment Angela. To build on that, be it the lasso-type cock ring, or a larger cock sleeve, we have found out that when in the right mood, size can matter and really enhance the experience and outcome for both of us. Be it the feeling of “fullness'”and it being “different” for her, or the fact I can last longer in a sleeve (and seeing the increase in her level of pleasure and orgasms), it gives me more confidence and I perform better… and we both really enjoy it!

As with most couples comments on product websites, the larger-seized sleeves can be a bit daunting and overwhelming to consider (for her), creating some apprehension to purchase, or even trying to use one. In the end most of the couples agree that taking it slowly (at least at first) can in the end yield some pretty amazing results between partners. The fact that so many users feel so positively about the sleeve we picked made the decision to upgrade pretty easy.

Again thanks for the reviews and doing the up front ‘homework’ for us all, and Happy Holidays to you guys also!

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