Fleshlight Go Review:
Is It Actually Worth Buying?

Written by: Don Watson | Updated: April 14th, 2019

Ten inches. That's how big the full-sized Fleshlight is from opening to end.

"Compact" is not the word that comes to mind after reading that, I imagine. If you look at a picture of most Fleshlight sleeves, you'll notice that there tends to be a different texture at the end than in the middle or beginning of the sleeve.

What kind of genetic freak is Fleshlight trying to pander to with that? I'd sooner say its an oversight on design than an actual feature. While the extra room does help create the suction that makes Fleshlight toys so worthwhile, I am willing to guess that an inch or two could be lost without any loss of pleasure.

That's where the Fleshlight Go comes in. 

They measure at a much more approachable seven inches long from cap to cap. The Go line of products is billed as Fleshlight's travel model, but I find it works just great at home or on the road. While the Quickshot is still their smallest toy that makes use of Superskin, the Go is a good choice for those who want the suction offered by a fully closed model.

Accordingly, the price is smaller since the toy is smaller.

The Design

There are two options with the Fleshlight Go, the Go Surge in Pink Lady configuration or the Go Torque in Ice (clear, different texture) configuration. This review concerns itself with the Fleshlight Go Surge with the Pink Lady sleeve design (pictured to the right).

Full length Fleshlights are 10 inches long with about nine inches of insertable room.

The Go is 7 inches long with 6.5 inches of insertable room. It is the exact same design, just scaled down a little. With the Pilot and Go lines and especially the Quickshot, it appears Fleshlight has gotten significant feedback with regards to the original toy just being too big as they now have a rather expansive line of shorter-than-usual toys. The Quickshot is a donut-looking thing with Superskin in the middle and it has it's merits, and the Pilot line of toys are meant to be superbly discreet and superbly portable.

This is a welcome change in my opinion, as nobody is missing the extra two to three inches that they never reached anyways. Most of the full size sleeves have a different pattern towards the end, and I think probably less than 5% of men who have bought these toys have even felt what that extra bulb of Superskin has to offer. If you're seven inches long or more however, the Go is not something recommended if you absolutely have to go balls deep but you will absolutely fill the entirety of the toy which is satisfying in its own special way.

Clean up is the same procedure as usual, it's a pretty solid toy.

My Experience

Taking it out of the box it looks like a Fleshlight someone left in the wash for too long and it shrunk down a little. It's surprising how much difference three inches can make, as it is much more portable and less gaudy. I would have no qualms about throwing this into the bottom of a packed drawer and having nobody know it's out of the ordinary. Regular Fleshlights command attention if left somewhere, this is not the case with the Go.

The best part about a new Fleshlight is that a new sleeve design usually comes with it. The Surge texture is tantalizing and bring out my voracious sexual appetite in all the right ways. The beginning has collections of 3 ridges in the shape of a line alternating throughout, the middle has bulbous bumps and tightens up in certain areas before giving way to the same design as at the beginning. I thoroughly enjoyed this new sleeve and really hope they expand on what they've created here. As more and more sleeves are released, the R&D team at Fleshlight takes careful note of customer feedback and often what they've learned comes out in the newest products. I don't know if this is what they hand in mind when they all went to design school, but their tuition was well spent as the Surge comes close to my favorite sleeve, the STU.

It could just be a mental thing, but it feels tighter than a full sized Fleshlight. I think it has to do with the smaller overall size, but I really enjoyed it and if it ever got to be too much I could easily open the cap some more. The new sleeve texture is fantastic, couple that with the increased suction of this toy I'm really glad I managed to pick one up. The sleeve design is intricate, cock scientists sat themselves down and molded this knowing full well how to make the bigger picture pop.

Cleaning is much easier with the Go compared to the bigger models, as well. There's just less Superskin to fumble around with over the faucet and I find it easier to pull apart and reverse to get every nook and cranny clean as a whistle.

Where Can You Get It?

The only place I'd recommend buying the Fleshlight Go is directly from the Fleshlight website.

The reason being is that there are a ton of fake Fleshlight's for sale online on various shady retailers.

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When you shop directly with the manufacturer you not only get the lowest price available but you can also rest assured you're getting a real product and not some cheap fake.

In Conclusion

Every time Fleshlight goes into the labs to figure out what to pump out next, I'm seldom left disappointed. The smaller overall size of the unit means I'm more likely to throw it into my suitcase before I head out on the road. Where pleasure is concerned, Fleshlight products have a non-negotiable policy of bringing the most of it as possible. The Fleshlight Pilot line of products is meant to be even more travel friendly, but I dislike a lot of the departures it made from the original design.

The Go is much more true to concept than the Pilot and certainly has more to hold on to compared to the Quickshot.

All in all, the Fleshlight Go is a much appreciated member of my masturbatory squadron and it'll be getting some more time on the field very shortly. Leave a comment down below as to if you prefer the Pilot lines or the Go lines of Fleshlights, as they are very similar and I'm curious as to which line delivers better sleeves.

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