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Best Bluetooth Toys

Written by: Angela Watson | Updated:  June 11th 2021

  • About 8 inches long, with insertable length of up to 4.72 inches
  • Made of body-safe materials
  • IPX6 water-resistant
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  • Can be used as automatic or manual male masturbator
  • 9.5 inches long with a diameter of 3.33 inches
  • Wireless, rechargeable, and body-safe
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  • One of the most powerful bluetooth-controlled vibrators
  • About 1.37 inches wide and under 4 inches long
  • Strong but surprisingly silent (43 decibels)
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Bluetooth technology has brought a lot of positive change in our lives, in many ways you may not even expect. Playing music, data transfers, and electronic communications have all seen great benefits from the technology.

Today, however, we are talking about how Bluetooth has benefitted the sex toy market and take a look at some of the best Bluetooth toys on the market.

Bluetooth connectivity was spotty and gimmicky for a very long time in the sex toy industry, but with significant technological advancement, the top sex toys now have Bluetooth as a must-have. The ability to not have to physically touch or hold the toy to modify settings can be extremely beneficial especially when the toy is currently inside you.

This adds for significant comfort and ease of use, quality of life changes like these are what make living in the future so great. I’ve compiled a list of some of the best toys I could find that have Bluetooth connectivity.

Some are for long-distance couples and a few can be used when playing together in person. Let’s jump in and take a look at some of the best Bluetooth Sex Toys!

Top 1dctblv2-table__imageLovense Max 2
  • Can be used as automatic or manual male masturbator
  • 9.5 inches long with a diameter of 3.33 inches
  • Wireless, rechargeable, and body-safe
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Top 2dctblv2-table__imageLovense Nora
  • About 8 inches long, with insertable length of up to 4.72 inches
  • Made of body-safe materials
  • IPX6 water-resistant
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Top 3dctblv2-table__imageLovense Lush 3
  • One of the most powerful bluetooth-controlled vibrators
  • About 1.37 inches wide and under 4 inches long
  • Strong but surprisingly silent (43 decibels)
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dctblv2-table__imageLovense Ferri
  • IPX7 Rated (can be submerged in water)
  • Under 3 inches long, 1 inch wide, and 1 inch tall
  • Has 10 unique vibration patterns, with 3 varying intensity levels
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dctblv2-table__imageLovense Osci 2
  • Programmable oscillating g-spot vibrator
  • Made of body-safe materials, wireless and rechargeable
  • 8.5 inches long, 1.54 inches wide
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Lovense Max 2

The Lovense Max 2 is an automatic male masturbator on the more subtle end of things. The neutral orifice and water bottle-like design make the whole toy seem quite normal and not terribly obvious.

The toy is 9.5” long with a diameter of 3.33”. The toy comes with a standard neutral sleeve or a vagina sleeve. The Max 2 is wireless, rechargeable, and body-safe. It comes with an extended vibrator and the whole unit provides 360-degree contractions for unparalleled stimulation.

Additionally, the suction is controlled by the adjustable air vent on the back of the unit. 

The Max 2 is perfect for long-distance relationships and sex because it is able to be controlled remotely, or synced with the Nora or another Max / Max 2 to react to each other’s movements.

 The Max 2 is also perfect for solo play because it can be used using manual mode, syncing with your phone, or sync up to a virtual reality headset for some seriously realistic feelings experiences. Manual mode offers fewer vibration and contraction options than when synced to your phone but the real power lies in the app that controls the unit.

There are plenty more vibrations and contraction settings on the app as well as the ability to sync up to music which can be a really interesting experience. 

This is a great toy for any guys out there looking to please themselves with a little more than their hands. The many options and features will keep you entertained for a long time and the long-distance capabilities this unit offers especially when working in tandem with another Nora or Max toy.

Lovense Nora

The Lovense Nora is the original Bluetooth Rabbit vibrator designed to pleasure your g-spot.

The toy is just about 8” long and has an insertable length of up to 4.72” with a pronounced bump halfway up the shaft that provides that extra bit of pleasure. The toy is made of body-safe materials, is USB-rechargeable, and IPX6 water-resistant. 

The Lovense Nora has a 360-degree rotating head featuring three speed settings that makes finding the g-spot an easy task. The overhanging clitoral stimulator adds a whole lot more to an already amazing toy.

The overhanging stimulator is not neglected like most rabbit vibrators and packs a significant vibration in comparison to some competitors.

The powerful vibrations of the clitoral stimulator are enough to consider it a separate standalone product that I would gladly purchase. 

This toy is the counterpart to the Max 2 and offers syncing compatibility for partners to play at long distances. Exactly like the Max 2, the Nora can be controlled by phone, remotes, or synced with the Max/Max2 for interactive play.

The manual disconnected mode offers several vibration and rotation settings but just like most Bluetooth toys, the real party begins when connecting to the app. Featuring a plethora of settings to choose from as well as the music syncing options the choice is up to you!

The Nora along with the Max 2 make for an incredible pair of toys that work based on each other’s inputs. This toy and the Max 2 come highly recommend to those looking to maintain intimacy in long-distance relationships. The Nora is just as good for solo play with the variety of app-controlled settings and music syncing ability. 

Lovense Lush 3

The Lush 3 is arguably one of the most powerful Bluetooth-controlled vibrators on the market today. This little hands-free vibrator is designed to stay in place and provide maximum pleasure while kicking back and relaxing or trying to hold the moan in public.

The Lush 3 is made entirely of body-safe materials and mostly body-safe silicone. The vibrator is 1.37” wide and just under 4 inches long when used. The motor on the unit is incredibly strong and reinforced for added durability.

The Lush 3 vibrations are extremely strong and surprisingly silent at just 43 decibels. This allows for public use without anyone even knowing or hearing in close proximity. The Lush2 is IPX7 rated which is higher than the standard water-resistant sex toy.

This means it can accompany you in the shower or bathtub for some more relaxation and pleasure. The device is USB rechargeable, wireless, with 4-hour battery life and a 1-year warranty. 

Similar to most other Lovense toys the Lush 3 can be controlled manually, through an app, or over long distances by somebody else. There are an unlimited variety of vibration patterns available with the ability to sync the vibrations to music as well. A great solution to long-distance intimacy issues, the Lush 3 provides the most powerful vibrations to your partner from anywhere on the planet. 

The silent and powerful nature of this vibrator is great for those who are looking to have a little fun in public spaces without anyone being the wiser. That is of course assuming you can hold the moan and not give yourself away. This is a great option for the ladies looking for a hands-free relaxing and pleasurable ride. The waterproof vibrator lets you even take it with you to the tub for some hot baths and good vibes. 

Lovense Ferri

The Ferri is a tiny, versatile, and powerful panty vibrator. The toy is not insertable but is perfectly designed for comfortable wear and a magnetic cap to keep it securely locked in the right place.

The whisper-quiet motor is just as silent as the Lush 2 at 43 decibels, however, it does not have the added silencing benefit of being inside of you. The toy once fully charged can run for up to 3 hours and is also IPX7 rated meaning it can be submerged in water.

The Ferri is the smallest of the Lovense toys coming in at just under 3 inches long 1 inch wide and 1 inch tall. The Lovense app has an unlimited number of vibration options and is fully customizable to your own choosing. Ferri is able to be used long-distance through the use of the app as well as being controlled yourself. 

The manual settings on the vibrator have 10 unique patterns with 3 varying intensity levels. Just as with other Lovense toys, this vibrator can be synced with music and can also have sound-activated vibrations. 

This tiny vibrator is a great choice for couples looking to experiment discreetly in public. The silent motors make it very unlikely anyone will catch onto your games and the powerful motors and battery life are sure to put you through your paces.

Try not to give yourself away! As far as for personal use, the Ferri is a convenient vibrator that stays in place while you can lean back and let the vibrations take you through all sorts of pleasure. 

Lovense Osci 2

The Osci 2 is a fully programmable oscillating g-spot vibrator that can be customized to an unlimited variety of vibration settings. This g-spot vibrator is unique in that it does not vibrate but rather it oscillates in and out.

This is a completely unique feeling and experience compared to any other g-spot vibrator you have used before. The Osci 2 is made entirely of body-safe materials and is wireless and rechargeable.

The battery lasts for about 4 hours of oscillations and the whole toy is IPX7 rated allowing it to be submerged in the tub for some steamy action. The toy is just about 8.5” long, 1.54” wide at the widest point, and is insertable up to 3.2”. The Osci 2 is designed for ease of use for solo and duo play with conveniently placed buttons. 

Just as with the other Lovense toys, the Osci 2 is controlled through a mobile app and has the potential to be controlled over a long distance. Although not as interactive as other Lovense Bluetooth toys the Osci 2 packs an incredibly powerful and unique sensation that is sure to get you going. 

This toy is ideal for women looking to really hit their g-spot with some powerful stimulation. Because of the nature of this toy, it can be difficult to use as a couple over long distances and there are toys better suited to interactive play than this one. When it comes to duo play, however, the Osci 2 can help your partner hit the right spot for you and send your night into overdrive using those incredibly powerful oscillations.

Kiiroo Onyx 2

The Onyx 2 is another interactive male masturbator that brings interactive sex and self-pleasure to the next level. The unit is made of ABS and POM plastic with the sleeve made of body-safe materials.

The Onyx 2 is on the larger side at 10.3” long x 3.5” x 3.1” but still reasonably sized to get your hands around it. The semi-rounded edges make holding the drive that much more comfortable.

The insertable length is about 6.5” and unless you are over 7” in length the Onyx 2 should be more than enough for you. Lastly the lithium Ion battery can power the device for up to 1 hour for every 4-6 hours of charge, which is a rather long wait time so don’t forget to plug it in after every use!

The motor inside contracts severals ring joints throughout the device in an undulating stroking motion. This motion can provide up to 140 strokes per minute or just over 2 strokes per second. This motion is very powerful and much more stimulation than any vibrators placed near the sleeve. 

The Onyx 2 can be used for long-distance lovemaking or enjoying a session in VR. The device can send and receive signals from all other Kiiroo toys and works seamlessly with their partner’s products, OhMiBod. OhMiBod offers a variety of compatible products that are usually geared for her while Kiiroo caters more towards the men. This convenient partnership has created an amazing set of toys that can be used together and over great distances to remain as intimate as possible. 

I would recommend the Onyx 2 to almost all men. The battery life may be a little bit short and some men will find the sleeve a bit small. That being said though, the Onyx 2 provides an amazing amount of pleasure using the unique undulating ring contraction and it is a feeling that is hard to describe. For the price the unit is listed for I would definitely suggest grabbing one as it is a solid sex toy that you can always count on.

OhMiBod Esca 2

The Esca 2 is a versatile wearable massager similar to the Lush 2. The Esca 2 is 7.3” in total length, 1.3” in diameter, and weighs just under 2 oz! That is incredibly light especially since it holds a 3.7V 22mAH battery.

The charge holds for 3 hours on a 1.5 hour charge time. The whole toy is made of ABS plastic and Body-Safe silicone. The tail of the toy features an LED light that helps indicate intensities. The Esca 2 features Bluetooth 4.1 and has improved connectivity significantly over previous models. 

The Esca 2 can connect through Bluetooth to the OhMiBod Remote App or use the FeelConnect App to be synced to your partner’s Kiiroo device. Syncing with your partner’s device lets you send them good vibes from anywhere on the planet.

The Esca 2 is compatible with all sorts of devices including webcams, and VR units. 

Similar to the Lush 2 this toy is a great choice for anybody interested in some more discreet actions. The motor is silent but not as quiet as the Lush 2, and its plenty capable of being discreet if feel adventurous and wanting to use it in public spaces.

Additionally, the ability to use it in harmony with Kiiroo toys makes this a great option for anybody who has to spend some time apart from their lover. It’s not a perfect replacement but it adds a little bit of extra connection to make it more meaningful. 

We-Vibe Sync

This claw-like vibrator is for couples who are are looking to experiment together and take their passion to the next level. This vibe is designed to stimulate both the clitoris and the g-spot and allows both partners to experience intense vibrations.

The Sync is made of body-safe silicone, waterproof, and rechargeable with a 2 hour charge time for up 90 minutes of usage. The whole toy is curved and is 3” long and 1.25” tall and 1.5” in wide.

The sync is available in Purple, Aqua, and a few other limited edition colors. The company also offers a 2-year warranty on the We-vibe Sync.

The We-vibe sync is designed to be used during PIV sex. The smaller arm rests inside the vagina against the g-spot while the larger arm wraps around the body to stimulate the clitoris. Both of the arms vibrate in 10 different possible vibration patterns. 

Compared to the previous versions, the Syncs vibrations are slightly more powerful. The We-Connect app, lets you control the toy, create your own vibration pattern and intensity, as well as syncing it with music. 

The increased power of the vibrations and the added flexibility makes it more likely to fit this product to your body and experience it to its full potential. For those who want to experiment and try some additional stimulation during sex can benefit greatly from this toy.

Keep in mind though that if you are already feeling “full” with your partner then added a toy during PIV sex can be difficult and/or painful. If this is not really a concern for you then I highly recommend this toy as it satisfies both parties and is easily controlled.


So whether you need to get the job done for yourself or with your partner in the room or abroad, Bluetooth-connected toys can help get you there with more ease and comfort. The ability to connect with your partner from anywhere and feel a response from them as you play together is a great feeling and can bring couples closer even over large distances.

As for using toys by yourself, the apps that you can connect to let you customize your experience as much as you want. Create custom vibrations settings and vibe out to your favorite tunes by syncing your toys to your music as you enjoy the pleasure these toys can bring in a hands-free manner. 

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