Tenga Egg Review

Testing Out Tenga Egg Disposable Masturbators

Written by: Don Watson | Updated: April 25th, 2023

Any seasoned pornographic pompadour will surely recognize the next product we’re going to be covering here at DoctorClimax.com, as it has been featured prominently in the intros of many pornographic videos on any free video streaming site.

This product is none other than the Tenga Egg. Now in over twelve different styles of interior ribbing, it really is a penile present.

This stretchy and sultry masturbator is sure to push the boundaries of what a life-changing orgasm can be like.

The Tenga Egg collection is the very first of its kind with an affordably priced, disposable male masturbator.

I'll be honest, at first, I was a little skeptical of this product. I wasn't sure it would be worth its price tag since it's a disposable product. 

I am pleased to report that I was pleasantly surprised.

The Tenga Egg provides an experience, unlike any other masturbator I've used. 

What Is The Tenga Egg?

The little egg pictured to the right is none other than the Tenga Egg itself.

To the untrained eye, it resembles the popular brand of egg-shaped lip balms or just some worthless trinket one might have laying around the house.

Made for a quick one-and-done type of experience, all one has to do is un-peel the Tenga Egg, take out & apply the included lubricant liberally and then get to fucking.  You might be asking yourself, that thing looks about as big as a real egg, what kind of needle dicked horndog do you take me for? 

Well, my friend, you are about to be blown away by the glory of thermoplastic elastomer. Once slipped over your engorged member, it stretches willingly & without fail to accommodate men of all shapes, sizes, and even bends. The included lubricant is water based and the eggs themselves vary in internal structure, variety is the spice of life after all.

Tenga Egg Demonstration

So it’s a plastic egg I put my dick in?

This is no ordinary egg, this is a tool for the gentleman who enjoys a discreet and cheeky wank with all of the evidence easily disposable. On top of that, it's made of thermoplastic elastomer, a stretchy and comfortable material safe for the human body.

Inside of its packaging, the egg is no bigger than an actual egg, making it perfectly travel sized for some solo action during any adventure you might find yourself on.

Bigger toys take up valuable space in a travel pack and this way there’s no worry about the TSA finding your Fleshlight in your checked baggage (no, bringing it onto your carry-on does not mean you’re technically part of the mile-high club, so don’t get any ideas) on your flight to visit aunt Gertrude.

The egg is made to be loved once and thrown away for good, however, it’s a bitter goodbye each time because the Tenga Egg left me shaking at the knees after every session.

If reusability is a something you value in a toy, I recommend the Tenga FlipHole, but I digress.

The dimensions of the Tenga Egg

My Experience

I recently purchased the 6 pack of Tenga Eggs from SheVibe for around $35. 

As I mentioned earlier, I was a bit skeptical that they would live up to their price tag seeing as they aren't a reusable product.

The eggs are pretty discreet and don't really look like sex toys to the untrained eye at all. The first thing my wife Angela said when she saw them is that they resembled a type of lip balm that she sometimes buys.

After using all six of the Tenga Eggs that came in the package I bought, I can definitely say that they are more than worth their price tag. It didn't take me long to place a second order.

The eggs are a lot of fun and feel fantastic. They provide a unique masturbation experience and to me really feel similar to a deep throat blowjob.

I personally love using the Tenga Egg whilst watching POV blowjob videos as it can be a very realistic experience. Try it out for yourself!

Side Note: Even though they are single-use products. If you masturbate more than once per day as I do, you can definitely get away with using them twice, three times or even multiple times in a single day. Just use your best judgment.  

Upon opening, there is a packet of water-based lube with just enough inside to last you your time with your individual Egg.

The stretchiness is the beauty of this product because I’m able to lovingly stroke just the tip of my Johnson and take advantage of all the individual ridges and grooves or stretch the whole thing out and move it up and down to my heart’s content. When I’m satisfied enough with that, I’m able to stretch it all the way down to the base of my shaft and use my other hand to take advantage of how well this thing hugs my hard tool & feel the texture take me to unimaginable palaces of pleasure. 

Incase you're curious how many options are available, here's the entire Tenga Egg line up:

What Does it Feel Like?

Each Egg has different ridges and textures so if you have the variety pack I would highly suggest grabbing one at random and seeing where your Egg takes you. The only way to figure out which egg will best satisfy you is to experiment for yourself. While not the greatest way to show off the inner texture, here are a few pictures of the Shiny texture:

As you slick your hand up and down ruthlessly you’re able to enjoy the satisfaction of busting right into your Tenga Egg, there’s no need to have any tissues at the ready since it’s made to be disposable.  They’re relatively affordable as a way to occasionally treat yourself to a more special session with your favorite appendage. They work great with partners as well, and I would consider them a great way to get an apprehensive partner to begin experimenting with sex toys with you, as it is very un-intimidating and does not give off an air of greasiness many masturbators do, in fact, it’s almost space-age in aesthetics, the kind of cock sleeve you’d see in a Kubrick movie. I really don’t recommend using it more than twice, you dirty birdie. For hygienic reasons, it’s best to have your fun with this and then dispose of it in your plastic trash receptacle.

Where To Buy It?

I purchased my Tenga Eggs from SheVibe.com and they've always come fully sealed and ready to go. 

They offered the lowest price available from what I could find online and they also offer a few different options. 

Just be sure to buy from reputable retailers if you decide to try the Tenga Egg's out for yourself.


The Tenga Egg is capable of providing bone chilling orgasms at an affordable rate. Compact, versatile, and an absolute distraction to have staring back at you if you leave these things unopened on your desk. Whether you’re sitting down lustfully moving it up and down your shaft or thrusting into it while standing up, the Tenga Egg will really challenge how long you’ll be able to last before blowing indiscriminately into its soft and supple interior.

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Jerko McGee - June 5, 2019 Reply

Tenga Egg’s are a ton of fun. Force spreads out to be a bit more even compared to the hand. Although I know you’re supposed to discard them after each use, I’ve pushed the limits as to how many times you can wash it out and use it again. I’m typically able to re-use them 5-6 times before they break from wear and tear. All things considered, it’s a fantastic product.

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